Talk to Stop and Shop Survey at and Win $500 Gift Card

Ever heard about the TalktoStopandShop survey?

Wait, I think you do know about Stop & Shop! But do you know know it?

Let’s get to know a little bit about this and the survey we are talking about.

Stop & Shop is a Supermarket chain that is mainly located in the north-eastern states of the US. Their business starts back in 1892 with a grocery shop, and they have a lot since then.

In 1995, their chain was acquired by a Dutch Supermarket operator named Ahold, and they have acted as a sister chain of Giant Food Stores. On July 24, 2016, they merged with Delhaize group with the new company named Ahold Delhaize.

Official Stop & Shop Survey

They have over 400 stores in the US, and the number is still growing. They are known to provide Bakery, Grocery, Flours, Deli, Seafood, Produce, Meats, Pharmacy and much more.

To know more about them, you can visit their supermarket portal They provide In-Store service, pickup and delivery service with their website.

With this service, they aim to improve the quality they provide with their service and also wish to know what customer looks for when they visit a supermarket.

This survey will help them in getting that information in their own words. Such a method is a great way to attract more customers as well.

About TalkTostopAndShop

TalkToStopAndShop is their customer survey portal where they get the feedback of the customer in minimal time to understand ways to improve their shopping experience. And at the same time, they will offer 1 out of 10 lucky draws to win a $500 Stop & Shop gift card that you can redeem at any Stop & Shop in the US.

The survey will mostly include questions related to the satisfaction of the consumer, the staff’s behaviour, the experience they had at the supermarket, and how likely are they to come back later for their needs. This survey is free of cost, and for the online participation, all you need to do is get a purchase receipt from the supermarket for a recent purchase from the store.

TalkToStopandShop Survey Details

Sweepstakes Reward $500 Gift Card
Location US states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island
Age Limit 18 years or above
Prize Limit One per household
Entry Limit 5 entries per person per entry period
Purchase Requirement No
Entry Method Online, Mail-in
Survey Website

Survey Rules

The conditions to enter the survey are mostly same as other surveys by stores and supermarket. Make sure that you have visited the store before to know more. We have mentioned the conditions below:

  • The survey must be above 18 years of age.
  • The survey must have made a purchase from the Stop & Shop store near him.
  • They must be from one of the places given here: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York or Rhode Island.
  • If they are an officer, manager, director, employee of sponsor or the store, or an immediate family member of those, they are not eligible to take part in the survey.
  • If they are an affiliate, dealers, related companies, advertising or promotion agencies, consultant etc. they are not eligible to participate in the survey.

There are going to be three entry periods which will be in the months of August, September and October after which no entries shall be accepted. The drawing date of that month will be around the middle of the next month, and the entries must be received on or before August 8, September 9 and October 9 for the respective months.

How to Take Stop and Shop Survey at TalkTostopAndShop.Com

There are two ways to enter the survey. You can either do it online using the website portal, or you can mail them (AMOE). The procedure for both is mentioned below.

Take Stop and Shop Survey Online

  • Open the website.

  • This will take you to the survey page on a different link. The page may describe what you will be needed to do. But we will also specify it here.
  • Get your purchase slip with you as might need the 20-digit PIN from it.
  • Enter the 20-digit PIN on the page that you opened previously. We expect that

 20-digit PIN

  • you are applying for this sweepstake within five days of purchase; otherwise, it will go invalid.
  • After entering the PIN, it will start the survey, and it will also ask your general details to contact you, which can include e-mail address, phone no., name, address etc.

talktostopandshop survey

  • Answer the question as you feel and try to be honest about everything.
  • Now you can be one of the ten possible winners of the lucky draw.

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Take Stop and Shop Survey Offline

  1. If you want to enter the lucky draw without having a purchase slip or not making a purchase at all, you can do it with this method.
  2. Get a 3″x5″ card to mail it to them.
  3. Type or handprint your name, street address, zip code, city, telephone no. Date of Birth, e-mail address etc.
  4. Mail this card to the address given below.
  5. “Stop & Shop In-store Customer Satisfaction Survey”, PO Box 456, Newark, NY 14513.
  6. Get the mail postmarked before the “Entry date” is gone to make sure that your entry stays valid.
  7. Each envelope is considered as a single entry so you can get you family members above 18 age to get the entrance if they want to. Make sure that no same person applies more than once otherwise it will be rejected.
  8. Do not enter false information; otherwise, it will be counted as an invalid entry.

Only one participant from a family can win the lucky draw.

Contact Information

Toll Free Customer Care Number to get assistance about any issue:

  • Phone: 1-800-767-777

Reference Links

Stop and Shop Survey Site: CLICK HERE
Official Stop and Shop Website: CLICK HERE
Stop and Shop Survey Privacy Policy: CLICK HERE

Connect Stop & Shop on Social Media:

Facebook: CLICK HERE
Instagram: CLICK HERE

Stop & Shop Near Me

Official Twitter – Stop & Shop (@StopandShop)


This stop and shop survey can be an excellent opportunity to try out your luck. It is entirely free of cost and does not require a lot of your time. If you manage to win this, a $500 gif card will be waiting for you at the store. Not only does this survey benefit you, but it also helps the company grow and improve by knowing more about the customer’s perspective towards the store and what they want from them.

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11 thoughts on “Talk to Stop and Shop Survey at and Win $500 Gift Card”

  1. can not enter this contest.. am also unable to log into my account even though i receive emails from shop and shop.. keep getting messages email address is not consistent with my account. what is up…

  2. I have had two unpleasant experiences at the S&S cashier; one in S. Dennis where I usually shop, another in Orleans. In S. Dennis I pushed my carriage to the bagger which put me about an inch beyond the Plexiglas to have the cashier yell at me as if I were a criminal. When I tried to put my debit card in the machine she again told me to stay behind the Plexiglas; apparently my nose was a tad beyond it. This morning in Orleans I was standing on the red circle while the gentleman in front of me was paying for his order. My carriage, however, was in front of me beyond the red circle. I was perusing the magazine when I heard the cashier yell “step back mam.” I didn’t respond because there was no way I thought she was speaking to me. She yelled again at which point I turned around to realize several people were looking at me. So of course this put me out further to disrupt shopping carts and people which was totally absurd. I totally understand the precautions that all stores must take but we all had masks on and were 6 feet from each other and I resented these employees making such a scene at my expense. I am elderly and have a concern for my own health but have to take home hundreds of dollars worth of groceries that your employees have handled and I’m the one that gets yelled at. I spend thousands of dollars throughout the S&S chain but these two incidents truly make me question where I will shop next. I’d rather forego the weekly sales and shop at my small local grocery store where I am treated better. I don’t know if each store manager trains these people or if this is a corporate responsibility but someone should tell the cashiers that they are not the Gestapo! Thank you for taking the time to listen to my rant.

  3. On 11/28/2020 at 12 PM in the Afternoon I Shopped and this is the pin for the chance to win 500.00 in a gift card, 1128 1155 0595 8005 0085 enter the pin number and when I tried to take the Survey it did not allow the Entry so I gave it to you and received a new card and Store Card Number in my own Name Glanzman.

  4. I’m a resident of South Dennis MA and this branch #461 of Stop &Shop is mainly my family designated shopping area. I have a family of 5 and my weekly groceries is always over $300 with a total $2000 / month. I have noticed a few lack of customer service a few times on staff regarding customer before. Today around 11 o’clock on my way home I was decided to stop by for a light groceries and head out to the self check out. keep in mind there’s two individual which always there as a helper in case somebody came across any problems when scanned the products that are always phenomenal. During the check out there 4 items that I purchased on a area that wasn’t supposed to be there I guess according to the price change lady Debby. During the process of scanning I called floor person that was there and mentioned that I was charged a different price compare what was mentioned on the place that I took the items. She reached out to a lady by the name Debby for a price check then I went personally to show her the location. She was so rude and cold it’s like that was my fault the items either was misplaced or didn’t have the right price . I couldn’t believe the way she was talking to me but I kept my cool because I didn’t want to bring myself to that unprofessional level she was. I spent 7 years in hospitality as customer service then switched to health care then to running my own business . I have never seen a customer service so unprofessional to the fact I was yelled for a mistake that was made by the store especially on a huge chain like this. She Cleary shows she either miserable or hated her job then us a customer had to deal with this type of ignorant people like her .The saddest thing was when I went to customer service to get some info and to see the manager on duty. I wasn’t expect whom ever that was to come out of the throne to see me but at least use the head to kindly send a floor supervisor to assist the customer . Of course not instead I was told to e-mail [email protected]. I think cooperate have a lot of work to do when it come to staff communication and better training on customer service . Keep in mind I wasn’t looking for any sorts of compensation for misleading customer on prices . She was to unprofessional to understand customer does not responsible for unproperly price mark.

  5. I love to go to the store get certain brands I can’t get no place else or certain items the staff is nice and always helpful

  6. On sept 6 I did my usual grossers shopping at Stop and Shop in Swampscott on Paradise rd I shop there for almost 30 years! But today I had very unpleasant experience! I couldn’t.t get a refund for overcharged product and on top of I had to tolarete v rude assistant by the name Tony! It gives the store v bad reputation! Live your temper Home!!

  7. I had a decent experience yesterday while shopping. Some grocery shoppers would smile and say “what a gloomy day-rain the whole day”I chuckled-actions tickled my bones.A cashier was with a gentleman helping him find an item, She was very kind to the elderly gentleman.

  8. My Stop and Shop Card was scanned but I was not given the discounts. To had insult to injury, my receipt said I could have samved $11.20 if I had a card. Although there is a paractical monoply in the Woodbridge store, I plan to go out my way to avoid shoppong there again!


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