Frisch’s Breakfast Bar Hours, Menu with Prices, Holiday Hours

If you have eaten at any restaurant chain, you may know about the breakfast hours and why they are important to follow. Many popular restaurants like Taco Bell, Golden Corral, First Watch, and Frisch’s Big Boy follow a particular timing to serve breakfast. Today, I will get you through Frisch’s Breakfast Bar Hours and all the related aspects, such as Frisch’s Breakfast Menu With Prices, Frischs Hours for holidays, and Frisch’s store near you. All of this information will help you decide when to go, what item to order, how to plan your holiday, and locate a store within your area that serves the item you seek.

The information in this article related to Frisch’s Breakfast Hours will help you greatly if you have not visited Frisch’s Big Boy restaurant chain earlier. Every restaurant operates at different times to maintain orders and satisfy customers. Frisch’s Big Boy is popular among food lovers because it provides a delicious breakfast having different spices and distinct tastes. So, do you know “what time does Frisch’s open?” Read this article to learn more about timing and how to avoid missing your favorite item.

Read this article to learn more about timing and how to avoid missing your favorite item. So without any delay, let us start exploring Frisch’s Breakfast Bar Hours, but before that, let’s briefly know about Frisch’s restaurant chain.

About Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurant

about frisch's big boy restaurant

Frisch’s Big Boy runs a fast-food restaurant chain across different states of America. Founded as a Frisch Cafe in 1905 in Cincinnati (Ohio), this restaurant slowly gained success over a century. In 2001, the restaurant changed and became the Exclusive owner of the “Big Boy” trademark of Big Boy Restaurant Group for its operations. Big Boy Restaurant Group and Frisch’s became independent and co-registrant of Big Boy’s trademark and name. For this reason, many people know this restaurant as Big Boy, Frisch’s, or Frisch’s Big Boy.

At the restaurants during Frischs Hours, you can get food items such as hamburgers, sandwiches, cake, etc. To some customers, having breakfast at Frisch’s Big Boy is one of the greatest experiences due to its quality and taste.

Now, you must be aware of the brief introduction of Frisch’s Big Boy restaurant chain, so let’s start understanding Frischs Breakfast Bar Hours.

Frisch’s Breakfast Bar Hours in 2024

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Frisch’s follows a specific time during which it provides the customer’s breakfast, and if you want to make sure you have a delicious morning breakfast, you have to follow Frisch Breakfast Bar Hours. You may have to work depending on various factors such as your job hours, business hours, or any other timing you follow and adjust it with the timing of Frisch’s. So, I have simplified the timing of the restaurant with the help of a table which will guide you in choosing the best time for your visit. The table is given below.

Day Starting Breakfast Closing Breakfast
Monday 8:00 AM 11:00 AM
Tuesday 8:00 AM 11:00 AM
Wednesday 8:00 AM 11:00 AM
Thursday 8:00 AM 11:00 AM
Friday 8:00 AM 11:00 AM
Saturday 8:00 AM 1:00 PM
Sunday 8:00 AM 2:00 PM

When does Frisch’s Breakfast Bar Open?

From the above table, it is clear that the restaurant follows a similar opening time during the week. Is Frisch’s breakfast buffet open on Saturday and Sunday? Whether this is Monday, Saturday, or Sunday. You can get your Frischs Breakfast Menu items around 8:00 a.m. It is the perfect time for everyone as it is not too early nor too late. If you have a 9 to 5 job, a business to run, or a service to provide, this time perfectly suits you as you can finish your routine morning activities and then attend the restaurant to satisfy your hunger.

What time does Frisch’s Breakfast Bar Close?

As per the table explained in the previous point, Frisch’s opens at 8:00 a.m. and serves breakfast to the customers. You know about the opening time, but you also should know the closing time because Frisch’s restaurants will not serve you any breakfast after that. So, the Frischs restaurants will stop serving breakfast around 11 AM on most weekdays.

What time does Frisch’s breakfast bar close on weekends? From Monday to Friday, you can easily get delicious breakfast items from any Frisch’s location till 11:00 a.m. However, on Saturdays and Sundays, the timings for serving breakfast change.

On Frisch’s breakfast bar hours Saturday, you can enjoy breakfast at Frisch’s around 1 PM, so you get an additional 2 hours to order the items from the menu. But on Sunday, you get additional 3 hours which means the restaurants will serve you food till 2 PM. So, Frisch’s breakfast bar hours Sunday becomes a good choice if you are getting late with shopping or visiting places.

Note: The Frisch’s Big Boy restaurants will only serve you some breakfast items until 1 PM or 2 PM.

Does Frisch’s serve breakfast all day long?

Yes, the restaurant does serve some of the breakfast items all day long. Frischs Breakfast Hours start from 8:00 a.m.; during normal weekdays, you can enjoy breakfast up to 11:00 a.m. However, on Saturdays and Sundays, the timing changes and becomes 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM, respectively. All the locations follow this timing, and because of it, they cannot serve breakfast items all day long.

Frisch’s Breakfast Menu With Prices in 2024

In the breakfast menu during Frisch’s Breakfast Hours, you get many breakfast options. In the Frischs Breakfast Menu, you get the items below. If you have not tried any items before, you can start eating them individually and judge which one you like. From different food items to drinks, here is the list of items you get on the menu during breakfast hours,

Frisch’s All Day Breakfast Price
Biscuit Sandwich Combo $5.89
French Toast & Meat Breakfast $6.69
2 Eggs & Meat Breakfast $7.49
2 Pancakes, 1 Egg & Meat Breakfast $6.79
Farmers Omelet $9.29
Western Omelet $9.29
Ham & Cheese Omelet $8.69
Big Boy’s Big Breakfast $10.19
Breakfast Big Boy $6.49
Biscuit Sandwich $3.39
Biscuits & Gravy Biscuits $3.69
Protein Breakfast Sides $2.79
3 Pancakes & Meat Breakfast $6.79
Breakfast Sides $2.19
Big Boy’s Breakfast $8.59
2 Eggs & Meat Breakfast $5.99
2 pancakes, 1 egg, and meat breakfast $5.99
3 Pancakes and meat breakfast $5.39
Hog Heaven Burrito Combo $3.94
French Toast and Meat breakfast $4.99
Breakfast big boy combo $5.59
Hog Heaven Burrito Combo $5.59
Biscuit Sandwich Combo $2.24
Sausage Burrito Combo $3.24
Western Omelet $7.69
Biscuit and Gravy $2.99
Ham and Cheese Omelet $7.19
Farmers Omelet $7.69
Sausage Burrito $7.69
Biscuit Sandwich $2.79
Protein Breakfast Sides $2.59
Frisch’s Breakfast Bar Price
Jr Breakfast Bar $8.00
Breakfast Bar $12.99
Frisch’s Drinks Price
Diet Coke $2.99
Coke $2.99
Hi-C Fruit Punch $2.99
Mello Yello $2.99
Dr. Pepper $2.99
Sprite $2.99
Gold Peak® Real Brewed Sweet Tea $2.99
Chocolate Milk $2.09(small) $2.49(large)
Gold Peak® Real Brewed Tea $2.99
Barq’s Root Beer $2.99
Apple Juice $2.19(small) $2.89(large)
Water free
Rooted Grounds Decaf Coffee $2.29
Milk $2.09(small) $2.49(large)
Rooted Grounds Decaf Coffee $2.29
Coke Zero $2.99
Orange Juice $2.19(small) $2.89(large)
Minute Maid® Lemonade $2.99

As you can see in the above table, I must stay down to popular breakfast items you can enjoy at the restaurant. Frisch breakfast bar hours offer several other items you can enjoy when visiting the place. It depends on choice, as the restaurant serves items for $2.09 and up to $8.59.

Note: To know more about the Frisch’s Breakfast Menu items, their description, and other details, I request you to visit the official breakfast menu link at

So far, we have covered Frischs Hours of breakfast and menu items the restaurant stores offer. Please read the following point to know more about the timing during holidays.

Frisch’s Breakfast Bar Holiday Hours

During holidays, we have all made plans to visit different places, doing activities like shopping or eating some of the delicious places like Frisch’s Big Boy. As you know, during holidays, many restaurant chains there timing and follow different schedules or keep the restaurant closed. So during that time, it becomes difficult for you to get your favorite breakfast item. To help you understand the Frisch breakfast bar hours during holidays, I have created the following table, which you can refer to for your holiday planning.

Name of the Holiday Date Day Open / Close
New Year’s Day January 1 Saturday Stays Open
Martin Luther King Day January 16 Monday Stays Open
President’s Day February 20 Monday Stays Open
Mardi Gras February 21 Tuesday Stays Open
Daylight Saving March 12 Sunday Stays Open
St. Patrick Day March 17 Friday Stays Open
Good Friday April 7 Friday Stays Open
Easter Sunday April 9 Sunday Stays Open
Memorial Day May 29 Monday Stays Open
Juneteenth Day June 19 Monday Stays Open
Independence Day July 4 Tuesday Stays Open
National Aviation Day August 19 Saturday Stays Open
Labor Day September 4 Monday Stays Open
Columbus Day October 9 Monday Stays Open
Veteran’s Day November 11 Saturday Stays Open
Day before Thanksgiving November 22 Wednesday Stays Open
Thanksgiving Day November 23 Thursday Stays Open
Black Friday 24 November Friday Stays Open
Christmas Evening December 24 Sunday Stays Open
Christmas Day December 25 Monday Stays Open
Day Before New Year December 31 Sunday Stays Open

Surprisingly, Frisch’s Big Boy chain stays open all the holidays without losing any of its restaurants. It stays open during the regular hours so the customers do not struggle to get their favorite menu items at breakfast time. Most restaurant chains would close their stores during holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Still, you can eat your favorite Frisch’s Breakfast Menu item at your nearby place without worrying about timing. The timing will remain the same as the regular days. You can get breakfast at 8:00 am every day and enjoy it till 11 am, 1 pm, 2 pm, etc., depending on the day.

Frisch’s Breakfast Bar Near Me

You can find the nearby restaurant following the three simple steps given below,

  • By using the store locator option of Frisch’s at You have to enter your zip code, city, and state here.
  • Try your Android or Apple smartphone maps to navigate and find the restaurants around you.
  • Use the official Google search engine by typing “Frisch restaurants” or “Frisch nearby restaurants”; you’ll see a list of locations around your area.

Contact Details

Please use the following contact details for help related to the Frischs restaurants, menu, or food. You’ll get support from the company’s representative or the customer support team.

  • Official Website:
  • Email Support: [email protected]
  • Restaurant Support Center

Frisch’s Restaurants, Inc
2800-Gilbert Avenue
Cincinnati-Ohio 45206-1206

  • Call Timing: Monday – Friday at 8:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M. EST.


From this article about Frischs Breakfast Hours, you must be clear about the timing of the restaurant, the menu items it serves, and the holiday timing. The information has been sufficient for your requirement, and you will use it for your benefit. Frisch’s Breakfast Menu includes many items that you can order.

If you need further assistance with the topic, please send me your comments. Please share your doubts, suggestions, or feedback about that again, or ask me for any further detail. I’ll be happy to help you! For more details, I have put some FAQs for your reference,


What are Frisch’s Breakfast Buffet Hours?

You can enjoy Frisch’s Breakfast Buffet Hours till 1 PM on Saturdays and 2 PM on Sundays. This time is popular by the name Frischs Breakfast Bar Hours or Frisch’s Breakfast Buffet Hours.

What time does Frischs close breakfast during Thanksgiving?

I still follow the same time for closing breakfast on Thanksgiving as on regular days. Since Thanksgiving will be on November 30, 2024, on Thursday, the timing will be 8 AM to 11 PM. Frisch’s Thanksgiving hours will remain the same as the restaurant stays open.

How much is Frisch’s breakfast bar?

Frisch’s breakfast bar has different menu items and costs differently for each. To know more about it, please visit this website:

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