Carl’s jr Breakfast Hours 2024


Carl’s Jr is a fast food restaurant chain spread all over America, which is operated by CKE Restaurant Holdings. It has its franchisees in different countries such as Canada, Australia, Africa, New Zealand, etc. this fast food industry was founded in 1941 by Carl Karcher, and it is currently headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee.

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Carl’s Jr serves its customers in over more than 1490 locations worldwide with its chain of restaurants with delicious meals. They are popular for their Chicken, French fries, and Hamburgers. This brand can be found in Mexico, India, Canada, and other countries.


Carl’s Jr Breakfast Hours

6 am to 10:30 am

Carl’s Jr breakfast hours are from 6 am to 10:30 am. All chains of this restaurant open at 6 am sharp. All of the chains follow the same time and start serving their customers. You get different food items in the Carl’s Jr breakfast but for a limited time, because breakfast isn’t served after 10:30 am. It is switched with the Carl’s Jr lunch menu, and then other food items are served.

Carl’s Jr Breakfast Menu

Carl's jr Breakfast Hours Menu

Carl’s Jr breakfast menu is loaded with food items like biscuits, bacon, egg, sausages and other such food items that make up good food for the customers to enjoy. The menu is loaded with some delicious food items. Here we have listed some of them below

  • Made from scratch biscuit
  • Biscuit N gravy
  • Hash rounds
  • Bacon, Egg, and cheese biscuit
  • Bacon egg burrito
  • Sausage, egg and cheese biscuit
  • Steak and egg burrito
  • Bacon and egg burrito
  • Ham Grilled cheese breakfast sandwich
  • Bacon grilled cheese breakfast sandwich
  • Big country breakfast burrito
  • Breakfast burger double
  • Monster biscuit
  • Loaded breakfast burrito
  • Tried and true blend with new
  • Breakfast burger double

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Carl’s Jr Working Hours

12 – 15 hours

The average active hours of carl’s Jr are 12 to 15 hours. The conditions vary according to the location of certain chains. In some areas, the working hours are up to 17 hours. It is open 24 hours but provides services only during the active hours to their customers.

When does Carl’s Jr stop serving breakfast?

10:30 am in the morning

Carl’s Jr stops serving Carl’s Jr breakfast at sharp 10:30 in the morning to their customers. After that, the menu is shifted, and the Carl’s Jr lunch menu is set to be ordered for any food items. No breakfast item is served after 10:30 am in the morning.

Does Carl’s Jr serve breakfast all day?

No, carl’s Jr does not serve breakfast all day because the active hours for Carl’s Jr breakfast are only between 6 am starting in the morning, and 10:30 am, which means that customers can only get Carl’s Jr breakfast during this duration. Otherwise, they can order any Carl’s Jr lunch items from the lunch menu after 10:30 am.

Carl’s Jr Lunch Hours

10:30 am onwards

The Carl’s Jr lunch hours starts after 10:30 am when the breakfast menu is switched with the Carl’s Jr lunch menu. Customers can enjoy their meals from the lunch menu all day as it has no time limit restrictions. The lunch menu has all the traditional items, and customers can order them according to their choice after 10:30 am.

At what time Carl’s Jr serves its lunch?

10:30 am

Carl’s Jr Lunch is served after 10:30 am to every customer without any special treatments for breakfast or anything else. Before that time, only Carl’s Jr breakfast can be served to the customers. Lunch items are of different types of fast food such as sandwiches, burgers, patties, etc.

Can you get lunch at Carl’s Jr all day?

Yes, you can get lunch at Carl’s Jr all day as its customers. It stays open till night so its customers can come in and request their required lunch item. Multiple lunch items are served during the day time to the customers. Keep in mind that lunch is not offered in the morning shift because they only serve the breakfast menu in the morning time. Lunch items can be enjoyed after 10:30 am.

Carl’s Jr Open Time

6 am in the morning

Carl’s Jr opens at sharp 6 am in the morning. The Carl’s Jr breakfast is made available to customers in the Carl’s Jr breakfast hours to all the customers. There may be a slight difference in timing between different chains of this restaurant according to zone or area where they are located. But most of them open at 6 am in the morning and serve to the customers all day long.

Carl’s Jr Closing Time

10 pm

Different locations of this restaurant have different closing times, but most of them follow 10 pm exactly to be shut down at. Some of the chains close after 11 pm, and some close at 9 pm depending on their location. After closing time, no services are offered to the customers until the next day.


This was the whole detailed guide about carl’s Jr breakfast hours, lunch hours, and other details. The customers can check their official website for further details and their locations to find the nearest restaurant and visit them. For any further details, the comment section is below this post, where you can share your thoughts with us.


What is Carl’s jr Secret Menu?

Carl’s jr has a secret menu with a new option called the Low Carb It. it is a burger without lettuce as a bun only for those people who are trying to stay healthy.

Does carl’s jr’s restaurants have alcohol?

Yes, carl’s jr chains serve beer and wine at some of their locations according to the area and community rules. Customers can find local as well as brand wines for their taste.

Does carl’s jr make any breakfast?

They serve a delicious breakfast menu to their customers, which is very heavy on the biscuits and sausages. If you want to enjoy a healthy breakfast at carl’s jr, you can visit any chain of this restaurant between 6 am, and 10:30 am.

What special items do carl’s jr have?

It serves all-star meals with cookies and fries along with drinks starting at $5. You can also get a double deal starting at $2.99 with four different burgers available.

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