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Does Bloomingdale’s Price Match? – If you recently purchased from Bloomingdale’s store or, you must know about Bloomingdale’s Price Match. Many customers are looking for information about the Price Match policy of Bloomingdale’s. If the customers know about the price matching, they can save some money.

  • Some of the stores offer the benefit of Price Match, which will help customers save money online and offline.
  • Bloomingdale’s will match the price with its competitor’s lower prices, and you can get the product at a discounted price.
  • Some retail luxury brands that sell products online and from stores will give discounts up to 10% to their competitors.
  • If you think you can save money from the Price Match, then yes, you can!

I request you to read this post and find all the details about Bloomingdale’s Price Match, when and how it works and learn more about Bloomingdale’s Price Adjustment. I have also included the exclusion details and added Frequently Asked Questions and other information.

All the details added in this article will help you save more money and follow the process.


Bloomingdale’s Price Match Overview

Price Match Request Time Request within 30 days
Price Adjustment Request Time Request within 10 days
Price Match Availability In-store / Online
Whom to contact for details? 1-800-777-0000

How Does the Price Match at Bloomingdale’s Work?

how does the price match at bloomingdale's work

If you are not actively searching for the best price for your product and feel like losing more money, then you can take advantage of the store’s Price Match. At first, you would feel like you have paid much compared to the competitor’s price, but when you compare, you may realize that you may be losing more money than you thought.

Most luxury stores will do a price match and provide the best discount on selected products. This discount may even go to 10%.

For Price Match Bloomingdale’s, you must be aware of some of the rules of the policy. For example, the price match on any product will work if you purchased the product and requested a price match within 30 days of the purchase.

If you do not get a discount, then there is also a chance that you will get a different amount of refund.

Bloomingdales Price Match Conditions

Many people do not know about the rules of Price Match at Bloomingdale’s. Not all the products will be eligible for matching prices. Not all the products will be available in the store as well. So to check the eligibility and conditions of price matching, please read the following points,

  • Your item must have the same characteristics, such as brand, size, style, and color.
  • The Item must be in stock in both of the stores.
  • The item must have its regular price for matching.
  • Sales prices, Discounts, Offers, and special prices may not apply here.
  • You must present proof of the ad showing the lower price of the item.
  • Your purchase receipt is compulsory.

Please make sure that you meet all the above requirements.

How Does Bloomingdale’s Price Match work?

does bloomingdale's price match

There are two main types of price match work, Price match after purchase and price match before purchase.

Price Match After Purchase

  • Bloomingdale will do a price match if the item is purchased and delivered by Bloomingdale only.
  • The customer must claim the price change request within 30 days of the order.
  • You have to wait till the item gets delivered. Before delivery, you cannot process for price change.

Price Match Before Purchase

  • If you have already compared the prices and wish to process the price match before you buy the product, you need to contact the support team.
  • The support team will make you a unique coupon for the price difference, and by applying that coupon, you can claim the desired item.

How can I request the Bloomingdales Price match?

Again, for requesting the Bloomingdales price match, there are two methods; we shall see both in detail.

Bloomingdale’s In store Price match

  • For this method, you must carry your purchase receipt, Id proof, and proof stating the lower price at competitors at the nearest store.
  • The manager at the store will verify your documents and proof and adjust the remaining balance.

Bloomingdale’s Online Price Match

  • You must have an account with Bloomingdale to process the price match.
  • Contact customer service via call, email,  or contact form.
  • Now, add the link to the item you bought from Bloomingdale and the competitors’ link
  • The customer support team will verify both the links provided.
  • After verification, you will receive a coupon code for a different price than its original price.

Who are the Bloomingdales Competitors?

Price Match is possible only when you have competitors. Bloomingdale’s stores compare the competitors’ prices, make sure that your product is available with the competitors, and then start matching the price.

There are so many competitors of Bloomingdale’s, and I have listed all of them below,

  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Kohl’s
  • Neiman Marcus
  • JCPenney1
  • Macy’s
  • Nordstrom
  • Jcrew
  • ShopBop

What are the exceptions or exclusions for Bloomingdale’s Price Match?

Not all the products get the policy benefits of Bloomingdale’s Price Match. You must be aware of the policy and all the exclusions or exceptions.

  • While matching the price, if there are some price errors by competitors, the price matching price will not work.
  • The price matching process will consider two different currencies and their exchange rates.
  • After Bloomingdale’s Price Match is complete, you cannot return it to the store.
  • Suppose the item is lower in quantity, has limited advertisement time, has limited product supply, is a part of clearance stock, meets the closeout, is part of a liquidation sale, or is a part of going-out-of-business sales. In that case, the Price match will not happen.
  • To some stores, the price match will only work in in-store or brick-and-mortar stores. It will not work online.
  • If the competitor is not local and does not serve the same market or area or is nearby the distance, then the store clerk may reconsider your request.

Bloomingdale’s Price Adjustment

In Price Adjustment, the store may compare the product with other competitors and observe the price difference for a specific time. The Bloomingdales store may even ignore the adjustment of the price with other competitors and compare it with its own historical prices.

  • The Price Adjustment at Bloomingdale’s will work differently than matching the price. The price adjustments policy of Bloomingdales will be valid if you request within 10 days.
  • Some of the adjustment rules may be similar to the price match rules. In fact, to some people, Price Matching and Price Adjustment are the same concepts.
  • The items you purchased during offers, sales, discount sales, stock clearance, or other similar conditions will not be valid for adjustment.
  • When matching the price, Bloomingdale’s stores will only adjust the price according to the market and adjust the difference. The retailers will consider refunding the difference amount to the customer.
  • Price adjustment will only consider the changes in the price of the products for a particular period.

Note: For more details, you must dial the 1-800-777-0000 number. They will help you understand the latest adjustment to the product’s price. Please make your request within 10 days of the stated period before the time runs out.

Tips to Save more at Bloomingdale

  • Upon signing up at Bloomingdale emails, you will get a 15% discount on your next purchase.
  • You can enroll in a loyalty program that can give you a point for every dollar spent.
  • Get one point for every dollar; upon collecting 5000 points, you can redeem it for $25.
  • In the clearance section, you might get a 50% discount.
  • Also, keep an eye on the promotions tab to see the coupons and ongoing sales.


I hope you are now clear about Bloomingdale’s Price Match and how it works. Please read the rules and all the other aspects of matching the price before you can make a request. Just like price matching, price adjustment is also a popular way to reduce the price of your product. The store will consider its rival stores’ prices and adjust them according to the current market situation.

Please make your request for a match within 30 days, and for adjustment, please consider requesting within 10 days. Keep in mind the rules and conditions for matching your item’s price. The store may consider making changes in the time duration, changing policy, or even completely shutting down the price. So, before making a request know about this.

Now that you know about the Bloomingdales Price Match concept and how it works, you can enjoy saving more money and the adjustments.

Please let me know about your price match experience or share with me if you still have any doubts. To reach out to me, you can use the comment box.


What can I get at Bloomingdale – Price adjustment or price protection?

You can get both price adjustment and price protection at Bloomingdale

Is there any chance of getting my request rejected at Bloomingdale?

If you fail to provide the proper price proof, your request might get rejected.

Can I claim a price match from Amazon?

Amazon is also on the list of competitors and thus accepts the price match from Amazon.

How can I cancel my order at Bloomingdale?

Go to your profile>My raiders and history>order details> Cancel order.

I want to join the loyalty programs. Where should I register?

Click on the link –, read the details, and tap on the join now button.

Why is the price match not a good idea?

Many luxurious retail brands offer price-matching benefits. Although there is a clear benefit to the customer, the company may have to lose here. Let’s say there is an electronic product priced at $700. If on the next day the price suddenly drops $100 in the entire market of that item, then retailers may be selling the older stocks.

The retailer may have got the stock at a higher price, but now he has to sell at relatively cheaper rates. So, there is a clear loss to the retailer for the same product.

What are the other ways I can save more money at Bloomingdales?

There are several ways you can get products at cheaper rates at Bloomingdale’s. I have listed them all below,

  • You can apply for the Credit Card from the store
  • Earn points per dollar
  • Get Amex or American Express benefits
  • Personal Triple Points Days
  • Monthly personalized offers
  • Get exclusive offers storewide
  • Enjoy free shipping from Blooming
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