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Are you looking for Sonic Breakfast Hours or Sonic Hours, then keep reading as we guide you about the Sonic Breakfast hours of the sonic restaurant? You need to know Sonic Opening Time and Sonic Closing Time. We will help you in making a clear and complete understanding of the timings so you can enjoy your Sonic Breakfast Menu and also must get the idea if it is open on Saturdays and Sundays. And finally, you will need to know if the restaurant stays open during holidays and what are the Sonic Operational Hours.

Before you enjoy the Sonic Breakfast Menu at Sonic Breakfast Hours, you need to know more about Sonic restaurant by Sonic Corporation.

What is Sonic Drive-In?

Sonic restaurant, mostly known as Sonic Drive-In, is America’s restaurant chain providing fast food to all of its customers. The customer services of sonic drive-in are praised by the people for being quick and reliable. If you want to eat lunch from Sonic Menu 2024 or want to take a bite from Sonic Breakfast Menu, then you will appreciate the faster services of the Sonic Drive-In. The Sonic Breakfast is something you enjoy when you want to hang out without worrying about being late or cooking your meal at home.


what in sonic drive-in

This restaurant chain is owned by Inspire Brand. Inspire Brand is the parent company of Sonic drive-in. If you don’t already know but Inspire Brand also owns some other restaurant chains and one of them is Buffalo Wild Wings. But the Sonic Menu 2024 is a bit different from them.

3548 Sonic Drive-In restaurants were in the United States in 2024. These restaurants are spread across 46 states of the USA. This is the place where you get food and quality customer service during Sonic Breakfast Hours.

Originally founded by Troy Smith in 1953, Sonic Drive-in among many other fast-paced service restaurants in the United States that offers Sonic Breakfast Menu to those customers who enjoy speed and quality. The Sonic Breakfast food quality and the services offered by the restaurant are worth going for the second time.

The Sonic Opening Time may change for Sonic drive-in restaurants depending upon the location so you need to know when does Sonic closes.

Sonic Closing Time of the Sonic drive-in restaurants also depends on the location so they may also differ. So before going in you must know what time Sonic close and also about the timing so that you wouldn’t have to wait or lose an opportunity to enjoy a delicious Sonic Menu Breakfast.

If you are not a Sonic food regular who enjoys Sonic Breakfast, then the first thing you need to know about What Time Does Sonic Stop Serving Breakfast because is necessary to know the Sonic Closing Time. This is very useful if you are an immigrant outsider who decides to pay a visit to the Sonic restaurant. Many people who come from other countries may not have any idea about the Sonic breakfast serving time.

When Does Sonic Stop Serving Breakfast?

You may be glad to know that you will find the menu is available the entire day. That means you can go anytime you like to the restaurant and you will be served Sonic Breakfast regardless of time. The sonic drive-in is one of the few restaurants that follow the Sonic All Day Breakfast routine.

when does sonic stop serving breakfast

It opens from as early as 6 a.m. So, if you follow an early waking up cycle then also you can enjoy the menu at Sonic. The Sonic breakfast timing is flexible and works for every customer.

Every day you will find the restaurant open at 6 a.m.  But on Tuesday the restaurant will open a little late so you would want to keep Tuesday in mind when going to the restaurant. So If you are asking what time does Sonic open on Tuesday then it is not fixed but it is the day that usually follows a little late schedule

If you like to eat Sonic Menu Breakfast during Sonic Lunch Hours then, Sonic restaurant will work just fine for you. You can grab Sonic French Toast Sticks or other items from when you wish and where you wish at Sonic.

You already are aware about at What Time Does Sonic Open. So since it opens you can start enjoying breakfast. But a few you know What Time Do Sonic Close then also you can eat breakfast till the closing time.

Even if you can get Sonic Breakfast all day and all the time at Sonic restaurant, you still need to consider that different Sonic restaurants follow different Sonic Hours for opening and closing.  So must also be aware about two important points; When Does Sonic Close and What Time Does Sonic Open. If you live nearby the location, then you can get your breakfast at the time you know. But if you are traveling to visit some other state then you must keep in mind that the operation of that state may not be the same as your state and mostly the hours for lunch and Sonic Breakfast Hours may change depending upon the location.

What Time Does Sonic Close?

If you are wondering at What Time Sonic Close, then the closing time of Sonic is 10:00 PM or 11:00. But consider that you can get food till 11:00 PM. So you also should confirm at What Time Sonic Close in your area because it matters at which location your restaurant is available. If you know about What Time Does Sonic Close, then you can make proper planning to visit the store so you do not follow assumptions When Does Sonic Close.

You can find the What Time Do Sonic Close after contacting the nearby restaurant. You can then plan to visit the restaurant if you are aware of the correct timing of What Time Sonic Close.

Does Sonic Serve Breakfast All Day?

You will get to eat Sonic Breakfast but not all Sonic restaurants serve breakfast all day because of different Sonic Hours and Sonic Closing Time. You need to confirm the breakfast timing with the restaurant. So the priority you should have is to confirm the Sonic Hours before you visit the place for enjoying Sonic Menu 2024.

does sonic serve breakfast all day


Does Sonic Serve Breakfast All Day? – the simple answer is no but you need to confirm this with your nearby location if they serve breakfast during the Sonic Breakfast Hours you need? If you can approach your nearby restaurant, then you can get more idea about What Time Does Sonic Close. It all depends on the location as some locations may provide you answer for that.

What Time Does Sonic Serve Lunch?

what time does sonic serve lunch

If you are not planning to eat breakfast, then you must know What Time Does Sonic Serve Lunch. Usually, the Sonic Lunch Hours begin after the breakfast hours are over. But you do not need to consider the Sonic Lunch Hours of your location as the timing may vary to find out What Time Does Sonic Serve Lunch.

Does Sonic Serve Lunch All Day?

The Lunch offered by Menu of Sonic is provided to the customers every day and all day. You can get lunch in the morning, evening, night or noon. It is your choice. So if you are asking When Does Sonic Serve Lunch? Then there is no time as you are free to go and enjoy lunch. So the answer is yes for the question “Does Sonic Serve Lunch All Day”?

In other restaurants, you may need to ask but here at Sonic, you never have to ask  When Does Sonic Serve Lunch as the question is not relevant here as it is available any time you want till the restaurant stays open. But you got to ensure about what time is comfortable with you but again the question here is the same to find out about “Does Sonic Serve Lunch All Day?” from your nearest restaurant.

Sonic Breakfast Menu

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  • Sausage, Egg &Cheese BreakfastBurrito
  • Cinnabon,Cinnasnacks & CreamCheeseFrosting
  • French-Vanilla Cold-Brew IcedCoffee
  • BaconBreakfastBurrito
  • Sausage BreakfastBurrito
  • Original Cold Brew (Iced Coffee)
  • Bacon, Egg  &  Cheese Breakfast Burrito
  • Ultimate-Meat & Cheese-BreakfastBurrito™
  • SuperSONIC Breakfast Burrito
  • GreenMountain-Coffee
  • Sausage BreakfastToaster
  • Bacon BreakfastToaster
  • Sonic French Toast Sticks
  • Sonic-Coffee


  • SonicCheeseburger
  • SuperSONIC Double Cheeseburger
  • Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger
  • BaconOnBacon Quarter Pound DoubleCheeseburger
  • SuperSONIC-Bacon DoubleCheeseburger


  • SausageBreakfast TOASTERCombo
  • BaconBreakfast TOASTERCombo
  • JumboPopcorn-ChickenCombo
  • Honey BBQSauced Jumbo Popcorn ChickenCombo
  • Hamburger WackyPack
  • Footlong Quarter Pound Coney Combo
  • BuffaloSauced JumboPopcorn Chicken-Combo
  • BaconBreakfast Burrito Combo
  • CinnabonCinnasnacks
  • Ultimate Meat & CheeseBreakfast Burrito™ Combo
  • ClassicGrilledChicken SandwichCombo
  • All-American HotDogCombo
  • SONIC CheeseburgerCombo
  • SuperSONIC BreakfastBurrito Combo
  • ChiliCheese ConeyCombo
  • SuperSONIC Double CheeseburgerCombo
  • French ToastSticks
  • ClassicCrispyChicken SandwichCombo
  • SausageBreakfast BurritoCombo
  • CrispyTenders WackyPack
  • CornDog WackyPack
  • SuperSONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger Combo

Hot Dogs

  • All-AmericanDog
  • Footlong QuarterPound Coney
  • Corn Dog
  • ChiliCheese Coney

Wacky Pack-Kid’s Meals

  • CornDog Wacky Pack
  • GrilledCheese Wacky Pack
  • HotDog Wacky Pack
  • Hamburger WackyPack
  • CrispyTenders Wacky Pack

Sonic’s Ice Cream Menu

  • Shakes
  • Blasts
  • Sundaes &Cones

Sonic Drinks Menu

  • IcedTea
  • SoftDrinks
  • Slushes
  • Coffee
  • Lemonades Limeades
  • Other

Sonic Everyday Deals

  • QuarterPound DoubleCheeseburger
  • VanillaCone
  • Bacon, EggCheese BreakfastBurrito
  • Grilled CheeseSandwich
  • Sausage, Egg &CheeseBreakfastBurrito

Sonic’s Food Menu with Price

  • CinnaSnacks – $3.99
  • CinnaSnacksCombo – $ 4.99
  • BreakfastBurrito – $ 2.59
  • UltimateMeat and cheese breakfast burrito – $ 5.99
  • SupersonicBreakfastBurrito – $ 3.89
  • BreakfastToaster- $ 2.89
  • BreakfastToasterCombo – $ 4.89
  • FrenchToastStick with syrup – $ 2.49
  • FrenchToastStick with syrup with drinks – $ 3.49

Sonic Contact Information

In case you want to know the answer to What Time Does Sonic Start Serving Lunch? Or the particular time that the Sonic opens in your area then you must know the contact details of Sonic.

Sonic’s Official Website:

Store Location Finder:

Contact number: +1-866-657-6642

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If you are willing and wishing to eat at Sonic, you should have to be careful about What Breakfast Hours of Sonic.

You can find the restaurant open all day but the right answer to What Time Does Sonic Stop Serving Breakfast is with your local restaurant only. So make sure to visit and know if you 


Does Sonic Serve Breakfast All Day?

The common question that comes to mind of all the customers who want to have breakfast is – Does Sonic Have All Day Breakfast?

If you know about Sonic restaurants then you must know that usually breakfast and lunch are served all day regardless of timing. You can get lunch at any time you want and the same goes for breakfast.

Instead of asking the common question that everyone keeps asking – Does Sonic Have All Day Breakfast? You should ask yourself what time you will be comfortable taking lunch or breakfast because you will find both available during the opening time of the restaurant before it closes at 10 or 11 AM. 

When Does Sonic Stop Serving Breakfast?

The common myth among the people is that 24 Hour Sonic breakfast is available but that is not the case. The 24 Hour Sonic breakfast is not possible as the restaurants close after 10 PM.

Another major question is, Is Sonic Breakfast All Day? Then the opening hours of all the Sonic restaurants are different. Some open as early as 6 AM. Others open a little late around 8 AM.

Some follow other routines so there is not a fixed time for all the restaurants and therefore the Is Sonic Breakfast All Day? The question here may not be that valid to ask here. Instead, if you want to eat and are wondering if there is something like Sonic All Day Breakfast, then you must contact your nearest location where you can talk to Sonic management or staff about the timing.

Why should I know about the Tuesday and on Tuesday exactly What Time Does Sonic Start Serving Lunch?

Tuesday may be slow to start at some of the locations so at that time the breakfast and lunch both are available a little late. So only remember this that on Tuesday, you may not get a chance to grab early Sonic French Toast Sticks.

So if you want to know Does Sonic Have All Day Breakfast? then yes, Tuesdays may be a little slower but you will get your all-day breakfast. Just need to know about the Sonic Opening Time

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