Hampton Inn Breakfast Hours – Hampton Inn Menu Prices and Locations [2024]

Hampton Inn Breakfast Hours and Hampton Inn Menu Prices 2024


Hampton Inn is an American hotel chain known for its budget-friendly and moderate price hotel offering limited services to the customers like food and beverages. Currently this hotel is known as Hampton by Hilton (previously known as only Hampton Inn).

hampton inn breakfast hours 2022

If you are planning to stay at any of the Hampton Inn Locations, then you should try its tasty Hampton Breakfast Menu.


The hotel offers Hampton Inn Free Breakfast, very good customer services and also offers modern facilities like Free WiFi. If you are traveling light and cannot spare more bucks then this is the best hotel for you.

The Hampton Inn Breakfast Menu stays the same in almost all the locations, so you can go at any place. But Hampton Inn Breakfast Times may change according to the location.

We will share the details of Hampton Inn Breakfast Hours here. I will also explain to you about the Hampton Inn Breakfast Menu and Hampton Inn Menu prices.

Please pay close attention to my article and I will give you all the answers you need.

What is Hampton Inn Hotel?

Hampton Inn By Hilton (previously known as Hampton Inn) is Hilton Worldwide’s official brand. It is a budget friendly and middle-market company. It offers moderate price services and limited food and beverage services. In 1984, Promus Hotel Corporation founded this hotel. First this hotel started in Memphis, Tennessee.

what is hampton inn hotel

Since that day, the hotel chain has increased in number and boasts about 2544 hotels (according to the year 2019). These hotels are available in 30 countries and territories but the head office is situated at Memphis, Tennessee.

Hampton By Hilton hotels offer the best feature suits. These suits include facilities such as business centers, laundry services, complete restaurant services, guest pantry, and fitness centers.

The Hampton Inn Hampton Breakfast is free and it also offers free WiFi. The staff is also very friendly. The hotel services are all price-conscious so, you will get best for the buck.

Hampton Inn Breakfast Hours 2024

The Hampton Inn Breakfast Times are as follows,

Working Days Opening HoursClosing Hours
Monday06:00 A.M.10:00 A.M.
Tuesday06:00 A.M.10:00 A.M.
Wednesday06:00 A.M.10:00 A.M.
Thursday06:00 A.M.10:00 A.M.
Friday06:00 A.M.10:00 A.M.
Saturday06:00 A.M.10:00 A.M.
Sunday06:00 A.M.10:00 A.M.

Does Hampton Inn Serve Breakfast All Day in 2024?

The Hampton hotels don’t provide all day breakfast. The hotel chain serves breakfast at the Hampton Inn Breakfast Times only.

What are the Hampton Inn Breakfast Hours in 2024?

Hampton by Hilton Hotels run a chain of total 2544 hotels across 30 different countries and other territories.

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The hotels start serving breakfast at all locations from 06:00 A.M. every day. Even though it is Sunday, the Hampton Breakfast Hours do not change.

But depending upon the location, the Hampton Inn Breakfast Time may differ.

When Does Breakfast End at Hampton Inn?

The Hampton Inn breakfast ends at 10:00 A.M. every day.  But you need to take into consideration various locations and each location has its Hampton Inn Breakfast Time so it may differ. So, please check the availability.

Hampton Inn Breakfast Menu with Prices

hampton inn breakfast menu


Hampton Inn Breakfast Bar worth $9.95

You can enjoy morning Hampton Breakfast buffet items such as

  • waffles,
  • assorted pastries,
  • toast,
  • biscuits,
  • eggs,
  • hot & cold cereals,
  • fruits,
  • bacon,
  • yogurt,
  • hot tea,
  • coffee,
  • assorted juices,
  • scrambled eggs,
  • sausage
  • country-style ham.

Private Continental Breakfast $8.95

This breakfast item includes assorted pastries such as,

  • doughnuts,
  • danish,
  • Muffins,
  • assorted fruits
  • Things like Cinnamon Rolls, Coffee and all the assorted juices. 

Hot and Fresh $11.95

This breakfast includes items such as,

  • Assorted whole-fruits
  • Assorted Large Muffins,
  • Sausage / Bacon,
  • Assorted Bagels provided with jams, cream, butter, or with cream-cheese and peanut butter
  • Assorted Juice-Pitchers
  • Chilled Fruit Yogurts
  • Coffee
  • Cream Cheese and Peanut Butter


You can consider adding these Enhancements in your private Hampton Inn Continental Breakfast or buffet for enhancing your current breakfast package.

  • Oatmeal $2.00 / person
    • You will get two varieties of yogurt with toppings like butter, bacon, cheese and sausage,
  • Grits $2.00 / person
    • You will get packets of grit with toppings of butter, sausage, bacon, cheese, etc.
  • Yogurt Sundae Bar $3.00 / person
    • You will get 2 varieties having assorted toppings of fresh berries, raisins and granola
  • Donuts $20 per dozen
  • Croissants $25 / dozen
  • Assorted Pastries $14 / half dozen
  • Scrambled Eggs $2.00 / person
  • Sausage & Bacon $2.00 / person

Revitalize $6.95

    • This includes points such as whole fresh fruit, coffee, nutri-grain bars, chilled fruits yogurts, and assorted juice pitchers

Refuel $8.95

    • This includes some items like whole fresh fruits, sliced coffee cake, vanilla yogurt with toppings of granola, assorted pitchers of juice and coffee.

Recharge $8.95

    • This includes jams, bagels with cream cheese, whole seasonal fruits, chilled fruit yogurts, coffee and assorted juice pitchers

Sweet and Salty $6.95

    • This package includes popcorn, miniature candles, baked cookies, pretzels, etc.

Movie Time Break $7.95

    • This includes movie-style candy, iced tea and 3 different varieties of popcorn

Power-Up $8.95

    • This includes dried fruits, assorted energy drinks and water bottles, different chilled yogurts and power bars, etc.

Chocolate Lover’s – $8.95

    • Brownies, Iced Tea, M&M Trail Mix, Fresh baked cookies of chocolate chips, etc.

Take me out To Ball Game – $9.95

    • This package includes items such as pigs-in-a-blanket with mustard topping, individuals cracker jacks, root beer with old style bottle, cream soda, soft pretzels such as Sweet Cream Cheese (Plain and Filled), Cheddar Cheese (Filled)

C’est La Vie – $9.95

    • This package includes items such as apricot & brie puff pastry, cepes varieties such as raspberry and chocolate, petite quiche, whipped cream, coffee, etc.

Half Day Coffee and Tea Bar – $3.75

    • Decaffeinated coffee, Regular coffee and assorted hot tea – Meeting StartTime, MidMorning Refresh, Afternoon Refresh

All Day Coffee and Tea Bar – $5.75

    • Regular / Decaffeinated Coffee – Meeting StartTime, MidMorning Refresh, Afternoon Refresh, Hot tea assorted

Half Day Beverage Bar – $6.75

    • Decaffeinated coffee, Regular coffee and assorted hot tea, Soda & bottled water – Meeting Start Time with One Refresh

All Day Beverage Bar – $9.75

    • Regular / Decaffeinated Coffee, Hot teas assorted, bottled water and sodas – Meeting StartTime, MidMorning Refresh, Afternoon Refresh

Beverages Collections

    • $25 / Gallon – Fresh Brewed Coffee both Decaffeinated and Regular
    • $25 / Gallon – Sweet and Unsweetened Iced Tea
    • $8 / Pitcher – Fruit Juices (Apple, Grapefruit, Orange, Apple)
    • $25 / Gallon – Lemonade
    • $2 / Pepsi Product – Assorted soft-drinks
    • $2 / Water Bottle
    • $4 / Flavored vitamin water
    • $4 / Red Bull Energy Drink

Dried Snacks

    • $15 / Dozen – bagged potato chips
    • $16 / Dozen – Nutrition Bar
    • $14 / Round – Mixed Nuts
    • $15 / Round – Train Mix
    • $20 / Dozen – Soft Pretzels

Bread and Bakery

    • $24 / Dozen – Freshly Baked cookies
    • $24 / Dozen – Candy Bar Assorted
    • $24 / Dozen – brownies
    • $25 / Dozen – Croissants
    • $14 / Half Dozen – Bagels
    • $20 / Dozen – Donuts
    • $3 / Person – Assorted Cereal and Milk

Healthy Snack Items

    • $2 / each – Chilled Fruit Yogurt
    • $2 / person – Whole Fresh Fruit
    • $3 / person – assorted proteins

Hampton Inn Breakfast Times During Holidays in 2024

Holiday Date Holiday Name Day Open or Closed?
January 1New Year’s DayMondayStays open
January 15Martin Luther King DayMondayStays open
February 20President’s DayTuesdayStays open
March 29Good FridayFridayStays open
March 31Easter SundaySundayStays open
May 27Memorial DayMondayStays open
Jul 44th July Independence DayThursdayStays open
Sept 2Labor DayMondayStays open
Oct 14Columbus DayMondayStays open
November 11Veteran’s DayMondayStays open
November 27The Day Before ThanksgivingWednesdayStays open
November 28ThanksgivingThursdayStays open
November 29Black FridayFridayStays open
December 24Christmas EveTuesdayStays open
December 25Christmas DayWednesdayStays open
December 31New Year’s EveTuesdayStays open

Hotel Hampton Inn Near me – Continental Breakfast Near Me

  • Click the link for Hampton by Hilton location – https://www.hilton.com/en/locations/hampton/

Hampton Inn Near me – Contact Details

  • Hampton Inn near me contact number: 0265-230-3000
  • Main office number: 314 429 2255
  • Address of Office – Hampton Hotels Company, L.L.C. – 13075 Manchester-Road, Suite-100, St. Louis, MO- 63131, USA
  • Fax Details: 314 429 5166

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If you want to go to Hampton Inn any time soon, you will be able to enjoy an amazing morning breakfast and make your day without paying much!

Write me any suggestions, feedback and questions through comments. I will make sure to answer them one by one.

I will be happy to help you and I regularly post such informative articles on my website, so keep visiting for more information.


When Is Breakfast Time at Hampton?

Usually the Hampton Inn Breakfast Hours start at 06:00 AM.

What are the Hampton Inn And Suites Breakfast Hours?

The Hampton Inn Breakfast Time starts from 06 AM to 10 AM.

What is the ideal time for eating Breakfast At Hampton Inn?

The ideal time for having Breakfast At Hampton Inn is during the hours when the hotel serves breakfast. So if you wake up and still you have time you can go.

What Time Does Hotel Breakfast Start?

Hampton Inn Breakfast Hours starts at 6 am in the morning, but you may also come around 9 and breakfast is served till 10 am.

What are the Breakfast Hampton Inn items?

You get Hampton Inn Cookies, Hampton Inn Coffee and other amazing items in different packages. You can also enjoy Hampton Inn Hot Breakfast along with other long list of items.

Are Hampton Inn Breakfast Hours Weekend good to visit?

You can visit the hotel at the weekend but it will be open for all days and all holidays so you can visit at any time.

Does Hampton Inn Have Free Breakfast?

You get free hot breakfast during Hampton Breakfast Hours. You get great amenities, high quality modern rooms, specious and having basic facilities. And also get free WiFi along with Hampton Inn Free Breakfast.

What are Hampton Inn Breakfast Buffet Hours?

During the Hampton Inn breakfast buffet hours that is between 6 am to 10 am, the guests are served free breakfast.

Do they serve continental in Breakfast at Hampton Inn?

Hampton Inn Continental Breakfast includes fruits, coffee, toast, pastries and other baked items. 

Do Hampton Inns Have Free Breakfast?

Yes they do serve complimentary breakfast along with the Wifi facility.

What Does Hampton Inn Serve For Breakfast?

Kindly refer to the above table to check what they serve for breakfast. 

How is the Hampton Inn Coffee?

It’s a must try thing, especially the royal coffee.

What Time Is Breakfast At Hampton Inn?

Hampton Breakfast is available in the morning only. You can go before 10 AM to enjoy breakfast.

When Does Breakfast End?

The Hampton Inn Breakfast Hours end at 10 AM.

What are Hampton Inn Cookies hours?

They have a special perk named cookie hours, in which you will be provided with the freshly baked cookie between 8 to 9pm.

Can I go after the Breakfast Hours At Hampton Inn?

The Breakfast Hours Hampton Inn do not change. You need to only visit during the hours. 

What Does Hampton Inn Free Breakfast Have?

They have a lot of different items available for free breakfast, kindly refer to the above list to know what they are, or check with the hotel.

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