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The Torrid Survey gives you a chance to share your thoughts and make your shopping experience even better. By taking part, you can tell Torrid what you like about their products, service, and stores. Your feedback helps Torrid understand what customers want and how they can improve.

It’s easy to participate and your opinions really matter—they influence the decisions Torrid makes to enhance their offerings and customer care.

Torrid values your input and uses it to keep evolving and meeting your needs. So, take a few minutes to complete the survey and help shape the future of your Torrid shopping experience!


About Torrid

Torrid is part of Hot Topic that is a chain of brand clothing focusing on providing culture-related dresses since 2001. This brand has achieved specialization in cultural clothing as well as beautiful accessories that are worn by females of any age.

Torrid has grown with up to 100+ stores selling quality and beautiful women clothing, which all started from its opening in Brea, California.

This clothing brand is quite popular among women of certain ages, like teenagers and mature women.

There are usually season off sales on their products, but did you know that Torrid also gives a discount coupon for certain items? If not, then we will tell you about the Torrid customer satisfaction survey that lets you win a free torrid gift card code.

For details, read this post to know everything about torrid survey. There are certain rules, requirements, and steps that must be made sure of before taking a survey for Torrid. Here we have explained everything in detail below.

Rules and Regulations to Take Survey

  • A person who is holding a receipt from any purchase of Torrid product with Survey Invitation is eligible.
  • The user who is performing the survey should be of 18 years or older.
  • A lawful resident or a legal US resident is eligible to take this survey.
  • A cell phone with web association or device like PC or tablet should be available.
  • A valid contact Number or telephone number and valid Email address for mailing.
  • Any person who is an employee or a worker with the brand are not eligible to take the survey. None of their partners or relatives are permitted either.

Survey Requirements

We have listed the basic requirements for you so you can start your torrid survey easily.

  • A user must be holding the latest Torrid receipt from the product purchase.
  • Info like transaction number, time of visit and date should be known by the user.
  • The person should be able to understand Spanish or English.
  • Any electronic device with web access is required to take the torrid survey.

Steps to Take Torrid Survey at www.torrid.com/survey

Torrid holds a Guest Satisfaction Survey to take feedback from the customers for all clients who can help improve their experience. The Torrid Survey can be easily gained access at www.Torrid.com/Survey. This is the source where the users share their honest opinions with the brand by answering certain questions through the survey.

The plus side to this survey is that you can raise your voice if you have any problem with their service, or you can object to anything if you feel it isn’t good enough. This will help the brand improve their customer experience to a certain level of satisfaction for getting attention and positive feedback.

When you finish this Torrid survey, you will be among the lucky customers who get free Torrid gift code that can be redeemed for some items. This is an easy process, and if you want to get free coupons for your items, then you can enter into the survey. Follow these steps to complete your survey.

  • Go to the survey link at the website www.Torrid.com/survey from where you can start your Feedback Survey for Torrid.
Torrid Survey
  • Select language that you prefer for better understanding and continue.
  • Then, you have to take out your receipt of Torrid purchase and enter the date on which you bought a product, time, and then enter the Receipt Code.
  • It will ask for confirmation that whether you are 13+ or not. Confirm it and start.
Receipt Code Torrid Survey
  • Recall your last experience of shopping at Torrid and respond accordingly.
  • Then, you will be approached to rate Torrid help dependent on your latest visit.
  • Start replying by giving satisfaction responses and ratings according to your fulfillment with different conditions.
  • Select a reasonable choice from satisfied to disappointed with your own insight.
  • Continue to address and reply to all Torrid Survey inquiries as genuinely as could really be expected.
  • Then, in the end, you will be requested to enter your own subtleties or info.
  • Enter required subtleties, including your email, contact, age, and other details.
  • Then you can just submit the answer and get your chance to win a gift from Torrid.

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Win $10 Off Coupon Code with Torrid Survey

The Torrid Survey is meant for your response and opinion that lets the company to learn more about its customer’s needs and expectations. To make this experience better, this brand offers you a chance to get a gift card or a coupon code, or any discount offers, that can benefit you for your future shopping.

After completing your survey, you get a validation code message that is meant to be redeemed for a discounted offer. Due to this scheme, you can also get a unique chance to win Torrid Surprise Gifts, Torrid Gift Card, Torrid Reward, and Torrid Store Coupons. 

Torrid Customer Service Number

The number 1-866-867-7431 is available to customers of USA. The Number for international calls is 00 1 626-603-3190.

For Canadian customers: 1-855-847-9444

Torrid Address

  • 1400 N. Litchfield Road, G4
  • 623-535-4634

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The Torrid survey shows that customers are happy with the brand’s sizes, stylish clothes, and support for body positivity. People want Torrid to keep offering diverse styles and good quality. This survey proves Torrid is a top choice for people who want fashionable clothes that fit well and make them feel confident.

FAQs for Torrid Survey

Why should I participate in the Torrid survey?

Your feedback helps us improve our products and services to better meet your needs as a customer.

How do I participate in the Torrid survey?

You can participate by visiting our official survey website or accessing it through a survey link provided on your receipt.

What kind of questions will be in the Torrid survey?

The survey typically includes questions about your shopping experience, product satisfaction, store atmosphere, and customer service.

Is my feedback anonymous?

Yes, your responses are kept confidential and used only for research purposes to improve our services.

Are there any rewards for completing the Torrid survey?

Participation in the survey may offer incentives such as discounts or entry into sweepstakes. Specific rewards may vary.

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