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Do you want to submit Walmart Canada Survey? This is a complete guide for Survey Walmart CA. Here we will discuss everything related to this survey. So let’s get started.

Walmart Canada Survey Details

Survey URL
Official Site
Canada Walmart Survey Prize $1,000 CDN Gift Card
Purchase Required? No
Entry Methods Online, Mail
Minimum Age 18
Eligible Country of Residence Canada
Receipt Valid For 14 Days
Entry Limit 1 Entry Per 14 Days

Survey Rewards

The Walmart Canada Survey, found at, is an online survey for Walmart customers that helps to measure client’s loyalty of items and administrations or the quality services offered by them. The organization will collect your input data which you give as a feedback to refresh their client support, and their services in Walmart stores along with items in that Walmart store. This Walmart Survey is taken online for customer’s satisfaction and benefit.

In case that you decide to take an interest in this Walmart Canada customer feedback survey, you will get your chance to leave significant input about your latest encounters with the store. The organization needs to take the feedback of their regular clients so that they can calculate where is the problem happening. As an additional advantage, you will actually get to enter sweepstakes to win one of three Walmart gift vouchers, every value of $1,000.


Survey Rules

Walmart Canada Customer Survey
  • No buy or any type of purchase is required to take the Walmart Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  • Must be living in Canada.
  • Age requirement is limited above 18 years for the client.
  • Prizes can be just accepted as award prize.
  • Walmart employees and their families or such relatives are not suitable to take Walmart Customer Survey.

Survey Requirement

  • A bill receipt from the Walmart Store with latest purchase.
  • An internet accessed device.
  • Understanding English language.

How to Take Walmart Canada Survey at

Make a buy at your nearest Walmart Canada during the sweepstakes period and get your chance from the receipt to get an invite for cash prize. From that point forward, visit and enter postal code of your home to start the Walmart Survey CA. At that point, total all Walmart In-store survey Canada inquiries with steadfast review. At the end of your feedback, you will be requested individual subtleties to get section into the sweepstakes. So complete the passage structure with required subtleties and get an opportunity to win prize.

The following instructions must be followed before you start with the Walmart Customer Satisfaction survey at

Walmart Customer Satisfaction survey
  • Select your language to start and click Continue.
  • Read the given instructions at the start of your screen. View the protection strategy and sweepstakes rules, in case that you want.
  • Snap proceed with when prepared.
  • Enter your Postal Code and snap to proceed.
  • Answer inquiries given that are concerning your new experience.
  • You will find three types of questions. One will be different decision where one answer is chosen. The other sort will be numerous decisions were beyond what one answer can be chosen. The third kind will be a book confine where you type your answer. All the questions will relate to their services and staff and store details that you have to answer.
  • Kindly be straightforward and read headings cautiously, then answer with all your honesty to questions.
  • After you are done with answering, enter your data that they ask from you in the end and then click on submit option.
  • You can enter the prize competition when you have submitted the Walmart Canada Survey.

Take Walmart Canada Survey Via Email

To enter without making buy or submitting Survey walmart, simply send your manually written name, street number, telephone number, and age with appropriate and adequate postage to:

Walmart Canada Survey Sweepstakes,

123 Front Street West,

Toronto, Ontario M5J 2M2.

About Walmart Canada Survey

What about your latest shopping experience at Walmart? What’s your thought about their administration? Do you have a few proposals and guidance to assist them with improving guarantee your later opportunity visit good? Pick one of the three options,,, and to share your input and get chance to win $1000. 

The organization is a piece of Walmart’s Overall corporate store. Clients in Canada can purchase a wide scope of items from its disconnected and online stores. Walmart in Canada sells an assorted choice of shopper items identified with staples, gadgets, auto, child care, furniture, wellbeing, excellence, music, books, toys, drug store, motion pictures, and computer games.

Walmart Canada Survey Prizes

The prizes given are worth CDN$1,000. There are a sum of three prizes to be granted per drawing from the contest. An aggregate of twelve prizes to be granted during the whole Walmart Canada In-Store Sweepstakes. The $1,000 Walmart gift voucher prize can’t be exchanged for money in spite of prevalent thinking.

Winner List:

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Contact info

If you want to get more detailed info related to Walmart Customer Satisfaction Survey or any other details from the officials, here is the contact info for you.

  • Walmart Office: 702 S.W.Bentonville,
  • Walmart Office Contact.: 1-800-925-6278
  • Walmart Canada Contact info is: (905) 821-2111
  • Walmart Customer Care: 1-800-925-6278 
  • 1-800-328-0402 

Reference Links

Canada Walmart Guest Experience Survey:

About Walmart

Walmart is the biggest store for grocery, ceramics, fertilizers, clay, plastic pots, and other number of quality products that customers can buy very easy at one spot. This multinational retailing store is from the United States.

The retail goliath has come to overwhelm the shopping scene, regardless of whether it be on the web, coming up, homegrown, or global shopping. Walmart’s acquiring everywhere with its market predominance. The organization almost acquires 500 billion dollars each year with more than 140 million clients per week in the U.S.


In this discussion, all about Walmart Canada Survey has been discussed with details in easy steps. For more info or details, contact official sources or leave your comment below in the box given.

FAQs – Walmart CA

How does the company choose Walmart Canada’s Survey winners?

The winners will get a notification via their email or mobile phone. The company will contact the potential winners within seven days of the period from the drawing date. The contestant needs to answer a simple mathematical question in a skill test. He has to answer it manually without any equipment or support. Then, he will sign the official declaration of compliance. Then, the participant has to fill out and send other forms. If they do not send them, they will face disqualification soon.

Is there any Walmart survey for employees?

Walmart’s surveys are only for the customers who shop from the store regularly. As per the company rules, the employees cannot participate in the survey. The immediate relatives of the employees are also prohibited from participating in the survey.

What kind of questions does the Walmart online customer survey ask?

Walmart’s survey questions will primarily include inquiries related to the stores and the overall quality it provides. The questions will be simple and easy to understand. If you have recently shopped at any of the stores of Walmart, then these survey questions will be more straightforward for you to answer.

Is legit?

The surveys from Walmart on are legit. It is like any other survey that other brands conduct online to determine the customers’ overall satisfaction level. The customers must have visited any of the stores of Walmart a few days back to answer the questions related to the survey. Many winners would say that the study is genuine and legitimate also.

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52 thoughts on “Walmart Canada Survey at to Win $1000 Gift Card”

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  2. Walmart store in Fort McMurray, I was waiting in line at a checkout with 3 customers ahead of me, when a Walmart representative came to me and said there are a lot of self checkouts available. I told her I rather be checked in by a person, she left for a few seconds and came back and and said, coo we with me and I’ll check you in at a self checkout. She was very polite and I told her that she was very nice to do this for me. I asked her name so I could do a survey and mention her name, Jocelyn M.

  3. Your system would not let me complete the form. We wished to compliment Mike for his friendly and helpful service at Langford BC store 3188. Disappointing.

  4. can not even get into the survey. get lists of stores and winners and how to fill out the survey, but can not get into the survey to begin with.

  5. Recently my husband and I came to the Walmart store in Sussex New Brunswick ,Canada, I was in need of a glass screen protector for my I pad I was waited on by a very nice young man by the Garrett,who not only found one but it on for me cleaned by iPad and told me the proper way to clean we offered to reward him but he thanks but could not take your store is very lucky to have this young man on your staff we live in Petitcodiac and enjoy very much shopping at your store Thank you stay safe and looking forward to shopping at your store ,Libby,Wayne Stackhouse

  6. I am senior citizen and I had eye surgery on 7th June. Prescrpitions for eye drops was submitted at Erin Mills Pharmacy around 11am, and I was to collect the medicine half hour later. When I arrived, the medicine was out of stock, so I was advised to come next day.
    I was little uncfortable to wait for the medicine after eye surgery, so phoned the pharmacy to check if other South Common had medicine on hand. I called pharmacy three times and without any help. Thent next day my wife went to Erin Mills pharmacy for the two required eye medicines aftery surgery. She was provided with one, and other she was advised to pick up from South Common. My wife was told that she will not have to wait and the medicine will be ready for pick on arrival. On arrival at South Common pharmacy, she was told to wait for half hour. So at noon hour today I picked the medicine. In all I had to make total of 5 trips get urgent needed medicines. In the pendamic times this is very stressful for a senior citizen, and not using medcine at required time could be harmful.

  7. well It Is kind of hard to take part in this survey whan you do not put it on your web page so that is how Walmart works I guess just fill out the survey but you do not put the Survey on the internet for people to fill out just like the service at walmart just a come on no help thank you very much for nothing but wasting my time

  8. I experienced good while shopping at Walmart, all goods arranged nicely in all manor.
    Staff members are very polite & Cooperative.
    Overall Nice place to shop.

  9. We experience competetive prices way below other retailers. We find everything we need at Walmart and the customer service is way above other stores. If you cannot find an item in the store then one of the staff will actually go find it for you and let you know which aisle to find it and bring it to the checkout. We love the self service checkouts as there is usually no line ups.
    Thank you Walmart for providing a great service!

  10. I am a avid Walmart shopper. Using both pharmacy and groceries dept for all my needs. which means i would spend1600.00-2400.00 per month. In the last 30 days all of the cashiers stations have been taken out of our store, only 2 left. With having a large senior community this is not a good thing. I will not be using Walmart in the future as i will not be scanning or bagging your products. I hope all ban your company in the future. Bad marketing and bad customer service

  11. I always thought Walmart was a customer service oriented store. However today proved me wrong. My husband requires a cane for mobility reasons and walking long distances is a real chore. When exiting the store today we were told that they no longer allow shopping carts to be taken from the store. I applaud them for this move however given this was a new policy and our car was parked on the other side of the mall I asked if we could have someone assist us with our purchases to the car. The reply was no they don’t provide this customer service. We now have to scan and bag our own purchases on top of this. A little help this one time would have been appreciated. I was thoroughly disappointed with the attitude, we translated that to mean Walmart would prefer not to have our purchasing services at their store. Store number 3051. A kind women with a disabled cart offered to help us by putting some of our purchases on her mobility cart with her and she’d help us to the door closest to our car. No thanks to Walmart. Shame on you.

  12. 2 times this week I was at Walmart after 8pm. only 1 cashier working. 3rd visit no cashiers working. Forced to use Self Check Out. No help, no DISCOUNT for doing your job. Prices for sale items not registered. Student working would only say Discount at end of purchase. Discount was not there. If I had a cashier, the problem would have been fixed before I had to pay. This is the easy way to cheat your customers. No Cashiers so you can point out discount not listed.

  13. Our family love to shop at Walmart.. My kids and husband go to the toys area while I do my shopping.. Very affordable too

  14. Walmart has the poorest service of any store and poorest treatment of staff. Walmart does have some prices that are better but not always and stock is sometimes old.

  15. II have won watches and $ 6.95 was removed from account. As well as other products groceries too. Will never happen again. Best waiting on items from them.

  16. It is very clear that all customers want to excursive their rights, in the Okotoks store, to the point where customers who are wearing masks, are fround upon, and made to feel like the guilty customers.
    Because everyone has rights and the ability to excursive them, Walmart should be the first to provide 4 shopping days a week for the masked individuals only, and 3 shopping days per week for those who wish not to mask up.
    This would include store employees who don’t wear their mask properly, they would have a choice to wear it properly, or work on the unmasked shifts

  17. There were no customer check outs working to day,I will not be forced to use self checkouts. If there is no service I will not return.

  18. I have shopped at many different Walmarts across Alberta and have always found kind and considerate staff. They are more than happy to show you where something is that your looking for. supply of things are good.

  19. Survey kept rejecting my submission but I want to compliment the staff at the North Vancouver store # 3057 following my purchases this afternoon 02/15/22. Three checkout staff members went out of their way to assist me in making an outside purchase of soil with delivery to my car. The Assistant Manager stepped in to assist me. They all went above and beyond. Thank you.

  20. The survey would not accept the date (today) even though it was copied in the format from my receipt.
    What a ridiculous adventure it was this morning at walmart store 3071 in Peterborough. Not one single cashier on duty at 9 in the morning. Not one. Only self check out. I refused to do this and had an “attendant” do it for me. Even she had issues with the machine and others in the area, so I am glad I didn’t do it myself. If I have to do the work, why is walmart not paying me to do “cash”? Am I next going to be required to stock their shelves too???
    I always use cashiers and was told in a few months there will be none there. Really? I have waited in line for 45 minutes to get to a cashier at this store as they try to make it as difficult as possible, forcing you to use self check out.
    I have done several surveys, gone to customer service and nothing changes. I guess head office has its mind made up that cashiers cost too much and my views are irrelevant. There are other grocery stores within 10 minutes of this one and they look pretty good right now considering I was treated like dirt today. NOT by the staff, but by corporate policy. The staff are great, but they only follow orders from above.

  21. Near top of page it says “no purchase required”, then further down the page under Requirement for Walmart Canada Customer Survey, it says
    “A bill receipt from the Walmart Store with latest purchase”.
    My brain is having difficulty resolving this blatant contradiction. Please advise.
    Thank you, R. Vettor

  22. Wais, Walmart Associate, impressed me by giving me my package of photos before I even handed him my receipt with my name on it. He had remembered my name from previous visits when I developed photos weeks ago. Now that is service!!

  23. Today I was struggling to get my newly purchased lawn chairs into my van. An employee who was gathering carts came over and offered help. He assisted very gentlemanly manner in getting the chairs and my groceries into my car. As a senior I am very appreciative of the assistance. The store is in Oshawa, Ontario, the gentleman’s name is Mayouf. Thank you Mayouf

  24. We came across an angel today at the Walmart Store # 3150 in Cambridge. We were there to purchase several boxes of Vegetable Oil. These boxes are pretty heavy, 4, 5Litres per box so I was wondering where would help come from. Help suddenly came from nowhere and his name was ABHI. His first question was Sir can I help you? Boy did he help my wife and I. He loaded all the boxes we purchased on a skip, 20 of them, took us through the cashier desk for payment and outside into our truck and loaded by him. ABHI was our angle today and we thank him. God bless ABHI.

  25. I bought 2 offset umbrellas in Greenwood N.S. today and the service I received was totally awesome!! Thank you employee Joel for taking them out and loading them in my truck! Pretty big boxes ! I love this store!!

  26. I always find the staff helpful but the Walmart policies I find annoying. I check myself out because I have been over charged and double charged so many times I find I’m more honest than your employees. what I don’t appreciate is the alert light going off at the end of my checkout so one of your staff can come over and try to get me to have a Walmart card. Meanwhile everyone else is staring me down as if I’m a thief or I screwed up. I don’t appreciate being asked to donate after I’ve already spent in excess of $200 which I do on a bi weekly rate. The absolute only reason I shop at Walmart is to save money on my grocery bill. I have mistakenly tried a few of the “Great Value” products and I personally find them disgusting. I wouldn’t feed them to my dog. I don’t like the fact they are purposefully packaged similar to the name brand so occasionally shoppers will pick up the Great Value garbage instead of what they really want to buy. I also don’t like the fact that the Great Value brand is expanding to overtake the name brands. Very soon I will no longer be able to do my bi-weekly shop at Walmart because there will be nothing worth buying.

  27. I love my Wal-mart. I go every Thursday. There are a group of us and that is our get together. Much like the old group that goes for coffee to that other place. lol I see Darcey every time. I make my payment after getting my groceries and look forward to being back the next Thursday.

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