How Does Walmart Pickup Work? [Updated 2024]


Walmart is one of the superstores which offer several items at a budgeted price. Due to its popularity, the store often gets crowded and sometimes finds it challenging to get their items. For that, there are Walmart in-store pickup services available through which you can pick up your order from the customer service counter.

With the help of this, you can make your purchase simple and fast without waiting in the crowd. Walmart pickup comes up with various benefits and significant reasons that make users use such services.

About Walmart Pickup

Talking about Walmart pickup is a service through which customers can order their items earlier and pick them up later from the local store. The order can be placed on the website of Walmart or its application, and while ordering, they can choose the nearest local store for picking up their order.


Once the online Walmart orders are ready, the customers will be notified via email or text. After that, the customer would arrive at the selected store and call the given number.

The store associate would take the customer’s order on his call, and the customer would be delivered his needed items with so much ease.

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Benefits on Walmart Pickup

Now here comes the question of why one should use Walmart pickup services. If the customers can go to the stores, then why is there a need to order the items through Walmart pickup? Walmart pickup orders make the overall purchase easy and quick, and along with that, there come several other benefits.

No Need to Wait in Checkout Lines

Walmart pickup orders save you from waiting long checkout lines, mostly on weekends. Sometimes you may have to wait about half an hour to reach the cashier. But when you order through Walmart pickup, you can pick up your order quickly without getting stuck in the crowd.

Save Time

Another benefit of Walmart pickup is saving time when you order online. To purchase the items the other way, you have to walk out to the store and select the item that can save you time. When you use in-store pickup Walmart services, you can save time.

Free To Order

Many wonder whether they have to pay some fee for Walmart pickup orders. Walmart is a popular store with enough happy customers, and many have accounts with Walmart.

Customers with accounts there will not have to pay fees if they order online using Walmart pickup. But other customers must pay some fee if they order through Walmart pickup.

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How to Order Walmart Pickup Online?

Once you get to know about the pickup services of Walmart, the next thing to understand is how does Walmart pickup work? Using Walmart’s website, you can order pickup in a few simple steps.

  • To begin, create an account on Walmart’s website or app. Name, email, and password are required.
  • Using the app or website, login to your account after creating it. On logging in, you will get an option of reserve pickup or delivery. You need to choose the option.
  • Once you select the option, you must choose the pickup option under the head reserve a time.
  • Choose your pickup location before moving forward.
  • After completing all the formalities, you need to add the needed items to your cart from amongst thousands of available items.
  • Once you choose all your required items, it’s time to make payment and check out. Make sure you check the pickup location and include items again for confirmation.
  • Once your order gets ready, you will be notified with an email or text and can go to pick up your order.
  • Finally, arrive at the selected Walmart store and pick up your order at the reserved time. Thus you will be done with receiving your order conveniently and quickly.

What is The Cost For Walmart Pickup?

There is a genuine cost whether you are ordering through in-store pickup or curbside delivery. The shoppers would not have to pay extra costs for such services.

Customers, who already hold an account in Walmart and spend $35 per transaction, don’t have to pay any extra fee. If your order is for less than $35, you are required to pay a $6 extra fee for using the Walmart pickup services.

What Pickup and Delivery Services are Offered By Walmart?

Along with in-store pickup and curbside services, Walmart also provides other delivery methods which are also convenient. Due to the availability of such methods, the customer can get their order conveniently and quickly. The delivery and pickup services offered by Walmart are:

  • Same day delivery
  • Standard delivery
  • In-store pickup method
  • Curbside pickup method


The services offered by Walmart are very beneficial, especially for those who regularly purchase items from the store. The customers will also benefit from ordering for free if they fulfill the minimum purchase requirement. Thus overall, Walmart store pickup order is worth it if you want quick services.


Can you return pickup items from Walmart?

Walmart offers its customers the option of returning their purchases. Customers can return the items in-store or even in the mail. Sometimes they send their associate to pick up the items the customer wants to return.

How do pickup towers at Walmart work?

The Walmart pickup towers run with the help of robotic technology, which store and release the items. The items would be released when a bar code is scanned. So to release your purchases, you have to arrive with your mobile phone to access the QR code.

What is the minimum requirement for a Walmart pickup order?

Walmart does not charge any extra fee from customers who order for at least $35. So the customers must make a minimum purchase of $35 to avoid any extra fee.

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