How to Call In Sick at Walmart as a Walmart Employee [2024]?

Sickness is undeniable and quite common. Anyone can fall sick anytime, and it is entirely unplanned. Even people with zero symptoms can feel ill and unhealthy anytime. However, if you work in an environment where attendance matters the most, making a call in sick might be tricky, especially when all your sick leaves are over.

Just imagine you are working in Walmart, and you need to call in sick, but you don’t have any leaves pending, then what will you do? Well, don’t worry; we can surely help you out. Here is a step-by-step guide about how to call in sick at Walmart, what the Walmart call-in-sick number is, and much more. Have a look and find out in brief.

When is the best time to call in sick at Walmart?

If you work in Walmart and get ill, you first need to contact your employer. A person must call in sick three hours before their shift to avoid conflicts.

What if the employee needs to remember to call in sick?

If an employer fails to report an absence from Walmart, it can allocate some warning points. Usually, when employee reaches five or more warning points, they are more likely to get fired. That is why you need to call in sick at Walmart to keep your place safe and secure.

Learn About the call in sick number for Walmart employees

Working in Walmart with attendance as a critical factor can affect the leaves, especially when you are sick. But if you follow all the rules and inform your employer three hours before your shift, you can save yourself. The Walmart call-in number is 1800-775-5944.

What Does a WIN Mean?

WIN stands for Walmart Identification Number, and it is an 8 digit number that is unique to every Walmart employee that is assigned to them. It is important to know this number in case of sick calls or absence reports so it can be used as a way of identifying employees.

You can find your WIN by looking at your most recent pay stub, or asking your manager for the information.

How to Get Absence Confirmation Number

The absence number at Walmart is the number that represents your case and processes your absence report. However, to report your absence through a Walmart employee call-in number, the users need to follow some simple steps-

  • Call the Walmart store at 1800-775-5944 and provide your WIN number.
  • You will then be prompted to enter your date of birth and store number.
  • After which, the employee needs to enter the reason for sickness
  • Once the worker enters their reason, a confirmation number will present to them. (Make sure you write it down). 
  • Your absence report will be transferred to the manager, who will further process your leave. 

OneWalmart Report an Absence – Whom to call?

If you are working at Walmart and what to report your absence, you need to contact the HR department. The HR team of Walmart will further report your sickness to the store and line manager.

Steps to Register Call in Sick at OneWalmart

To register your sickness at Walmart, the employee must follow simple steps.

  • Visit the OneWalmart app or website and log in using your Walmart user ID.
  • Afterward, the worker needs to enter their Walmart location and the region. 
  • Now the employee needs to click on the absence report.
  • Next, the employee must verify their birth date, store number, and identification number

What information does an employee provide when report an absence at Walmart?

When an employee clicks on Walmart to report an absence, there are certain documents they need to provide, such as-

  • The employee Walmart identification number (WIN)
  • The Walmart store number 
  • The employee’s date of birth

What if an employee doesn’t have a WIN number?

If you are working in Walmart but don’t have your Walmart identification number, then the employee can also report an absence using their Walmart badge in case of illness. The employee can quickly scan the Walmart badge through their phone. 

How Many Sick Days You can have as Walmart Employee

If an employee witnesses severe illness and wants to apply for the long term, they can do it using Sedgwick Walmart. This platform allows you to directly contact Walmart’s manager. However, the employee must report their absence at the Walmart Sedgwick platform within two days of their leave.

Can an employee apply for Walmart leave of absence online?

Employees can even report their absence at the Walmart store online if they feel sick. However, to perform Walmart report an absence online, the users need to follow some simple steps listed below-

  • Firstly the employee needs to visit the official site of Walmart that is OneWalmart
  • Next, the user needs to perform one Walmart login.
  • After which, the employee needs to select the absence report option 
  • Now you need to enter the store number, the WIN, and the date of birth in the given space.

Once you log in to the Walmart site, you need to highlight the reason for not attending the shift. You must also justify your one Walmart report’s absence by describing your illness and its symptoms. 

Do Walmart Offers Paid Sick Leaves?

Although there are sure leaves that Walmart doesn’t pay to its employee, if you are seriously ill, then Walmart will pay for sick leaves, for instance, during the covid period, whomsoever employees tested positively received salaries on their leaves. 

Tips to Follow for Calling in Sick at Walmart

Now you have an idea about Walmart calling in sick. The following tips will help you ensure that your absence has been reported correctly.

  • To begin with, make sure you have your Walmart identification number handy
  • Call the HR department or manager three hours before your shifts
  • Prepare a detailed report about your injury
  • Make sure you call the Walmart team when you are ill, as incorrect information may cause violations.


How many sick leaves does Walmart offer?

Usually, Walmart offers five paid sick leaves, which can be taken within six months of your joining.

How can you report the absence at Walmart?

The employee can report their absence at Walmart by directly calling the HR department or visiting the official site of Walmart.

What reasons come under sick leaves?

There are several reasons for which the Walmart employee can apply for sick leaves, such as poor health, family emergency, spreading illness, and much more.

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