Embassy Suites Breakfast Hours and Breakfast Menu with Prices [2024]

Embassy Suites Breakfast Hours


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Embassy suites is a chain of 3 star Restaurants operated by Hilton. They are in mid range hotels. If you have ever got a chance to visit the Embassy Suites Location, then you cannot miss out on the breakfast menu.

You can enjoy various free perks at Embassy Suites like the free breakfast, free Wifi, and welcome drinks and a splendid service with the pleasant attitude of the staff.


embassy suites free breakfast hours

Embassy Suites Breakfast menu includes nearly the same items in all of their restaurants, but the only difference you may notice is in their Embassy Suites free Breakfast Hours. Depending upon the location, the time may also be different.

Stay with me in till the end of this article to know what are the Embassy Suites Breakfast Hours and Embassy Suites Breakfast Menu at various locations, I will also try to cover the prices of the breakfast where possible, so if you are a budget planner, and are conscious about your meal expenses, you can plan accordingly.

Before jumping to the Embassy Suites Breakfast Menu and their prices, let us gather some information on Embassy Suites, you will have a better idea then about the Embassy Breakfast quality and taste.

About Embassy Suites

about embassy suites

The Embassy Suites are mid-range having a star rating as a 3 Star chain of hotels whose trademark lies with the Hilton on a global basis. The founders of this hotel are Harvey Feldman and Mike Rose.

You will find the Embassy Hotel in countries like Canada, Latin America and Caribbean, United states and many more around the globe. There are 257 places consisting of 59,712 rooms in total. The embassy suites by Hilton represent all suite hotel categories having two rooms, studio rooms, and atrium space. They are designed to provide an extra conformity while you stay. They also include free breakfast that is made to order, and you may also compliment evening snacks or drinks at the reception area.

There are many facilities you can enjoy at Embassy suites by Hilton such to make your trip memorable such as a full fledged restaurant, huge space available for business meetings, Guest Pantry area, Laundry service, and gym and fitness centers for the health conscious ones.

You are already getting free breakfast, and free wifi, I think these are the two main concerns when you are traveling. Food and internet, nowadays they have become the most important thing to look at before you travel anywhere.

So, both are provided here for free, you can come and enjoy your stay anytime you want.

Let us now focus on the Embassy Suites Breakfast Hours, and other related details.

Embassy Suites Breakfast Hours [2024]

what time is breakfast at embassy suites


As we discussed earlier, there are more than 200 outlets, so they all may differ slightly with their timings, you might be curious to know What Time Is Breakfast At Embassy Suites? Right? I am providing you with the general Embassy Suites Breakfast Hours, their opening and closing times on all weekdays in the below table.

Please check the table below:

Weekdays Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 06:30 a.m. 9:30 a.m.
Tuesday 06:30 a.m. 9:30 a.m.
Wednesday 06:30 a.m. 9:30 a.m.
Thursday 06:30 a.m. 9:30 a.m.
Friday 06:30 a.m. 9:30 a.m.
Saturday 06:30 a.m. 10:30 a.m.
Sunday 06:30 a.m. 10:30 a.m.

Many people also have the question like, does Embassy Suites serve breakfast all day long?

Answer is no, they only serve free breakfast during the time of breakfast, early morning, refer to the table above to check the latest time. Generally, all the Embassy suites start serving breakfast from 6:30 onwards every day.

What Time Does Breakfast End at Embassy Suites

what time does breakfast end at embassy suites

During the weekdays, Embassy breakfast stops serving at 9:30 and on weekends they are a little liberal with their timings as they close breakfast at 10:30 am. So from Monday to Friday, you have to wake up early to catch the delicious breakfast by 9:30 and on Saturday and Sundays it closes at 10:30, so you have plenty of time to enjoy your free breakfast.

You may expect some difference in timings at different places. The reason for this is different factors.

Embassy Suites Breakfast Menu with Prices in 2024

embassy suites breakfast menu with prices

Please find details of all the breakfast items you can get at Embassy suites

Embassy Suites Continental Breakfast

  • Classic at $12
    • Sliced fresh fruit
    • Assorted muffins and breakfast bread with mix fruit jam and butter
  • Deluxe at $13
    • Sliced fresh fruit
    • Assorted muffins and breakfast bread
    • Danish with Fruits and cheese
    • Bagels (with cream, cheese, honey and jam)
    • Yogurt with Granola
    • Juices – (Apple, Cranberry,and orange)
  • Euro at $15
    • Sliced fresh fruit
    • Bagels + muffins
    • Rustic bread
    • Hard-Boiled eggs
    • Sliced smoked Ham
    • Sliced cheese

Embassy Suites Plated Breakfast:

  • Metropolitan at $15
    • Scrambled Eggs with herb and cheddar
    • Any one meat dish
    • Any one item of starch
    • Breakfast bread assorted
    • Yogurt parfait or slices of fresh fruit
    • Fresh brewed coffee
    • Fresh fruit juices
  • The Southern at $17
    • Thick French toast (with scrambled eggs and peach sauce)
    • Any one meat dish
    • Yogurt parfait or slices of fresh fruit
    • Fresh brewed coffee
    • Fresh fruit juices
  • Steak and egg at $18
    • Sliced steak
    • Scrambled eggs with herbs
    • Any one starch item
    • Yogurt parfait or slices of fresh fruit
    • Fresh brewed coffee
    • Fresh fruit juices
  • Quiche Plate at $18
    • Any one from Lorraine, spinach and three cheese, vegetable quiche, ham and sausage
    • Any one breakfast meat item
    • Yogurt parfait or slices of fresh fruit
    • Fresh brewed coffee
    • Breakfast bread assorted
    • Fresh fruit juices

Embassy Suites Breakfast Buffet

if you are traveling in a group and want to enjoy the range of breakfast items as everyone’s choice for breakfast is different, then you may choose to have Embassy Suites Breakfast Buffet. It can cost you $28, if the group size is under 25, and as the number of people increases, keep adding $2 Extra per person.

The price is limited for one hour of service only.

List of the menu you get in Embassy Suites Breakfast Buffet:

  • Fresh juice of apple, Cranberry or orange
  • At beverage station – Fresh brewed coffee and Iced tea
  • Fresh fruits – Sliced
  • Breakfast bread assorted
  • Rustic bread with butter and Jam
  • Egg benedict or scrambled egg
  • Two options of meat items out of the below
    • Grilled ham
    • Thick bacon
    • Country fried chicken
    • GrilledChicken
    • TurkeySausage
    • RoastedBeef
  • Hash browns with cheddar grits

Sunrise Breakfast Buffets (1 hour service only)

  • Bama at $15
    • Scrambled Eggs
    • Any two meat items
    • Any one Starch item
  • Eagle at $20
    • Scrambled Eggs
    • Provencal herbs, cheddar and herbs toppings
    • Biscuits and sausage gravy
    • Any two meat items
    • Any one starch item
    • Yogurt with the Granola and nuts

Breakfast Enhancements

  • Waffles (at $6/ person)
    • Buffet – Brunch (add on $4)
    • Toppings of seasonal fruit and berries compotes, maple syrup, whipped Cream, and candied nuts.
  • Sweet crepes (at $6/ person)
    • Buffet/brunch (add on at $4)
    • Warm fruit compote, drunen bananas, candied nuts and whipped cream
  • Omelets at $ 7/person
    • Buffet/brunch (add on at $4)
    • Egg, egg white, beaten egg, ham, cheddar cheese, bell peppers, mushrooms, onion, Spinach, sausage, Jalapeno, tomato and salsa
  • Southern Grits (at $6/person)
    • Buffet/brunch (add on at $4)
    • Smoked bacon, Country ham, Smoked turkey, Blackened Shrimps, Shredded Cheddar, and Scallions

The Right breakfast

  • Starters includes the following:
    • Market fruit Salad Bowl with ginger honey dressing

It is the best option for people having an allergy with gluten or who prefer vegan and gluten free food.

    • Mango oatmeal

it is an Irish Dish made up with rolled oats /oatmeal + mango and other spices, it is topped with berries and mangos.

Main Courses includes the following:

    • Pecan Smoked Salmon frittata at $16

It is an traditional dish made with the egg substitute, onion, spinach, flakes of pecan wood smoked salmon and served with the topping of emmentaler swiss cheese

    • Mixed vegetable frittata at $13

It is a traditional Frittata made with red onions, mushrooms, Asparagus, spinach, dill, Roma tomatoes and low fat egg.

    • Breakfast casserole at $13

It is a dish having whipped egg mixed with bacon, spinach, turkey sausage and cheddar cheese.

So, this was the menu available at embassy suites, hope you will enjoy the breakfast menu along with your trip. You might now question the holiday hours of Embassy suites. I am listing that time too, so check it out so you do not get stuck in the middle of the way.

Embassy Suites Breakfast Timings on Holiday

Name of the event Date Timings of Embassy breakfast hours
New Year’s day 1 Jan Open at the routine time
Martin Luther king day 18 Jan Open at the routine time
Presidents day 15 Feb Open at the routine time
Good Friday 2 April Open at the routine time
Easter 4 April Open at the routine time
Memorial day 31 May Open at the routine time
Independence Day 4 July Open at the routine time
Labor Day 1 May Open at the routine time
Columbus Day Oct 11 Open at the routine time
Veterans Day 11 Nov Open at the routine time
Day prior to thanksgiving 24 Nov Open at the routine time
Thanksgiving 25 Nov Open at the routine time
Black Friday 26 Nov Open at the routine time
Christmas Eve 24 Dec Open at the routine time
Christmas Day 25 Dec Open at the routine time
New Year’s Eve 31 Dec Open at the routine time

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This article is going to help you very much when you are planning for a stay at any Embassy Suites location. The food offered by the hotel is great but the breakfast is very delicious. The food will provide you energy! The breakfast that you get from this hotel is completely free and you do not have to pay anything for it.

Now you must have a good idea about the timing of the Embassy Suites hotel and all of the food menu items and other opening hours. You also know on which holiday you are supposed to go during regular hours.


Does Embassy Suites Have Free Breakfast for all the visitors?

The regular Embassy Suites Breakfast Start Time is 06:30 A.M. So you must get the breakfast at the right time. The food is free for the visitors or guests who have been staying at the hotels.

What Time Does Breakfast End At Embassy Suites during Thanksgiving?

The Embassy Suites stop serving the breakfast menu at the regular time during thanksgiving. Please check which day is on Thanksgiving. Weekdays closing time is around 09:30.

What are the Embassy Suites Breakfast Hours during weekends?

During weekends if you are visiting the Embassy Suites hotels, you need to take Embassy Suites Breakfast before 10:30 A.M. You can enjoy all the free Embassy Suites Breakfast Menu.

Is the Embassy Suites Breakfast Price for continental food affordable?

Yes, the continental food is affordable. There are some free foods that you can enjoy and there are some Embassy Suites Complimentary Breakfast.

How is the Embassy Suites Breakfast Buffet?

The Embassy Suites Breakfast Buffet is the best ever! There is too much to choose from the breakfast buffet and you will never get disappointed.

What is included in the Embassy Suites Made To Order Breakfast Menu?

The food served at Embassy Suites is at Buffet style and it includes fruits, coffee, fruit juice, and tea. You will find so many delicious continental foods at hotels, motels and other events. 

How to find the Breakfast Near Embassy Suites?

You can open the main website for Embassy Suites. You can also get help from the third-party website such as Tripadvisor where you can enter the Embassy and you will find all the details.

What is the Embassy Suites Breakfast Policy?

If you open the official website for the Embassy Suites, then you will find all the details about Embassy Suites Breakfast Policy.

What Chain Is Embassy Suites Part Of?  What Hotel Chain Is Embassy Suites?

If you cannot find the details of Embassy Suites, it is because the suites are offered by Hilton hotels.

What is the Embassy Suites Made To Order Breakfast Menu?

The breakfast menu offered at Embassy Suites includes bacon, oatmeals, potatoes and pastries.

What does the Embassy Suites Breakfast Menu include?

The breakfast items include toast and butter, fried eggs, bacon, jelly and jams, coffees, toast with butter, pancakes, etc. The menu mostly includes the basic items that are served in most other hotels.

What Time is Embassy Suites Happy Hour?

The Happy Hour Embassy Suites start from 05:30 PM and these hours end at 07:30 PM.

When do the Embassy Suites Complimentary Drinks Hours start?

Drink hours start at the same time when the Happy hours start from 05:30 PM and they go till 07:30 PM.

Is the Embassy Suites Breakfast delicious?

The breakfast provided at the Embassy Suites is delicious and tasty.

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