Funimation.Com/Activate to Activate Funimation on Amazon Fire TV Stick [2024]


If you are fan of anime and want to enjoy the best animation streaming site available in the entertainment market, you must get yourself Funimation. However, to watch the anime shows on your device, you must complete the activation steps site. If you do not know how to activate it, do not worry; I will explain all the steps of Funimation Activate in this article.

Funimation is one of the most popular streaming services that allows you to watch some of the best anime shows and movies. This is also the platform where you can get dubbed versions, so you do not have to rely on subtitles to understand what is happening in the anime. There is also the Funimation app available online, using which you can enjoy the same shows as But, for all of this to work, you need to complete the steps of Funimation/Activate.

Today, I will teach you how to watch Funimation on TV, watch Funimation without ads, and activate the streaming service using Code. You need to pay attention to this article and follow the steps I have listed for all these. After reading this article, I assure you you will not have trouble watching anime on Firestick, Fire TV or any other device you prefer. So, let us save the minutes and start the article immediately.


What is Funimation.Com streaming service?

what is

Funimation.Com is one of the best anime streaming services that allow you to enjoy the original anime series and movies in the original Japanese language. Also, there are options for you to switch the language and watch the dubbed version and enable or disable subtitles of the series. So, Is Funimation worth it? That is what we will see today and whether you should choose this streaming service.

The Funimation App Fire TV will help unlock the best anime shows you can watch online. Even if you are unfamiliar with the anime genre and want to explore more, this streaming service will be the best for you.

Now you know about the streaming service and are brief about Funimation Activate, so let us know how you can create your streaming account on Funimation Com sign up page.

How to Create a Funimation Account?

create funimation account

To get your Funimation Sign In account, you must create it online. You need to create your account to complete the Funimation/Activate steps. So, first, you must follow the steps I have listed below to create your account for Funimation.Com Activation.

  • Open the official Funimation website account creation page at
  • You must enter your official working email in the first blank.
  • Then, please enter your password in the following blank.
  • After that, please tick or untick the “Join our mailing list” option.
  • Read the Terms of Use, Terms of Sale and Privacy Policy.
  • Before completing the process, please add the correct details in the blanks.
  • Finally, you have to click on the “Continue” button.

Now, you must have a clear idea about creating your new account at After creating your account, you need to follow the activation process at Funimation.Com/Activate TV.

Requirements to Activate the Funimation on your Amazon Fire TV Stick

  • Ensure that you have a stable and high-speed internet connection.
  • After that, please set up your Amazon Fire Stick using HDMI Port.
  • Use devices like personal computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets for activation.
  • To activate the streaming services, please use the official website.
  • Please use the latest browser to connect to the website.

Amazon Fire Stick offers support to nearly thousands of apps, and among them is the Funimation app. You can watch all the latest shows of Japanese anime dubbed in English. To enjoy the streaming services, you must visit the official App Store from the application store of Amazon Fire TV Stick and activate it on the Funimation Com Activate website.

Let us move to the main point, activating the Funimation Anime For Firestick using the pair code.

How to Activate the Funimation using

how to activate funimation account


If you need help activating Funimation using its activation website and the Funimation Activate Code, please read the below points to watch the anime shows on your device and start the streaming service.

  • First, turn on your Amazon FireStick.
  • Access the home screen on it.
  • Click on the “Find” button, which will be like a search icon.
  • After that, please search the “Funimation” Anime App Firestick.
  • Now, choose the correct one from the search results and click the “Get” or “Download” buttons, whichever is available, to install the app.
  • After a successful installation, you must launch your device’s Funimation app.
  • Once you launch it, it will show the Funimation Activate Code.
  • Copy, save, or remember the code from the screen.
  • Open the browser on your smartphone or computer and open the Funimation.Com/Activate website.
  • Then, please provide your email address and password in the requested blanks.
  • After that, please click the Funimation Sign In button on your screen.
  • Now, you will have a window asking for entering the code on your TV screen.
  • Please add it and click on the Activate button.

After successfully activating the streaming service using TV Code, you can search a massive anime library on your device and find a list of new and exclusive content to watch. You can also watch some old anime series on your Firestick-connected device.

Troubleshooting Tips

You must know how to get Funimation on TV from the above steps. For most parts, you can easily activate the Funimation App on your device. Still, sometimes, due to technical issues, you may run into trouble on the Funimation website that will stop you from activating the streaming services. So, to tackle all these technical problems you face online, you have to start implementing the below troubleshooting tips,

  • Check the internet speed and reset it: You need to know that with poor internet, you cannot stream or watch any shows without facing the issue of buffering. But if you have a good internet connection, before entering the Funimation Activate Code TV, please ensure your internet is working fine.
  • Reinstall the Firestick Anime App: Often, Funimation does not get perfectly installed or half-installed, and that causes the problem of app misbehaviour. So, to avoid such problems, you have to make sure that you uninstall the Funimation Anime Firestick app and reinstall it so that any technical trouble with the app will be gone.
  • Update your Amazon Fire TV or Firestick: If you cannot remove the glitches and buffering after completing the Funimation.Com Activate steps and reinstalling and uninstalling the app, you must update your system. Sometimes, if you keep ignoring the update notifications, you will get the best performance out of your Amazon device like Firestick or Fire TV. So, update it as soon as you get the notification.
  • Clear the app’s cache along with history and cookies: If you are trying to activate the Funimation App Fire TV on Funimation.Com Activate and cannot succeed, your browser may be causing the problem. Sometimes the cache, cookies and history stored in the browser do not let it activate, so clear them all and try again to start it on the website. If your Funimation app is not working, try it with it.
  • Restart the Funimation app / Firestick: Often, after installation, the apps on streaming devices take a while to take effect. So, after installation and activation, you can start the Funimation Amazon Fire TV app and let it take effect.
  • Funimation Activate Code is not working: generally, the Funimation.Com/Activate Code shows up with a time limit, and you must add it within the timeframe. But if you fail to do so, then the code will not work. So, you have to re-launch the code or restart the whole process.

After learning about troubleshooting tips for Funimation.Com/Activate TV technical or non-technical issues, you will have an idea of what you should do and how to do it. But if you have any other problem activating or watching the shows or movies on the Funimation.Com app, please read the following contact details and get immediate help.

Funimation Contact Details

After going through every step mentioned above for the Funimation/Activate process, if you cannot activate the streaming service on your device, you need to contact the experts who will guide you with the Funimation.Com Activation. The team will guide you with all the issues related to the Funimation Activate Tv Code not working or activation website not working issues.

  • Official Funimation Activation Website:
  • Email Support:
  • For Inquiries:
  • Voicemail Number: +1-855-268-9672


After following all the steps mentioned in the above article, I am sure you know how to activate the Funimation service on your TV. Once the activation is over, if you need help streaming Funimation on TV, you have to launch the application on your device and start searching for the shows you want to watch.

If you need more clarification or help with the steps or information, please send me your comments using the comment box below. I welcome all feedback, opinions, questions and doubts through comments only.


Is Funimation On Firestick? Which other devices does it support?

The Funimation app is available on Android, iPhone, PlayStation, Roku, Xbox, Firestick and many other devices.

Is Funimation Premium Plus Worth It?

If you want to enjoy streaming through a massive library of anime and choose a wide range of anime shows and movies, you can opt for the Funimation Premium Plus version.

How to Complete Funimation Activate Code Ps4?

First, you have to turn on your PS4 and install the Funimation. After that, you have to launch it, copy the code, and paste it on the Funimation.Com/Activate Code Ps4 website.

Why does Funimation have so many ads while I watch shows or movies? How to watch Funimation without ads?

Ads are part of Funimation’s revenue, and therefore, to earn money for the services it provides, the company has to put the ads so that they get paid. Please choose a valid subscription to watch the streaming service without getting ads. You can check out the details of the subscription on the website.

How to Watch Anime On Firestick without Ads?

Please read the above article on how to get Funimation on TV or any device. If you sign up for free, you can enjoy the little shows, but you must choose a subscription plan to watch more.

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