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UKTV Play is an online service that offers free on-demand video to the public in the UK. The customers are able to watch all the best movies when they want and where they want. If you watch UKTV then there are multiple genres available for you like comedy, sports, documentaries, shows and much more. You can watch all the best programs of different platforms in a single location.


UKTV is available on many platforms and supported. You can watch some of the content free but if you choose the best TV subscription.


UKTV is a very popular service that offers online streaming on-demand but you need to register on the official website of UK TV. After the registration process, you must choose any appropriate subscription plan. After that you must go for a uktv play sign in which will help you get a code that will help in the activation process at www.uktvplay.co.uk/activate.

How to Activate UKTV Play with www.uktvplay.co.uk/activate link?

Many devices are compatible for streaming and you can start streaming by visiting the main website and providing all the details that you can. Now, keep following the suggested steps in order to easily activate UKTV services on your devices.

  • First, you must check if the device you are using is well-connected with the internet or not. If not, please connect it to your high speed internet.
  • Open your app store and find the “UKTV” app on your device to install. If already installed, please begin streaming the UK TV application. Ensure that the application is well-installed on your device and do not shut down the system while the application is being installed.
  • Now please add your account details (if you already have) in the application and choose an appropriate plan for yourself. After providing your details for account, please click Continue.
  • After the installation, there comes the login process. By clicking the Login or Sign In option, you will open a new page on your screen. This page will include activation code that you must save by copying or writing down somewhere for later use.
  • After that please open the official website – www.uktvplay.co.uk/activate. Please have your browser from computer or mobile phone to connect to this page.

activate uktv play

  • Once the page opens, again you have to provide the login details and access the system for verification for the same account that you already have. Once the steps are complete, please click on the Continue button.
  • Now there will be a UK TV activation page that will open on your screen. After it opens please provide that activation code on it which you have saved and after that click Continue button. After the instructions are complete, you will get a message of “success” for activating your account using the official link – uktvplay.co.uk/activate.
  • Now you will be able to see your screen and your account locked with all the access to the content of this platform.

What is UKTV?

what is uktv


UK TV service is offered by UKTV Media Limited company. You can enjoy many repeated shows right from the BBC archives. The service this channel provides is a catch-up service that allows you to watch the shows later since the day they were broadcast. If you have a mobile phone and you want to catch up with the older shows that you missed then this service may be the best for you. You can watch this channel on multiple devices like your mobile phone to your streaming devices and consoles.

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With UKTV Play, you can access on-demand content for entertainment. These content include documentaries, comedy, drama, and others. You can access all of the content online and enjoy your heart out. Please take help of the steps of www.uktvplay.co.uk/activate that I have displayed in this article. I have also briefly explained all about the UK TV and its basic features like the genre of the shows and other details. If you want me to help you out with any other details about www.uktvplay.co.uk/activate, ask me in the comment box.


I am unable to open the www.uktvplay.co.co uk/activate website on my phone.

Does your phone have an updated browser? Or does your phone have an active internet connection?  If there is any one point missing, then your device will not load the www.uktvplay.co.uk activate website.

Which is the best browser for accessing the uktvplay.co.uk/activate site?

There is no specific browser that give you the best viewing experience but to open the uktvplay.co.uk activate website, you must use the most popular browsers such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox and many others. No matter which browser you use, please use the latest version of it.

When I open this website www.uktvplay.co.uk/activate code, it says 404 error.

The website may show error because of many reasons. Upon checking the link, it works just fine. So there must be an error related to the web page not found. Please click this link – Click Here. It is the official link that would open the uktv play sign in and activation page.

How Do I Get Uktv Play On My Tv? Does it work well with MYTV?

After UK Tv Play Download and activation, the app freezes on the screen and does not work. There is one possible way to get rid of this problem i.e. re-downloading it. First you must uninstall the application that you have and once it is uninstalled completely, you must start the process of installation again. This time do not turn off your device and take care of internet speed. Once it is fully installed, then you would face no trouble of the app getting stuck.

Which version of the Samsung Television is supported for the UK TV Play app?

UKTV is available on most of the Samsung TV devices that came later after 2015. Some of the devices of 2015 are also compatible with the UK TV. All the new devices are already compatible with the channel.

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