Take Shell Customer Survey at tellshell.shell.us – win a $50 Gift Card [2024]


Do you know you can win a $50 gift card by participating in the Shell Customer Survey at shell.us/survey? If you have recently heard that Shell Oil Company is conducting an online customer survey, I will explain more about it in this article. If you have recently visited any Shell USA gas station or outlet, you can participate in the survey with the help of your Purchase receipt.

In the Shell Customer Opinion Survey, the company will ask you to provide genuine answers about your recent visit to the Shell store, and in return, the company will give you a chance to win a $50 gift card. The questions will be about the staff, cleanliness, overall satisfaction level, and similar other questions. If you answer honestly, you have a chance to win the gift card.

To participate in the Shell Feedback Survey, you must check your eligibility with the help of the rules. If you follow all the rules, you can qualify for the survey. In this article, I have included all the interesting details that would help you take the survey without referring to multiple articles. So, keeping this in mind, let us start the article with an introduction to the company.


About Shell USA Company 

Shell USA, Inc., also known as Shell Oil Company, Inc., is a British public limited and multinational company with a headquarters in the United States of America. Shell is a group of energy as well as petrochemical companies involved in oil exploration, production, distribution, transportation, oil refining, power generation,  petrochemicals, and trading. The company first started in 1912, and since then, it has become one of the largest oil companies in the world. The headquarters of the company in the USA is in Houston, Texas.

about shell

Shell has more than 18,000 employees in the USA and provides oil, petrochemicals, and natural gas all across the country. The company always tries to understand the customers’ needs and provide them with the best possible services. Because of this reason, the company has survived for over a century. Companies have developed new feedback programs that allow customers to express their honest experience and satisfaction with customer services.

If you want to know why the company conducts feedback programs such as Shell Guest Satisfaction Survey, please read the next point.

Purpose of Conducting Shell Guest Satisfaction Survey

In the previous point, we learn about the Shell Oil Company and its services to the customers. Shell is one of the world’s largest companies involved in oil and gas; therefore, it has to constantly satisfy its customers, employees, partners, suppliers, and many other stakeholders. To stay in the competitive market, the company has to take care of its customers and attract new customers to run its business. It is the major reason why the company conducts Shell Customer Experience Survey online.

purpose of shell guest satisfaction survey

The customer needs to go to the shell.us/survey website and answer your questions related to the survey. The company collects these responses, analyzes them, and finds out which service or aspect of the service requires the most improvement. Then, the company starts implementing the changes and sees how the customers react to the services through the survey. So it is like a cycle of constant changes and upgrades through the customer survey system.

After completing the survey by Shell USA, the customers get a chance to join the reward program and win exclusive rewards from the company. They can redeem these rewards at any Shell store and get discounts, offers, or sometimes free services. If you want to know more about the rewards, please read the following.

Shell Customer Survey Rewards

Shell Feedback Survey allows the customers to share their honest experiences online and allows them to win exclusive rewards. The customers who participate in the survey expect Shell company should reward them for providing accurate answers. On the other hand, Shell USA Company knows it can motivate the customers to participate by giving them rewards or prizes. Currently, the company provides customers below rewards,

  • $50 Shell Gift Card

At the time of taking the survey, you may find the actual reward amount to be different as it is within the company’s authority to change it. However, you can check the current reward details and survey invitation printed on your purchase receipt.

If you are clear with the Take Shell US Customer Feedback Survey rewards, let us understand certain requirements that you need to meet to take the survey.

Shell Customer Experience Survey Requirements

  • You must have visited the Shell store and have a valid Shell purchase receipt.
  • You need to know and understand English to participate in the Shell Customer Opinion Survey.
  • The survey is available on tellshell.shell.us or shell.us/survey websites.
  • You can use any mobile or computer device to connect to the website.
  • Use any latest version of the browser to experience the survey better.
  • It would be better to have a high-speed internet connection for a smoother experience.

By following these basic requirements, you can easily take the Shell Guest Feedback Survey online. If you want to know whether you qualify for taking the survey, please read the survey rules.

Shell Customer Opinion Survey Rules

shell customer feedback survey

The Shell company wants every participant to follow the survey rules so that they avoid any mistakes. If the customers fail to follow these rules, the company will disqualify them from taking the survey. The survey rules are also criteria that allow the company to find out the eligible participants. Please read the below mention rule carefully,

  • All the participants must be at least 18 years old to take the Shell Guest Feedback Survey.
  • The company wants customers with legal citizenship of The United States of America to participate in the survey. They can be from any 50 states of the US.
  • The customers must provide an authentic email address after they complete Shell’s Customer Survey.
  • The shell receipt must be recent and should be relatively young; otherwise, it will be invalid.
  • You cannot take the survey if you are a partner, employee, associate, or in any way associated with the Shell USA company. Immediate family members also cannot take the survey.
  • Every participant has one chance to take the survey during one survey period.
  • If you have one receipt, you can only be eligible to participate in one survey. Attempting to take multiple surveys is not possible with only one receipt.
  • There is no option for Shell Feedback Survey prize substitution. The company will not grant you any other item with a similar value or amount on behalf of the gift card.
  • You cannot appoint any third person or entity to participate in the survey feedback program on your behalf.
  • The third person can only claim your reward if the company allows it.
  • There is no cash alternative for the surveyor. You must accept the reward in its original form.

Kindly carefully read the survey rules again because if you fail to meet even a single, the company will not accept your survey request, and you will meet disqualification. I hope you are clear with all the survey rules at this point. So, let us now see the step-by-step process of how to take the customer satisfaction survey.

How to Take the Shell Customer Survey?

If you are clear that you meet all the rules and requirements, you can take the Shell survey. Taking the survey is a stepwise process, and to help you avoid any mistakes while answering the questions, I have listed the steps below,

shell customer satisfaction survey
  • To participate in the Shell Customer Survey, you must visit tellshell.shell.us or shell.us/survey Website. 
  • After visiting the website you will be redirected to SMG survey page. Click on Continue to start the survey.
  • Then Shell customer satisfaction survey welcome page open. Read the welcome message and click on the Start button.
  • Clicking the start button will transfer you to the main survey question, which will ask you to read your overall satisfaction. 
  • Based on your genuine experience, please give the rating and move on to the next page. 
  • The next question will be about how likely you are going to recommend Shell to your parents and family.
  • In the end, you’ll have to provide a complete description of your Shell experience.
  • You can answer your satisfaction in 1200 words. It is not compulsory. However, you can write till you feel satisfied.
  • On the last page of the survey, you need to join the reward program and submit the survey. 
  • Only after joining the reward program will you be eligible to gain a $50 gift card
  • Provide your contact details to join the program. Make sure you provide your working email and contact number.
  • After adding all the contact details, you need to submit your survey.

Ensure you follow all the steps in their given order to make sure everything runs smoothly. Despite following all the rules, please use the contact details I mentioned below if you have any issues.

Contact Details

When you answer the Shell Customer Experience Survey questions, you may need some help with some technical problems. Even after trying hard, you may not be able to find a solution. So, in such a situation, you must know the company’s contact details. You can easily talk with the company representative using the contact details, and they will provide proper solutions.

  • Official Shell Customer Survey Website: Shell.us/survey or Tellshell.shell.us 
  • Shell USA Official Website: www.shell.us
  • Shell Contact Number: +1-361-865-9399 

I am sure you would use the contact details as per your requirement. If you want to know other troubleshooting tips, you can refer to the FAQs.


Shell Customer Survey is a convenient yet time-saving method to answer your questions and win a $50 gift card. The company wishes all the customers to answer the questions as truthfully as possible on shell.us/survey or tellshell.shell.us. If you do not win the reward, you can try next time because the company regularly conducts the Shell Customer Opinion Survey and invites all the customers back to retake it. I hope I have addressed your questions and cleared your doubts about the Shell Oil Survey. 

If you wish to give suggestions, feedback, or more doubts, please post your comments below. I will read them and reply as early as possible.


Which is the correct website, shell.us/survey or tellshell.shell.us?

Both websites lead to the same Shell Customer Experience Survey page. So, both are correct as of now, but if the company changes the website, then you will get a completely new website or only one of these will be valid.

Can I participate in the survey if I am not living in the USA?

You can participate in the survey if you have a valid receipt from the USA and it is the most recent. However, you cannot take surveys on somebody’s behalf and vice versa. Your survey will be valid if you take it within the time frame and give honest answers.

Can every customer win a $50 gift card by participating in the Shell Guest Satisfaction Survey?

The company has announced that only a lucky few people will be able to win the $50 gift card. It will only take a few minutes to answer your questions and complete the survey. The winner selection process is completely random so you can try your luck. If the company likes your responses, it may choose your survey.

How long will it take for me to complete the Shell USA Survey?

You will only take 2 to 3 minutes to complete the Shell USA Survey.

Will Shell keep my responses and contact details private?

Yes, Shell understands the customers’ privacy, and it will only use the information you provide to give you the best services and find out the customer’s mindset.

How does the feedback of the customer help the Shell Oil company?

The Shell company collects data in the form of answers you provide and compares it with the actual store environment and services. After that, it will prepare a strategy and start implementing the changes. Soon, you will see the changes implemented in your nearest Shell gas store.

What should I do if I have questions about the Shell Shell Guest Feedback Survey?

For any questions you have, you can contact the Shell customer support team, who will provide you with a proper answer.

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