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New Look Listens is an online customer survey which allows the customers to answer a few questions and win exclusive rewards worth £200. You can participate in the survey if you have recently visited any New Look shop in the UK and purchased any clothes. In this article, I have covered all the points such as purpose, requirements, rules, and process to take the Newlooklistens survey and win the rewards. After reading this article, I can say that you will not need to go to further websites for more information.

New Look is a well-known high street shop retail chain based in the UK that sells menswear, women’s wear, teenager clothing, and much more. Many people go to the New Look shops to find affordable and fashionable clothes options. Thousands of customers visit the stores daily and buy the things they need. However, not all customers have similar experiences with the company stores, and therefore, the company conducts the survey to find out individual satisfaction levels.

You need to know certain rules to participate in the New Look Listens survey. Follow these rules to qualify for the survey and win the rewards. So, to get all the answers to your questions, read the article at the end.


What is a New Look Company?

If you live in the UK, you must know many branded retail shops where you can buy different items. But if you want to get quality clothes at affordable rates, you would turn to New Look retail shops. Founded in 1969, this British clothing retail chain provides customers with high-quality clothes and great services. Tom Singh founded this company in Taunton, Somerset. After that, the company expanded its operation and spread across the globe. Today, the chain has over 900 stores that provide services to various countries.

To meet the excessive demand, the company has started taking orders online through its websites and physical stores. The company tries to provide the best customer service so they feel the highest satisfaction. The company has a global customer base which makes it impossible for it to track the satisfaction level of individuals. Therefore, it conducts an online survey to collect data about different customers.

To know the purpose of taking the New Look Survey survey, please read the following.

Newlook Listens Survey Details

Survey NameNewlook Listens Survey
Is Purchase Required?Yes
Survey MethodOnline
Survey Prize£200 New Look Listen Voucher
Survey Limit1 Per Household Per Month

Purpose of New Look Listens Survey

New Look is a world-popular brand that has many customers who buy clothing items regularly due to affordability and quality. The company wants to provide better customer service and give buyers a reason for repeating their purchases. The New Look Survey is a great initiative by the company to invite customers to provide honest thoughts about the products and services. All they need is a device to connect the URL and answer your questions about their recent visit.

The company’s ultimate purpose for conducting the survey is to improve its current products and services. In this competitive market, every company needs to cater to the customer’s needs and fulfill them. Due to these reasons, the New Look Listens Customer survey is a mutually beneficial opportunity for both the customers and the company.

The company gets authentic data directly from the customers, and the customers get a chance to speak their minds about the brand. It is not all because the customers also get a great chance to win exclusive New Look Listen rewards from the company.

Newlook Listens Survey Rewards

The New Look customers spare their valuable time in giving answers to the survey question, and they expect something in return. Customers can use these rewards at participating New Look stores and get different benefits. The company understands this and provides them with a chance to  win the below rewards,

  • £200 New Look Listen voucher as rewards

You need to remember that the reward amount can change per the company’s decision. If you want to check the latest rewards, you need to open the survey invitation printed on your receipt. It will have the details about the New Look Feedback survey and the rewards. 

If you are clear about the rewards, let me explain to you the requirements before taking the customer satisfaction survey.

New Look Listens Survey Requirements

  • Latest New Look Listens purchase receipt. It should have a serving mutation.
  • Knowledge about valid URLs of the customer survey. 
  • You can take the survey on your device, such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or even a PC. 
  • Kindly use the latest browser version to have a better survey experience. 
  • You need to have a high-speed internet connection at your preferred location for an uninterrupted survey experience.

If you understand all of the above requirements and can fulfill them, you can move ahead to learn more about the rules of the survey.

Rules to Participate in New Look Survey

Every customer needs to follow certain rules before they participate in the survey. The company has set these rules to invite only eligible customers for the survey. To check if you can take the survey by New Look, please carefully read the rules I mentioned below.

  • The survey is only available for the UK and Gibraltar. You must have legal citizenship in these locations. If you are outside these locations, you cannot participate in the survey due to limitations. However, you can ask the store in your location whether it accepts the survey. 
  • The company has set 18 years of age as ideal for the survey. You cannot participate in the survey if you are below the mentioned age.
  • The participant cannot transfer the prize over to any third person under any circumstances, even if they are your closest friends or family members. In the same way, you cannot allow them to participate in the survey on your behalf.
  • The company only accepts online survey entries, so you do not have the option to take the survey via phone or mail.
  • Per household, the New Look company allows you to participate two times during a survey period. However, you cannot participate in the survey multiple times using one receipt, or you will get disqualified.
  • The company prohibits all employees from participating in the Newlook Survey. Even her closest family members or friends are not able to participate.
  • The winner has to bear all the costs, including the taxes, if they win the rewards.
  • The New Look Survey participants must provide their authentic email and phone number so the company can contact and inform them.
  • The company will notify the winners 15 days before the End Date of the survey period.
  • If you live in a state or county where online surveys are against the law. Then, you should avoid taking part in the survey.

Remember, all of these rules are compulsory for you to follow and feeling to follow even one of them will result in this qualification. So, If you are clear about the Newlook Listens customer survey rules, you need to know the right steps to participate. 

How to Take Newlook Listens Survey at

If you are clear about the Newlook Listens customer survey rules, you need to know the right steps to participate. Remember, all these rules are compulsory for you to follow and to fail to follow even one will result in this qualification.

  • Open website to participate in the survey. 
  • After opening survey page select a language.
  • On the website, you will have to provide the details of your purchase receipt. 
  • Please enter your New Look Feedback survey code from the receipt. 
  • Enter the date, timing and all the other details asked on the website.
  • After that, please click on the “start” to begin the survey.
  • Once your click on the “start” button, you will have a series of questions on your screen. 
  • Each question will be specific to the services offered by the brand.
  • After carefully reading the questions, you can start answering them. 
  • The question will ask you about your overall satisfaction with New Look stores or its services, how the staff members treated you, the affordability of the clothes, the store environment, cleanliness, and many other questions related to the customers’ experience. 
  • Start answering all the questions one after another according to their nature. You need to answer some questions based on multiple-choice, description and rating-based
  • The company expects you to provide genuine New Look Feedback, which means you can share if you felt satisfied while shopping or even if you did not. 
  • After completing the survey and providing answers to all the questions, you will land on the last page of the site.
  • After completing all the survey questions, you must provide your personal contact details. Don’t worry; the company will only use these details to contact you if you win. 
  • Then, you can close the survey and wait for any further instructions on your screen.

By following the step-by-step process, you can easily complete the survey and give your answers. In the end, you can be eligible to win a £200 New Look Listen voucher.

Note: If while following the survey, you faced any problem on Newlooklistens.Com, please use the contact details I provided in the next point.

Contact Details 

It is possible that many customers may go through technical problems while taking the Newlook Survey. But there is nothing to worry as you can use the contact details of New Look to reach out to the customer support executive or representatives. They will understand your problem and try to provide proper guidance for your troubles. 

You can use the above customer support team for any problem while taking the online survey. If you need any further help, then you can read the FAQs.


New Look Listens is a great customer survey for UK customers who can spare a few minutes of the day and win an exclusive £200 voucher by answering a few questions. The program benefits the customers greatly as they speak their minds and get rewards. The company also benefits as it will receive accurate information from the customers. The New Look Listens UK survey is the best opportunity if you have recently visited the company store.

Please comment below if you have any questions about the Newlooklistens website, the survey, or any other point related to the topic.


Why am I not able to open survey website?

If you are facing problems with the website, you must check your internet connection. And, if it is working okay, you can change your current device and open the survey website differently. Still have problems, you can contact the customer support team and get a solution.

It is possible that the company no longer accepts the survey request on the Newlooklistens website. You can check your purchase receipt to see if it has any survey invitations. If your receipt has a survey invitation, it may include the details about how to take it.

You can also contact the New Look store for further information.

Is the Newlook Survey for all the customers across the world?

The Newlook Survey is for the customers of the UK and Gibraltar region. However, if you are outside these regions, you can contact your local store and ask about the survey or reach your local customer support team. They can update you on whether they are offering the survey.

How many times can I take the Newlook Listens survey?

The company offers the customers a chance to take the customer survey twice during the official survey period. But if you attempt to take the survey more than two times, the company will disqualify you.

Can I win £200 rewards for real after taking the New Look Listens?

The company considered the customers who gave honest answers as potential winners.

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