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If you already have an active Sling TV Subscription, then please follow the steps below for different devices. I have explained all the right steps for activating the Sling TV on different devices so that you can easily activate the services of Sling TV on your current device.

Activate Sling on Vizio TV via Sling.Com/Vizio

Please Activate Sling on your Vizio TV by using the Sling.Com/Vizio link,

enter activation code

  • First start Vizio TV device.
  • Then open the Sling App or install it.
  • There will be an activation code on your TV’s screen.
  • Now start your browser on PC or mobile and open this link: Sling.Com/Vizio
  • Then enter the Sling.Com/Vizio Code on your browser.
  • From the available subscription package, choose the appropriate one.
  • Then look for the Continue button and click it.

How to Activate Sling TV on XTV using

For Sling Activate on XTV, you can use the below steps,

  • First, start the XTV device that you have.
  • Now open the Sling App on or install it first.
  • An activation code will appear on your XTV,
  • Please open browser on PC or Mobile and click this link: Sling.Com/Xtv
  • Then, use the activation code in the blank.
  • Choose the appropriate subscription package from the available list.
  • After that, find the Continue button and click it.

You will find many free streaming services that you should know about and Sling TV is one of them. Sling TV provides free of cost services. If you are looking for the best streaming service that is free, then this is the best option that you can find.

In this article, I have listed all the best steps and techniques that are accurate and will guide on how to turn on Sling TV and how to enter the Sling Com Activate Code. Compared to many other streaming services in the market that includes advertisements and ad-based viewing experience, this service will not interrupt your viewing experience if you go for the Sling TV Premium. The reason you choose the premium edition is because you can enjoy the best shows freely on your Sling TV after activation.

What is Sling TV?

Sling TV service is an American streaming service that offers a wide range of streaming options that include shows, movies and other entertaining content for free by paying only a limited amount.

what is sling tv

It is possible for you to stream your favorite shows or movies by choosing the right subscription plan. This subscription will be valid for a month and the next month, again you have to pay for it.

So, if you are looking for a year long plans, then you will not find any with Sling TV as it does not offer any long-term plans. But if we compare this service with the popular Tubi TV, Peacock TV and many others, this option may just be ideal for you. On Sling TV, you can watch the recent content and also watch live TV. The movies, television shows and other content will be based on the subscription that you choose.

The content that you stream is recent and on-demand. If you are looking for an option to rent the movies and watch them when you have time, then this option will become the best one.

Sling TV also offers you CloudBased DVR Storage for recording up to 100 hours or entertaining shows, films and other content. With this option, you can easily store these videos and archive them for future-watch.

Sling TV is compatible with most of the devices that are currently used by the users. They are Roku devices, Apple TVs, FireStick, XboxOne, Android TV, etc. So you would not have to worry about whether the Sling TV supports your devices or not.

By choosing the best subscription out of three available plans, you can enjoy the shows and have fun with yourself, family and friends.

  • Orange Plan – $25 / month
  • Blue Plan – $25 / month
  • Orange + Blue – $40 / month

How to Install and Activate Sling TV on Roku via Sling.Com/activate?

activate sling tv on roku


Roku supports many streaming services and you will find all the apps on the official Roku Channel store. On the Roku store, you will also find Sling TV. You just have to download it on your Roku device and install it. After that you must open it and activate then by following the right steps shown below, you can easily connect it to your TV.

  • Start your Roku device.
  • Then search for the Sling TV on your Roku’s Channel Store.
  • Once you find the correct Sling TV app, please click and down.
  • To download, you must click the “Add Channel” option.
  • Now please Sign In to this app.
  • Please note down the activation code that shows up on your screen.
  • After that open browser in your PC/Smartphone, access this website: Sling.Com/Activate
  • Please enter your Activation Code here on the website.
  • Choose the right package for subscription and then click on Continue option.

Note: It will take a few moments and you will see that the Roku TV will start loading the content on your display. Kindly use the list of steps that I have provided you above and I assure you that you can start streaming Sling TV content on your Roku device.

How do I Activate SlingTV on Amazon Firestick using Sling.Com/Activate?

activate sling on amazon fire tv

On your current Firestick device, you can easily install and activate the SlingTV. Your Firestick will allow you to stream all the third-party applications as well for streaming. We have seen earlier that Sling TV is already compatible with Firestick and you would not need to forcefully download and start it on your device. So, without wasting a minute, let us talk about how to activate it on your device.

  • First thing to do is turning on the Amazon Firestick device.
  • After that find the “Search” button and activate the Sling TV on your device.
  • Download it now and then you can install it.
  • Please go to the “My Applications & Games” option and find the Sign In option.
  • After that copy that activation code for later use.
  • Start the browser on your Computer/Mobile.
  • Open this website link: Sling.Com/Activate
  • Enter that available activation code on your device.
  • Follow each next step carefully.

Note: Once you complete all the above sequence, the Firestick device that you have will load all the content on your current device’s screen. You can learn more about what shows it offers or films that you can see by browsing. The Sling TV services will work on your FireStick after a very simple-to-learn process.

How to Activate Sling on Apple TV using Sling.Com/Activate?

activate and watch sling tv on apple tv

If you have an Apple TV device with you, then it must have all the premium features. The cost that you paid for buying such a premium device will be very high. But putting that aside, if you are looking for the best free streaming option on your current Apple TV device, then please find the below steps useful.

  • First thing to do is start your Apple TV device.
  • Now open the application store on your Apple from home screen.
  • Click the Download button for your Sling TV app installation.
  • Now open that app on your device and click the Sign In button.
  • After that, there would be a 7-Digit Code for activation, please note it down.
  • Now take a different device like computer/smartphone and on the browser, open this link: Sling.Com/Activate
  • Now provide the activation code you noted down or copied.
  • Right after that, you must choose a plan of your subscription choice.

Note: it will take no more than a few seconds for you to see all the shows and films collection on your device to load. Now enjoy the content provided by Sling TV.

How Can I Activate and Watch Sling TV on My Smart TV?

watch sling tv on smart tv

Sling TV is compatible and easy to use on most of the devices. So, you can also install it on your Smart TV by Android. You should make sure that the Android Smart TV that you have is running the updated software version. You can easily download the Sling TV app from your available Google PlayStore option. If you are looking for the next process steps, then please refer to the below steps,

  • First turn on your current Android SmartTV device. (Please check the internet speed & connection first.)
  • On your Google PlayStore, find the Sling TV app.
  • After that please click it and download it on your device.
  • Right after successful installation,
  • If you are an active user then sign in using your current credentials.
  • Please copy the activation code that shows up on your screen. Click Sign In.
  • Use your Pc’s browser or Mobile’s browser and load the Sling Tv Activate link.
  • Now enter that available activation code with you in the blank.
  • Prefer an appropriate package and finally click on Submit.

How to Install and Activate Sling TV on Xbox?

Please do as the following steps suggest you activate the Sling TV on your Xbox device, please click on the Sling TV application on Xbox after opening it. If not installed, please install it

  • On your PC or Smartphone, please open Sling.Com Xbox link: Sling.Com/Xbox
  • Now please put the code that you have.
  • Select the correct plan for subscription.
  • Then click on Continue.

How to Activate Sling on Samsung TV?

After turning on your current Samsung TV device and installing the app, you will find a code for activation. Please copy that or remember that.

  • Now use your browser and open this link:
  • On this link, you must paste the code that you copied, noted down or remembered.
  • Now After that please prefer the right package for your subscription.
  • Then proceed with the “Continue” button.


By following all the mentioned steps above, you will get your Sling TV activated and it will be ready to watch on your device. You can choose any one method and you will find that all the steps for activation are similar to each other. Now, activating and watching the favorite shows that you want can be a very easy and free experience.

You must have understood from the above article that Sling TV is good for both recent shows and live TV shows and events. This is the best service and very much affordable service that would charge you only the monthly subscription cost. It is also supported on multiple devices and you can easily set it up using the simple steps. I sure hope that the information that I provided in this article is going to help you out with all the activation and other processes.

By using the Sling TV, you would get many other options like lower cost to pay for monthly subscription starting from only $25 plans and services like on-demand content. So, this is a great opportunity for you to enjoy the best shows online by using the Sling TV app on your Device. You can get Sling TV right now and start enjoying the overall process.

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Why am I facing the Sling Com/Vizio Activate problem?

There the website Sling.Com/Vizio Activate is working just fine. But if you are unable to go to Sling.Com/Vizio Enter Code and activate then there are a couple of reasons. First, the code you have entered could be wrong or the internet may not be working. So, you can start your router by resetting it and go to the website to begin processing further.

Does the Sling Tv Activation cost me anything?

No, the Sling Tv Activation process on many devices is free, however, you have to choose a package for subscription and for that you have to pay the amount.

My Comcast activation process is not working as I cannot go to Sling.Com/Comcast Enter Code.

That is because you must be trying to use the Sling.Com/Comcast Code using a VPN or you are currently in some other country.

I am using Samsung TV and trying to activate Sling using Sling.Com/Samsung Activate.

If you are inside the US, you can get the Sling.Com/Samsung Activation Code that you can use to activate the services. But if you are not inside the country, then the error “We’re Sorry..” is going to show up on your screen. You will not be able to open the Sling.Com/Samsung Enter Code.

Where should I enter the activation code on Xbox?

You must use the Sling.Com/Xbox Code website and after accessing it online you can enter the code. But make sure that if you go to the Sling.Com/Xbox Enter Code then you have to use a different device to open that link like your smartphone or computer. Just follow all the instructions on your screen and it will take no time for Sling.Com Xbox activation.

What is the length of Sling Com Activate Code?

The code will be of five-digits only so lookout for that Sling Com Activate on your device and when it pops up, please note it and then enter it on the website.

I am using an older version of Vizio TV. Can I still activate the Sling services using Sling.Com Vizio?

The Sling Activate steps will work on older devices also. Just head over to the application section of the Channel store of your device. You will find that on your home screen. Then please download Sling TV. After that while performing sign in the services you will get a code which you need to put at Sling.Com/Vizio Code website. All the steps are the same but you need to see if the version for Vizio Sling Activate is supported or not. Most versions will support it.

What is the most important point for Sling.Com/Samsung Activation?

You will need to have the code for activation. You can use this code on your browser by visiting this website Sling.Com/Samsung Code. This code will appear when you try to do Sling.Com/Samsung Sign In.

How long does it take for me to Sling.Com Samsung Activation?

It would take less than five minutes for activation steps.

Is the xbox website down?

The website Sling.Com/Xbox Activate is working fine. You need to use the best browser to access the “Sling Com/Xbox” website.

Where to enter the XTV code of activation?

You must go to the Sling.Com/Xtv Code website and then put that code in your mobile or computer browser. It will complete your Sling Tv/Activate steps.

How can I connect the Sling TV with my LG TV?

You need to first download the correct SlingTV application on your LG device. Then you must get the Sling.Com/Lg Sign In Code which later you have to use on Sling.Com Lg. Once you get that code, you must note it down and use that code for activation. So, please click the link Sling.Com/Lg Enter Code and it will complete your process.

The Sling.Com/Xtv Sign In code is not visible on my screen. Need your help.

You need to follow all the steps one after one another for completing the activation process. If you are unable to get the code on your screen, that could mean that you are using an older system or have poor internet speed. Clear your browser’s history searches, cache and other information that could lead to the errors. It should clear your browser and then re-launch it to open the Sling.Com Xtv activation link.

How to contact Sling TV customer support for Sling Com Activate Code?

Please click this website – and try to get the answers. All the details will be available about Sling Tv Activate on the link.

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