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Hello, friends! Do you know about Hoichoi Tv and how to activate it using Hoichoi.tv/activate? It is an Indian Bengali platform for online video streaming. You can watch exclusive HoiChoi movies, Originals and Hoichoi Tv Shows. If you want to enjoy 2000+ hours of Bengali with a Web Series. Movies and video content, then there is new Exclusive Content added every month with your Hoichoi Subscription. You can also enjoy Bengali music, podcasts and documentaries on this platform.

If you are looking for a step by step procedure for activating Hoichoi on your device, then please refer to this article as I explain how you can activate the services using Hoichoi.tv/activate. Before you subscribe to the channel and its services, you need to know about the activation process.

Hoichoi App is compatible with most of the devices like LG TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV and Mi TV.


After reading my article, you will have no trouble downloading, installing and activating Hoichoi on multiple devices that support the activation using Hoichoi.tv/activate link.

How to Create HoiChoi Account?

If you have never used the Hoichoi services before, then you need to know how you can create your new Hoichoi Account. Please refer to the below steps,

  • Open your browser (Mobile or Desktop) and open the link.

click on login in hoichoi tv website

  • Now find the option of Login or Subscribe to Sign up.

create hoichoi account

  • Then type all the required details in the blanks.
  • Select the appropriate Hoichoi Subscription plan suitable for your need.
  • Verify the details that you have entered.
  • Soon, you will get logged into your Hoichoi Account.

How to Login to Hoichoi Account?

After you have created your new account with Hoichoi, you need to login. Please refer to the given steps to login to your account.

  • Use your browser to open this link: www.hoichoi.tv

click on login in hoichoi tv website


  • Click “Login” on your screen.

choose preferred option for hoichoi login

  • Then select the convenient way to login.
  • Insert your login details to the blanks.
  • Now you must click on Login.

How to Change Hoichoi Account Password?

Want to change your password? Please use the below step by step procedure to change your password successfully.

  • Using your browser, please open this link: www.hoichoi.tv
  • Now login to your current Hoichoi Account
  • After login, please open the Menu.
  • Then search for the Setting option.
  • After that please click “ChangePassword’ option.
  • Now you must type your new password.
  • Your new password is set.

How to Activate Hoichoi App using the Hoichoi.tv/activate?

Use the below steps to activate the services on your device.

  • Download the Hoichoi app from the respective play store of your device.
  • Install it and launch it.
  • Now you will get a code on your TV’s screen. Note that down.
  • After that go to this link – Hoichoi.tv/activate
  • Now login to your official Hoichoi Account.
  • Select the correct plan.

enter code to activate hoichoi tv app

  • Now you must enter the code available on your TV’s screen.
  • Finally, complete the process by clicking Activate.

How to Activate HoiChoi on Smart TV

activate hoichoi on smart tv

Please the below steps to activate the services on your Smart TV,

  • Open the Smart TV and locate the app store.
  • Now begin downloading the Hoichoi App to your device.
  • Launch “Hoichoi” on your device.
  • After launching, open the “My Hoichoi” option.
  • Now find the Activate device option.
  • Then open the www.Hoichoi.tv/activate
  • Now use your login details on your second device to login (PC or mobile).
  • You will see a blank asking for code, please enter it.
  • Finally, complete the activation using the “Activate” option.

How to Activate Hoichoi on Roku Device?

activate and watch hoichoi on roku

Learn how to activate the video streaming services on your Roku device,

  • Open your Roku device and open Roku’s Channel Store.
  • After that please search for the Hoichoi and once you find it click to add it.
  • Launch Hoichoi on your device.
  • When the activation code appears, please write it down.
  • Open this link Hoichoi.tv/activate. 
  • Use your credentials to login to your account.
  • Now please enter your code to activate.
  • Finally, click the Activate.

Activate Hoichoi on Apple TV

Please follow the suggested steps for activating the video streaming on your Apple device.

  • First turn on your Apple TV. Then search for the AppStore.
  • After that download the Hoichoi App.
  • Now launch the Hoichoi App.
  • Go to the option My Hoichoi.
  • Then click the option to Activate it on your device.
  • There is a code on your screen, please write it down.
  • Open the link in your browser Hoichoi.tv/activate.
  • Login with your credentials.
  • Now you have to enter that code in the blank.
  • Then please click on Activate.

Activate Hoichoi to Amazon Fire TV via Hoichoi.tv/activate?

activate hoichoi tv on amazon fire tv

Follow the below steps for starting the services on your FireTV.

  • Open your Amazon FireTV device.
  • From the app store, please find the “Hoichoi” app.
  • Then install it and launch it to your device.
  • Now you must click – Activate device.
  • Please use a different device such as your desktop or smartphone to go to the link – Hoichoi.tv/activate on browser.
  • Then you must type your phone number or your account password.
  • Please enter your code in the proper field.
  • Then please click on the button Activate.
  • Now start watching the Hoichoi programs on your Amazon Fire TV.

How to Activate Hoichoi on Android TV

activate hoichoi on android tv

To activate the services of Hoichoi TV Shows, please follow below steps,

  • Turn on your Android TV and open the Google Play Store on it.
  • Now search for the “Hoichoi” app and start the download process.
  • Open Hoichoi app once installed.
  • Now please access the option My Hoichoi.
  • Then please select the Activate device option and generate new device code.
  • After that you have to open this link on your favorite browser – https://www.hoichoi.tv/activate
  • Then you must provide the unique code.
  • After that please submit your unique activation code in the blank.
  • Go to the “Activate” option and click it.
  • After that you will have your Hoichoi services enabled on your current Android TV.

What is Hoichoi TV?

Hoichoi TV is an Indian Bengali entertainment video on-demand service that provides OTT Over The Top streaming services to your devices. This service is completely owned by SVF Entertainment which is based in Kolkata. The Hoichoi Available In Bengali language and it is available worldwide.

what is hoichoi tv

If you have any device such as Android, Roku, FireTV, MiTV or any other devices, you can watch all the Hoichoi Tv Shows on your device. The word “Hoichoi” means “excitement”.

Vishnu Mohta, Mahendra Soni and Srinkant Mohta are the three founders who have come up with the idea of Hoichoi.

First this service launched in the year 2017. Since then it has been popular among many users who love good Bengali entertainment. This OTT Platform is the first to provide all the content in regional Bengali language.

Just like Netflix, this platform offers a wide range of entertainment services and over 500 Bengali movies, web series, music and short films. You can enjoy all of it on its app, on the official website or your current streaming device.

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I hope everything in this article has helped you in activating the Hoichoi Tv app on your device using Hoichoi.tv/activate. Follow each step that I have listed in my article and get yourself a good Bengali entertainment activated. If you need to ask me any further questions or need suggestions or help, please send me a question via comment and I will reply to it in as soon as possible.


How can I get Hoichoi Free Subscription?

To get Hoichoi Free Subscription, you must have a valid subscription for Jio, Vodafone or Idea. If you are using JioFiber Broadband, then also you can get Hoichoi Free Subscription. Please find the list of services that will help you get a free subscription of Hoichoi

  • JioFiber Broadband
  • Vodafone users
  • Jio users
  • Idea users
  • Airtel users
  • MX Player users

What are the benefits of the Hoichoi Subscription Plan?

By choosing the appropriate Hoichoi Subscription Plan, you can enjoy a wide range of Bengali movies and all the latest and popular content from a long list. You can download the content to device and then watch it offline. You can easily connect the application on your mobile device and access the premium content on that device.

The major benefit of a premium Hoichoi Subscription Plan is that you can enjoy the premium content such as Originals, WebSeries, ShortFilms and Movies, Music and Documentary.

Further you can enjoy streaming without interruption of advertisements, enjoy 100+ songs whenever you want, access to a list of Bengali content, compatible with multiple devices, originals, CC (Subtitle) in English, FullHD 1080p video support, access to many Hoichoi Tv Shows, etc.

Is Hoichoi Available In English or Hindi?

The shows of Hoichoi Tv are mainly available in Bengali Language. But you can also get English content with subtitles in English. There is no HIndi support as of now.

My www hoichoi tv login is not working, I cannot access the homepage.

Check if you are still connected to your current internet or make sure you have entered the valid www.hoichoi.tv login details.

When was Hoichoi Launched officially?

First, The Hoichoi Launched on September 20, 2017.

Which plan is the best for www hoichoi tv to subscribe to? Which is the best The Hoichoi Pack?

One plan is the INR999 Plan which is valid for 12 months. And another plan is IN499 which is available for 3 months. You can pick the plan. With the Rs. 499 Plan you can do 1 stream simultaneously and connect up to 5 different devices whereas with the Rs. 999 plan you are going to get 2 streams options simultaneously and connect up to 8 different devices.

Why is the www hoichoi tv activate website link not working?

The Hoichoi.tv/activate official link is active and working well. But if you are having issues opening this link, then you must investigate the issues or errors. Mostly the issue is related to the internet not working or wrong details added error. Many users try to enter the wrong code and the website does not activate the services.

But if you are facing issues that are not from the above, then you must wait and try to open the website after some time.

How to turn on or enable Hoichoi for my television?

You will find the Hoichoi app on your TV store and you have to install it. After installation, you must complete the steps by visiting the official Hoichoi Activate website link and use the code from your device on to that website and turn on the application that you have installed.  Some of the services include the Hoichoi services freely with the current subscription.

What films/serials can I find at Hoichoi?

On this platform, you can find below popular films and series

  • Mohmaya
  • Sabina
  • Mohanagar
  • Kaiser
  • Byadh
  • Gora
  • Other

Is Hoichoi TV free?

Yes, it is free on the devices that have included the Hoichoi application with its package.

Are the shows good?

Yes, if you are living in Bengal and love regional language, then you will find all the shows very entertaining,

Pros and Cons of Hoichoi


  • Offline Download available
  • Streaming without ads
  • FullHD 1080p videos available
  • Plans are very affordable by anyone.
  • English Subtitle available


  • You cannot download and watch it on PC or laptop.
  • No option for skipping intros of the web-series.
  • No Hindi language support or Subtitle
  • App is not completely covering the Screen in Full HD mode
  • Changing passwords is easy unless you have to contact the customer services.
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