– Enter Code to Activate Paramount Plus on Xfinity [2024]

Advertising – Paramount Network is an American Channel and TV community that shows particular types of content. This is an amazing channel that would help you watch all the great shows and episodes on different devices such as Xfinity, Roku, Apple TV, iOS, and Android using only internet connection.

Today I will explain to you the exact steps and procedure to activate Paramount Plus on your device.

How to Activate Paramount Plus on Xfinity Device

activate paramountplus on xfinity


Please carefully follow the steps in order to Activate Paramount + on your current Xfinity device,

  • Open the Xfinity tool and launch the Paramount + Application on it.
  • Now choose the Register option. Activation code will pop up on the screen.
  • Open the link using the browser of your Phone or PC.
  • Then you must enter the code from your screen.
  • Click the Activate button.
  • See the Subscription Plan and choose the appropriate one. Click on Continue.
  • Create your new Paramount + Account. But If you already possess an account, please log in to it. Then Continue.
  • Now please choose the price statistics. Then proceed to the option – Get Started with Paramount.

You will have a confirmation notification window on your screen. You can now stream all the Paramount+ content on your current Xfinity tool.

Stream Paramount+ on Your Current Xfinity Tool (Current Subscribers Only)

stream paramountplus with xfinity tool

There are different methods of login once installed in the Paramount + Utility.

How to Login to Paramount+ on TV

  • Access the Setting and then Sign In.
  • Please select MyTV.
  • Now please enter your credentials for login like email and your password that you created during Paramount + subscription and click the button – Sign In.

How to Activate Paramount via Xfinity

  • Open the Setting option and then Sign In.
  • Visit the link on your browser.
  • Now please access the website. It will have a code. Copy, note or remember this code. It is useful in the next steps.
  • Now please access the link Paramount Plus/Xfinity or the link Paramount on your Mobile or your PC. Please add that activation code in the available blank. Go for the Activate button. If you have not yet logged to the Paramount+ using your computer, please do it now.
  • The page will refresh now and you can start streaming all content on your Xfinity Tool.

How to Upgrade to ParamountPlus Premium

You can upgrade your Paramount usage plan by simply following the below instructions,

  • Open the official link
  • Then you can click on Account.
  • Find the “Upgrade” option having the Subscription and Billing. You will find it near the plan option.
  • Now please select the Advanced option. Then please click on the Switch Plan. Click Cancel. A display will confirm the display will show the advanced upgrade status. Then you can see the free trial. Once the free trial is over then your billing will start.

If this is your first time signing up for Paramount + on your platform or your billing system on Roku, Apple, etc. Then please go back to the platform and then change your plan.

How to Transfer to Basic Plan?

Please use the below important steps in order to change your current Basic Plan to an Essential plan.

Note: There was once a Limited Commercial Plan but the company does not offer that anymore. Turning to Essential Plan, you must enter the local CBS StayStation.

  • Open the login page and open your Account using the drop down menu.
  • Visit the Subscription & Billing option. Your current subscription plan will be available there. But you need to click on the Switch Plan.
  • Confirm the password for security reasons.
  • After confirming you will have to change to the Essential. Then you can Switch Subscription. If you are on the free trial, then changing plans will cause you to lose your free trial time and then your billing cycle will start.

If you have already signed up to the Paramount+ on the other platforms and billing on Roku or Apple. Then you will be taken to the platform to change that plan.

How to Update to Modern Paramount+ Utility Model?

If you cannot stream now then you must make sure that you are having the latest model of Paramount+ for easy viewing.

  • Official Activation Link:

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Is Paramount Plus Xfinity free?

No, you have to pay the subscription charges for Paramount on Xfinity and you must do activation using the link Paramount Plus Com/Xfinity.

I didn’t receive any Paramountplus.Com Code on Xfinity. What should I do?

You may not have received the Paramount.Com Xfinity code because the internet may have stopped working or you may have followed the wrong steps on Paramount Network.Com/Xfinity. The best thing to do is try to wait and try to access the Paramount Plus.Comxfinity website once more.

Where can I find the Paramount Plus.Com/Xfinity Code?

The code will be available when you are performing Paramountplus Com Roku Activate steps. You will find that Paramount.Com/Xfinity code on your TV and that you need to enter on the Paramount Plus Com Xfinity Activate website. Paramount Plus With Xfinity will not be activated

Is Paramount Plus Free on Xfinity?

On Xfinity, Paramount is not free. If you want to see it, you must have a valid subscription. Then you can enjoy the services but Xfinity Paramount Plus Free is not possible. For Xfinity the Paramount Plus.Com/Xfinity Free will not work.

Is Paramount Plus Included With Xfinity?

Paramount + is readily available on Xfinity Flex and then the Xfinity X1 users only. You can enjoy the shows after Paramount Plus.Com/Xfinity Activate steps.

How to Add Paramount To Xfinity Flex?

To help understand the steps to add the Paramount on Xfinity flex, please use this Link

Is Xfinity Paramount Network a secure way to activate?

The Paramount Plus Xfinity Code is a secure way to activate the services of the app. You have to follow the steps of Paramount Plus.Com Roku Activate method.

How Much does it costs for Paramount Plus On Xfinity?

You have to pay $79.99 every month.

Can I use my Xfinity Login on the Paramount+?

For Paramount Plus Xfinity Login, you can first access the Setting button. Then please Sign In. Now please select My TV. Provide the user Email id and password that you used to subscribe to the services of Paramount + and then Sign In.

What is the official website of Paramount Plus Activate?

Check this link:

How can I  activate a paramount account using www.paramountplus/xfinity?

Kindly refer to the first section of this article to check the Paramount Xfinity activation on

What is the cost of Xfinity Paramount Plus per month?

You can start with the lowest subscription of $4.99 per month and annually $49.99.

How do I use Discovery Plus.Com/Xfinity?

To watch discovery+ on xfinity  (Discovery Plus.Com Xfinity) you can go to the apps section with the help of remote and tap on the discovery+ icon.

Can I get Paramount Plus Code online?

Yes, there are many websites which provide Paramount Plus Code and you can redeem that code.

Is it too tough to do Paramount Plus Activation?

No, it is a very simple procedure, just follow the steps mentioned in this article, and you will be able to activate Paramount Network Xfinity.

Can I  watch Paramount Plus Roku Activate on a Roku device?

Yes, you may watch on Roku, but with a minimum subscription amount.

Is Paramount Plus.Com Roku Activate procedure same as xfinity?

Yes it is the same, you just have to change the device. Select Roku instead of Xfinity from the menu.

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