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Do you want to win a £100 Maxol fuel voucher by answering your questions? MaxolFeedback survey allows you to participate in a program where you can express your honest thoughts about The Maxol Group’s customer services and get great rewards. If you are a new or old customer, this is a great opportunity to help the company improve its services. 

All you need to do is use your mobile device and open the MaxolFeedback website on it. In this article, I have given all the step-by-step details to help you take the survey without any problem. The Maxol Group is an Ireland-based business that provides different types of services related to oil and petroleum products. It handles fuel bulk selling, retailing petrol, importing oils, and operating terminals. Many people go to The Maxol Group service stations to get different types of services.

The group has announced that it is conducting a Maxol customer satisfaction survey to improve its services and let the customer speak about their honest experiences. Many customers participate in the survey to win a £100 fuel voucher. However, you can also participate in the program to inform the company about its improvement areas. Before participating in the customer survey, you must know its purpose, rules and requirements. It will increase your chances of winning the survey awards. 


You will get this qualification if you fail to follow the survey rules. So it is important for you to understand these details. So, let us start learning more about the Maxol Feedback Survey, but before it, let us know about the Maxol Group.

About The Maxol Group 

about maxol group

Maxol is an Irish company that provides different services related to oil and petroleum. The company is part of McMullan Bros. Limited company which started in 1920. The Maxol Group has several service stations that provide customer services daily. As previously mentioned, the company does oil business in Ireland, such as importing, selling, and managing oil, petroleum, and allied services.

Thousands of customers benefit from the services of Maxol Group. However, not all of them have similar experience in customer service. They all have different experiences because they expect different service qualities.  

Purpose of MaxolFeedback survey

Due to thousands of customers visiting the Maxol stations for different services, the company needs to find out whether it can satisfy them. It will be difficult for the company staff to ask the customers individually about their satisfaction. The Maxol Customer Satisfaction Survey is a convenient way the customers can answer about their satisfaction level from their preferred location. All I need is a device with the internet and a browser to connect to the URL of the Maxol Survey site. 

The survey aims to improve Maxol customer services and satisfaction so customers can repeat their visit. The company wants to attract more customers by expanding its operation and sustaining the current customer base. The purpose is to give customers the option to criticize or praise the customer services of Maxol Group.

maxol customer satisfaction survey purpose

The company will analyze the collective data and try to find which service requires more improvements. After that, the company will try to implement the necessary changes to that particular service or aspect and give more satisfaction to the customers. 

The survey’s benefit is mutual for both customers and the company. The company gets security data, and the customers get amazing rewards such as fuel vouchers. To learn more about these rewards, kindly read the next point. 

Survey Rewards 

The Maxol Group has a customer-centric approach in which it wants to provide the best services to its existing and new customers. The answers provided by the customers in survey allow the company to overview its services and improve. The company understands that the customer spends a few minutes out of his day to answer these questions. Therefore, it has announced below survey reward,

  • £100 Maxol Fuel Voucher & £1000 in Daily Draw

Kindly please note that the customer rewards can change over time. The decision depends on the company’s top management and decision-makers to change the amount or nature of the rewards. Sometimes the company prefers giving a voucher code, and other times, it prefers giving a gift card or any discounted offers.

However, you can easily check your purchase receipt with a survey invitation and rewards printed on it.

Maxol Guest Satisfaction Survey Requirements

  • You will need a valid receipt which is pretty young. 
  • Participate only if you are 18 and above. The company considers people below 18 as minors who cannot take the survey. 
  • The survey will be in English, so you need to read, understand and write in it. 
  • Survey offer is valid for in-store purchases. Any online purchase is not valid for you to take the survey. 
  • The reward amount may expire, so you need to redeem them before it is too late.
  • The company allows the customers to take one survey for one receipt. We cannot take surveys with one receipt, or they will get this qualified. 
  • There is no option for cash rewards or reward substitution. That means you have to take the survey rewards as they come in their original form. 
  • After winning the rewards, the customer is liable to pay all the expenses and taxes associated with the rewards. 
  • Participate in the survey only if your state allows it. If it prohibits, you should avoid taking the survey so that you face no legal consequences. 
  • The employees working at the company stores cannot participate in the survey due to several restrictions. The same applies to their immediate family members and friends who also cannot take the survey.
  • The company only accepts online entry and does not accept mail or phone surveys.
  • One participant can only win one prize for one period. 

If you follow the mentioned rules, you are eligible to participate in the survey. But, if you follow any one rule from all, you will get this qualification. The rules are important to maintain discipline and attract only the right candidates for the Maxol Customer Feedback Survey initiative.

Assuming you are clear with the rules, let us take the survey on the Maxol Feedback Survey website.

Take Maxol Survey at www.maxolfeedback.com

If you are clear with the Maxol Survey requirements and rules, you can easily proceed with the survey steps. By following the steps I have listed below, you can avoid so many mistakes if you are first time taking the survey or even if you are a regular.

maxol survey
  • Check your Survey invitation and see if there is a website for taking the survey. Otherwise, open either of these two websites – https://www.maxolfeedback.com/ or  https://maxolfeedback-eu.eusurvey.net/. 
  • Once the website opens on your screen, please choose the language you want to participate in the survey.
  • In your receipt, certain details will be on which unit to enter on the Maxol Guest survey page. 
  • You need to enter the survey code, store number, date and time of visit.
  • Once you add these details, you need to begin the survey by clicking the appropriate button.
  • After clicking the start button, your survey will begin on the next page, where you will get a series of questions on your screen. 
  • All the questions are compulsory for you to answer, and you cannot skip even one of them. 
  • Read the questions carefully and try to give answers as honestly as possible. 
  • Each question will have a different nature, so you have to read and answer in multiple-choice, description, or provide ratings. 
  • The question will be about the quality of the services, how the staff member treats you, pricing, availability of the stations, and much more. 
  • You have to remember your most recent visit and try to answer accordingly. 
  • Answer all the questions sent and reach at the end of the survey page.
  • After answering all the questions on the website, we’ll ask for your personal contact details.
  • The details are important as the Maxol representative may contact you if you win the survey.
  • If your survey response is good and the company considers it, they will inform you.

You can face some technical issues when you are taking the Maxol Customer Feedback Survey. If you cannot resolve the issues, please read the contact details I have provided in the next point.

Contact Details 

Many customers participate in Maxol’s Survey, and sometimes, due to technical problems on the website or server, they need help accessing the website. Other customers need help with unexpected technical issues that stop them from taking the survey. If you have similar experiences, 

  • Maxol Official Website: www.maxol.ie
  • Maxol Contact Number: +353 (0)1 607 6800
  • Head Office Address: The Maxol Group, 3 Custom House Plaza, IFSC, Dublin 1, D01VY76,  Co. Dublin, Ireland
  • The Maxol Group Support Team: customerservice@maxol.ie

You can use the contact details I provide according to your requirements. You can choose a phone number, email, or website contact form to reach the company’s representatives.


Maxol Customer Satisfaction Survey takes only 5 minutes of your time to answer a few questions. If you want the company stations to improve their services, then you can provide your honest Maxol Feedback. Taking the Maxol Survey helps you speak your mind and win a Maxol Fuel Voucher worth £100. For what it’s worth, every customer should try taking the survey and let the company know about your thoughts.

If this article has some details missing or you want to ask specific questions about the Maxol Guest Satisfaction Survey, place your comments below using the comment box. I openly reply to my readers to help resolve their doubts.


Why am I not able to open the MaxolFeedback website?

If you are unable to open the official Maxol Customer Survey websites, please check your internet, reset your router, or use a different device and open the URL. The Maxol company may have stopped drinking online surveys on websites like  https://www.maxolfeedback.com/ or  https://maxolfeedback-eu.eusurvey.net/. If you cannot find a solution, please use the contact details to get information about the Maxol Survey.

What is the frequency of taking the customer survey by Maxol?

The company gives only one chance to the customers to participate in a survey. If the customer repeatedly attempts to take the survey with one receipt, he will get this qualified.

Is my information private when I take the Maxol Feedback Survey?

Yes. The survey by Maxol protects your private information and only uses it to improve the services. The information you provide, such as your name or contact number, is confidential, and the company uses them to contact you.

Can Maxol Feedback Customer Survey really improve the business?

The information collected from the survey helps the company to identify the weakest area of customer service. The company will understand the number of customers facing the same issue and decide to remove or change the service or product to a better one. So, yes, the survey helps the customers in improving the services and growing the company.

How will I get notified about the survey win?

The information you provide, such as your email address and phone number, will be a contacting option. The company will use them to reach you and let you know if you win.

Will every customer win a £100 Maxol fuel voucher?

Only some of the customers will be in the rewards. Only the customer with genuine answers and luck will get the rewards.

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