Wilko Customer Satisfaction Survey at Wilkohaveyoursay.com – Win £100 Gift Card [2024]


Have you been wondering how you can participate in the Wilko Survey and win a £100 Wilko gift card? Well, you have come to the right place to resolve your doubts. The survey from Wilko is very easy to take on its official website at Wilkohaveyoursay.com. In this article, I will explain all the details related to the survey and help you resolve any query you have about it.

You must have this question: “what is the Wilko Customer Survey exactly about?” Well, the survey from Wilko is all about finding out the customers’ experience. In the survey, the customers can answer a few questions about their recent visit and share their feelings about the store’s services.

Before you answer the questions of the Wilko Feedback Survey, you have to be aware of the survey rules. You can only qualify for the survey if you meet the requirements and follow these rules. But do not worry; I will guide you thoroughly about Wilko’s survey rules before you take part at yourwinningthoughts website.

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I guarantee you that after reading my article about the customer survey of Wilko, you will not need to worry about visiting too many websites to find irrelevant details and make sense of outside information. In this article, I have compiled all the points that will help you understand the survey, its essential details, rewards, requirements, rules, process, company contact details in case of any survey problem, and finally, a conclusion.

What is the Wilko Customer Feedback Survey?

wilko guest survey

Wilkinson stores, also known as Wilko, are concerned about customer service and want to improve their storage services. The store executives can’t ask each customer whether they liked the services as it would take forever. Instead, the company has adopted a compelling way to know about the genuine customer experience and work on the issues it faces.

Your winning thoughts.com website allows the company to collect meaningful information by asking customers about their recent visits. These questions are primarily about their overall satisfaction, the store’s staff behavior, cleanliness, item availability, and other aspects. The customers have to be honest while answering the questions.

The Wilko Survey takes less than a few minutes; still, the company should reward the customers for spending that much time on giving a few answers. So, the company allows them to win a Wilko gift card they can use on their next visit and get the benefits. To know more about the reward, please read the following point.

Wilko Customer Feedback Survey Details

Survey NameWilko Customer Experience Survey
Survey Rewards£100 Wilko gift card
Is purchase required?No
Where is the survey valid?Only in the UK
Age limit of the survey18 years & above

Wilko Customer Survey Rewards

If you are taking the customer survey from Wilko for the first time, you must know what you stand to win after completing it. Wilko understands that the customers who spend their valuable time should get something in return. So, it offers the below rewards,

  • A £100 Gift Card from Wilko

To win the gift card, you must participate in the Wilko Have Your Say Sweepstakes and get a Wilkos Voucher Code at the end. It will help you redeem your rewards from the Wilko stores. However, it is entirely upon you to participate in the Wilkohaveyoursay.Com Sweepstakes or not.

Only Wilko decides on the £100 gift card or voucher rewards, so to know more about the current reward, please check your purchase receipt.

Wilko Customer Satisfaction Survey Requirements

  • The latest purchase receipt from Wilko has the survey invitation printed on it.
  • To take the survey, you can prefer any suitable device like a mobile, laptop, PC, or tablet.
  • You need a stable internet connection to complete the survey without interruption.
  • The Wilko Customer Survey will be in English, so you must know it.

Rules for Wilko Customer Opinion Survey

  • You must be from the United Kingdom to be eligible to participate in the survey.
  • The acceptable age for taking the survey is 18 years and above.
  • The £100 Wilko gift card will expire, so you must redeem it immediately.
  • Wilko only accepts one entry from the company. If any customer tries to participate using multiple entries, all the duplicate entries will get removed.
  • Only take the survey if your province or state allows it due to legal reasons.
  • Wilko does not allow any customer to demand cash for their original rewards.
  • Wilko Have Your Say Sweepstakes is not compulsory.
  • Third parties can only participate in the survey on behalf of the customer.

Take Wilko Survey at Yourwinningthoughts.com?

Do you check all the rules I have mentioned above? If yes, then taking surveys will become easier for you. But still have to follow the steps to ensure that you make everything right while taking it, so please follow the steps.

wilko customer survey page

  • Click on the “Continue” button.

wilko customer satisfaction survey


  • Now, please choose your appropriate language for the survey.
  • Add the amount spent in the blanks from purchase receipt.
  • Now, choose your Date of visit.
  • Then, please select your visit time.
  • Finally, add your Survey Entry Code in the given blanks.
  • Begin your survey by clicking on “Start“.
  • Once you click the Start button, your screen will have a list of questions.
  • All of these questions will be about your recent visit to the Wilko store.
  • Please read the questions carefully and try to remember what you felt at the store.
  • Let the company know your thoughts using the satisfaction scales, multiple-choice questions, or other answers.
  • Rate your satisfaction with the company product, products, and employees who worked at the Wilko store.
  • All the Wilko Satisfaction Survey questions are compulsory, so please attend them.
  • Your answers should be honest and authentic so that the company can verify them and implement the changes that you are suggesting.
  • Now, you will get a chance to participate in the Have Your Say Wilko Sweepstakes. To enter, you must provide contact details such as name, email, phone number, and probably your address.
  • Once you provide your details, please review the survey before submitting it.
  • Now, please click on the “Submit” button.

Contact Details

Although the survey from Wilko is relatively easy to take as it involves answering only a few questions, some people may need help if they take it for the first time. Others may face issues such as “not being able to open the survey website” or any similar. So, if you are facing these issues or want to know how to deal with such technical problems, please use the following details.

  • Official Wilko Survey Website: Yourwinningthoughts.com
  • Official Wilko Sweepstakes Website: Wilkohaveyoursay.com
  • Wilko Prize Draw Terms and Conditions: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vZbVs7MDcVQLP0atvpn201UUUgLt6_du/view


Once you complete your Wilko Customer Experience Survey online, please save your coupon code number or voucher number you got after winning the Sweepstakes. Please ensure you redeem it within the given time; otherwise, the Wilkos Voucher Code or Coupon code will expire.

So, friends, I hope you have learned how to give your Wilko Customer Feedback in the online survey. For any other detail regarding the topic, please contact me via posting your comment.


Does Wilko share my personal details with any third parties?

The company will keep the information you provide in the survey confidential, and it will not share your personal data with anyone. To know about the company’s confirmation on this, please click Wilkohaveyoursay.Com website.

I have participated Wilkohaveyoursay.com in 2021 and didn’t win. What guarantees that I will win this year?

If you participate in the Sweepstakes by Wilkos, you may increase your chances of winning. Participating in the survey Wilkos does not guarantee all to win as the winners get chosen randomly. To know more about the winners, please check out the Prize Draw Winners List: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15MztGD-3v2Uc-dR_GcgOmDATbheTdLGhcrjQjnJPIc4/edit

What is the procedure for getting the refund from Wilkos?

To understand the refund process, you must know the Wilko Return Policy. You need to show the proof of purchase to the company to get the refund.

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