10play.com.au/activate – How to Activate 10 play on Smart TV, Apple TV, Xbox, PS4 – Complete Guide [2024]



10play.com.au/activate10 Play is a famous OTT platform from Australia. With 10play.com.au/activate, you can access the restricted content and be a member of this platform.

If you are thinking of finding the best streaming service or platform, I will help you to activate the 10 Play App on your current Smart TV.

What is 10 Play?

With 10 Play is a Streaming platform, you can watch many on-demand content shows and much more. 10 Play will enable you to Live Stream the TV Shows, Live Programs, and other entertaining content. You will find all of the above content and services using Network 10 Service.


Enjoy the 10Play Service which is brought to you by Network 10 Service. You will only find the 10 Play Service available in Australia. You can access the content of this service without paying any cost. Access this service on your Windows 10 Desktop, your iOS Apple phone, your Android Phone and on your Tablet. You can access this service using Mac, Windows, Linux system as well as your Samsung SmartTV.

How to Get 10Play on Your Smart TV and Streaming Device

how to get 10play on smart tv and streaming device

Here are the steps to install Smart HTML 3 app,

  • Installing 10 Play on your Android TV
  • Install 10 Play on Samsung TV
  • Methods to install the 10Play on your Android TV

How to Download the 10 Play App to your Android TV

  • First you must sign up or sign in to Google Play Store.
  • Search for 10 Play app from the list of result to your Android TV
  • First download the 10 Play App to your Android TV and then please install this app to your Android TV.

What is 10Play.Com.Au Activate?

  • If you want to watch TV services and enjoy Video-On-Demand services, 10 Play is among the best services in Australia owned by Network 10 Service.
  • It offers the content such as Sports, News broadcast and TV Guide.
  • All the variety shows and news are related to Australia only.
  • To enjoy the exclusive content you must have signed up to the services with an account.
  • You have to know the method to activate your account.

How do you activate the 10Play feature on your Smart TV

enter 10play.com.au activate code

Below are the simple steps for making your 10Play Account Active,

  • Turn on your Smart TV first. Then launch 10 Play. After that you must select a member video available to you.
  • A window would appear on your screen with a code.
  • Now the next step for you is to use your Phone, PC, or Laptop to open the link https://10play.com.au/activate.
  • If you have your account or you are a user already, use your Facebook to login or your email address.
  • Then confirm your account please.
  • On different page, click on the “Activate” button to login.
  • Add the code you received and make sure you enter the case-sensitive code in the blank.
  • Once you enter that code, login will be automatic. After that you can easily get to all kinds of content and enjoy it.

10 Play Problems with iPhone while using 10play.com.au/activate

If you are an iPhone user, you may face  errors using the 10 play activate link and sign in. Here is how you can easily overcome these problems.

  • Open browser Safari from your iPhone.
  • Now directly go to the option Block Pop-up from the setting menu.
  • Turn this feature and start the login process again.
  • This time when you try to login, you will see the difference as you would be logged in the platform faster this time around.

Experiencing issues iOS Device

  • When you Sign in using the Social Sign In option with your Google or Facebook, you may not be able to login because the option may not respond well. To resolve this issue, you must enable your iPhone’s pop-up option.

Kindly Follow the steps below to allow pop-ups on your iOS device:

  • Open the Safari browser from your iOS device. Find the option “Block Pop-up” from the settings menu.
  • If you have an Apple TV, this option will automatically be turned on.
  • Please access the setting and disable the option. Now open this link to sign into your social account – 10play.com.au/activate

Telstra TV Users

You can activate the Live TV caption and also disable from the setting menu on your current Roku TV / device,

  • Turn on your ROKU device and then press the Home button from your remote.
  • From the menu Setting open the Accessibility option.
  • Select the Caption in case you cannot find the Accessibility menu.
  • Once you select the Caption and then choose the option at the time it appears.
  • You will only see On Captions, you will not see Off Captions.
  • Press the Replay button when the captions are replayed using your Roku Remote. You will see an Instant Replay by using the remote button.
  • If you mute the captions, you will see the muted captions.
  • Please remember that not all Roku devices will include this feature.
  • When playing if the captions are turned off, the option to enable may be included in the future.

How to Activate 10Play on Smart TV’s with Chromecast(10play.com.au/activate)

Please follow the guidelines to get the 10 Play on your TV compatible with Chromecast,

  • Switch on your Smart TV first using Chromecast. Now install the app on it.
  • Now launch the 10 play app and then Sign in.
  • Please select Chromecast and the 10 Play App using it on your mobile device.
  • After you have connected, you can get to the content using your mobile accessing the app. Now you can watch it with your SmartTV using Chromecast.

Steps for Installing 10 Play onto the Samsung Smart TV

installing 10 Play onto samsung smart tv


  • Hold your Samsung Smart TV Remote and access the SmartHub option.
  • Using App Selection, please switch on to your account.
  • Now please search Top 10 HTML_3 Play applications.
  • Browse through the search result and open the Play application
  • Download to install the 10 HTML3_Play application.

How to Activate 10Play via 10play.com.au/activate Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Firestick, Xbox One & other External Devices?

Please follow the below guidelines to install the 10 Play App to your non-compatible TV,

You can install 10 Play app on other devices such as,

  • Telstra TV
  • Fire Stick
  • Apple TV
  • Roku

Using your Smart TV, you can launch any external device.

  • Please access the App Store from your phone.
  • On your mobile, install 10 Play App.
  • You would need to activate the 10 Play using your mobile.
  • You want to check content to your TV, you can.

More Activation Guides


10play.com.au/activate – FAQs

Explain about 10 plays, what it is?

It is an Television online portal that enables you to watch TV shows, news, reports, and many other things on multiple devices.

How can I find shows that are my favorite?

You will find many options to check for your favorite show,  generally there is a link on the homepage of 10 play which will take you directly to the favorites page, but if you have not saved any of them, you can take help of search option, you may write the name of the show and tap o explore button to watch the episode you want.

10 play is accessible on what platforms?

As the popularity is increasing, the number of platforms are also increasing on which you can access 10 Play. They are still increasing in number, so keep a watch on them. You can check that out on the 10 play app to know all the platforms 10 play is available.

What if I want to work for Network 10, what should I do?

10 play welcomes young and energetic people to work for them, to check the vacancy, you can visit the career page of the official website.

The song played in your ad is awesome, I want it!

The 10 play team works very nicely to keep you engaged even in the ads, but this ads and their music is solely for the advertisement, it cannot be purchased by you.

How to know which shows have an official Facebook page?

There are so many shows that are aired on Facebook page and are operated by the team of 10 play, they have an option to connect this page directly to their website show’s page

They will also be added in your favorite section.

When can I watch live tv shows on demand?

Let us say, they have given the permission to broadcast some program on demand, then they will make sure it goes live in 30 min. If there are some technical issues, only then it can get delayed, otherwise it will start in the said time. If it has not started in the said time, you may contact 10 play support. You have to share the details such as

-> Name of the show
-> The season
-> Episode number and name
-> Your device name etc.

They will check and revert you asap.

Can I download 10 play app on PS4?

Based on the latest updates, 10play app is available on PS4 also along with 11 different platforms.

How to activate 10play login?

Take any of your devices, like PC, laptop, tablet etc, now visit 10plau.com.au/activate in the latest and updated web browser, and follow the steps.

Is ten play app available?

The 10 play app is compatible with windows 10 and the tablets running on windows 10, you can enjoy the big screen view on Laptop and PC. You may also stream 10 play on your TV with using your streaming devices.

Do I have to pay for 10play com au activate?

You don’t need to pay anything for the services of 10 play, as it is absolutely free. You can watch full episodes with no cost at all, also you can see exclusive extra episodes with behind the scenes footage with 10 play login.

Can I access 10 play at work?

Yes, you can access the 10 play at work, but make sure if you have added ad blocker, disabled it to view or  watch 10 play. Try to refresh the page by pressing

CTRL + SHIFT +R button on Windows and

Command + SHIFT + R in Macbooks Operating system.

10play/activate allows you to watch everything free?

When you install and activate 10 play you need to know how you can activate your account using https://10play.com.au/activate, you get to watch everything free for the one month, and from the next month, you have to renew the subscriptions, and charges for the same are as low as one breakfast at some decent café. They are only $9.99 per month.

Can I get 10 play shake?

Some TV and set top boxes already have a shake installed, but some will require adding it manually. All the devices may have various requirements based on their settings, however you may add it by the following method: searching Auto tune then go to let it scan and finally select Setup Shake.

How to get 7+ on my home television?

Turn on the internet and connect your home Tv with it, here you have to read the instructions on the manual for tuning the TV to the channels available locally. You have to tap on one red button and you are done, you may access the 7+ app and can enjoy the most recent shows.

You may check the official website to connect your TV – 7plus.com.au/connect code

On What devices can I get 9 rush?

You may get 9 rush with the help of 9now on the below listed devices:
-> Web
-> iOS
-> Android
-> Sony Android TV
-> Vodafone TV
-> Apple TV
-> Telstra TV

How can I add any channel to view it free – in freeview?

You will see an option that asks you to add channels manually or add channels automatically. Select the automatic option. And the channels will be added for you to Freeview.

What is the frequency of Freeview TV?

The frequency of digital TV – 700 Mhz – 470 Mhz the receptive aerials of digital TV works on the range between 470 Mhz to 850 Mhz.

How to manually tune the Freeview?

If you have to enter the ID number for your channel, type the very first number from the row “Now” which will be crossed by the N column. Now scan with your TV and start or tune after you have correctly entered the channel number. For instance, It could be a 13 as a first number.

How to rescan Television channels?

-> Click the Menu option.
-> Then go to Setting.
-> Now prefer the option Channel Configuration
-> Then go for the Antenna and then click Air according to the TV device you have.
-> If you are using a Cable TV service, go for the option Channel Search. Then the Channel Scan option. The scan will be different than these steps but you have to do learn how to do it.

How should I Retune my Television to a different transmitter?

First you must tune your Television to your selected transmitter if available to you. But manually you can tune by the below steps,

-> Select the Menu from your remote control.
-> Select the Alternative installation method.
-> Now choose the option manual to search or retune manually.
-> Try 0000 or even 1234 if you are asked to provide a code.

How to Tune the local TV-Stations?

-> Use your remote to open Menu.
-> For smaller television, it may include a Menu button built-in.
-> Now you have to do Channel Scan so please select the option.
-> It may be written Tune, Auto Tune or Rescan to some TV options. But all are the same. 

Where can I find my local Television transmitter?

You must have an idea about the distance of the transmitter to your house. Please use the One for all the aerial selector. This is the best way to find the nearest TV-Transmitter. Reception is not just depending on the distance of the broadcast tower but it depends on the surrounding environment and terrains and all the structures nearby such as trees, houses, etc.

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