Oxygen.com/link to Activate Oxygen Channel Network on Any Device [2024]


Oxygen is an American TV Channel. It is now rebranded as a crime destination network mostly about women. The Oxygen.com/link is the official activation link to begin streaming content. NBCUniversal owns this network and it is the subsidiary of the Comcast company. NBCUniversal’s streaming unit takes care of streaming using its cable entertainment group. This group is ultimately a subsidiary of the Oxygen TV Channel that shows women crime scene dramas. This show acquired 66.5% of households on television along with Investigation Discovery and HLM.

Oxygen may be the best place if you are looking to enjoy crime scene shows or true drama.

Oxygen.com/link Activation Code to Activate Oxygen App on TV

oxygen.com/link code

  • First of all, you must search the Oxygen App and download it. After installation, it will show an Activation Code to your screen.
  • Now please click the link at Oxygen.com/link
  • Choose your TV Provider now.
  • After creating your account or login to Oxygen Account, you will have to enter the available activation code.
  • After you enter the code, you can stream and enjoy programs on Oxygen.

How to Activate the Oxygen TV Account on Amazon Device?

activate oxygen network on-amazon fire tv

Follow the below steps. They will guide you to activate your Oxygen TV Account on your Amazon Fire Stick or Amazon Fire TV with the help of this link Oxygen.com/link.

Easy Steps to Activate Oxygen Account on Amazon Fire TV

  • First start your Amazon Fire TV device and search Oxygen App on your app store.
  • Install the app after downloading it.
  • Now you must launch the app.
  • Then you will acquire the Oxygen Code for activation. Please visit Oxygen.com/link code
  • Now please choose your TV Service-Provider. Then please log into your Oxygen Account.
  • After login, please enter that activation code to activate Oxygen Channel.

Steps to Activate Oxygen Account on Amazon FireStick via Oxygen.com/link

  • First switch on Amazon Fire Stick. Find the app using the search feature.
  • Please type Oxygen and search.
  • Once you find it, please select the Oxygen app.
  • Now, download it to install it.
  • Open or launch the Oxygen App on the FireStick device.
  • Please sign into your Oxygen account and get the activation code.
  • Write the activation code and click on the Oxygen.com/link to enter that activation code.
  • After you insert the code, you’ll get your Oxygen App activated.
  • After activation, open the Oxygen app and enjoy the content.

Activate Oxygen App on Your Apple Devices

activate oxygen network on apple tv


On Apple TV

Read the below instructions to activate your Oxygen App on your Apple TV using Oxygen Apple TV link.

  • Open your Apple TV’s App Store first. Please find the Oxygen App.
  • Now find the option – Sign in with Activation Code. Click it.
  • Copy or note the activation code once you find it.
  • On the other device, find the URL – Oxygen.com Link and choose your right TV Provider.
  • Access your Oxygen Account using email to sign in.
  • Now, you must enter the copied Activation Code and then enjoy the Oxygen network on your Apple TV.

On iPhone

With the help of the below steps, you can activate the Oxygen Channel App on devices such as your iPhone, MacBook and iPad.

  • Search the Oxygen App on your iPhone’s App Store.
  • Download the app and install it. Copy the activation code when it shows up.
  • If you have your Oxygen Account, please login to it.
  • With your credentials now Sign in and put in the activation code.
  • Now your iPhone has the Oxygen App activated! Enjoy!

How Can I Activate Oxygen Channel on Android Device?

activate oxygen channel on android device

If you are using Android TV, Android Tablet, or Android Phone, you can activate Oxygen TV on those devices. You would be able to run an Android App and watch Oxygen on it. To download the app, you can use official online stores or can also go to any third party websites to your android Phone or TV.

Activate Oxygen Channel on Android TV using Oxygen.com/link

You must download the app for telecasting the shows and programs on your Android TV.

Use the guidelines below. Download the correct app and then activate Oxygen Channel easily on your electronic devices like TV or your mobile phone.

  • Visit the official Android Google PlayStore from your Home.
  • Using the search option given in the app, kindly search for “Oxygen”.
  • To download the Oxygen Channel App, find the “Install” option. Once you download the app to your TV, click on the “Open” option if you want to install.
  • You can easily open the Oxygen App on your home screen once you click the – “Open” button on your Smart TV.
  • After successfully installing the Oxygen App, get the Oxygen Channel activated for your TV by following the process.
  • Please open your account by login into it.
  • If you do not have your current account opened, try creating a new one on the official website.
  • You can easily do this using your Mobile phone or your laptop.
  • You will get an activation code on your device if you have an Oxygen Account and active Oxygen Subscription.
  • Complete the process by putting Oxygen Activation Code to your Smart TV screen. Watch now the shows you want like drama or crime!

How to Activate Oxygen Network on your Android Phone via Oxygen.com/link

You will get the Oxygen activated and working on your Android phone, just follow these simple steps,

  • Use the Google Play Store to install the app on your current device. To find the Oxygen app, open the Google PlayStore on your current Android Smartphone.
  • Please click “Install” and once it is done, you need to click “Open”
  • If you want to activate the Oxygen Channel on your Android Mobile, you must have an active Oxygen Account and Active Oxygen (Tv Channel) Subscription.
  • Log in to the Oxygen App now in order to watch your type of shows to your Android smartphone!

How to Activate the Oxygen Account using Oxygen.com/Link Activation Code on Roku Device?

activate oxygen account on roku

Kindly do as the following steps for Oxygen Activate Roku,

  • Switch on your Roku device and look for the Oxygen App.
  • Install it and click the option – “Sign In with Activation Code” for Oxygen Com Link Roku.
  • Now you will have an Oxygen Activation Code on your device, copy it and open the Oxygen.com/link on a different device’s browser.
  • First choose your correct TV Provider and then login to your active Oxygen Account. Make sure your Roku Account is also signed in.
  • Now you need to enter the code through Roku Code Link. After all the steps, you are free to enjoy the content!

Features of Oxygen App (Official Oxygen Com Link Activation Code Roku Device)

  • All the latest episodes are available for your to watch right after the day it first aired.
  • It is possible for you to do Oxygen Channel Schedule and live stream all the episodes 24/7
  • You can watch it from the last episode if you want.
  • You can demand the content from the NBCUniversal family like USA, Oxygen, MSNBC, SYFY, E!, NBC, Telemundo, CNBC, etc.

How to Watch Oxygen Channel on Any Web Browser?

To watch the Oxygen Channel on any browser, please follow the below guidelines,

  • Open your web browser and on your PC or Laptop.
  • Now please open Oxygen.com.
  • Login or Sign up with your current activated Email ID.
  • After you sign in with your TV Provider details, Login one more time to your Oxygen Account.
  • At last you need to enter the activation code and enjoy the content of the channel.

How to Watch Oxygen TV Channel on The Streaming Networks?

Watch the Oxygen Channel On DirecTV Stream

You can watch all the great shows available on the Oxygen Channel using the DirecTV Stream. It is an online streaming service from AT&T Here you will not need the Oxygen.com/Link.

You have the option to watch many DirecTV Stream packages but to enjoy the Oxygen TV Channel, you need to go for the “Ultimate” package. This would cost you around $105. As the name suggests, this package comes with access to many channels and you can activate the Oxygen easily with this plan.

If you want, you can visit the Official DirecTV website link and you will see a list of shows available on the Oxygen Network.

Watch Oxygen Channel on YouTube

Not only online streaming but you can also benefit from the limitless storage benefits with the YouTube TV. The service stores the videos that you recorded and it will use them later for streaming anywhere. You will have to pay $64.99 every month for the base package and $194.96 for every three month. You will not need the Oxygen.com/link activation.

The benefits of YouTube Subscription is available as below,

  • You get access to around 70 Local channels along with Oxygen.
  • You can stream more than one window at once.
  • Benefit of unlimited DVR Cloud Storage.
  • Benefit of YouTube TV on Demand Support for Chromecast, iOS, AppleTV, Amazon FireTV and AndroidTV.

Watch the Oxygen Network on HULU TV Live

You can watch Oxygen Network shows on with an active HULU Plan/Subscription. For this you will not need the Oxygen.com/link Activate TV link.

  • The HULU Package costs somewhere around $70 and you must be having that subscription.
  • You will not need anything for activating the Oxygen Channel on the HULU TV.
  • Type and search the shows that you wish to see and you will get the suggestions of titles.
  • The HULU Live TV has the on demand feature that allows you to search the Oxygen TV Shows to your home screen of HULU.

Watch the Oxygen Network on the AT&T TV

For users, the AT&T TV is one of the best and favorite platforms that allows the users to get many streaming channels using a single click. For this you are not required to do Oxygen Network Activation.

You can enjoy the 5 amazing plans of AT&T TV and further if you want to watch Oxygen on devices such as Roku, you must go for the ultimate package / plan that includes all the options such as HGTV, WE TV, A&E, FX and BET.

Watch the Oxygen Network on the FUBOTV

Some of the popular networks have partnered with FUBO and it is a popular live streaming service. Your choice of package and type will determine the inclusion of channel or network on the FuboTV.

  • Must have activated or subscribed to the Family Plan worth $65 if you wish to see the Oxygen TV Channel on your FUBOTV device.
  • You can enjoy the shows on 3 simultaneous screens with this subscription plan and enjoy the other great features of this Family Plan.
  • You can also enjoy the feature of Cloud Storage along with the Oxygen Network on your FUBOTV. There are multiple platforms that allow you to enjoy the Oxygen on your Fubo TV and there are more channels and content to enjoy.

Watch the Oxygen Network on the Sling TV

You are able to watch different shows on the Oxygen Channel without paying any cost if you have subscribed to Sling TV’s Blue Package. You must also add the Lifestyle Extra network channel if you already have a blue package. Consider this as only an add-on.

  • The cost of the Blue Package is $35 and if you add the $6 as an add-on then it will cost you around $41.
  • When you have subscribed to this package and enjoy the features on the Sling TV, you will get direct access to the shows of Oxygen Network and access all the other benefits like the benefit of cloud storage.
  • Please visit the Official Sling TV’s site for getting the updates about the latest offers. You will always find a better deal or pay less and get a better value of money.

Watch the Oxygen Network on the NBC

As explained above NBCUniversal owns the Oxygen Network and it is a part of it. for , NBCUniversal steps you can easily visit the www.nbcsports.com activate website.

The structure of the ownership Oxygen True Crime,

  • Comcast is the official owner of NBC Universal.
  • NBC Universal owns the Cable Entertainment Group which is a TV and Streaming Unit.
  • This Cable Entertainment Group owns the Oxygen True Crime or the Oxygen.Com/Link

All the True Crime Drama and shows are available on the Oxygen Channel using your NBC login ID.

Follow the NBC Com Activate steps for using Oxygen by using the NBCUniversal,

  • Please open this link – https://www.nbc.com/nbcuniversalfamily/activate?brand=oxygen
  • You will see a list of providers and you have to select the right one with whom you have the subscription.
  • You will have a list of providers available with you.
  • Besides this, you can also use your NBCUniversal login details to help you activate the Oxygen Network on the NBC.

How Can I find the Oxygen App on the Channel Finder?

You can easily activate the Oxygen App on the Channel Finder but the requirement is that you need to have a valid cable plan. With this cable plan you can easily enter the zip code. You can search in the one list and out of the available options, select the right cable provider from to find out the Oxygen on the setup box available with you.

Once you are done with the above steps, you are only a few steps away from activating the Oxygen App on the Channel Finder. All you need here is your details of login and it will be just a matter of using the Oxygen that arises currently.

How to Watch the Oxygen Channel on TV using the Oxygen.com/link on the Cable.

You can enjoy watching the Oxygen True Crimes programs on your current cable network. For this, you need to confirm with your Cable TV provider if the cable supports Oxygen Channel to your device.

  • If this channel is supported for streaming, please confirm it with your current Cable TV service provider.
  • Check your program guide and find the Oxygen Channel. Once you find it please click on the “Enter” with the help of your Cable TV Remote / for activating the channel.
  • Oxygen Channel Finder is yet another option if you are not sure.
  • Please provide your ZipCode and choose your Cable Providers.

Can I watch the Oxygen TV Programs if I am outside the US using VPN?

Even if you are living far from the US where there are no services available then also you are able to watch the programs on your device but still you must have the Oxygen.com/link code for activation. You can use any good VPN for online streaming.

What is a VPN: It means a Virtual Private Network that connects you through a different private and more secure IP Address and hides yours. If you are using a great paid VPN, you will have the option to select the country server. At that time, please select the USA server on your VPN on your PC or your phone. Once you select it and connect it to the Virtual Network through your VPN app or software. Now open the Oxygen TV, you’ll easily see all the features enabled on it.

VPN Important Notice: Choose the best VPN and one that is best for online streaming. See the trial version with few Mbs to see if the VPN works well. If everything else is good, you can enjoy the services.

Oxygen Channel Schedule Program [Oxygen Tv Channel Schedule]

Please refer to the below Schedule link to help you track the programs on the Oxygen Channel.

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FAQs of Oxygen.com/link

Is there any other link than Oxygen.Com Link?

You cannot use any other link for Oxygen TV Network activation as of now.

Does the Oxygen Tv App exist?

It does. You can download this Oxygen Tv App on your current device. It supports both the iOS devices as well as the devices with Android OS.

First you need to search for “Oxygen” on your relevant store and then download the Oxygen App.

Is the activation Oxygen Link compatible with the TV using Oxygen.com/link?

Yes, if your TV has the browser to open the Oxygen Link then you can. But to open the Oxygen Com Link Activation, you can always rely on the other device such as PC or your Smartphone. That way you can add the code on the Oxygen Com Roku and activate it easily.

How soon will I get the Oxygen Com Link Code?

Follow the steps for Oxygen Com Activate and you will get the code. Now the Oxygen Activate will be easier and you can enjoy Oxygen TV Channel.

Is Oxygen On Discovery Plus? Can i Activate it?

No. You cannot Stream Oxygen Channel or enjoy Free Oxygen Channel on the Discovery Plus. It does not support this channel but they do offer some other 60 channels.

Can I get the Oxygen Com Link Activation Code Roku?

Yes, this link will help you proceed with the code. In case you face trouble with the Oxygen.Com/Roku link, please wait and retry the entire process again. Use the third party device to open the Oxygen Com Link Roku so that you can easily enter the code. If you open the browser (if supported) on your TV, then you will have to re-do the process as it may not open multiple windows for Oxygen.Com/Link Activation Code Roku.

Is streaming possible for DirecTV Oxygen Channel?

Yes it is possible to stream Oxygen Channel DirecTV.

What Channel Is Oxygen On Comcast?

Contact your Comcast Xfinity Cable TV Provider or choose HULU Live TV or other streaming services.

How Can I Watch The Oxygen Channel Online Free?

Oxygen Live Streaming is free till the trial expires. You can enjoy the trial version. But after subscription, you can use the Oxygen Activation Code and official www oxygen con link to activate the services.

What Channel Is Oxygen On DirecTV?

You can enjoy the channel in the Ultimate Package. It will cost you around $104.99 / month. Now you must know the Direct Stream as AT&T stream. So yes, it’s possible that you can enjoy the Oxygen Channel On DirecTV.

The Oxygen Com Link Activate Code Roku is not working.

Try opening this again after some time. Once it is open follow the steps first and open Oxygen Com Link Enter Activation Code Roku and get the channel activated.

What Channel Is Oxygen On Spectrum?

You will find the channel by opening the channel no. 12

Is the Oxygen app completely free to watch on any device?

You must be subscribed to the Channel. You need to use the Oxygen.Com/Link for activation. See the trial version and if it all works you can watch some content free. But the content will be limited to some clips or movies only. So you must do the activation using Oxygen.Com/Link.

Where can I possibly watch Oxygen?

There are multiple locations where you can watch the Oxygen network in the USA and outside. There are many devices that will help you watch the channel like TV, Phone, PC, FireStick, Sling TV, Xfinity, NBCUniversal, AT&T, Xtream, RCN, FuboTV, Wow!, etc.

Why do I see the Oxygen True Crime name instead of Oxygen? What happened?

The genre available on the channel mostly includes Crime and Drama related content. The channel is mostly related to women and the changes or adoption of new names or rebranding are all taken by the executives working at NBCUniversal.

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