to Activate Tennis Channel on Any Device – Complete Guide [2024]

Today I will guide you about the exact steps on How to Activate the Tennis Channel on using devices such as Android TVs, Apple TVs, Roku Devices, Amazon Fire TVs, and iOS devices.

Before you know about the steps, you must first understand what the Tennis Channel is and its importance.

Tennis Channel is a sports channel covering only Tennis related shows. This channel telecasts the events, shows and gameplay related to Tennis 24×7.

You can either choose Tennis Channel and another one is Tennis Channel Plus. You get only these two membership offers. You can watch all the live action tennis shows on demand.

Today, you will learn about How To Watch Tennis Channel on various devices and how to fix all the small issues you face while activating Tennis Channel.

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So, I will show you the exact steps of and how you can stream online on devices such as Android TV, Roku TV,  Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

How Can I sign in to Tennis Channel on a Roku device?

Are you trying to access the Tennis Channel Activate on a Roku device? Follow the steps below and learn,

  • First you have to click on the “Home” button. After that, go for the streaming channels.
  • Find Tennis Channel and begin downloading it. Let it install.
  • Now click on the “+” sign to Add Channel and then confirm your option.
  • After you login, you need to insert your Activation Code provided to you by your Cable Provider. Check if you are able to watch only the standard Tennis Channel as per your selected TV Plan.
  • You will not require the cable if you use an online subscription to Tennis Plus. Now please select the PLUS label.
  • Kindly follow the instructions in case you have not had access to Tennis Channel before. Then you can easily connect to Roku.

How can I sign in to Tennis Channel on an Android device?

Do you want to access the Tennis Channel on your owned Android? Here is how you can do it,

  • Launch the Tennis Channel on your Android device now.
  • Now please select the menu from the top right side of the Tennis Channel App.
  • Click Setting now. Please sign in and choose your CableTV Provider.
  • If you already have the membership of TCPlus, go to the Subscriptions after you login to your account.

How can I sign in to Tennis Channel on iOS devices?

Are you trying to access Tennis Channel on your iOS devices? Here are the steps to do it,

  • First of all turn on your iOS devices and launch the Tennis Channel Everywhere app.
  • Now from the menu, locate the app from the top right corner.
  • If you are using a Cable TV subscription then, click on Setting option and select your Cable TV provider.
  • If you have the membership of TCPlus, go to the Subscriptions once you login to your account.

How to Enter Promo or Coupon Code?

Please follow each step I listed down and redeem your promo code or coupon code,

  • Visit the TennisChannel.Com Activate use the link –
  • Now, sign in if you have an existing account or click on “Create Account” option
  • Choose your username or the password you want. Now please accept the Terms of Use and tick the box. Proceed with the “Continue” button.
  • You will land on the official Checkout Page. Here you have to select “redeem coupon” and then begin to insert your promo or coupon code.
  • To successfully redeem this code, please click “Activate”
  • Your discount will be added. Now you need to enter payment details.
  • After carefully completing all the steps, you can access the content and services of PLUS on your device.

Note: If you already have an account and active membership, you cannot activate the coupon. To activate the coupon, you must first unsubscribe from the current subscription you have. If you do not want to unsubscribe now, please wait till your current plan expires. Then you can easily redeem your code on the checkout page.

  • Tennis Channel Plus gives you high-quality Tennis Tournament content like Hopman Cups, WTA, French Open, and ATP among others.
  • You will now have access to more than 3,500 tennis matches live matching WTA and ATP broadcasts after you subscribe.
  • You must keep in mind that Tennis Channel Plus sports events and games are subject to change and some games are also subject to blackouts.


  • First please sign up and confirm that you purchased the correct plan then only your subscription choice will work. But if you have received an email for subscribing yet again, please read the information below,

Even if you have subscription confirmation email and receipt in your inbox, please follow these steps,

  • If you were trying to sign in using a browser, use the Tennis Channel App instead. There must be some error with your browser, so clear Cache and Cookies from the browser. Give it another try!
  • Try using the website to sign in instead of using the application. If you are able to sign in,
  • then there is a problem with the app so uninstall it and then reinstall it.

How to Watch Tennis TV on Roku?

how to watch tennis channel on roku

  • You can stream the tennis TV on the Roku device too, do you know that?
  • Tennis Channel Roku started from 27th of February 2017
  • You can easily connect your Tennis TV on Roku device
  • If you already have a Tennis TV Subscription, then you may use that for a Tennis TV Account.
  • If you are a new user then, you may sign up with the help of Roku and by ding so, you will get the access of Tennis TV

How to Activate Tennis Channel on Apple TV using

activate tennis channel on apple tv

  • Do the following steps for activating Tennis Channel on your Apple TV.
  • Turn on your Apple TV. Now find Tennis Channel using the search button.
  • Download once you find out and install the same on your apple TV.
  • Login into your account and you will soon see a code on your apple TV’s screen.
  • Keep a note of that code in a paper or take a snapshot of the code in your mobile.
  • From your mobile or laptop, visit the official TennisChannel Com Activate or Tennis Channel Subscription.
  • Select Apple TV and type in the code you saw on your TV screen
  • You may be asked to provide the TV provider’s name and details, kindly enter them too.
  • When you have entered the details properly, hit the continue button
  • Just after few minutes,  as soon as the verification gets complete, you will be able to watch Tennis channel on Apple TV

Activating Tennis Channel on your Android TV

  • Start your current Android TV device and go to its PlayStore
  • Find the Tennis Channel via search option.
  •  Select the Tennis channel and press install button
  • Please wait until it gets installed completely.
  • Once installed, open the Tennis Channel app using your account details
  • In a matter of few seconds you will see a Unique Code on the screen.

The above steps are for installing the Tennis Channel on your Android TV, and the following will show you how to activate it.

  • Use any device,
  • Now, type in the code you saw on your TV.
  • Pick your television provider from the list click on – continue.
  • Perform either log in or Sign up using username, email, and password
  • Within short Tennis channel will automatically be activated on your android TV.

How to Activate Tennis Channel on the Amazon Fire TV?

watch tennis channel on amazon firetv

  • First, please turn on your current Amazon Fire TV device and find the app from the store.
  • Once you find the proper app, tap on the download logo.
  • Once it gets downloaded completely, open the app.
  • Note down the Unique code appearing to your screen.

The above steps were to install the Tennis channel on Amazon fire TV, and now we will see how to activate it.

  • Go to from your mobile or any other device
  • Proceed for Sign in  or Sign up as per your account information.
  • Type in the credentials you use for TV providers login
  • Now, type the code you got from Amazon fire’s Screen in the blank space given.
  • Open your Tennis channel app one more time.
  • Watch the Tennis Channel now on your Amazon Fire TV.

What is the Tennis Channel About?

Tennis Channel com is a dedicated channel for only Tennis related sports and events. Users can watch tournaments, competitions and all kinds of other sports events.

It is an application that offers two main attributes,

Tennis Channel – Live Streaming

  • You can get a new 24 hours subscription service.
  • This is provided to you by Tennis Channel Plus login.

On-Demand Services of Streaming Library

  • Use your TV Provider’s Credentials, you can easily Authenticate your this Channel.
  • Tennis Channel Plus will give you more content than your Standard TV certified version.
  • To directly access the Tennis Channel, you are free to use TV Channel Provider’s sign up.
  • You can watch 600 and more live matches and around 40 tournaments happening in the world.
  • You will also see the French Open and Australian open tournament.

What is the Main feature of Tennis Channel?

  • Access the Tennis Channel via Subscription through Cable or Satellite.
  • With the Tennis Channel Plus, you will get to see many live matches, on demand videos and live events.

If you want to know about the Dual Channels such as Plus One and Plus 2, then read below,

  • First version of the channel allows you to watch live tournaments and you can also watch extras.
  • Second Channel version allows you to watch additional coverage.
  • You can watch the top sports show on The Tennis Channel using the “The T” option.
  •  The latest Tennis Channel app has the best UI and compatibility along with other devices.
  • This channel has better capability for search and it also enables you to locate videos very easily.
  • If you want to see the new videos about Tennis, please visit the 
  • On any device, this application will work. This includes all the Android devices, iOS devices, Roku, Amazon Fire devices and Apple TV.

Tennis Channel Streaming on Apple TV

It is easy to stream Tennis Channel on your AT&T TV Now, FUBOTV, Youtube TV, Sling TV. All these streaming services will help you access the Tennis Channel on the Amazon Fire TV.

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That was all about the steps of how to activate, install, and sign in to Tennis Channel on different devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, Apple TV and others.

I tried to cover all the steps in brief and how you can activate the Tennis Channel at Activate link.

If you are a Tennis fan and want to watch great sports and stream amazing events, Tennis Channel is the right choice for you.

All the steps I explained are going to benefit you for activating Tennis Channel on your favorite device.

I hope my Tennis Channel article has helped you learn great details. To know more or to ask me any question related to this article, please do not forget to post your comment.


What is Tennis Channel Plus Login?

When you login into a Tennis channel using your login id and password, at that time you might see some channels with the plus symbol on them, these are Tennis Channel Plus Login.

Is there any amount I can save with Tennis Channel Plus Coupon code?

By using the PLUS20 you may save upto 20% on your annual cost.

Why can’t I open the TennisChannel Org website?

The correct link is the Tennis Channel Com where you can open the website.

Is the activation process similar to Peacocktv.Com/Tv?

Yes, the Activate Peacock Tv steps are similar to Peacocktv.Com/Tv

Is Peacock Com Activate and Tennis Tv Activate the same?

If you are aware about any activation like Peacocktv Com Tv Activate TV,  then it would be easy for you to perform Tennis channel Activation.

Does HULU offer Tennis Channel?

No. There is no Hulu Tennis Channel support right now.

What’s the Tennis Channel Xfinity Channel number?

You can access the Tennis Channel Xfinity on the 1224 channel number.

Is Tennis Channel Plus Subscription greater than the Tennis Channel?

You do not have to pay the costs of the regular TV costs for the TennisChannelPlus. Tc Plus Tennis is a better option.

Does it cost more for Tennis Channel Plus Subscription Options?

Yes, as you get more facility in the Tennis Channel Plus Subscription, the cost is also slightly higher than that of a regular one.

Does Roku support TennisChannel?

Yes you can watch Tennis Channel On Roku devices.

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