Code to Sign Up & Activate Netflix on Any Device using Activation Code

Hello friends! Today, I will explain to you about the steps to Activate Netflix using the code on the website – []. You can activate the services on your device by using the TV 8 code and after signing into your account.

Activate Netflix using code

activate netflix using tv8 code

  • Complete the sign in and access your profile. Use the correct profile that you love to watch Netflix.
  • Insert the code by clicking “Enter Code” field.
  • Then click on the Activate button.

How to Activate Netflix on TV using

  • Click on the option Internet@TV on the Home Page. You can use your remote as well to use the Internet@TV option.
  • From the menu, you must click on Netflix. After clicking it, Sign in in the login account from the menu.
  • If you cannot find the Sign in button, find the option – “Are you a Neftlix Member?” then click the “Yes” option.
  • You will get a code appearing on your display.
  • Visit the website and please enter the code available with you.

Where to find the Netflix Account Information?

  • You can recover your account information by going to billing information.
  • To get started, you must click on –
  • Now you can click – Find Account.
  • Please enter the First as well as your Last name. Then kindly type your debit otherwise your credit card number.

How to Activate the Netflix on Nintendo Wii U using

Use the steps listed below,

  • First download word application. You can use Netflix on Nintendo Wii U as it is available on the platform not only in the United States but all over the world.

To activate Netflix, please do as the following steps,

  • Open your device. Search for Nintendo Shop. Find Netflix and download it.
  • Please use the gamepad buttons of Wii U to follow the procedure. Netflix will not be useful with the touchscreen.
  • Now visit the official Homepage, then choose Netflix. Now perform sign in using your ID and your authentic login password and Code. Then finally click on Continue.
  • If you execute all the steps as above, your device is ready for entertainment!

How to Activate Netflix on SmartTV using url?

  • Open GooglePlay Store on your SmartTV. Then you must open Netflix.
  • Now download Netflix using tv on your device.
  • Now you must start the application and then you can login to your account of
  • If you do have an account, you should create a new account.
  • Now browse through the list of movies and TV shows from the library to find one to watch to enjoy.
  • Enjoy the one you like!

How to Activate Netflix on Roku Device?

activate netflix on roku device

Please follow the steps for activating Netflix services on Roku,

  • First open the Home page and find the Netflix application.
  • Tap Yes on the option – “Is it true you are a Netflix Employee?”
  • A code may prompt on your device’s screen/display.
  • Now you can type activation code on the website
  • Your preferences will lead to the Activation of Roku. Change your preferences if you need then access Netflix/My Account.

How to Activate Netflix on AppleTV using the link

how to activate netflix on appletv

Now you can follow the steps given below,

  • First you must start your Apple TV device, now find the app store.
  • In the search bar, search and find “Netflix” and then you need to select – “Setup”
  • After installation is over, you will see the Netflix icon on your home screen.
  • Now, you must begin to log in to Netflix Account details.
  • So, please login to your Netflix Account.
  • After you login to your first Netflix Account and then you can launch the Netflix App.
  • So, to enjoy the content on Netflix by signing in.
  • Now you can successfully watch and enjoy the content on Apple TV using the link

Instructions of Netflix Activation for Microsoft Windows using

Kindly follow the below steps to Activate Netflix on your Windows 10,

  • First of all, open the Store and then click on Netflix for scanning code.
  • Now you will begin the download of Netflix App. Let the app install.
  • Head back to the main start menu and then you can search Netflix.
  • Congratulations! Netflix is now activated on your Microsoft Windows 10 or other.

How to Set Up Netflix TV on an Android Device?

how to set up netflix tv on android device

You need at least Android Operating System version 5.0 (Lollipop). If you have a version above the minimum requirement then you can get the most recent feature. So, kindly use the below steps so that you can Activate Netflix using the link

  • First open your android device, access Google PlayStore and then search Netflix.
  • On the Home page, you will get a message confirming the installation.
  • After you complete installing the app, launch the Netflix app.
  • Please enter the Netflix email and your associated password after the installation of the app is complete.
  • Now enjoy the content you want on your Android device.
  • So, watch and enjoy!

How to Activate and Set up Netflix on the Chromecast?

Please follow the simple steps of activation process using the link,

  • First of all, for assistance click on the link –
  • Now open and then you need to choose Netflix on your smartphone. Or simply just open the link – to start activating your account.
  • To get started, please register.
  • You will see a list of options on your screen. Now in the menu, you need to select a Cast icon available from your menu.
  • To watch Netflix on the bigger screen or device, you must select Chromecast.
  • Now what do you want to see? You have the option to watch movies, TV shows or other collections.
  • Congratulations, you have activated the device.
  • Have fun watching it!

How to Activate the Netflix Services on your Xbox 360?

activate netflix on microsoft box 360

Please use the below steps to activate Netflix on using

  • Search for the Netflix app on the Xbox 360’s dashboard on the search bar.
  • Now begin downloading Netflix and complete the download.
  • Now you must sign into the Netflix account one more time.
  • Find the Xbox 360 dashboard.
  • From the menu, click on the Netflix option.
  • To login, please use your email and your password.
  • After you sign in to the Xbox, you can begin streaming Netflix on Xbox 360.
  • You must now enjoy Netflix’s content.
  • Please enjoy Netflix on Xbox 360!

How to Activate the Netflix App on your Amazon FireTV or Amazon Kindle?

how to activate netflix on amazon fire tv

Step by step follow the below steps to activate Netflix using the link

  • Now please access your home screen. Then please open the Apps.
  • On the App Store, please find Netflix.
  • You will have three options when you click the Netflix symbol – Download, Install or Get the App option.
  • Complete the installation. Now go to Open button.
  • Now please use your registered email and your associated password to sign in to Netflix.
  • Great! You can now stream the content on Kindle.

How to Activate the Netflix on PlayStation3?

You can now follow a few steps to activate Netflix using the link.

You can activate the Netflix services on PlayStation 3. Please follow the guidelines I have highlighted below.

Now you can connect your PlayStation directly to your Netflix account. Open the home screen and make sure of your connectivity on the PlayStation network.

Download Netflix on your PlayStation

Please use the steps below from your device,

  • Get Netflix App on Playstation 3 first by below steps.
  • From your homepage, then click “Television / Video” and select “Netflix”.
  • The subscribers who have opted for the services can now open their new account on Playstation 3. Follow the steps for starting the process
  • Please go to the Playstation then select one app.
  • From the menu, please select Movies/TV.
  • Search for the Netflix app.
  • Now after clicking it, you must click “Download” from the available menu.

As you complete the download process, please use the steps below,

  • You need to open Netflix and begin to Sign in.
  • Register on the Netflix Home page using your email ID and your password.
  • You have now enabled Netflix on your PS3.
  • Open Netflix on your PS3.
  • Please select the TV/Video option from your home display.
  • Now please choose Netflix from the menu.
  • Use your ID and your password to check into your PS3 account.
  • Now you have Netflix available on your device to watch Netflix content.
  • Now watch and have fun with Playstation3.

How to Download Netflix App from the Xbox App store?

  • Netflix works best on Xbox One and where Netflix as well as Xbox Live work.
  • Now you must open the home screen.
  • Find Netflix using the search bar and then open the app.
  • From the available menu, install the Netflix app.
  • To access your existing Netflix account, please perform Sign in.
  • So open your Netflix app and start to log in.
  • Please have your Netflix ID details and your password to log in to the account.
  • Then finally click on – Sign in.

How to Get Netflix on GoogleTV?

Kindly follow the below points to activate the Netflix services using the site,

  • Google TV is a UI that allows you to access the content you wish from a range of streaming services. This will also work for the Netflix com Vizio activation code.
  • It is a software rather than a Gadget. You can enjoy the content on many devices.
  • You can connect Netflix with your current device if that device already has Google TV installed on it. The device must not be older than 2014 or 2012.

Please follow the steps I listed below to set up Netflix and make sure to keep the home screen turned on and begin to activate Netflix using the official activation link –

  • All the users of Sony Google TV, must find the Home button first using their keyboard remote (wireless). Then you must click on – All Apps.
  • Use the arrows and buttons of your remote to access the Netflix app.
  • Please select the app which you have located.
  • Now please Sign In by going to the “Sign In” button.
  • If signing in is not possible for you because you do not have your account then create a new account and then you can enter the authentic username and your secure password.
  • If you use HiSense Google TV, you can select – “All Apps” button. It will be available on your remote.
  • Now please choose Netflix. And then click – “Member Sign In” option.
  • You are now able to get Netflix on your TV.


  • Please execute the steps for activating Netflix using link.
  • offers a wide range of TVshows and movies and very high-quality entertainment.
  • Users can find different movies having genres and having proper categories watching online web content.
  • The services are not limited to Smart TVs only. But you can use it on Smartphones, Computers, Media Streaming Players, BluRay Players, Game Consoles, Set-Up Boxes, etc.
  • The price of free trials are reasonable but you cannot watch Netflix free trials for a longer time.
  • It is up to users to continue or cancel the plans when they want.
  • Basic Plan is only limited with one device support and you can only watch in SD resolution. SD here means Standard Definition. It costs around $8.99 / a month.
  • The Netflix activation fee for the standard plan for rendering / streaming High Definition content would cost around $13.99 / a month. And now you can watch the content on two devices.
  • You can pay $17.99 / a month for a premium plan and you can stream even 4K Ultra HD content and also HD. Now enjoy the shows on 4 different devices.

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Thank you for paying close attention to my article about Activate Netflix on the website If you are facing issues on the website or cannot open the link, please comment and let me clear your doubts about code or website.


What do I need for login?

Now use your userID and your secure password for login. Make sure you enter the correct login credentials to the website.

Has anyone faced trouble accessing the Netflix comtv8 website like me?

If you are facing any trouble accessing the tv 8 link then you must first check if you are using the latest device having the latest OS. Older versions of the OS may be causing the issue. If you are unsure about the problem, please wait, check your internet and connect again.

Is netflix/tv8 a safe website to access?

You can open your account and take help of tv 8 website to take help to safely access the tv portal. You can relax as you can safely login using netflix tv8 without any worry.

I did not receive the www netflix com code. What to do?

You usually get the tv 8 code if you did as the tutorials. But if you did not get your then you must start the process all over again to get your

Can I watch the TV shows offline using /code?

The website www netflix com tv8 is for the activation only. Once you activate your account with code, then you just need to open the website and login to access all the content. Then you can download the content first and watch them later.

I forgot my Netflix My Account login details.

Without your netflix tv sign in details you cannot access your account. So use the Contact Us page. Now ask the customer service team via LIVE Chat option. Use this link –

Is there any other way to activate TV like netflix com tv 6 than netflix.come/tv8?

Now you must only access the https www netflix com tv8 website. The company does not provide any other way than netflix.comcom/tv8 link for you to activate your account. Even if you have netflix tv login, first you need to activate the services.

Whom do I call for help related to Netflix com tv8 login?

You can contact the 1.844.505.2993 number to get help related to login.

Can I watch the Netflix shows using

Yes, you can watch it on YouTube, you will even get some shows for free.

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