Activate My5 tv at on Roku, Apple TV, Android TV and Xbox – With My5 you can stream all your favorite content and shows on Channel 5 in the UK. The Channel 5 group includes channels such as Channel 5, 5 Star, 5 Action, 5USA, 5Select and many others. My5 allows all the users to stream without paying any cost and it is available for all the users across the UK. You can activate My5 TV Network on multiple devices such as Apple TV, Xbox, Roku and Amazon FireTV. You can also enjoy this network on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and also on Xbox One.

If you want to enjoy streaming service of your favorite shows using My5 TV, then make sure you sign up for it. It is effortless to register for My5 TV. If you don’t know how to sign up, I will guide you through this article and show you the step by step procedure to My5 Sign Up. I will also help you to activate the My5 using the link Please follow the instructions of My5Tv step by step.

How to Register on My5 TV

You can use your smartphone and personal computer for My5 Sign Up. To create your brand new account, please follow the simple instructions below,

  • Open the official My5TV Activate link at

click on register in my5 tv login page

  • Now choose the Register option to sign up for a new account.

register my5 tv account

  • Please input all the details and then finally type your password.
  • Now scroll down to “Create Account” button.
  • After clicking the above option, you will have your account ready!
  • Now you can activate this app on your current device.

So, you can activate and install the application on any smartphone or tablet. Many other devices support My5 streaming like Xbox, PlayStation 4 and 5, Roku device, Fire TV and Apple’s TV using the link

How to Activate My5 TV on Roku Device?

activate my5 tv on roku

  • First, please open the Roku Channel store to install My5 TV.
  • Now open this application.
  • Sign in to the app now, it will generate an Activation Code.
  • Now use your PC or smartphone’s browser to open the link Now please login and then enter your My5 PIN activation code.
  • Once your My5Tv/Activate Code is validated, you can begin streaming My5 on your Roku.

Are you using a Roku device for the first time ever? Then, follow all the above steps in sequence to help you out.

How to Activate My5 TV on Amazon FireTV via

activate my5 tv on amazon firetv

  • Switch on your Fire TV and begin downloading My5 using the app store.
  • Once the download and installation is complete, you must launch the app.
  • You will now get your Activation Code on your Amazon FIreTV device.
  • Now use any browser to visit the link
  • Here you will have to enter your My5TV Activation Code.
  • Now your My5 services will be activated on your Fire TV so sign in and enjoy streaming!

Activate My5 TV on Apple TV with

activate my5 tv on apple tv

  • Turn on your device and access your app store.
  • Find “My5” and begin the download. Install it and then sign in.
  • After you successfully log in, you will get an activation code on the screen.
  • Now, on your PC or Smartphone device, open in your browser. Now please enter the activation code you have.
  • After the above successful steps, you can easily stream all the programs on your current Apple TV device.

How to Activate My5 on Xbox via

  • Turn your Xbox on and open the Xbox store to download My5. Install the My5 Application.
  • Now launch this app to log in.
  • An Activation Code will now appear to your screen.
  • On your smartphone or PC, open the browser and open this link to sign in.
  • After you’ve successfully logged in, you will find an option to Activation Code.
  • Please now enter your code to activate My5 TV on your Xbox device.

Important Links and Contact Details

In case you face any problem during the activation, then please take help from the My5 Help Center. This may help you get the list of errors fixed and problems resolved in no time.

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What Is My5 Tv? How To Get My5 On Smart Tv?

My5 online streaming and video on-demand service offers you shows to watch on your devices. To get your My 5, you must first install it from the app or channel store. If you are not having an account, please do My5 Sign Up to create a new one. If you have an account ready with you, please access it by My5 Account Sign In. After the My5 Tv Login, please access the Now you’ll have a My5TV Activation code that you must note or copy. Now open the same website on another device and enter the code. You will get your application and its services activated. Now you can Stream My5.

How to Get My5 On Tv using a channel store?

You need to search the application on your app store or channel store of device.

How Do You Get My5 On Tv Connected to Xbox?

Yes, the My 5 is available on the Xbox app store of Xbox. Now please install the application on your device and begin the activation process.

How to Set Up My5 on Samsung TV?

Access the Application store on Samsung TV and download the application. Once you did it, follow the instructions of

How to get the Xbox Activate Code of My5?

Install the app from the Xbox store and open the My TV Activate Link. You will get the code which you need to enter on your browser with the same link.

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