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Please refer to this article about the and you will learn about the Tubi TV activate process. We have included how to enter the activation code on code, how to use Tubi tv sign in code and what are the steps of Tubi tv activation are all shown in this article.

Tubi TV Activate on Tubi TV App

Please follow all the below steps to Activate Tubi TV on your device.

  • On your device, first launch the Tubi App.

click on sign in on Tubi tv website

  • You need to Choose Log In.

enter code to activate tubi tv

  • On your device, you will see Tubi tv activation screen.
  • From any web browser, go to
  • Fill in the available Tubi TV activate code.
  • Click the Activate device button.

Where to Enter the Tubi TV Activate Code?

  • Click on the start Tubi app and select Home.
  • When you click sign in, you’ll be sent to the Tubi activate account creation page.
  • The app is going to show you Tubi tv activation code on the TV’s screen.
  • This should easily activate your current Tubi TV accounts.
  • You need to register into the link that appeared to your screen.
  • Proceed to the link – [] with a web browser such as Safari, or Chrome, or others. You will be requested to login or sign in to the Tubi online if you have not yet have done so.
  • Then please hit the option Sign In.
  • You may now enter the activation code that displays on your SmartTV screen.
  • When you click Submit, you will complete the process!

Log in to Tubi TV Account with

If you are trying to sign in to your Tubi TV account on the TV or any other apparatus connected to your TV, then you need to find activation code to your TV’s screen as it appears. You need to ensure to start any browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, or other on your apparatus and click on the – [] link. During this operation, the Tubi TV code must be viewable on your TV screen. After joining or login into the website, you will need to enter the activation code that displays on your TV screen.

How to Change Your Email Address

  • In an Internet browser, go to the link at
  • Click or touch the sign in button. Find it available on your screen.
  • Submit your e – mail address, or sign up (join with) with Facebook if your Tubi account is linked to Facebook.
  • After you’ve registered, click/tap on your own title at the top of this screen.
  • Replace the previously-associated or recorded email with the one you currently wish to use for TUBI APP.

How to Activate Tubi TV on Roku using

activate tubi tv on roku

Please follow these activate steps as shown below,

  • Launch the Tubi app from the Home screen of Roku.
  • Then, at the top of the column, select Sign In.
  • Look for an activation code in your display immediately.
  • Open a internet-browser to a different gadget than the one you are activating Tubi Tv on and then you must open the link at
  • You should try to keep the Tubi TV code that is available on your TV screen while you are executing the process. Create one such account if you do not have created one by know.
  • You will then be taken to another page which is a tigger page 
  • Then finally you will have clear access to a List and after that you can start examining the features.

Activate Tubi TV Account on Smart TV using

activate tubi tv on smart tv

  • On your SamsungTV, use your Tubi App. Enter activation code then starts appearing on the screen of your TV.
  • Open on a desktop or mobile web browser whichever device you have.
  • You are supposed to now provide your authorization code that will show upon television’s screen and then click on the – Rename so rename your device..
  • Your personal TV display will instantly update, and you’ll be easily registered into Tubi through your computer or you can also activate it on Samsung TV!

How to Sign Up or Register on Tubi TV?

We have seen the Tubi tv sign in code steps so now, let us see Tubi tv registration steps. 

  • Using any internet browser, first you have to go to

click on register on tubi tv website

  • Then you are supposed to – Register button. Try to find this option on your screen.

tubi tv account registration

  • Choose between registering via Facebook and registering via email.
  • Complete out all of the fields that appear, and then click Register in the bottom right corner.


We have been fortunate to offer you this article about the activate and we surely think it has been helpful to you. We believe that you have followed each step with careful attention. So, you should not have any problem while activating TUBI services and apps on your device. But we welcome you to drop any activation related comments, so we can help you out.

The trouble you face might be technical like not receiving your Tv activation code or facing trouble on a particular device like the Samsung TV. The other problems can be related to something like Tubi TV website not opening or your personal technical problems like using an older system (browser or device) to access Tubi tv activate website or any other similar issues.

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Can I run Tubi TV on my Roku device?

You can install the most recent version of the Tubi channel to your Roku player right from the Roku Channel Store.

Can I run Tubi TV on my mobile phone?

You can definitely run Tubi TV on the popular mobile devices and their operating systems such as Android-Supported devices and iOS-supported devices.

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