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This article is going to include all the details about MyAARPMedicare. We are going to include the rewards of benefits of MyAARPMedicare, login requirements for portal, and registration and login steps. If you forgot your password, we have covered it too here with additional contact details to help you out if you face any problem during login.

My AARP Medicare makes the lives of people better in terms of health and wellness. This portal can be accessed nationally by the people to make the health experience a better one. It establishes mutual trust and a long-lasting relationship with the service provider.

The myaarpmedicare portal offers many health programs that benefit more than a million doctors and people working in around 6,000 hospitals.

For more information about AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) use the official link of the portal –

About MyAARPMedicare

MyAARPMedicare helps senior citizens and a middle-aged group of people to meet their health requirements.

about myaarpmedicare

My AARP Medicare is an NGO (non-profit organization) that offers the best policies for health insurance. This organization has good plans for old and so far it has nearly 38 million members.

Let us understand about the myaarpmedicare rewards. 

Rewards of MyAARPMedicare

AARP Medicare portal has been easy to access by the users and there are many rewards associated with it.

To claim your rewards, you need to go to the official website with your AARP com login to claim the reward points. The AARP com login includes your User ID and password.

You can access all the Medicare plans and you can choose the plan which is according to your needs.

You will not be asked for any yearly fees/rates from AARP.

Benefits of Using Unitedhealthcare Login Account?

The benefits offered by AARP are only for elderly people (senior citizens) and those who are in their middle-age. So all the benefits offered by AARP are relevant to them.

  • Personal health-insurance plan
  • Benefits of hospital indemnity
  • Benefit of extra-protection
  • Medicare-Rx
  • Medicare-Supplements

Now you know about the benefits, let us know about the log-in requirements

What are Myaarpmedicare Login Requirements?

  • Official website URL address:
  • Aarp com login – id and password
  • An updated version of web browser
  • Personal computer/laptop, smartphone/tablet
  • Good uninterrupted internet connection with good speed

Now you are aware of the login requirements, let us understand the steps to log in to the portal. 

How to Login to or Unitedhealthcare? Step by Step Guide

If you want to log in to the AARP medicare portal hassle-free, use the blow steps..

open and click on sign in

enter username and password to sign in to

  • Add Username
  • Add Password
  • Click Sign In

After clicking Sign In, you will be successfully logged into your account.

In case you do not remember your password, we have a solution for that too. Please follow the password reset steps given in the next point.

How to Reset Myaarpmedicare Login Password?

Your password is the only way to open your account. If you do not recall it then, you must reset/recover as quickly as possible.

open and click on sign in

click on forgot password in myaarpmedicare login page

  • Now go to Forgot username or password and click password

enter username and click on continue and follow on screen instructions to reset myaarpmedicare login password

  • Add username
  • Click Continue
  • Confirm your identity
  • Reset your password

Forgot your username? Please follow the below steps

How to Recover Myaarpmedicare Username?

To recover your username, please follow the steps as below,

open and click on sign in

  • Click Sign In

click on forgot username in myaarpmedicare login page

  • Click username (see the image)

enter required details and click on continue follow on screen instructions to recover myaarpmedicare username

  • Add all the details FirstName, LastName, Date of Birth, Email of your account.
  • Click Continue


  • You can reset your username when you are on the password-reset page.

click on forgot username in myaarpmedicare password reset page

  • Click Forgot Username?

So, all of the above steps were about login and password and username reset/recover steps. Now if this is the first time for you to create your account with My AARP-Medicare, then follow the registration steps.

First Time User myaarpmedicare com unitedhealthcare Login Registration Steps

If you are creating your account for the first time, please carefully add all your details so you would not have to bother to update it later.

click on register in myaarpmedicare login page

  • Click Register (See the image)

enter all necessary details and click on continue for first time user myaarpmedicare page

  • Add all the necessary details including your Plan Member ID
  • Click Continue

Note: You can find your Plan ID Number from this link – []

Now, you know all about the registration steps as well. While accessing any other options, you may also find the Registration and login button placed on the top corner of the page.

If you are not able to recover/reset your password or not having luck with the registration, please read the contact details in the next point.

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MyAarpmedicare Contact Information

If you are not having luck with your registration, facing login problems, or password reset problems, then you should use the below-given contact details.

Company – Mail:

To, UnitedHealthcare Customer Service

PO Box No. 30769

Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0769

Contact Number: 1.866.342.0632

Website Technical support Contact

Days and Timing: 7 Days, 7 AM to 10 PM.

Call 771 if you’re TTY User.

Use the below details if not enrolled in any plan

Days and Timing: 7 Days, 8 AM to 8 PM.

Call 771 if you’re a TTY User.


Hope all the details in the article above have been helpful to you. If anything is missing, do let us know as it is a chance for us to add your point and improve our content for you. Your comments are welcome below.


Can I use the portal myaarpmedicare pay bill facility?

Are you a member? Then you must use the myaarpmedicare pay bill using your login credentials.

Is ETF possible with the portal AARP-Medicare?

Yes, with the help of this portal, payment and payment processing becomes very easy. ETF or Electronic Fund Transfer. To know more about it, click – []

Is there a chat option available on the Medi-care Aarp website?

Yes, with the chat option available to you, you can easily communicate your issues or suggestions to the team.

You will find the chat support on official page of website.

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