Home Depot Survey at www.HomeDepot.Com/Survey to Win $5000 Gift Card


Home Depot Survey is started by an American Company, Home Depot. The purpose behind the survey is to get the feedback from customers about their products and services. Customer can visit www.homedepot.com/survey to participate in the survey and get a chance to win $5000 Gift card as reward.

In this survey, you will be asked some questions. And, you need to share your experiences with the company based on your satisfaction with the services. This will help them a lot to find problems and tackle them to ensure a good experience at home depot.

In this post, you will find the whole process to complete the home depot survey and become eligible to win sweepstakes of a $5000 gift card at home depot. Before starting the feedback process there are rules and eligibility criteria to participate in the home depot survey. So if you are interested to take part in the home depot survey and want to win the gift card from home depot, you must fulfill all these conditions.


Home Depot Survey Details

Company Name Home Depot
Survey Name Home Depot Survey
Participation Mode Online
Survey URL www.homedepot.com/survey
Price $5000 gift card
Residence Only Americans
Minimum age limit 18+
Preferred Language English or Spanish

Homedepot.com/Survey Rewards

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Once the participant completes the survey process by following every rule and regulation then he/she became eligible for winning a gift card of $500.

So let’s check the rules for the customer survey.

Home Depot Survey Rules

Home Depot wants to get genuine reviews from their regular customers. They want their services to improve for their customers without any convenience. So to get genuine feedback they have set some basic rules. If the customer fulfills the rules he/she can be a part of the survey and share their experience with the company. All the rules are as mentioned below:

  • Only candidates, more than 18 years of age group are allowed for the survey.
  • No other residents are allowed than Americans.
  • Only one receipt is accepted per person.
  • The prize can’t be transferred.
  • Serving staff members of the home depot are not eligible for the survey.

Now once you have qualified based on rules of the home depot, next you need to check the basic requirements for the Home Depot Survey.

Survey Requirement

  • Receipt of home depot visit.
  • Excellent internet connection.
  • Must be able to spend at least 15 minutes on the survey.
  • The candidate must have electronic gadgets such as a Mobile, PC, laptop, or even a tablet.
  • Enough knowledge to read and write either English or Spanish.
  • Your valid email address.

These are the basic requirements to participate in the survey. If you are ready with all these requirements then we can proceed with the stepwise survey process.

How to Take Home Depot Survey at www.homedepot.com/Survey

To start with the customer feedback survey you need to

homedepot survey

  • Now you need to select the premiere language either English or Spanish.
  • Now, a new page of survey terms and conditions is opened, read them and click on I agree.
  • On the right side bottom, you will find continue or next tab. Press on it to move on a further step.
  • Here you will notice a new page is displayed, that page consists of various questions.
  • These all are the questions you need to answer and for some of the questions, you need to rate them out of five stars.
  • Based upon your visit to home depot try to genuinely answer all these questions and rate them (as asked).
  • Once you are done with all the questions, now at the end fill in your details such as an address, email id, mobile number, etc.
  • And click on the submit button.
  • Within no time, you will receive messages regarding the survey.

Congratulations, you have finished the Home depot survey, and now you have qualified to win the survey prize of a $500 gift card.

About Home Depot

The full name of home depot is Home Depot Inc. It is an America based company, provides home improvements products, service, and tools all over America. If you have any queries, you can simply visit customer support through various communication methods such as mail, phone, etc.

Email Address:


Contact Details:

  • Home Depot Official Website: https://www.homedepot.com/
  • Contact No: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (466-3337) / 1-800-430-3376
  • Social Media Accounts
    • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/homedepot
    • Twitter: https://twitter.com/HomeDepot
    • YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/homedepot

This is the whole stepwise guidance about the Home depot guest feedback survey. If you carefully read all the steps mentioned above, you will easily complete the whole survey and get qualified to win a $500 gift card at home depot.

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24 thoughts on “Home Depot Survey at www.HomeDepot.Com/Survey to Win $5000 Gift Card”

  1. 11/5/2020
    Today I visited Home Depot to purchase a vise. I also found a worktable I wanted but needed assistance in what hardware I needed to attach the vise to the worktable. Home Depot staff member Natalia came to my rescue. She figured what size bolt & nut I needed, as well as washers to use. You would think that perhaps the manufacturer of the vise would have included that information as part of the instructions, but no such luck. Natalia measured both the holes on the vise and those on the worktable and figured which bolt and nut would work. The exact size was not available so improvizing was required. Natalia was a champ and figured out what I needed. I am home with my new vise and worktable and excited to begin my project. I love Home Depot, the staff is always helpful, professional and ready to tackle anything.

  2. Advertising
  3. Hello, Let me first say that i love HomeDepot. I have shopped allot in your store in phenix city Alabama. Well I was in this store today (Monday Nov.30 at 4:56pm. I was there to get 2 bales of wheat straw. As I was looking for a parking place I noticed an associate at the hey trailors near the garden center. I pulled up and got his attention and told him i needed 2 bales of wheat straw. He them told me i had to pay for it first, which i had know problem but the problem came when i asked him where i needed to got to pay for the straw. I asked him 2 or 3 times where i needed to go to pay and he kept telling me i had to pay first, fine no problem. I finally ask if the garden center was open and he very rudely said (No its to cold to be out there, the garden center was closed, I had to go up front, Well I went up front and payed for the straw and Makayla was super nice and told me where to go to pick it up. When I drove back around the same associate was there. When I pulled up he said (what do you need)? I told him 2 bales of wheat straw and He said 2 I said yes and 3 more times he said 2 and i said yes 2. Then he held up 2 fingures and said 1 and 1. I then asked him what his name was and he told me i didnt need his name and he said (what do you what to talk to my manager. I told him i was tired of his attitude and would be speaking to his manager. At this point I was boiling mad so instead of looking for the manager then i was in a hurry to be somewhere so i left. When I called the store the phone just rang and rang so I waited a few minutes and called again. This time I got a young lady who was very nice and I told her what happened. She was not happy at all and told me I needed to speak with the Manager who she connected me with. I told the manager what happened and at first he seemed like he knew who i was talking about as i described the young man to him. (young man wearing a dirty gray hooded sweater with the hood over his head and looked like maybe longer blonde hair) Well at the end of the conversation the mgr told me he would try to find out who it was I was talking about and have a talk with him. Now I have worked in retail fro years and i know how people should be treated even if he was happy helping me, he should have been more professional. I have relatives who work for Homedepot and I know that this isnt acceptable behavior from your associates. As I said I love this store and shop here allot, but if im going to be treated like this i may not be back. Thank you for your time and thank you in advance for handling this situtaion.

  4. Glen Reed at the Home Depot in Anchorage, Alaska was very helpful with my purchasing a washing machine for my home. He was an excellent customer service representative.

  5. We like Home Depot’s warranty service plan, if appliances need to be repaired or replaced Home Depot stands behind their warranty plan and product availability.

  6. Went to Home Deport in Richfield, Ut to purchase light fixtures for a garage. Wendy, the CSR was absolutely marvelous. I don’t think HD realize what a treasure they have in her. Totally a professional. It turns out that HD only had two lights and I neede 8. HD does not do special orders. You can go on line and thru another susidiary or whatever you can place an order. The only thing is their system was down. Yes, it was In OP. They will take a debit or credit card card only. No discount for a PRO member or military. Wendy checked several other HD to see if any other store had the lights. Only found one or two but not enough. So, here we go. Local stores do not have any control over what items are stocked . When I had a business and I got calls for items and I didn’t have. I got smart and after a few calls I upped my inventory so the next time I got a call I could tell the customer the item was in stock. The HOME DEPOT inventory is micro managed from where ever their distribution center is. If I was able to buy the six lights I needed for my shop HD caps the military discount at $60.00. If they had the lights in stock to purchase and I bought them a few at a time the miliary discount is 10%, So where is the military appreciation?? HD makes so much money they are supporting dozens of charities but, they really can’t support people who served? I have done a lot of thinking the last couple of days and I think I am going to start shopping else where. ACE Hardware doesn’t have a problem with special orders. I thought being in business was Customer service and building a customer base that returns. I think the Corporate people at Home Depot need a 101 on marketing. Totally disqusted will HOME DEPOT except for the people such as Wendy, Who are loayal, dedicated and try to do their job.

  7. I just wanted to say my favorite Home Depot is Glasgow for three reasons. Glenn Andre and Barbara. They are professionals that have a great attitude and are a pleasure to deal with. They know their job and do everything possible to make your vist a pleasure.

  8. I tried to take the Home Depot Survey but was told my sales receipt was over 2 weeks old and I wouldn’t be allowed to participate . My receipt is dated 05/01/21 , and is only 3days old.

  9. Very fast and good service, everything in the store was organized and put away, very clean. The carts were not scattered in the parking lot. That’s a big plus!!

  10. hi im a contractor and i like homedepot a lot customer service is good good people to deal with the whole teem from cleaning team sales associated floor workers im so happy with this store thanks guys

  11. I have had the worst time getting a product from home Depot I ordered shower door In February an know it’s the end of July been called store and even there head qurters and know home Depot.com just canceled my order for no reasons they never cape in touch with us terrable coustmer service I will never buy anything from them again

  12. We just purchased a wet/dry vac from Home Depot in Orange Act. Cindy help us check out. If it wasn’t for her we would have not gotten all the parts we needed for the vac. She was very helpful, professional, and a pleasure to work with!

  13. I have allways used homedepot for my supplys, we flip homes and they have everything we need, and at the end they come in and do all the flooring,great job they do.never a problem.great place!

  14. I went to your Burton store 60 miles away because your Lapeer store has lazy people not all but most but I see where that comes from I placed an order was given an approximate date when it would be in, we called they said it was in. Now this is a 120 mile round trip I called got a computer checking my order statis yes comfirmed it was in on my to Burton get there it not in. Now mind you this is not the first time has wasted my time an gas at Bidens prices. Nobody knows where it is, associate did say they would call me after weekend to find it . When Your order at Menards and pay that much money in advance they email you a tracker so you know where it’s at seems how you paid for it in full. It is Sunday called again your computer says orders in. Called again got a human they said it is not in. Seems to me you penny pinchers in upper management need to fix your system Menards is not far from you neither is Lowes

  15. I want to thank Will in the Oregon City store. He found the chain saw I wanted. Got it down for me. Carried it to checkout and to my car. Will is a real asset to your team.

  16. On 12/14/21 I went to Home Depot #1278 to look at bathroom shower units. Employees were clueless and advised me to look online. I ordered a unit online. On 12/15/21 I returned to the store seeking some advise, employees were clueless. I then drove to store #1244 and met Keith Williams and Zion. The helped me and answered questions and sold me $963.36 shower unit. They went above and beyond. Thank you.

  17. I want to recognize your employee Mr
    Eddie Barnes at your location in Bird Rd and 112 SW in Miami Fl he was very kind and attentive with my request to cut some pieces of lumber.. he was very knowledgeable
    and recommended what was the best wood that I need for my project
    thanks so much

  18. Hi, just wanted to say Michelle a cashier from the chandler store on Gilbert and Germann was so helpful and so nice. Thankyou Michelle for making my Home Depot expire Fe such a good one.

  19. I purchased a Milwaukee M18 Fuel impact wrench for $377.79. I got the box home, opened it and the heavy duty bag that the tools get stored in would not open due to the zippers being damaged/skipped. I didn’t want to damage the bag so I decided to return/exchange the item. I returned to the store where Arial offered me a few options. 1) I could exchange the wrench, 2) They could discount the item for me if there were no others in stock and the bag couldn’t be opened or 3) The bag could be opened and I would be all set.

    Ariel worked on the bag while I went to see if there were another in stock. There were none in stock so I returned to customer service where she had the bag open. She explained to me that the zipper was damaged in one little spot so it was good as long as I didn’t close it all the way! She then proceeded to show me how to put my hand in the opening as a guide on how far to close it (Don’t go past the width of your hand). I told her it was unacceptable to pay $377 for a tool with broken items. Apparently it can’t be discounted if they “fixed” it so I returned it and left.

    So now I don’t have the wrench, wasted 45 minutes driving back and fourth and I’m out roughly $5 in gas. Horrible service.

  20. Today I went to the service Desk to order # WB11553089 and the first CS that attend me has a horrible actitudes and passed me to Chris a wonderful caucasian women. She gave me an excellent service and I think you should hire more like her.

    It is not ab Affirmattive Action which makes the best quota Its who gives the best customer service.

    I have been a customer for many years and I think Chris, your CR reserved the best. To her 10+

  21. Today I went into your company store Home Depot at 5755 Mission Ave, Oceanside Ca. I was looking for some help with my bathroom faucet,knowing nothing about changing it ,”Well I got help from two of your employee that showed me the way to get things done,I mean that they took the time with me that when I left I really knowed what I going to do when I get home (Ashley Erianne and Mark {didn’t get his last name} but both was working in hardware I think. But anyway they went above & beyond my expectation of helping a customer showed me how to get this project repaired and the lease expenses way to do it. I just want to know that those two employee made my experience shopping at your Home Depot the greatest time ever shopping there.Thank you and thank Aahley & Mark.

  22. Advertising

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