– Participate in Walmart Survey to Win $1,000 Gift Card

Walmart is sponsoring retailers that are now holding an online survey at for all the clients to leave valuable feedback at the official Walmart Survey and win rewards.

The clients who take this survey get a free chance to win a great prize pool of $1,000 or any lucky $100 Gift Card. It is recommended for all the clients who have recently paid a visit to the Walmart store to leave their opinions and reviews through Walmart Survey to obtain valuable info.

Walmart Customer Satisfaction Survey

Walmart Customer Satisfaction Survey

This post has all the info about Walmart Guest Satisfaction Survey to give users a chance to enter Walmart Sweepstakes. This survey is a good opportunity for both the organization and the clients to share their mutual understandings.

To start with this survey, the clients must know the rules and requirements for survey that allows the user to participate in it.

Survey Rules

  • It is not necessary to make a purchase in order to take part in the survey.
  • The client performing this survey must be from the United States.
  • The age requirement is eighteen years or greater for everyone.
  • Prizes that clients win are not transferable in any other form.
  • Walmart employees cannot join to take this survey.

Survey Requirements

  • A receipt or purchase slip from the Walmart Store.
  • Any device like a phone with a web connection or a PC with strong internet.
  • Understanding the English language is important.

Participate in Walmart Survey at

  • Visit Walmart Customer Opinion Survey by using the official website link
  • Read the rules that they have given first and then accept their terms and conditions to start Walmart Guest Survey.
  • Enter the required info before starting the survey, like store number and other information that is asked.
  • After starting the survey, you can answer questions that only takes few minutes to complete the Walmart Survey to check your level of satisfaction from the store experience.
  • After answering the queries honestly for Walmart Guest Survey, you will also get your chance to enter the prize pool and get the chance of getting a gift prize.
  • Click on the submit survey option when you have shared your personal info with Walmart Survey, and then you will be requested to join the Walmart Sweepstakes.
  • You will get a message after submitting a survey that says you have entered the sweepstakes contest.

Walmart Survey Video Guide

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Survey Prizes

Walmart is a very big store for grocery and other number of products. It is serving in multiple countries, and now it wants some reviews and feedback from the customers. Walmart is rewarding the clients with.

  • 750 Prizes – $100 Walmart gift card to lucky winners.
  • Grand Prizes – $1,000 Walmart gift card.

Reference Links

Walmart Customer Satisfaction Survey link is

Walmart Official website is:

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27 thoughts on “ – Participate in Walmart Survey to Win $1,000 Gift Card”

  1. Couldn’t take the survey. Items in the store (1123) were priced wrong and staff didn’t know they should honour the shown prices. I went elsewhere for the items. Wouldn’t give them a passing grade this time.

  2. I would like to commend Beth and Keval for their service at the return desk at store #3163 (Courtenay, BC). The couple before me were very difficult but both of them stayed calm and professional. Then it was my turn and I didn’t have a receipt. Beth looked the item up and informed me that it is not a Walmart item. (It ended up to be another store) I was trying to keep my cool and their kindness and professionalism helped me calm down. I want to pass on my thanks for their patience and apologize to these two wonderful workers!

  3. Do not buy phone cards from Walmart .. sale person don’t know what there doing .. and they sell you cards that don’t work on your phone then they won’t refund your money for it so… your out your money .. while they trying sell you more cards … so Walmart worthless.. I won’t ever go back or none of my family & friends ( fuck Walmart )

  4. Was very pleased with the help that MELECIO at store # 00791 provided for me. It was very helpful since that 35 lb bag of special kitty is kind of heavy. Thank You again MELECIO

  5. I would like to thank two very nice and helpful young ladies at the Waterloo (3156) store – Alisha and Mansi. This afternoon both of them were very helpful when I was looking and paying for some ingredients from the produce section. I got exactly what I wanted, at the correct price and in a timely manner. Thank you, ladies and keep up the good work! You’re doing a great job!

  6. I was in the Lake Mead Henderson, Nv. Store#2050 There was a door greeter by the name of Lisa. In case there is more than one – she uses a metal cane. She is the perfect example of the first person you would like to see. She told me what was to the right- the left- and straight ahead. She made me smile and when I was leaving she wished a great day. Everyone was very helpful.My ID# on my reciept7QDSNQQ676Q

  7. My son bought a MoneyGram for a relative in need. The person went to various establishments in order to receive the money and was unable to do so.

  8. The pharmacist that gave me my shingle shot today was very professional and did a excellent job. All of the pharmacy dept. employees have done a good job, never disappointed.

  9. The pharmacist at the Tri-city pharmacy gave me my shingle shot today and was very professional and did a excellent job. All of the pharmacy employees have done a good job, never disappointed. Thank all of you very much

  10. Employees shopping for outside customers are constantly blocking aisles.It is really frustrating. Please make a change..Most of the employees are curtious

  11. cashier at fridley mn store was very courteous and polite even after a difficult customer before me. I don’t know how she did it, I don’t know if I could.

  12. Dont know if i am taking the survey or not but I was at the pharmacy today and had a problem with one of my RXs/ I had tried other pharmacies and was still confused. the pharmacist came down and explained my problem and was very professional and helpful.
    I dont know his name but he is an African American and the number on the receipt is #7RDZ9089n1w and I would him to be recognized. Thanks, Andrea Wright 386 628-2212

  13. I love to go to walmart.Today one of employee of walmart (store 1149) named Bosra helped me a lot with her efficiency nice attitude and with smily face.

  14. Always be sure all your purchases are given to you. Several times they have been left on the other side of the carousel, and missed by the clerk. I share some of that responsibility too, but it is a pain when you maybe went there for that specific product, and live 30 miles from the store, way too far to return and pick it up.
    Otherwise, store is fine.

  15. ID#: 7RF8WW1WPY4
    I was in the Garden Center and merely mentioned to the cashier Bill that I would be getting 3 18”square pavers after I was done grocery shopping etc….much to my pleasant surprise when I finally got back, he had already arranged to pick them up,and placed in their garden cart so all I needed to do was drive up curbside for the associate at the gate to load them into my trunk!
    This is not the first time Bill has been so considerate, going above and beyond his “cashier duties”. He’s about the ONLY associate in the whole Cocoa Store that “cares” and practices “customer service”. Please make sure he is given due recognition. Thank You!


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