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If you live in Canada, then you must be aware of Shoppers Drug Mart company. The company is offering Canadian citizens a chance to win a $1000 worth Gift Card by participating in the Shoppers Drug Mart Survey at www.surveysdm.com. The process of taking the survey is quite simple.

If you recently visited any of the stores of Shoppers Drug Mart, then you are eligible for taking the survey. If you are first to know this before anyone else, then you must hurry and take the official survey at www.surveysdm.com.

surveysdm survey

Participate in this survey using your PC or your mobile phone at your comfortable place. You must have at least 5 minutes or less to spare for this survey. You will have to remember your recent visit to the store and start answering some basic visit-related questions.

At the end, you will be eligible for a $1000 Gift Card which you can use at any of the Shoppers Drug Mart stores.

What is Shoppers Drug Mart Survey?

The Surveysdm.com online survey is conducted by the company for getting details about the customer and their true experiences. There are a number of citizens of Canada who visit the store during their free time to buy things that they need. But are they all satisfied?

what is shoppers drug mart survey

No customer is satisfied completely and the company knows this fact. Thus, it asks the customers to provide their feedback in the form of a survey. And taking survey is the best and effective method that allows all the customers to speak their mind.

The Shoppers Drug Mart perfectly understands that you put your genuine effort and spare your time taking the survey and therefore it rewards you with something in return.

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Shoppers Drug Mart Survey Details

Name of the Survey Shoppers Drug Mart Customer Care Survey
Survey Prize 1,000,000 Optimum PC Points or $1000 Gift Card
Age for taking survey 18
Language of the survey English, Chinese, Punjabi, French
Prize Transfer or Substitution No
Citizenship Canada
Limitation of the Survey 1 person only
Official survey website link www.surveysdm.com

Survey Rewards

The prize amount and the rewards are set by the company. So, you have to accept the gift card, rewards, prizes or points that are given to you. The rewards may change as per the mood of the company and the decision of the top management.

  • You get $1000 Worth Gift Card from Shopper Drug Mart OR you will get 1,000,000 PC-Optimum Points
  • The Rewards has the $1000 ARV

The rewards are non-negotiable with the company.

Survey Rules

shoppers drug mart survey rules

  • Must speak any one language of these 4 ; English, Punjabi, French or Chinese
  • Avoid taking surveys if you do not live in Canada.
  • Only 18 above age matters for the survey
  • If you work at Shoppers Drug Mart as an employee, then you and your family members, agents, and closest persons are not able to take part in the survey.
  • The survey can only be taken at www.surveysdm.com.
  • There is no option or possibility of transferring the offer/prize/rewards/points.
  • Must have latest receipt of purchase from the store
  • You cannot cheat or hire someone to cheat in the survey.
  • The receipt must have the customer code of 15 digits or any other invitation.
  • If you win, you are officially liable to pay fees or any taxes that apply to the prize.
  • Take the survey before the deadline of the Sweepstakes entry.
  • Use the rewards in the specified time.

Tips: You must follow each rule carefully and comply with them. If you are unable to obey the rules mentioned, then you may be disqualified later on. If you are confused about the rules, you can ask the store representative for help or visit the official survey website.

Survey Requirements

  • Get a high speed network connection.
  • Use your PC (if you are at home) or your Mobile phone, Tablet or Laptop.
  • Use the latest Shoppers Drug Mart receipt.
  • 5 minutes or less to spare.

How to Take Shoppers Drug Mart Survey at www.surveysdm.com?

If you are from Canada and have read all the rules and requirements and you are fit to take the survey, then you must proceed with the survey. Taking a survey is a stepwise process so keep hitting the next button once you complete one set of questions.

Please keep your receipt with you before you begin.

select language to start shoppers drug mart survey

  • Now you will have 4 options available for language.
  • Please choose the language in which you are comfortable.

enter 15 digit code and click on launch to start surveysdm survey

  • Add the same 15-digits Certification Number that is available on your sales receipt copy.
  • Please enter the numbers carefully because this is the part where most participants make mistakes.
  • Now go to the “Launch” option and click that.
  • As you hit the “Launch” button, there will be a list of questions on your screen.
  • These questions will be very simple and easy-to-answer.
  • Please pay attention to the type of question asked to you and reply according to it,
  • Your answers or replies must be honest and accurate.
  • You must Attend all the questions without skipping any.
  • Rate different aspects like Shopper’s delivery, location availability and hours along with the attendant.
  • Finish the survey.
  • At the end, you can choose to enter in the Sweepstakes draw.
  • Put your personal active contact phone and working email and other details.

Tips: Please keep clicking “Next” until you reach the final page. And if you are lucky, then you will get a call or email from the company about the announcement of your win. If you do not get any calls, then you can try on the next draw.

About Shoppers Drug Mart

about shoppers drug mart

Shoppers Drug Mart is a popular store from Canada. It provides products related to healthcare and personal care. Murray Koffler started this store 6 decades ago in 1960. Now the store has evolved into many Shoppers Drug Mart stores, Pharmaprix and Shoppers Home Health Care stores.

This is a Canadian pharmacy retail store that is situated in the city of Toronto. This is where the headquarters of the company is located. The company has been providing all kinds of retail and pharmacy products that the people need. Besides these services, the company has been operating many other specialty services and runs Health Care stores.

Overall this is a good company that keeps reinventing and introducing the customer-friendly products for healthy living and helps support facilities and communities.

Contact Details

Many users face issues many times while taking the survey, if you are one of such users, then you must use the following details to contact the company persons.

  • HQ Phone Number: 416-493-1220
  • HQ Fax Details: 416-490-2700
  • Customer Care of Shoppers Drug Mart: 1-800-746-7737
  • Shoppers Drug Mart Survey Site: www.surveysdm.com
  • Official Company Website: www.shoppersdrugmart.ca

Contact the company for any trouble you face using the above details. It will help you easily fix the details.


Is there any www.surveysdm.com contest?

Yes, you can participate in the sweepstakes in 2022. Visit the www.surveysdm.com for full contest rules and read all the other instructions as well. If you are positive about the rules of surveysdm, then the Sweepstakes process will be easier.

Is the www.surveysdm.com shoppers drug mart survey available in the USA?

The Survey shoppers drug mart is valid only in Canada and its relevant provinces. If you live in Canada, then this is the best chance for you.

Is the Surveysdm.com online survey paid or free?

The surveysdm.com shoppers drug mart survey is free and you do not have to pay any fee or any other amount for taking it. Instead you can easily enter into the www.surveysdm.com contest and win amazing rewards.

Will everyone get a $1000 Gift Card?

At the end of the surveysdm survey, only the selected winners would get the survey and all the rewards attached. If you have not yet participated, please hurry and take advantage.


All the details that I have listed here in this article about Shoppers Drug Mart Survey are accurate and you can use them when you are trying to take the survey online. The survey is the easiest and the least time consuming way to give your honest feedback to the company. And the company returns the favor in the form of Gift Card and other rewards.

Do not take the survey on any other website than www.surveysdm.com because this is the genuine website that will help you take the survey.

Most importantly, be honest and wish yourself good luck! If you need my help for anything related to the Shoppers Drug Mart Survey, please reach me through comments.

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