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US Postal Services conducts a U.S. Postal Service Survey at Survey which is available for their clients in order to share their response or feedback or postal experience for the services they provide.

The USPS Customer Satisfaction Survey is set to be performed by the clients for every USPS guest or visitor that is required to share the feedback according to his experience. The clients are allowed to perform the USPS Survey at their official website.

Using, the clients are also allowed to leave their complaints or suggestions and reviews so that the company grows with time for further development of their administrations and services.

The advantage of performing this survey is for the clients as by taking part in the USPS Guest Satisfaction Survey, the clients get a golden chance to enter into the USPS sweepstakes that lead them to win amazing free discounts and USPS Reward prizes.

About US

The US postal service started its survey programs so that they can gather more info and data from users about their services and the customer experience from the delivery and employees. Customers can directly get in touch with them, and they can join the US postal customer experience survey through which a lot of questions are answered in order to leave feedback for the organization.

The usps survey can be performed by a user having a buy receipt with a survey code imprinted on it so you can start the survey online to win USPS Reward. The questionnaire includes questions that have to be answered in scales like highly satisfied, highly dissatisfied, or Satisfied, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, or Dissatisfied. To start the survey, you need to fill the following requirements.

Survey Rules

  • The person who takes the survey should be greater than 18 years of age to enter and start the survey.
  • There are no options available as alternative to the cash.
  • The offer limits to a single person for each offer.
  • Coupons that are obtained are used only once.
  • Employees or the staff members of USPS are not eligible and allowed to participate in the survey.

Survey Requirements

  • An email account that can be later linked with the survey.
  • It is highly considered that you should be a legal resident of the US to partake survey.
  • The user should have a receipt from a recent purchase.
  • To participate and start this survey, the user must be at least 18 years.
  • Computer/mobile
  • You should have knowledge of Spanish or English understanding.

How to Take USPS Survey at

In case that you have fulfilled the requirements for the US Postal service customer experience survey, then you are eligible, and all prepared to start with your survey. Follow below steps to start the USPS Quality Survey.

  • When the US postal service website loads up completely, you are required to select the language which you understand better, i-e, Spanish or English.
  • After selecting your preferred language, you can click on the “Next” button.

figure class=”wp-block-image size-large”>usps survey step

  • In the next section, read details about all the USPS Postal Service Experience Survey and then click on the “Next” button.
  • You are now asked to input the ZIP code that has been printed on the receipt that you received from the US Postal service for your order.
US Postal Zip Code
  • After you have entered the ZIP code, a list of USPS centers will appear relevant to your ZIP code area from where you have to choose the location, from where you purchased the US Postal service, and click the “Next” button.
  • Then Enter your purchase date.
USPS purchase date

  • When you are done completing the above steps, the questionnaire will appear, and you have to select your options to give an honest response to the US postal service so that they can improve their customer experience.
USPS questionnaire
  • Once you have filled the US postal service questionnaire, you will be prompted with a “Thank You” message, and you are directed to a new page that shows you will get a chance to win a lucky prize.
USPS Thank You

Postalexperience Survey Video Guide

About Postalexperience Survey

The US Postal Service is a gov based service that is working as an independent. There are over 600,000 who are currently employed in the Postal Service. There is a service of 200,000 vehicles for transportation and work and thousands of facilities that are currently under the USPS Quality Survey. This independent agency works excellently with its service to the customers, and they provide an online customer satisfaction portal to get feedback from them.

The main objective of this agency is to deliver the mails to the citizens of America throughout the day. There are millions of letters that are undergoing through the hands of this agency each day as post mail. As the citizens highly rely on mail delivery, they really are keen on the services provided by the mail carriers, and for the US postal service, there is a lot of competition because of different competitors in the country.

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Contact Info

If you want to contact the USPS to get USPS Location or you want to make a call to avail their services, then you can contact at the given numbers below.

Toll-Free Number of US Postal Service is: (800) 275-8777

Accounting Help Desk number is: (866) 974-2733

Customer Service Number is: (800) 845-6136

Postal Experience Reference Links

USPS Customer Experience Survey Link is:

USPS Official website is:


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  1. I am happy with the wonderful service I received from Angel today at the post office. She was so kind to find the most economic way for me to send a gift to my sister (a book). She used her sharpie pen to make the address more clear, since my pen had smeared.
    Angel was patient and kind and professional.

  2. My tracking number is 9202 3963 4349 6723 0793 65
    I made a mailing at the Walnut St McKeesport, PA post office. I cannot recall the clerks namr but on my receipt the clerk is listed as #24. Her first name began with a “D”. She was great. She explained it could not be mailed in the postal envelope I was using. She explained I would have to use a plain 8.5 x 12 envelope and cut the address label off of my envelope aand tape it to the new envelope. She then helped me make the change. She was terrific. You have a great employee. Please commend her for me. Thanks, David Bauer


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