USPS Delivered To Agent for Final Delivery – Complete Guide [2024]

You are most likely constantly checking your USPS tracking information while waiting for your package to arrive, as you are probably doing, like most people. Everyone desires their package to show up in the shortest time possible, and everyone also desires to receive updates on what is happening with their delivery as soon as possible.

However, sometimes USPS tracking status messages may need clarification. It is normal for people to get confused when they see the “Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery” message. Once we have delivered your package, we will notify you immediately what it means.

Find out all the details here.

What Does Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery Mean?

USPS has to deliver many packages daily, and the main receiver may not be able to receive the package at the time of delivery. When any of your family members or any other authorized person accepts the package or mail, you will get the tracking status marked as ‘delivered to agent for final delivery.’

However, most of the time, the case goes somewhat differently, which means that the package is received by the agent rather than by the intended receiver. You are responsible for checking out who is authorized to receive your packages.

Some examples of agents may include parcel locker services, concierge, and front desk. These agents will take the package and sign it on your behalf. This results in the final delivery being made by an agent after USPS has delivered the package.

About USPS Delivery Agent

Packages are delivered to their final destination by a USPS delivery agent. If your child is at least 12, this can be another home resident, your roommate, the doorman, a coworker, or a neighbor.

The postal service will only appoint a delivery agent if the candidate appears trustworthy.

Other than those listed above, there may also be several others the USPS employs, in addition to the letter carriers, postal clerks, and other personnel at the company. When the package is delivered to the correct address, it is the delivery agent’s responsibility to ensure the recipient signs for the package and that it has been delivered to the right address.

It may also be the responsibility of the delivery agent to deliver packages to P.O. boxes.

When a package is being delivered to a Post Office Box, the tracking status will usually read Delivered to Post Office when it is delivered to a P.O. Box.

Is USPS able to confirm a delivery agent’s identity?

Delivery agents are not required to verify their identity by USPS, and they may be required to present a government-issued ID if asked.

It’s usually not a problem when the recipient of the message lives or works at the same address as the sender, as there are most times no problems to be experienced between both parties. US Postal Service usually will only be able to hand over an essential package to someone on your street if the package is large.

How to Check That Package Is Delivered To Agent?

One can track his package’s delivery status to confirm exactly where the package is. There are different options available through which you can track the package at any time:

  • You can access the website of USPS and can make use of their tracking tools.
  • You can use these tools to monitor the status of your packages.
  • Another way for tracking is using the official app of USPS, through which you can also get notifications about the tracking process.
  • Contacting customer service is possible either through their official website or via e-mail. This would help a lot in tracking the package delivery status.

Thus by knowing about all these simple and easy methods, you can track the delivery of your package. The package will never get lost or go missing.

What Should You Do If an Agent Delivers Your Package?

When the location is your home address, you may message your living arrangements to find out if they could take it for you. Ask your office if you still have your mail if you think it was sent to your work address.

Alternatively, you can contact the local post office in your area for assistance. You can ask them for more information about the location of your package so that you can make an informed decision.

What Happens When Package Is Missing?

There are times when this occurs because, as indicated by the tracking status, the package has been delivered to an agent for final delivery, but has not yet been delivered. This happens when you need to learn about the status of your package. In this case, you can access some of the basic options and can know about your package:

  • You can contact the sender and inform them that you do not receive the package. Through USPS, they can help you better understand your package.
  • You can visit any nearby USPS location and tell the employees about your missing package. They help you by providing details of what happened to your package. They also guide you on returning the package or making a claim for the loss, if any.
  • The USPS website provides customers with the feature of international shipment claims and domestic claims. You can file this and raise the claim for the lost package.

Sometimes, mistakes can and do happen. A package status update will take an extra business day. The local post office can provide additional information if it still appears as delivered to the agent.

Moreover, some USPS drivers can act as an agent for you and sign for your package. This happens if the worker was supposed to deliver something but could not find anyone to give it to. The agent will sign for the package and put it back on the truck for next-day delivery.

How Does Picked Up by Shipping Agent Work?

It is also possible to see that your package has been picked up by a shipping agent or been picked up and processed by an agent. Even though this agent is a third-party supplier, the method outlined in this report is entirely different from that used by the other agent.

It also describes clients who return items using the Parcel Return Service. Following the USPS website. It appears that items with these classifications have been collected at the USPS stations. The packages with a zip code and the terms “consolidated at a USPS facility” on the tracking website indicate that the package has been stored at a USPS facility. Mail will be collected on behalf of the customer by a third-party company. The item will be returned to its origin.

Final Words

Once you know, the basic things of the USPS delivery-related things. You can get the services accordingly. The services provided by USPS are quite impressive, and it is easy to track the delivery status. If you are considering using these postal services, you can get several benefits without interruptions.


What is USPS parcel return service?

When the shippers get returns service with high returns, that is called the USPS parcel return service. The shippers will get return shipping labels that are preprinted, convenient, prepaid, and other related things that can meet USPS’s specifications.

What does transit mean in USPS?

When the delivery process starts, it will be marked as ‘in transit.’ If your package is on the way or gets stuck somewhere, you will find your tracking system telling you that the package is in transit. As your package moves through the USPS network, you will receive a tracking notification.

How long is ‘in transit’ for?

The time taken for delivery of a package depends upon different mail or postal services. 1 to 5 business days would be taken by First Class Mail and 1 to 3 business days by First Class Package Services. Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express take about 1 to 3 days and 1 to 2 calendar days, respectively.

How does USPS calculate the shipping cost?

The shipping rates are calculated on different factors that must be considered. These may include dimensions, the weight of the package, rate tier, and distance between the shipping location and the delivery location. Along with these, many other factors are also responsible for deciding the shipping cost.

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