What is the Walmart Slogan? – Meaning, History, and More [2024]

Do you often wonder why you remember so much about a successful brand more than a newly established one? We recognize a successful company through its slogan, logo, and vision. Walmart is the biggest market company with a unique logo, a clear vision, and a powerful slogan that you can remember.

Are you curious to know more about the Walmart Slogan, Walmart Logo History, who created Walmart, and other interesting details? Then you must read this article. After reading the article, you will not need to visit any other website for additional details, as I have included all the points here. Together, we are going to explore the history and the meaning of the slogan of Walmart.

So, Many times you may have seen the slogan “Save Money, Live Better” while shopping at any Walmart store. Have you ever wondered how the company came up with that slogan and why? Well, keep yourself engaged as we are going to explore each point now.

What is the Walmart Slogan?

Many companies use slogans for their brand promotion. These short phrases help the company to attract customers to buy their products or services. Since 2007, Walmart has been using the “Save Money, Live Better” slogan at all its stores. You may have seen this slogan outside or inside the store.

It is a popular slogan that no matter where you are, you can easily spot that the slogan belongs to Walmart.

What Does Walmart’s Slogan Mean?

“Save Money, Live Better” – If we read this slogan and compare it with Walmart’s core operations and services, it perfectly fits all the customers. Why do we go to Walmart? We go to Walmart because it offers discounted products so that we can save money. Why do we shop? – The short answer is to fulfill our needs and live better lives.

So, as you can see, the logo perfectly communicates the core values to the customers and makes them feel valued. Let’s analyze each line of Walmart’s Save Money Live Better slogan separately to understand the reason.

1. Save Money

With this first line, Walmart’s Slogan communicates with the customers that the company is helping them to save money by giving them products at the lowest price possible. Additionally, Walmart offers them deals, offers, and promotional benefits so the customers can save more money.

Even though there are many options to buy groceries online, if you go to any Walmart stores, you will get a pleasant shopping experience. Moreover, the company also provides an online shopping and ordering services along with curbside pickup. These services help the customers get multi-faceted services, and they feel happy shopping.

Customers can save around $2,500 annually by shopping at Walmart per household. Therefore, shopping at Walmart can save money because you can buy your favorite items at affordable prices. Walmart is also encouraging customers to save more with the help of initiatives like Walmart Savings Tracker. Just imagine how much money you can save in 4 years.

2. Live Better

What Does Walmart Mean by its slogan’s second line? With “Live Better’, Walmart communicates to the customers that they can lead a better lifestyle by shopping at the company stores. Living better does not just mean saving money, but it means spending it to improve the quality of your life and fulfill your goals.

You can use the saved money for your kid’s college education, buying your new house, or your dream car. You can use it to spend on leisure activities such as traveling, sports, visiting places, and buying stuff that makes you and your family happy.

Walmart has been involved in community service with charitable projects such as Walmart Foundation Project. The retailer believes in giving society something back and promoting equality and diversity. With “Live Better,” Walmart wants you to reach out to your short-term or long-term goals.

This is the reason why Walmart’s Slogan works like a charm on all the people. The slogan is powerful and very realistic that draws the customers’ attention when they visit the store, and gives them purpose after they leave the store.

Which was Walmart’s First Slogan?

Since Walmart was founded in 1962, it has adopted various slogans. The first-ever slogan of Walmart was “Always low prices, Always .”Walmart has used this slogan for many decades. Later, in 2007, a new slogan came – ” Save money, live better,” and since then, it has become the main slogan of the Walmart store.

But looking at both slogans, you would hardly see that they are not related to the company.

History of Walmart Slogans

If you trace the history of the first-ever slogan of Walmart, “Always Low Prices. Always”, you will go back to the 1960s when the company first started its business. Walmart kept its first slogan for many decades and kept itself committed to serving the customers according to it. The first slogan reflected the accurate image of Walmart’s promise of delivering items at low prices.

Later, Walmart used the same slogan for years to maintain its core message to buy items at lower prices. Let’s check the timeline of Walmart’s Slogan and how it changed.

  • “Always Low Prices. Always” (1962 to 1988)
  • “Always The Low Price. Always.” (1988 to 1994)
  • “Always Low Prices. Always Walmart” (1994 to 1996)
  • “Better Every Day Low Prices! Always” (1996 to 1999)
  • “Always Low Prices. Always” (1999 to 2007)
  • “Save Money. Live Better” (2007 to Present)

As you can see in the above Walmart History Timeline, Walmart kept the slogan or message the same that is relevant to the brand. When the company changed its slogan for the first time in 1988, it kept the identical but slightly different version of the first slogan. Walmart kept changing the words of the slogan for decades, but in 2007, it changed the slogan completely but kept the main message the same as ever. Every slogan that came after the first lived for a very short period, i.e., 4 years or 2 years.

All of Walmart’s Slogans promoted discounted prices compared to every other competitor in the market and gave the costumes the freedom to save their money. The company then finally decided to keep the original Walmart Slogan from 1999 to 2007. The company could have kept the “Always The Low Price. Always” (1988 to 1994) slogan for the coming years. Still, the competitors complained and accused Walmart of false advertising and deceiving the customers.

The National Advertising Review Board had a verdict that the claims may be true. So, the company then kept a different logo from 1994. Later, after so many revisions, the company went ahead with the “Save Money. Live Better” slogan.

Who Invented the Walmart’s Latest Slogan?

In 2007, when the company was planning for new branding and marketing solutions, they approached the founder of Walmart, Sam Walton.

In 1992, Mr. Sam Walton presented the speech upon receiving the presidential medal of freedom in the presence of President George H Bush. During his speech, he mentioned these words “Save Money, Live better.” These were the perfect words aiming at the objective of the Walmart store; providing necessary goods to its customers at low prices to make their life better. Thus, since 2007, this phrase from his speech became the slogan of Walmart and has been in use since that time.

Who came up with the name Walmart?

The slogan “save money live better” might have been adopted from the speech of Mr. Sam Walton, but the name Walmart was given by someone else. The thought of this name first came to mind of Bob Bogle. Bogle was the first manager at the Sam Walton store Walton five and Dime situated at Bentonville.

When the store was being built, Sam Walton had not decided on any name for the store he was building. Although he had some names in his mind that he shared with Bogle, they were quite long. Bogle then explained that he should keep the name of the store as short as possible because that would save their electricity bill. The more letters in the name will require higher power to light up on the store sign, and thus the name should have fewer letters.

During those days, the company name Kmart was booming, and people were already familiar with that name. Based on that, Bogle suggested keeping a similar name, including his name in the store name. Bogle suggested the name “WALMART” by writing it on paper and handing it to Sam Walton. Sam stared at the name for a few seconds and kept that paper in his pocket.

Bogle felt unsure about his name idea and was wondering whether Sam Walton would like it. He felt relieved when he finally saw the name “WALMART” sign installed on the building. Bogle was happy that Sam liked his suggestions about the name.

What Does The Walmart Logo Mean?

Looking back at the Walmart Logo History, the exciting logo of Walmart was first designed in 2008. It represents the Signature colors of  Walmart, Yellow and Blue, with the six-petal sign. This petal sign is known as the “Walmart Spark.”

The Walmart Spark symbolizes Sam Walton’s inspiration while opening his first store in 1962. He got inspired to keep his customers first and provide them with the best quality at an affordable price. His idea to earn more profit was to sell a higher number of items instead of selling a few at a high price. Even today, the company tries to instill the same idea in their employees’ minds.

Walmart’s Digital Museum informs us that every petal from the six yellow petals represents a different core value of the company. They are as follows:

  1. Customer: Walmart keeps the customers first and gives them exactly what they want.
  2. Respect: Walmart gives equal respect to every customer and associate for sharing different ideas.
  3. Integrity: Sam Walton always considered integrity, honesty, and complying with laws by following Walmart’s policies.
  4. Associates: The company says that the associates on the front line and those working in the office make a difference in the company.
  5. Service: Walmart tries to serve its customers, which is exactly why it was established.
  6. Excellence: Walmart believes that excellence is a journey, and everyone can improve and innovate every day by working together.

And finally, there is the Half Spark which symbolizes the connection to inspiration and innovation. With all of the aspects of Walmart Spark, the company builds up its value and serves the customers. So, as we saw, what are the six significant petals, and what each represents?


I am sure you are clear about the meaning of Walmart’s Slogan – “Save Money. Live Better.” As we have seen in Walmart’s History, the name of the company came from the first manager, Bob Bogle, working at Walton Five and Dime. But Sam Walton himself had a vision of keeping “Save Money. Live Better” as the mission of Walmart.

After reading this article, I am sure you have learned about Walmart Spark, what it represents, and other interesting facts. If you still have any doubts or questions about Walmart’s Slogan, please reach out to me, and I will get back to you with an answer.


How to log in to the Walmart Customer Spark Community?

You will require your Walmart Customer Spark Email to log in to the community. If you have the email credentials and password, you can easily log in to the official Customer Spark website at https://customersparkcommunity.walmart.com/login.

What Time Does The Money Center Open At Walmart?

The Walmart Money Center operates from 8 AM to 8 PM. The working days would be from Monday to Saturday. The Sunday time will be from 10 AM to 6 PM. But if you are planning to visit, please confirm once by dialing Walmart Money Center Number by finding your nearest store.

What Does Walmart Stand For?

Walmart, in formal language, stands for “Walmart Stores, Inc,” but many believe it is an abbreviation for Walton’s Market. Walmart’s slogan shows that the store stands for giving products at low prices and improving the lifestyle of the people.

When did Walmart adopt Walmart Always Low Prices?

Walmart used the “Always Low Prices. Always.” slogan from 1962 to 1988. Later the slogan changed for many years introducing different variations.

Where was the Walmart First Store?

Walmart’s first store started on July 2, 1962, in Rogers, Arkansas.

What are Walmart Vision Centers?

At Walmart Vision Centers, you can get various types of glasses, sunglasses, contact, computer glasses, and even reading glasses. These centers offer a 60 days satisfaction guarantee on the lenses you buy and 12 months of guarantee on the frames that cover up damage and breakage.

Is Walmart Motto and Slogan different?

No, both are the same. The current motto/slogan of Walmart is: “Save Money, Live Better”.

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