Does Walmart Do Money Orders? (Fees, Cost, & Limit)

Walmart is the leader in retail business and has been active since 1962. Besides retailing, it provides many other services such as financial, auto-care, and other key services. So, you must be wondering, “does Walmart do money orders?” If you are looking for the best answer to this question, you have found the perfect article.

When you want to send money anonymously or pay the deposit for your house, consider a money order your ideal choice. If you want money order service from another alternative than the post office, then Walmart offers you money order service through MoneyGram at their authorized Money Center Service.

Other places that give you money order services are

  • US Postal Services
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • 7 Eleven
  • Publix
  • Meijer
  • Bank or Credit Union

In this article, I will clear all your doubts about Walmart MoneyGram hours, Walmart money order limit, its price, and much more. You will likely find many articles online, but once you read this article, you will not need to visit any other website as we have covered all the key points about the money order service of Walmart.

Does Walmart do money orders in 2024?

Yes, Walmart does order money in 2024 through MoneyGram at their authorized Money Service Center. Today, there are thousands of Walmart locations across the United States, such as Walmart SuperCenters and Walmart Neighborhood, where you would find these Money Service Centers.

Walmart offers its money order service through the US Money Order program, and there is no Walmart money order limit, and customers can purchase up to $1,000 of money orders daily. Walmart’s money order works similarly to a bank certificate or prepaid check.

How Does the Money Order at Walmart Work?

To get your money order issued by Walmart, you must first pay the amount you want to send and then pay a small fee. Now, you must write your (sender’s) name and the recipient’s name.

What is Walmart’s Money Order?

Walmart money order is a trusted and effective method that helps you send cash to other people. Many people think it is the best and most anonymous way to send money, even in modern times. Before going to the company store, you must know more about Walmart’s money order, such as the price per money order, fees, amount limitations, and other points. It will help you decide whether the money orders are for you.

What makes Walmart’s money order popular in 2024?

You do not need a bank account to receive money orders from anyone. You can pay your bills with it, make advance payments and even avoid problems with other methods such as check bounce.

How can you buy money order at Walmart?

First, you have to visit the Walmart Money Service Center at Walmart nearest to you. But before visiting, you must confirm Walmart Moneygram hours.

How to find Walmart money centers near me?

You can find the nearest Walmart store and check Walmart Moneygram hours by going to Walmart’s Store Finder Tools on its official website. Do not forget to click on the “Money Service” filter and click “Apply .”Once you click that option, you will find the Walmart nearest to you and get an answer to your question about “Walmart money center hours near me.”

After you get the idea about when does the money center close at Walmart and when it opens, you can plan your visit during working hours and get support from the staff members. The representatives will now ask you to fill out your money order. Read the point below if you do not know how to fill out a money order from Walmart.

How to fill out a money order from Walmart?

Refer to the below steps to fill out a money order at Walmart,

  • First, you must fill in the recipient’s name in the “pay” or “pay to the order” option.
  • Now, write your address in the purchase section.
  • Then, go to the memo field and write your account or order number.,
  • Finally, you must sign your name in the purchases signature section.

While filling out the basic details of a Walmart money order, you must include the amount you want to send plus the usual transaction fee, i.e., $1. Now Walmart will accept your money order request.

What is the Walmart money order limit?

Walmart’s money order service is quite simple, but you need to know its limits. The money order limit by Walmart is $1,000 per transaction. So if you want to send a higher amount, you must buy more money orders.

Will you require identification while purchasing a money order?

For this money order service, Walmart does not require you to submit ID proof. But, it is in their right to ask for your ID proof or any government ID Proof if they want, and you will have to submit those.

If your money order purchases are above $1,000, then Walmart will ask you to provide your ID with photo proof. The company has to do this to avoid any illegal or fraudulent purchases.

The Walmart money service centers will accept valid ID proofs such as a driver’s license, which is issued by the state, Military ID Card, a passport, or any valid photo ID that is government issued. So, when buying multiple money orders at Walmart service centers, you must prepare the necessary documents.

What is the cost of the money order?

As per Walmart policy, the maximum amount it will charge you is $1, which is not a fixed amount. The exact amount may be different because it depends on the location of your Walmart.

Currently, Walmart is the most cost-effective option for money orders because it charges the lowest amount compared to any other services in the market.

Does Walmart cash money orders?

Yes, Walmart does allow cash money orders, but it also allows you to cash personal checks from its Money Service Centers. This option is very good when you have to receive money from anyone else, and you want to get cash from it.

If you want to cash money orders at your preferred Walmart store, you must first pay your transaction fee when buying it. Generally, Walmart charges a money order which is a maximum of $1 or less, so you wouldn’t have to worry about paying more.

Can I get a refund from Walmart for my money order?

You must have a question: “Are Walmart money orders refundable?” Well, if you do not need the money order anymore and want a refund, then Walmart will refund you a full refund. But you must keep in mind that your order must be blank, which means you must not have written anything on it, and it must be in good condition.

If you fulfill these two details, you will receive your refund, but you still have to show your receipt for it.

Do you have to keep the receipt of your money order?

If you think that “Should I Keep My Money Order Receipt?” Then, the short answer is yes, you have to keep your receipt for money orders safer as they are your payment proof. As soon as you get your receipt, please keep it safe because it will help you get your refund if needed.

If you have any questions or doubts, you can contact MoneyGram and get help. Without receipt, the refund and money order process will not work as expected.

Is it possible to buy Walmart International Money orders?

Yes, you can send international money orders from Walmart Money Service Center. Walmart works with MoneyGram and Western Union to process your international transactions.

You have to ensure that the person you are trying to send your Walmart international money order to can cash in his country. When the country changes, the policies of financial institutions also change; therefore, you have to cross-check before you buy your money order.

If there is a requirement for exchanging currency, Walmart will charge you additional conversion fees. So, always check before buying and sending an international Walmart Money Order.

How to track Walmart’s Money Order?

You can track the money orders from Walmart with your money order number. Now, you can use the money order receipts and check the printed money order number on the receipt. Thus, that is yet another reason to keep your receipt safe.

You can check the status of your money order by going to the MoneyGram website. You have to enter the necessary details and start tracking your order.

What to do if I lose my Money order?

If you lose your Money order, you must contact MoneyGram because Walmart relies on this service. They can easily help and inform you whether you can cash your order.

How to contact MoneyGram?

You can contact MoneyGram for help related to your money order, reporting fraud, or any other problem, and the service team will help you process your transactions smoothly.

  • The contact number of MoneyGram is +1-800-926-9400


So, after reading this article, you must now be clear on how to send money to Walmart. Walmart Money Orders should be your priority if you need the most affordable and secure options. You can get many other benefits with your order, such as the low fees option for tracking and sending International Money Orders.

I hope you liked my article about how to send money with the help of Walmart service, but you have to keep in mind that the services are available during specific hours only, so confirm when does the money center close at Walmart.


I want to send a $5,000 money order using the Walmart service. Is it possible?

The limit for sending money orders at Walmart is $1,000 per day and $5,000 per month. So, you can buy five money orders at once.

What is the Walmart money transfer limit?

Walmart’s money transfer limit is up to $10,000 for every online transfer.

What time does Money Center in Walmart close?/ How to find Walmart MoneyGram near me?

You can check the timing online using the store finder on the Walmart website. It will show you the accurate timing and store location.

In which countries can I send the money orders?

Moneygram provides its service globally. To check their service in your country, you may visit the website, select the region>Country>Language, and press the submit button. It will show all the services in your selected country.

What other services does Walmart MoneyCenter provide?

Walmart MoneyCenter provides bill payment, reloading debit cards, direct deposit, mobile check deposit, money transfer both domestically and internationally, and bill payment.

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