DQFanSurvey at www.dqfanfeedback.com to Get Free Dilly Bar

At Dairy Queen, you can receive a free DQ Dilly bar by simply participating in the official DQ Customer Satisfaction Survey at DQFanFeedback.com. In this survey, you have to answer some of the questions asked by the company. The questions that are asked in this DQ customer feedback survey are basically from the experience gained by you while making a purchase on the DQ store. The Dairy Queen conducts the DQ official survey to improve its services and encounter the problem faced by its customers while shopping from DQ stores.

In this survey, the questions are like Quality of the product, employee behavior, Offers given by the company, price feedback, overall rating, shopping experience, etc. According to survey rules and eligibility criteria once, you complete the survey as per company promise you will be eligible to receive a reward of free DQ dilly bar.

Here Let’s discuss how we can participate in this official DQFanSurvey at DQFanFeedback.com and complete it in a stepwise process.

DQFanSurvey Details

Survey Prize Free Dilly Bar
Receipt Valid For 3 Days
Coupon Valid For 30 Days
Purchase Required? Yes
Entry Method Online
Entry Limit None

DQFanSurvey Rewards

By following the correct procedure, if you successfully complete the DQ Feedback Survey, you will be eligible to get a

1. Free DQ dilly bar or

2. DQ discount coupon card or

3. DQ promo coupon card or

4. DQ seasonal gift card

as a reward. Out of the above mentioned, you will receive anyone as a survey prize.

DQFanSurvey Eligibility criteria

To take part in the DQ feedback survey you must meet some eligibility criteria as mentioned

The first criteria is that the participant must be more than 18 years of age.

You are capable of understanding the basic languages of Spanish, English, and French.

The person must be a resident of the United States of America.

 And you must have a recent purchase receipt from the Dairy Queen store.

You must be able to know terms such as Transaction, receipt, cash mode, date of purchase, etc.

You must have a laptop, computer or smartphone with a good internet connection to take part in an online survey.

Survey Rules

You must have a recent receipt of purchase from the Dairy Queen store.

The validity to participate in the survey is within 3 days from the purchase date.

For an online survey, you must have a 19 digit code from the Dairy Queen to fulfill the feedback eligibility criteria.

 you will be able to enter your receipt details only in Spanish, English or French. No other countries’ languages are possible for this feedback survey.

Soon you will be given a redeem code after the successful survey completion. Make sure you note the code to show at the Dairy Queen, for the next visit to receive the free DQ bar.

How to Take DQ feedback survey at DQFanFeedback.com

To take part in the survey visit the official website of DQ Fan Feedback DQFanFeedback.com

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 Open the browser and visit the site. You will notice that the survey is conducted with encryption.

Once you check the spelling of the website so that you are visiting the correct website.

At this point, you will notice a new page has opened which asks you to select your language out of Spanish, English, and French at your convenience.

At this point, you have to enter the 19 digit survey code.

DQFansurvey Code

 when you proceed next you will be redirected to the official DQFanSurvey website. Here you need to enter the phone number present on the receipt.

Check the receipt and fill out the survey form entering the date, time, price, transaction mode, etc.

Verify whether you have entered all the details as per receipt and click the start button.

You will notice the survey has started. Now answer the questions based on the quality, employees, product, pricing, offers, etc.

DQFansurvey Survey Ans

Try to provide the correct answers as per your experience. This will really help the DQ to improve its services based on your feedback provided.

After answering the questions press on the ‘Next’. At this step, you are supposed to provide your mobile number.

On this number, you will be provided the coupon code to redeem the free Dilly bar.

Note down the code which can be used in your next purchase to avail of your free offer.

DQ Survey at DQFanFeedback.com Video Guide

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Introduction about Dairy Queen DQ

In the year 1940, the DQ started its service with fast food and ice-cream products. At present, the company is serving its satisfied customers in more than 27 companies. Its service contains many fast food services and other products at a very reasonable price. The Dairy Queen company is located in more than 100 places all over America and expanded up to South Asia, Canada, the middle east, and Bahamas Island.

Where can I find Dairy Queen in the United States of America?

In the United States of America, Dairy Queen Stores are available at more than 600 locations only in Texas and around 48 locations in different parts of America.

How much Dairy Queen Coupon card costs?

You can receive a coupon card upon purchase range from $5-$250. The DQ gift card can be obtained by making a purchase on any selected retail stores.

How much I need to pay fr one dilly bar at Dairy Queen?

The price ranges are different at Dairy Queen but on average, you need to spend around 7$ for one dilly bar. And for you, each cone costs around 1.28$.

Dairy Queen conducts a fan feedback survey to improve its quality services and provide its customers with excellent brand quality. This feedback survey will make a strong bridge between the customer and management. The above guiding tips will help you to receive your free coupon code prize.

Contact Information of www.DQfanSurvey.com

  • Phone : 1 (866) 793-7582
  • Online contact form

Business Addresses

DQ Canada
1111 International Blvd.
P.O. Box 430
Burlington, ON L7R 3Y3
Number: 9056391492


American DQ Corporation
7505 Metro Blvd.
Number: 9528300200

Working Hours

Monday to Sunday – 8:30 AM-11 PM

Official Twitter Account – Dairy Queen @DairyQueen

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24 thoughts on “DQFanSurvey at www.dqfanfeedback.com to Get Free Dilly Bar”

  1. why is it so difficult to do the survey to get a dilly bar I try all the different options and sites get shit

      • My order was all mixed up. I ordered 3PC chicken strip meal, Reg fries, root beer beverage, honey mustard dip, catsup and mustard for the fries, and strawberry sundae. Also a supersnack 2 PC chicken strips, honey mustard dip, and carmel sundae. Next time I will have the employee read back what I ordered. What I got at the drive up window was Diet Coke, forgot the carmel sundae, forgot the catsup and mustard for the fries. Sat at the window and didn’t drive from the window unit order was correct I thought. After driving away is when my first sip of the root beet which turned out to be diet coke, yuck!!. Next time I will check each item no matter how long I need to stay at the drive up window. Also it says to take the survey, but there is no survey number on the receipt as requested by the survey instructions. 11/19/2020 12:55 pm Order ID: AABAHJRJAJBK DT-49, Employee: Brandi, 218-512-2222

  2. Went through the drive thru window, placed our order, paid and was told to drive around to window 2 to get our meals. Then we waited and waited, no one came to the window. My husband walked around to window 1 and told the young man that we had been waiting for 15 min. and he replied ” I take the orders but he would check on our order. No one came to window 2, our sundaes were melting. My husband went to the main door but it was locked. Don’t know why it was locked because they have been open for eating inside for a few months. Which we seen several other customers trying to get in thru the main door and walking back to their cars. So my husband walked around to window 1 again and he told the DQ employee that we were still waiting for our food for almost 30 min. and there were 3 cars behind ours waiting for food. That’s when a woman told my husband that they had run out of hamburger patties and someone went to get some. My husband asked why no one came to window 2 to tell us and she did not reply. He asked for our money back. How can a business that sells hamburgers and is introducing all these new burgers let theirselves run out of hamburger patties? Poor management!! There were several cars lined up to place orders -HA HA- Good luck.

  3. Hi the service was awesome the staff was friendly and it was a pleasure getting the blizzards from the staff. They even gave my dog an icecream treat.

  4. Hi the service was awesome the staff was friendly and it was a pleasure getting the blizzards from the staff. They even gave my dog an icecream treat. The Lethbridge west side was very friendly to me and my pet dog.

  5. I took the survey. A lot of personal questions not pertaining to D Q. But it didn’t give me the code for the dilly bar. A waste of my time. Won’t bother doing this again. So disgusted may not return to D Q again. And I spent $23.

  6. Why can’t I start survey to get free Dilly Bar.
    The other day I tried for a free small cone and there was no code on my receipt to use.

    Why are you making it so hard to do?

  7. how do you get to the survey? it is impossible. it’s a joke. they want you to do it and won’t take you too it. I’ll never buy from DQ again. the drive thru is a joke. no one to help you getting your order is a joke. some times it is right most of the time it is wrong. I have had it with DQ.

  8. I see dq does not respond to their buyers. Sham on you..as everyone else your survey program dies not work…try to post and said duplicate..this is the first time i ever wrote anything…and i didnt get my dilly bar….

  9. Every Thursday my husband meets his friends at Dairy Queen, eats there and brings me
    my order when he comes home. We love your food.

  10. Dairy Queen stinks on their survey for a free dilly bar! Won’t work! You need to get your survey straight like other companies do! With McDonald’s or Popeyes or Wendy’s etc it is easy!

  11. At the present cost of living today, and being a senior / retired with a low income, DISCOUNTS are most important to us. YOU should encourage these in EACH store.


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