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KohlsFeedback Survey is an online survey held for the loyal customers or clients of Kohl’s that can give them an opportunity to win 10% discounts on various items. The Kohl’s Coupon Codes can be redeemed on the next purchase of a customer.


If you have shopped at Kohl’s recently, then Kohl is inviting you to leave valuable feedback or opinion through an online survey at Kohl’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. The Kohl’s Feedback Survey is accessible for all the clients who want to leave either positive or negative comments feedback for the organization.


The lucky users to perform Kohl’s Guest Opinion Survey at their official website www.KohlsListens.com, get a good chance to win free gift prizes. These gift prizes can be later redeemed on a purchase at the Kohl’s store.

About KohlsFeedback Survey

Kohl is a Grocery store and food store in America that has its chains spread across different states. It was started in 1962 by Maxwell Kohl. It is famous for selling goods like Footwear, clothes, furniture, electronics, bedding, etc.

This store has its own online survey to get feedback from its clients at the Kohl’s Store Survey held at the official website of this store, www.KohlsListens.com.

Kohlsfeedback Survey 2024


Kohl’s Guest Feedback Survey is available and accessible for all the clients who shop from this retailer store. This survey improves the customer experience and lets the organization enhance their services and administration as well.

To start this survey, users should know all the basic rules and requirements from Kohl’s store in order to start the online survey easily.

Rules for KohlsListens Survey

  • Must be eighteen to start the survey
  • Receipt from store is required
  • A web-connected computer is required
  • Understanding English is required
  • The survey is limited per receipt
  • An employee of Kohls cannot start the survey

Ways to Take Kohl’s Survey at www.KohlsListens.com

  • Select language to proceed with answering the survey questions, but first, you have to enter your last visited store number and the code printed on your purchase receipt.
  • After entering the info, start the survey to answer Kohl’s Guest Survey questions.
  • These questions will reflect your last experience at their store, so answer wisely to all questions according to your latest experience with them.
  • Share satisfaction level and rating according to their environment and staff attitude for the clients. Rate the quality of their products as well and complete the survey.
  • After answering everything, then you can submit your survey at Kohl’s Listens Survey.
  • After this, you will be able to get a 10% off coupon on your next purchase on any item from Kohls.

Kohls Feedback Survey Video Guide 2024

Get More Free Reward Prizes


KohlsListens.com Survey Reward

Completing the Kohl’s Customer Feedback Survey will earn great discount coupons for the clients that can be redeemed later on the next purchase.

  • 10% discount Kohl’s Coupon

Reference Links

Kohlslistens Survey Website is www.KohlsListens.com

Kohls Website is www.kohls.com

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  1. Order was placed and had shipping date of 4/20/2022! Did not receive package on 4/20/2022 and now there is no shipping date available. Apparently this package is being delivered by Lasership which is the worst company out there to deliver packages. I have had nothing but trouble receiving my packages from this company. Will not place another online order with Kohls if they continue to ship through Lasership. Planning on not even opening package when it arrives and just returning to store because the items if I receive them will be after I need them.

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  3. I placed an online order with Kohl’s recently. I have never had any problems with Kohl’s online. With that said, Kohl’s used to ship so quickly. I don’t like the change that they made. They now have a new carrier, Pandion. I feel that someone dropped the ball with my order. It took extra time. I tried multiple ways to complain. The best way is through their phone #. The Rep said that I’d have to wait a week to request a refund. Thankfully, I did get my full order. But, I won’t be ordering from Kohl’s online again. Possibly in store. I was so unhappy.

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