Old Navy Customer Satisfaction Survey at survey.medallia.com/oldnavy-feedback


At Old Navy, you can earn a free discount coupon of 10% on the next purchase. In order to enable this offer, you just need to participate in the Old Navy feedback survey at survey.medallia.com/oldnavy-feedback and answer some of the questions asked. These questions are based upon your experience with the company related to employees, products, offers, services, etc.

When you complete the survey as per company rules you are eligible for the discount coupon of 10%. This survey is conducted by the old navy to get trusted feedback from the customer. With the help of this survey, they make their plans accordingly to improve customer satisfaction and solve the problem faced by the user.


Let’s discuss how we can take part in the Old Navy Customer Satisfactory Feedback Survey at survey.medallia.com/oldnavy-feedback and complete it in a stepwise process.

Feedback4OldNavy Survey Details

Prizes10% Off + Free S/H
LanguageEnglish, French or Spanish
Offer Per Valid Receipt1
Coupon Valid For14 Days

Feedback4OldNavy.com – Old Navy survey reward

On successfully completing the feedback survey you are eligible to get a free coupon of 10% discount on your next purchase.

What Things Are Required to Complete Old Navy Survey?

To take part in the old navy survey every individual needs to fulfill the below requirement to get the free discount coupon of 10%.

➽ You will be eligible to participate in a survey once you make a purchase from any old navy store.

➽ So firstly you have to visit Old Navy stores and make some purchase

➽ After this take the purchase receipt along with you to take part in the survey

➽ To complete the survey online. You must have a computer, laptop or smartphone with good internet speed.

➽ You must be able to understand basic English, Spanish or French. To understand the terms.

➽ As per data printed on the receipt, you must be able to understand terms such as date, time, cost, validity, transaction, etc..

Old Navy Feedback Survey Rules

➽ For any customer to take part in the survey he/she must have minimum 18 years of age

➽ Next, you must make a purchase for the Old Navy store

➽You are supposed to take part in the survey if you are from the US, Mexico, and Canada.

➽ you will get a discount from one store only for first time

➽For participation in the survey, your receipt will be eligible only for the first 14 days.

➽ If you are an employee or relatives of any employee working in the Old Navy you won’t be allowed to take part in the survey.

How to Take Old Navy Feedback Survey at survey.medallia.com/oldnavy-feedback

➽ Open your internet browser and visit the official website www.survey.medallia.com/oldnavy-feedback

➽ You will get the page opened asking you to select the preferred language out of English, Spanish, French. You can select one among them and click on the next tab.

➽ Now you will see an enrollment form on your screen. Fill out the form as per the information provided on the receipt.

➽ The form may ask you to enter the date of purchase, time of purchase, transaction amount, etc..


➽ after successfully entering your receipt data click on the ‘continue’.

➽ Here you will find the survey questions which you need to answer.

➽ As per your experience, answer the feedback survey questions.

➽Try to ensure the correct data so the company can improve the services based on your information provided.

➽ Once you have answered all the questions, click on the ‘submit’.

➽ At this point, you will receive your 10% discount coupon for free.

➽ This coupon is valid for the upcoming 14 days on any Old Navy store whether it’s online or offline.

Introduction About Old Navy – survey.medallia.com/oldnavy-feedback

Old Navy is an American based company that fulfills the needs of customers through clothing and accessory retailing.

The company serves satisfied customers over more than 25 years. And expanded in more than 1k locations including Canada, Mexico, and America. In America, you can find Old Navy stores in New York City, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco and also in Mexico City.

As per the data provided by the company in 2018, it’s revenue is over 8 billion US dollars.

You can visit the old navy official website at https://oldnavy.gap.com/.

Old Navy’s Opening Times and Holidays Info

The Old Navy working timing is around 9 AM to 9 PM from Monday to Saturday. Working hours will be reduced on Sundays from 10 AM to 7 PM. Generally, on holidays, the working hours are reduced by most of the stores. And remains fully closed on Christmas day. On Boxing day the store opens at 4 AM.

How To Exchange Your Product at Old Navy Store?

The exchange process is very simple. You can directly visit the Old Navy store with receipt of the item and product you are looking to exchange. If you have lost the receipt the company will return your product by checking their data. As per your wish, you can also request your receipt on your email once the purchase is done.

What are the refund policies of the Old Navy?

The functioning of the Old Navy is very simple and easy. If you have made cash payment then instantly you will get your refund. While it would take around 8-12 days to get your refund in your bank account if you have used credit or debit card payments mode.

How Does The Old Navy Get Its Products?

Old Navy Company is located in Bangladesh. It transports all it’s products from this company only.

Official Old Navy Survey at survey.medallia.com/oldnavy-feedback

This article will help you to gain the knowledge about the rules and criteria followed to take part in the Old Navy survey and win excellent free 10% Discount coupon code. You can follow the points mentioned to complete the Old Navy feedback survey.

Visit survey.medallia.com/oldnavy-feedback to take part in the survey.

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7 thoughts on “Old Navy Customer Satisfaction Survey at survey.medallia.com/oldnavy-feedback”

  1. Wowed.
    Having been a retail manager for 20 years, owning up to 20 million dollars worth of high end merchandising/service/ and leadership initiatives, corona-sequestered for almost 3 months, and a semi regular shopper of Gap, Banana, and Old Navy affiliates; I have never seen a group, or store quite like this.

    Sadly relevant, I not been out of my small town for almost three months, high risk self and family. Truly, apprehensive to see what the new normal would look like. Small town, big problems, with congruency.
    Only with eyes, amazing eyes throughout; not intrusive just asking if I needed assistance. No faces just dedicated eyes with strong voices. All masks, nothing but eyes, beautiful eyes. Mine obviously focused where trained. Pristine environment, crystal folding and sizing of all goods, no dust, no traces of “shopped.” Price checkers reading accurate, to again pristine balanced signage, above sized, and level merchandised garments. So much staff on a random Monday, all of which doing “something.”
    Something and everything.
    Every individual tasking, from steaming, cleaning/cashiering, fulfilling orders in the middle of the store(which would have been a mortal sin where I have come from in recent years), interacting with co-workers and guests, balancing overall productivity and assisting guests in a non obtrusive way.
    Damn, they made it look easy, it is not. Damn the store looked amazing Damn did the product feel and look good. Damn did those forms look great.
    This was an amazing effort behind all of your beautiful eyes.
    If this was a “visit day” make it an everyday reality said visitor.
    Thank you for a look into our shopping past team Central Park Fredericksburg, Virginia. It was my pleasure to purchase.

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  3. I just used my new credit card from Old Navy for the first time at the store in El Paso. I had a 20% coupon I had been holding on to since it came with my card for my first purchase.
    I was told I could not use it,…the explanation was vague and I was not happy … I did get 10% off my total purchase of 80.00 some off dollars.
    Can you tell me why I get a coupon that I CANNOT use…??? I love this store hence why I git a credit card but now I’m not that thrilled…

  4. I had a great experience in the old navy at Las Americas. The employee Jennifer help me in so much. She was so polite and patient. One of the best expirience I’ve had in a store in a while.

  5. I want to take (another) survey for a shop I visited but the medallian survey site won’t allow me to. It tells me thank you for taking a survey- which I too about a week ago.

    This is not helpful at all. If I shop at a store on different occasions then I have different experiences that I can speak about. Yet, I am not being allowed to do that!

  6. If you’re ever in Barstow CA and liking to buy clothes hit up Nicole at the old navy she’s super helpful and real nice willing to show you what,whee everything is I was impressed with Nicole and Tyrreens personalities happy, willing to talk and make you feel vary comfortable

  7. I was at Old Navy today I was treated very well all the question I asked mr.christ I believe he was a manager and ms Norene was very helpful at the register. I save money by opening a old navy card they are very good employees

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