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Sprouts Farmers Market conducts surveys to find out what customers like and how they can improve. They ask about things like products, prices, service and the overall shopping experience.

By listening to customers, Sprouts strives to improve its stores. Feedback helps them see what they are doing well and where they could do better to make smart choices for the future.

This way Sprouts Farmers Market keeps in touch with their customers and even improves shopping experience in their stores.


About Sprouts Farmers Market Survey

sprouts feedback survey

Founded in July 2002, Sprouts Farmers Market is a popular place where customers buy grocery items and different daily items.

The store provides bulk foods, natural and organic foods, baked goods, frozen foods, deli, meat, poultry, dairy, natural body care products, sea foods, and many more.

If you are a regular customer, you can find almost everything at the Sprouts Farmer Stores. The history of the stores dates back to 1943 when Henry Barney opened the fresh fruit stand in San Diego, which became Boney’s Market and later termed Henry’s Farmers Market,  

In 2011, Henry’s, Sprouts, and Sun Harvest companies came under Apollo Global Management, and all companies got rebranded as Sprouts stores.

As of now, there are more than 380 stores available in the 23 states of the US. With these many stores, 35000 employees work there to satisfy hundreds of thousands of customers.

Because of so many customers, it is hard to determine what they think about Sprouts Customer Service and products. 

Purpose of Sprouts Farmers Market Customer Survey

In the previous point, we learned that the company has nearly 380 stores in the United States of America. However, with so many customers visiting the store, it is hard for the company to accurately know the Sprouts Feedback from the customers about their shopping experience. So, the main reason Sprouts Farmers Market conducts the survey is to learn about the customer’s perception of the brand. Also, the company wishes to improve its services so customers can have a better experience while shopping at participating stores.

With the help of the Sprouts Feedback Survey, the customers can also get a chance to explain their minds about the brand. They can tell the company whether they like Sprouts Customer Service.

In return, the customers get a $250 Sprouts Market Gift Card which they can use at the stores for shopping items. The survey contains a series of questions related to the customers’ recent visit.

The questions will ask the customers about the quality of the product, accessibility of the store, cleanliness, store environment, treatment by the customer support team, and overall personal satisfaction.

The company understands that customers spend valuable time answering questions about Sprouts Customer Service. So, they decide to provide customer survey rewards, which are usable at any company store.

On the other hand, the company gets accurate and valuable data to improve customer service and attract more customers. Now, let us understand the rewards of the survey,

Sprouts Farmers Market Survey Rewards

The customers who participate in the Sprouts Survey expect something in return for the efforts. So, the Sprouts Farmers Market provides a gift card that they can use at any participating brand store.

After participating in the survey, the customer will receive the gift card, but they enter the details into the SproutsFeedback sweepstakes. As of now, the company provides below rewards to the customers.

  • $250 Sprouts Market Gift Card

The Sprouts Feedback.Com survey prize can change recording to the management decision, so please check your purchase receipt if you are unaware of it. Your receipt will have the Sprouts Survey invitation and prize printed on it.

Now you learned about the rewards, so let us understand the requirements of the survey.

Survey Requirements

  • A tablet, smartphone, or laptop/PC. 
  • Valid link for Sprouts Feedback survey website, i.e. https://survey.foreseeresults.com/sprouts 
  • Participants must have a purchase receipt,
  • High-speed internet connection
  • A secure browser opens the URL.

With all the above requirements, participants can access the SproutsFeedback survey website and start answering the questions. If you are clear with the requirements, let us talk about the rules of the Sprouts feedback survey, which are the most important for you to follow.

Survey Rules

As a participant, you need to read the SproutsFeedback survey rules to check their eligibility. You should comply with these rules; otherwise, you will get disqualified before taking the survey. Please read the following rules to check your eligibility for taking the Sproutsfeedback.Com survey. 

  • The official survey limit is 18 years. If you are below that age, please avoid taking the survey. 
  • Only the legal residents of all 50 states of the USA can take the survey, including the District of Columbia. If you are from outside the USA or have no legal residential proof, please avoid the survey.
  • After taking the survey, you need to submit your authentic personal contact details. The company will use these details to reach out to you and inform you about your win.
  • One participant can only take the survey once. Attempting the survey more than one time will result in disqualification.
  • The $250 Sprouts Market Gift Card is not transferable to any third person on your behalf. 
  • You cannot request any cash for Sprouts Farmers Market Rewards. You have to accept them in their original form.
  • The company prohibits its employees from taking the Sprouts Feedback Survey. Not only this, but the immediate family members also cannot participate in this survey.
  • Please provide honest Sprouts Feedback so the company can verify it and improve its services. 

If you comply with all the rules, you can participate in the Sprouts Customer Service survey without any problem. However, you will get this qualification if you do not follow even a single rule. To participate in the survey, you need to fulfill all the rules. 

How to Participate in Sprouts Farmers Market Survey 

If you have read all the rules and feel confident that you can participate in the Sprouts Customer Survey, you need to know the steps. If you are taking the survey for the first time, these SproutsFeedback survey steps will help you avoid any mistakes. 

sprouts farmers market guest satisfaction survey
  • Open official Sprouts Farmers Market Survey Website.
  • On the official Sprouts Farmers Market Customer Survey page. Enter date from your purchase receipt.
  • Now, enter store number, and enter transaction number from receipt and verify it by re-entering it again.
  • After that, you need to enter the POS printed on your receipt.
  • At last, you know to select your age in the given blank.
  • Please resolve the character puzzle before clicking the submit button.
  • After clicking the “Submit” series of questions will open on your screen. 
  • All these questions are compulsory to answer, so please read the questions carefully before answering.
  • The questions will be different such as multiple choice, rating, and description based. 
  • Please try to remember your recent experience with the store.
  • Start answering all the questions one after another.
  • Please make sure you provide honest Sprouts Feedback throughout the survey.
  • After you submit your survey, there will be a list of personal details that you do to enter.
  • First, you need to enter your first name, last name, phone number and email address to submit your survey for review.
  • At last, you will get a notification about the $250 Sprouts Farmers Market Gift Card.

Kindly ensure you follow all the steps in their given order to avoid further mistakes if you are having problems attempting to take a survey. Please use the contact details mentioned in this article.

Contact Details 

If you are unable to open the Sprouts Feedback Online Survey website, then you need to know the contact details of the company using which you can contact the support team. The contact will understand your problem and try to provide you with a proper solution for your problems. With the help of the following contact details, you can get instant support for your issues.

  • Official Sprout Website: www.sprouts.com
  • Official Sprouts Farmers Market Survey Website: https://survey.foreseeresults.com/sprouts. 
  • Customer Care Official Page: www.sprouts.com/customer-care
  • Sprouts Farmers Market Mail Address: Corporate Support Office Sprouts Farmers Market, 5455 E.High Street, Suite-111 Phoenix, AZ 85054
  • Contact Number of Sprout Market: +1-480-814-8016 
  • Toll-Free Number: +1-888-577-7688 

Customer care hours start from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM at MST – Arizona.


Sprouts Farmers Market Survey is the best way customers can speak their minds about the store’s services. Few customers get this great chance to explain their feelings while shopping at the store and win a $250 gift card as Sprouts Farmers Market Rewards. If you have recently shopped at Sprouts Farmers Market, you cannot miss this great opportunity. Just spare 5 or 10 minutes of your time and answer your questions.

For any further help or support, you can send me comments using the option given below. I’ll reply to your comments and provide a solution to your questions or doubts.


Does Sprouts Price Match?

No, there is no option for Sprouts Price Match. They do not match other stores’ prices, even if the item is advertised. However, Sprouts does offer many other ways to save money. You can also see some money if you participate in the Sprouts Feedback Survey. You can see some money if you have coupons, discount courses, and eligibility for other offers. To learn more about the policies of Sprout Market, please click on this link – https://www.sprouts.com/policies.

How to sign up to the Sprouts website as a customer?

To sign up to create your Sprouts Farmers Market account, you need to visit the official website of Sprout at https://www.sprouts.com/ and find the signup section. You can also open the signup page directly by clicking at https://sprouts.com/signup. After that, you need to click the sign-up button on the page. And then, enter your first name, last name, and email address and re-enter it to verify confirmation. Now, you need to create your password and enter it to verify. 

At last, you need to provide your address details, such as your street address, city, state, postal code, mobile number, etc. After you select options to receive promotional emails and text messages, you can move forward to agree to the terms and conditions. After that, resolve and verify the captcha image puzzle; you can go ahead and click “Create” to proceed with account creation.

Why am I not able to open the www.sproutsfeedback.com survey website?

You are not able to access www.sproutsfeedback.com because it is an invalid website. The company may have shut the SproutsFeedback site down, so you must avoid participating in the Sprouts Market Gift Card survey on that website. Currently, the company is conducting the survey on https://survey.foreseeresults.com/sprouts website. Please open this website on your secure browser and take the survey.

How is the Sprouts Customer Service?

The customer service by Sprouts Farmers Market depends on what you look for in a store. Some people like the Sprouts Customer Service store, while others want the brand to improve them. If you want to provide feedback, you can also participate in the survey and let the company know your thoughts.

Why do I see the Nordstrom Survey page when clicking survey.foreseeresults.com for Sprout?

Currently, an independent marketing research company called Verint is managing the service of Sprout Market. This marketing company also handles many other corporations. Because of this reason, you can weaken the Nordstrom survey page on your search results.

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