What is Walmart Neighborhood Market? – A Comprehensive Guide [2024]


You may know all about Walmart stores and their services, but do you know what is Walmart Neighborhood Market? Well, today, you are going to learn about what it is, what items are available there, and what special items are available there.

You must be wondering if the Walmart Neighborhood Markets are different from the traditional Walmart stores or if they are certain stores that offer something unique. In this article, I will answer all your questions with the most accurate details so that you do not have to find more articles on the topic.

To understand what Walmart neighborhood groceries are, please read the article till the end, and if you have any further queries, please let me know in the comment section.


What is a Walmart Neighborhood Market?

Walmart Neighborhood Markets are identical to the Walmart store but small in size. They are not usually big buildings or malls where you can find everything you want. Here you can find all the basic necessities such as Groceries, pharmacies, and fuel. Walmart neighborhood markets do not have apparel or any other merchandise items except the above three categories.

So, what does Walmart’s Neighborhood market sell? The main purpose of this store is to make grocery shopping easy and fast for customers who find it difficult to visit the Walmart superstore. Thus, these types of Walmart neighborhood stores are mostly found in the state’s rural or suburban areas.

What can I Purchase from Walmart Neighborhood Markets?

You must be wondering, apart from Walmart neighborhood groceries, what makes these stores so special? As I informed you, the Walmart neighborhood market majorly focuses on three main categories. These categories can be considered daily needs, too, and they are groceries, medicines, and fuel. So, one thing that makes it different from any other store is the collection of fresh vegetables and fruits. Other products, such as dairy products, canned goods, dry or frozen foods, etc., are freshly bought.

The Walmart neighborhood market also has a wide range of commonly bought items such as stamps, flowers, gift cards, cigarettes, lighters, etc., so if you have to visit someone unplanned, you can grab some flowers or cards to greet them.

Can I get the Electronics Appliances or Clothes from Walmart Neighborhood Markets?

Unfortunately, you cannot get electronic items, appliances, or clothes from the Walmart neighborhood market, as they are smaller Walmart stores and cannot accommodate any large electronic items or the clothes display. Further, as we stated, the main purpose of these stores is to provide convenience to the customer in buying groceries, medicines, and fuel, which is used on a daily basis.

Therefore, if you want to buy any bigger or electric items, visit the Walmart super stores, as there you can find all the things and their variations.

Can I buy drinks, fresh fruits, and vegetables from Walmart Neighborhood Markets?

Yes. The Walmart neighborhood markets provide a wide range of fresh fruits, vegetables, and drinks. In their fresh produce, you can find the products like milk, cheese, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, bakery items, and other daily usage items.

In their drink’s sections, these smaller Walmart stores offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The former includes the drinks such as beer, wine, and others, and in the latter, you will find the drinks such as water, fresh fruit juices, coffee, etc. One thing you must remember is that the availability of alcoholic products might vary from one location to another.

Can I get the medicines from the Walmart Neighborhoods Market?

Almost all the Walmart Neighborhood Markets have a medicine or pharmacy section in their store. Though there are a few exceptions, you will get the medicines in most stores. You can bank upon them for any pharmacy product.

In the pharmacy section, you will find various services such as immunizations, avail refills of your prescriptions, basic health checks, and other medical-related services. You will also get vitamin medicine or supplements, over-the-counter drugs, and many other health-related items. Some stores also have different benefits, such as a vision center for eye check-ups. The pharmacists employed at these stores are certified and possess licenses similar to the Walmart super stores, so you can trust their advice and rely on the medicine provided without hesitation.

Can I expect a Photo Center at Walmart Neighborhood Market?

You will not find the Photo centers at the Walmart neighborhood markets. However, you can get the printout from the softcopy or print any other documents at the Walmart supercenter locations. As we said before, these neighborhood stores do not accommodate every service due to a lack of space.

Are the prices at Walmart Neighborhood Markets and Walmart Supercenters the same or different?

You will find that the prices at the Walmart neighborhood market are slightly high than that of the Walmart Supercenters. The reason behind this is that they have the stock in smaller quantities, and transportation costs also increase to make the products available in rural and remote areas.

However, there are a few items that you can get even cheaper from Walmart supercenters. The big reason for the price difference, as we said, is the location. At the remote location, competition is undoubtedly less, but the cost of operation increases, making the prices of the items high.

Further, when you get the necessary items at the Walmart neighborhood market, the chances of visiting the supercenter will naturally decrease because nobody will like to drive far if things are available nearby. For this, Walmart strategically places the items and tries to profit from those customers.

If there is any Walmart supercenter nearby, you can continue your shopping from there if you are not looking to buy any groceries.

Difference between Walmart’s Neighborhood Market and the Supercenter?

As we have seen quite a few times, the only difference between both the stores is in space or their size. The neighborhood markets are comparatively smaller than the supermarket stores. The second big difference is the items sold at both markets. At the neighborhood market, you will find only the necessary and daily usage items such as groceries, medicines, and fuel. In contrast, at Walmart’s superstore location, you can get almost anything you want, from clothing to accessories, from small electric items to huge home appliances, furniture, and many more household items.

The Walmart neighborhood stores are located in remote rural areas and suburban areas selling basic items to the residents of that areas. These small stores help them get all the necessary things nearby without requiring a long drive to a grocery store.

The third noticeable difference between the markets is their selling price of various products. We have seen above why there is a price difference in both the stores. Due to the location of neighborhood markets, the cost of operation goes high and thus it ultimately affects the selling price of the product.

Benefits of Shopping at Walmart’s Neighborhood Market?

There are many advantages to buying things from the Walmart neighborhood market. Let’s check out a few of them.

  • The smaller Walmart stores allow you to get in and out of the store quickly, saving a lot of time.
  • There will be no huge lines or crowds standing near the billing center, reducing your average waiting time.
  • As they are situated in every suburban and rural area, you can always find the nearest one, which saves your driving time and fuel cost.
  • You may even walk to the nearest store to buy groceries if it is within walking distance, which helps you do a little exercise.

Is there any similarity between Walmart’s Neighborhood Market and traditional neighborhood Markets?

Walmart’s neighborhood markets were created by taking inspiration from the traditional neighborhood markets, which were very popular during 1960. The main intention of traditional neighborhood stores was to provide daily necessities items with ease and improve the customer’s lifestyle. The same theme is used by Walmart, as their main purpose is to provide the best shopping experience to their customers and to avail the necessary items near their doorstep.

Can you return Walmart Supercenter’s items to Walmart Neighborhood Market?

Yes, there is a provision to return the items bought from the supercenter to Walmart’s neighborhood market. But generally, it majorly depends on what item you are trying to return. As the neighborhood stores are very small, they might not accommodate any big thing you want to return. Due to lack of space and staff, or if the neighborhood market is not selling that product, there are chances of getting a refusal to return the item.

For example: If you have purchased a sofa set or a large storage rack from the Walmart’s supercenter, in this case, the neighborhood market will not accept your return and will suggest you visit the superstore location only.

Do the Walmart Neighborhood Markets Cash Checks?

If you have a check and need to get cash, you can always rely on Walmart’s store. When we speak of Walmart stores, it includes Walmart’s neighborhood market. All the stores of Walmart provide the service to cash their checks. You have to remember one thing the process at the neighborhood store might be different, and their limits might also vary from location to location.

What are the timings of Walmart’s Neighborhood Market?

You will be glad to know the timings of Walmart’s neighborhood market! They remain open from 6 in the morning to 11 at night throughout the week. These timings can be different at some locations based on various factors. The timings during the festive season may also vary.

During festivals, especially at Christmas, the stores open early and close late to support the best shopping experience and make every customer happy and satisfied with their festive shopping season. Further, check the timings of your nearest store.

Finding the Nearest Walmart Neighborhood Markets?

If you want to look for the nearest Walmart neighborhood market locations, I suggest you use one of the best tools they have: the Walmart neighborhood market store locator.

If you want to find it manually, visit Walmart’s official website, search for a store finder, and enter your city zip code or area name. You will find the complete list of all the stores near you, with their timings, contact details, and a map route.

Furthermore, you can also find the details, such as what they are selling, what type of services they offer, and whether it is a superstore or neighborhood store, etc., by clicking on the store details button below.


We have seen that Walmart Neighborhood Markets are not a special or different market than the traditional market but a smaller version. These smaller Walmart markets can be great if you want to buy groceries, pharmacy items, and fuel. But rest assured that you will get a unique shopping experience when you visit the store.

If you want to fulfill your basic needs, then Walmart’s Neighborhood Markets will give you a great experience. If we missed something important, please let us know using our option for posting comments.


What is the Walmart market? What is the difference between Walmart Neighborhood Market and Walmart?

Yes, Walmart Neighborhood Markets are also popular as “Walmart Market.” Both of these stores are the same. The difference between Walmart and Neighborhood stores is the size, as Walmart is a very spacious and big store with a wide range of items available. At the same time, at the neighborhood market, you can get only limited items such as groceries and pharmacies. Some stores also sell fuel.

Is Walmart Neighborhood Market open on Easter?

To check the Easter timing, you can open the store finder and look for the Walmart Neighborhood Market. Since all the stores may follow different timing, it is better you check online and find accurate information.

What is the timing of Walmart’s neighborhood market money center?

To check the timing of the money center, please use the store locator and search for the Money Center. You can also make a call and confirm the timing with any representative.

What does neighborhood Walmart sell besides groceries, pharmacy products, and fuel?

Walmart sells only the items mentioned above at its Neighborhood Markets.

What does Walmart Express Carry?

The Express orders include your grocery items within 2 hours. Once you place your order, then your order will get dispatched with an Express delivery service. The fee for express delivery is usually $10. Remember to check notifications and keep tracking your order, as the delivery can take less time if you are nearby. The delivery guys will leave the items in front of your doors to avoid any contact.

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