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Gordon Food Service is a popular US-based food distributor for restaurants, healthcare, schools, and other organizations. The distributor is conducting an online Gordon Food Service Survey where the customers can answer your questions and win amazing rewards. If you have recently visited any GFSstore or shopped from GFSstore.com, you will be eligible to participate in the survey. In today’s article, I will show you how to participate in www.gfsstore.com/survey, its rules and requirements, and what to do if you need help taking the survey.

Gordon Food Service Survey is an online survey you must take at Gfsstore.com Survey official website. GFS Survey allows the customers to share honest opinions about the services the distributor offers. The customers need to answer a few questions about the services they experienced during their last visit. After answering the questions, they will get a chance to win up to $500 worth of rewards.

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Before participating in the GFSstore.com survey, you need to know if you are eligible. You need to know the rules to check your qualifications for taking the survey. If you follow all the rules, you can only participate in customer surveys by Gordon Food Service. So, let us start the article about the GFS customer service survey.


Purpose of Conducting GFSstore Survey

The customers need to know why they are taking the Gfsstore.com Survey before answering the questions. Gordon Food Service is a distributor based in Wyoming, Michigan, USA. It operates nearly 196 stores across various states in America. More than 20,000 employees are working with this company which works to provide high-quality food delivery services. Gordon Food Services (GFS) is available in Wyoming, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, Alabama, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. 

Thousands of customers visit GFSstore for various needs or use the Gordon Foods Shop Online facilities for door delivery. It isn’t easy to know if the customers felt satisfied with the services of GFS Stores. So, the easiest way to reach out to the maximum number of customers rather than their actual satisfaction level, Gordon Food Services, has launched an online survey method.

Through this method, the company asks a list of questions related to the most recent interaction of the customers with the GFS services. Then, one by one, the customer needs to honestly answer the questions so that the company can collect authentic information. The company then will use the collected information to determine which service is the most popular and which needs improvements. The next time you shop from GFSstore portal or any local store, you will find the service improved.

Besides providing a chance to improve services, GFSStores offer customers a great chance to win amazing rewards. Please read the next point to learn more about these Gordon Foods Shop Online survey rewards.

GFSstore Survey Rewards

Winning awards is as exciting as winning the lottery for the customers. Every customer who participates in the survey expects something in return because they put their efforts and time into providing accurate information. Gordon Food Services understand these and provides the customers, 

  • $500 gift card

The $500 amount of the Gift Card can change over time depending on the company’s decision. The quickest way to check the current reward amount is to open the check your GFS Survey receipt. 

The receipt will include a survey invitation and the reward amount printed. So, you need to check it before taking the survey.

Gordon Food Service Store Survey Requirements

  • A valid GFSstore receipt for the survey. 
  • Fast internet connection. 
  • An internet-enabled device such as a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet.
  • Secure browser to connect to the official survey website

If you are clear with the survey requirements, the latest understanding of the survey rules.

Gfsstore Survey Rules

If you want to participate in the Gordon Food Service Store Survey, you must first know if you qualify. To check your qualifications, you need to follow some rules. These rules will act like eligibility criteria.

  • The minimum requirement for the GFSstore com survey is 18 years.
  • Only the citizens of the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada with legal proof can participate in a survey. 
  • The participant can only take one survey at once, having one receipt. Multiple survey entries around the same survey period will get you disqualified.
  • The receipt validity is only 7 days, so the participant must take surveys within this time period.
  • You cannot transfer the prize or reward amount to any third person, known or unknown. 
  • There is no option for prize or reward substitution into cash or other reward.
  • If you are an employee of Gordon Food Service stores, please avoid taking the survey. 
  • Employees’ immediate family members or friends are also unable to participate as per the company’s rules.
  • The participant must bear all the costs, including taxes associated with the reward,
  • The language of the survey will be either English or Spanish. The contestant must be familiar with either of these.

If the contestant follows all the rules, he can only take the customer survey from GFSstore.  Let us learn about the steps of taking the survey,

Take Gordon Food Service Survey at Gfsstore.com/Survey

If you can fulfill the requirements and follow all the above rules, you can participate in the GFS Survey. Please follow the steps below to increase your chances of successfully taking the survey and winning a $500 reward.

gfsstore survey
  • Visit Gfsstore.com/survey to participate in survey.
  • First, you will have to start rating the overall satisfaction on the page.
  • On the second question, please provide a rating if you plan to return to the Gordon Food Service.
  • Then, please rate if you will recommend Gordon Food Services to someone.
  • In the 4th question, you will have to provide a short description.
  • In the question, you will have to provide suggestions about the “What can we do better?” question. 
  • Please include all the points that you wish the company to improve. 
  • You can include Gordon Food Service customer survey, cleanliness, product quality, or any other point you feel need improvement.
  • After writing the question, please provide your email address. Enter the latest working email address on which the company can contact you.
  • At last, please click on the “Send Feedback” button below the survey page.
  • As soon as you click that, your survey will be over. 
  • If there are any further on-screen instructions, please follow them accordingly.

If you need help with the Gordon Food Service Customer Survey website or face technical problems, please read the following.

Contact Details

For most customers, taking the survey will be challenging, and they will have fewer problems. However, some customers need help with different types of problems while taking the survey. Their problems are mostly about the survey website and similar technical problems. With the help of the contact details below, you can reach out to the company representatives who will assist you with every problem you have.

  • Gordon Foods Shop Online Website: www.Gfsstore.com
  • GFSstore Survey Website: Gfsstore.com/survey
  • Customer Service Number: +1-800-968-4164 
  • Fax Number: +1-616-717-7600
  • Main GFS Contact Number: +1-616-530-7000
  • Company Corporate Address: P.O. Box 1787, Grand Rapids, MI 49501 – 1787

Use the above contact details per your requirements to reach the customer representatives. They will hear your problem and provide a quick solution.


After reading this article about Gordon Food Service, you must know how to participate in the GFSstore Survey at Gfsstore.com/survey. This survey allows the customers to share honest feedback on customer service. By collecting all the answers about Gordon Food Service customer service, the company will start improving the services the customer found lacking. If you referred this article and participate in the survey, you increase your chances of winning $500,

If you need further information about the GFS Survey, please comment below. I will accept your feedback, suggestions, and even doubts.


Why can I not open the Gfsstore.Com/Survey website to take the survey?

If there is any problem opening the Gfsstore.com/survey website, check if your internet works fine. And, If it is okay, try to use a different device to open the URL. If you are still unable to resolve the problem, please contact the customer support team and get help, as the website seems to work fine.

What are the brands of Gordon Food Services?

Gordon Food Services include avoiding a range of France such as Array, Gordon Choice, Famoso, Brickman’s, Gran Sazon, Mosaic Coffee and Tea, Hearthstone, Markon, Kitchen Essentials, Harvest Valley, Pepper Mill, Sienna Factory, Trade East Spices & Seasoning, Ra.Source, etc.

Can I skip the GFSstore customer survey?

It is perfectly okay if you skip the customer survey by GFSstore. However, if you participate and spare your 5 minutes, you will be able to get a great chance to win $500, 

How many distribution centers does GFS have?

About 14 distribution centers of GFS are located in many districts of the USA.

What kind of questions will I have to answer in the Gordon Food Service Survey?

In the customer survey by GFSstore, you will have to answer questions about GFS customer service, such as overall satisfaction, cleanliness, food quality, timely delivery, online shopping experience, and similar questions.

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