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Have you recently purchased items from Safeway but need help finding information on how to return them? Well, you are not alone! Most of the customers need more idea about Safeway Return Policy, and because of it, they face a lot of trouble returning items. Many assume that you only need the Safeway Receipt to complete the returning procedure but is that it? Safeway has not published any information about instructions to complete the Safeway Returns procedure online. So, after doing some research, I present the details on how to return the products at the Safeway supermarket stores.

Safeway, founded in 1915, is a century-old American Supermarket chain offering customers a wide range of products. Safeway products include grocery, bakery, deli, beverages, seafood, breakfast and cereals, dry cleaning, liquor, flowers, pharmacy, frozen foods, and more. Most people shopping at Safeway often want to return the product for several reasons. The reasons could be they got a product of low quality, has a defect, is the wrong product, or they simply do not like the product for their reasons. 

Whether you have ordered the product online or personally went to the store, you can face financial losses and inconvenience if you need to learn about the Safeway Return Policy and Safeway Refund Policy. Through this article, I will help you understand how you can complete the returns process at Safeway. If you have a Safeway Receipt 2024, I will explain how you can use it to get a refund. For complete details, I request you to please follow the instructions in this article. 


Eligibility for Safeway Returns 

Safeway follows a strict return policy which all customers must know and follow accordingly. To return the product to Safeway, you need to see if you are eligible for a refund. There are a few things you must remember before you finally start the process of returning the product.

  • You must have the Safeway Receipt as proof of purchase because the company will not accept your return request without it.
  • You must request a refund within the timeframe mentioned by Safeway’s return policy. 
  • The product you want to return must be in working condition, shape, packaging and 
  • You cannot request returns for restricted or exceptional products.
  • Verify your membership of Safeway Club, now called U Rewards. Currently, the U Rewards loyalty program is free to join for all. 

With the above four points in mind, let us start the article and learn about the return policy, refund policy, and other processes.

Safeway Return Policy in 2024

If you have recently bought any product from Safeway and are looking for ways to return it, you must follow the Safeway Return Policy. Most customers do not feel the need to return the products, but sometimes the customers who buy find that the product needs to meet the expected standard. The Safeway return can be successful if the customers have Safeway Receipts. You will need a receipt; otherwise, Safeway does not guarantee a return or even a refund.

Suppose you have bought different items such as grocery items, household supplies, fresh produce, dairy items, or any other products from Safeway but have yet to receive the receipt. In such a scenario, the company will need help to verify whether you bought these items from the same store. Also, confirming your purchase can be time-consuming for the store staff because they must go through a database list. 

You must keep the receipt with you until you thoroughly check all the products. Usually, you can keep the receipt as long as you want, but there are some timeframes during which the company accepts your return request. However, the returns have some limitations, such as you can return the Safeway Formula products bought for your baby. Safeway also only accepts requests to return alcohol. With other items, you will have fewer problems in processing your returns.  

Safeway Return Policy ensures that customers can conveniently return their products if they don’t like or want them. So, the store has laid out specific guidelines you need to follow.

Can I Return Groceries Without a Receipt?

Returning items with a Safeway Receipt is easier, as most Safeway stores will not accept your request. Safeway needs you to have a receipt before you request a refund. Having Safeway Receipts confirms that you purchased items from a specific store of the company. It also has a list of things you bought and the receipt number. So, does that mean having no Receipts means Safeway will not accept the returns?

Safeway stores still help you with an equal exchange if you have lost or need the receipt. If you have recently paid from your credit or debit card, the staff will check the database and find your latest purchase details to proceed with a refund. Safeway will also be generous enough to refund you different merchandise if they come across any proof of your purchase. But remember that the refund must be low, $5, if you want a cash refund.

Grocery Delivery To Your Home & Pickup Return Policy

Safeway has one of the best home delivery and pick-up services in the United States of America for many major American cities and suburban areas. In most areas, the company engages in reliable third-party delivery services. Safeway also guarantees 100% satisfaction on all grocery purchases made online. If you have ordered any product online and want to notify the company about your return, you can request your refund by dialing the customer service line of Safeway at +1-877-505-4040.

Please note that if the product you want to return is damaged due to improper storage and care, Safeway will not take any responsibility for it. Also, accidental damages may have happened after the delivery or pickup. So, before you finalize any transaction, you must check the product thoroughly, and only you must accept it. You should also note that Safeway’s grocery delivery and pickup return policy does not include refunding for normal wear or tear on any durable goods. So, while returning any delivered or picked-up item, you should know some limitations.

You know about the general delivery and pickup return policy, so let’s understand which items you can return.

Accepted Products for Safeway Returns

Usually, Safeway accepts all the customers’ items on the condition that they still have the Purchase receipt. Customers can request a return for almost any product if they have receipts. However, in the previous point, we learned that Safeway does not accept damaged products or normal wear and tear on durable goods. The items accepted for returns are as follows, 

  • Grocery items 
  • Household products 
  • Prepared foods
  • Party supplies
  • Electronic appliances 
  • General goods 
  • Prescription medicines
  • Perishable food items 
  • Nonperishable food items

According to the above list, Safeway except in return for almost all the items you buy from the store or online. Most of the people who request to return say that Safeway accepts returns only at the store from where you purchased the item. To know which items Safeway does not accept, even if you have a receipt, please read the following.

Safeway Returns Exception Items

We have already learned that Safeway does not refund products such as baby formula, normal wear, tears on the durable, or damaged products. So, let us understand which other products Safeway does not accept for returns.

  • Safeway Formula for babies 
  • Tobacco products
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Some prescription drugs and medicines

Although I have listed the above exceptions, you should also think logically that the company may not accept used or opened products, personal care and beauty items, perishable foods such as dairy products, fruits, and vegetables, bakery items, etc.

What is the time limit for Safeway returns?

You must request returns at Safeway within a specific time frame; otherwise, the company may consider it an old transaction, rejecting your request. Officially, Safeway has yet to give any detail about the time limit for returning any product. Depending on the location and general law, this rule may change, so you need to ask the store manager yourself. According to many internet sources, there is no specific time limit for returning a product to Safeway. 

Although there is no online information about the time limit for requesting returns, we should assume that only some products will follow the lifetime returns claim. Suppose you purchased the product 3 or 6 months ago, and after using it, you try to return it to Safeway in the hope that you will get a refund. In such a situation, the company can’t grant you a refund due to the lapse of time and consumption of the product.

Generally, we should assume that the Safeway Return Policy allows at least 30 days for exchange or returns at Safeway because there are some exceptional products such as perishable, delicatessen, and some food items with a specific expiry. Such things can follow a shorter return period purchase of 7 days or a maximum of 10 days. Also, not all the items can follow the same return policy because of their nature, expiration, and usage.

The return may be different for different locations. Therefore, I recommend you contact your local Safeway store and find out the return policy for any particular item.

What Time Does Customer Service Open At Safeway?

Safeway store opening time and closing times may vary according to different locations. However, most Safeway customer service desks start operations from 9:00 AM till 7:00 AM. Some of the customer service desks even work till 10:00 PM. Please note that these are not fixed hours as the opening and closing of stores at customers’ desks depend solely on the location. So, you must try to follow the Safeway Can Return Hours from 9 AM to 7 or 10 PM during working days.

Can I return opened items to Safeway?

Safeway has yet to announce that it will not accept the open items. However, considering the general return policies, I would advise you that the store may not accept your request. There is still a chance for you to state your case and inform the company about your request’s reason. If the product is in good condition or not consumed, the company may consider returning it. 

Safeway Refund Policy in 2024

According to the Safeway Refund Policy, if you request a refund, you will get it paid in your original method. It means if you paid through the correct credit / debit card, you will get a refund in your bank account. If you paid cash, Safeway will pay you via cash at the store location. Unless it is a cash refund which Safeway will pay on the spot, you have to wait for the electronics or online refund. The store will start processing your request on the same day or a day later, but it will take several days till you finally receive the refund.

Sometimes, Safeway will not refund you any amount, instead giving you a gift card that you can use to make purchases at the store next time. Most online purchases follow this pattern, such as Amazon on selected products. It is not sure that Safeway will do the same, but you can expect a similar treatment based on the nature of the product. You will have to produce the Safeway Receipt, though; with it, they might consider your request valid.

Can Subway exchange or replace items instead of refunding?

According to Safeway Refund Policy, you will get a total amount or possibly a gift card that can be used at any participating Safeway stores. However, most people ask whether the company also exchanges or replaces the products with the same or different ones. To get your product exchanged or replaced, you must visit your nearest store. Then, let the associate know about your matter and request them to exchange your purchase. Instead of receiving a Safeway Refund, this is the best method that people can follow to get a new or well-conditioned product.

The associates often advise you that you should exchange the product. However, there may be some price differences between the old and new products. If it doesn’t affect your budget or becomes too expensive, you can accept the exchange request from the staff. Usually, the new item you exchange or replace is more expensive, and sometimes it is frustrating for many customers. However, if the product you provide is in good shape, there is any problem with its replacement or exchange with Safeway stores.

Are there any Safeway return, refunds, exchanges, or replacement fees?

Safeway Returns do not cost you anything regardless of the date of purchase, nature of the product, or number of products. However, you must have a valid Safeway Receipt 2024 to verify your purchase. Having a receipt of purchase will make things easier for processing your request. This applies to all returns, refunds, exchanges, or replacements. 

What are the Safeway warranties?

When purchasing the product from Safeway, you need to ensure that it has a manufacturer’s covered warranty. In case of damage to the product, you can use the warranty and request for replacement of the product. However, having a warranty does not mean you will get a refund on the product but rather a replacement or exchange.

To claim the warranty on the product and ask for a replacement, you must have the warranty card or papers. Check your original product packaging; it should have the paperwork, a card, or printed information about the warranty. You need such information to claim the warranty and therefore get exchanges or replacements.

Contact Details

For any further questions related to Safeway Return Policy 2024, the time limit of returns at Safeway, or any other topic we discussed, please follow the contact information I have listed below. These details will help you reach out to the Safeway customer representatives, who will guide you with all your technical or nontechnical problems.

  • Official Website of Safeway:
  • Safeway Headquarters Contact Number: +1-925-467-3000 / +1-877-723-3929
  • Mail to: Customer Support Center MS, 10501 P.O. Box 29093. Phoenix, AZ 85038.


Is the return policy of Safeway different in Canada compared to the USA?

Actually, the return policies of Canada and the USA are similar. However, the difference is Canada Safeway locations do not accept alcohol returns.

Can I return the product I bought from Safeway pharmacy in Canada and get a refund?

No, Safeway does not refund customers who return medications. However, you can return the pharmacy products you bought to the customer service desk and follow their instructions.

Is it possible to return the product to Safeway Starbucks?

Yes, Safeway Starbucks will accept all newly packed coffee, cups, food, tea, and other items within 30 days of purchasing. Starbucks will even remake the items, but they must dispose of the previous items. 

Are there any updates between Safeway Return Policy 2023 and 2024?

No, there are no significant updates in the Safeway Return policy for 2023 and 2024. The process of returning the product is still the same, including all the conditions.

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