Opinion.Rona.Ca – Take RONA Store Survey to Win $1,000 Gift Card [2024]


RONA retail company invites you to participate in the RONA Survey and win $1,000 prizes. If you recently visited any RONA store in Canada, you are eligible to participate in the customer satisfaction survey at Opinion.Rona.Ca.

Before taking the survey at the Opinion RONA Ca Survey website, you must learn about specific points like the rules, requirements, and survey methods. If you follow all the rules carefully, then only you can be eligible for taking the store survey.

rona opinion survey


The survey determines if you are satisfied with their visit and purchase. The survey questions will take less than 3 minutes to complete the Survey.

If you have a recent memory of your visit and can answer honestly, this will work for you.

Please read this article as I explain all the processes to take the survey and comply with the rules.

What is the Purpose of RONA Store Survey at Opinion.Rona.Ca?

The reason for conducting a RONA customer opinion survey is quite simple; the company wants to know about the customers and what was their experience with the store.

purpose of rona store survey

I will ask you questions related to how the store was, how was the environment of this store, what was the products’ quality, how the employees treated them, and what are the other facilities the light above the store.

After you open the www.opinion.rona.ca survey website, there will be a list of questions in front of your screen. These will be simple questions where you have to rate the answers. You must keep your honesty while taking the survey.

Overview of RONA Store Survey

Survey Name RONA Customer Satisfaction Survey
Site for the Survey www.opinion.rona.ca
What is the Prize? Get a $250 Gift Card or a $1,000 Gift Card
Type of Survey Online
Age for participants 18+

Requirement for RONA Survey?

  • You will need the latest receipt of purchase.
  • You must be fluent in English or French language.
  • Any device to connect to the internet. PC or Mobile will be fine.
  • You must know the details about your recent visit.
  • 2 to 3 minutes for the survey

RONA Customer Survey Rules

  • If you live in Canada only then, you can take the survey. This server is limited to Canadian residents only.
  • There is a limit of 18 years of survey participants.
  • Purchase is not required to take the survey.
  • The server is limited only to one person.
  • The prizes of the server and not Transferable.
  • The rewards are prizes only decided by the company.
  • The participant cannot request a substitute price equal to having more excellent value.
  • RONA prohibits its employees from participating in the survey.
  • Your RONA Receipt must have a survey code.
  • If you are a close relative of the employee, you are also prohibited from taking the survey.

How to Take the RONA Survey at Opinion.Rona.Ca?

start survey

You will need to visit the official www opinion rona ca survey website to take the survey. Please read the above rules and the requirements before you proceed with the survey. Keep your receipt with you and start taking the survey.

  • Open the www.opinion.rona.ca website for a survey.

choose language in rona survey website

  • Now please choose your functional language from English or French.

rona store survey

  • On the next page, you will need to provide the Access Code, printed at the bottom of your purchase receipt.
  • After adding that, proceed to the next button.
  • There will be a list of questions on your screen.
  • Kindly read them and remember your recent experience.
  • Now answer the questions by providing an appropriate rating.
  • Please answer precisely and honestly.
  • Your answers must be accurate and verifiable.
  • After you have completed the survey, please provide your contact details.
  • These details will include your legal name, official contact phone number, and working email address.
  • Please review the information that you provided.
  • Then finally, you can click the FINISH button.
  • Now wait in the company draws the winner for awarding him the gift card.

What is RONA?

what is rona

RONA is a Canadian company that sells gardening and home renovation products. The company has more than 50000 employees employed all across Canada. About 700 stores of the company in Canada.

If you live in Canada, you will also have a choice to buy a product from this company. This company provides excellent quality products and related services online and in installation.

Contact Details of RONA

contact details of rona

While taking a survey online, some of the customers may face unexpected issues. These issues include glitches, technical errors, and other random website or survey code-related problems.

So in such a situation, you will have to take care of these troubles. Kindly use the following detail to fix this issue with the help of the customer service support team.

  • Survey Website: www.opinion.rona.ca
  • Official Website: https://www.rona.ca/en
  • Toll Free: 1-866-283-2239

Company Social Media Links

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ronainc
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/ronainc


Rona’s survey is about finding the truth of what customers think about the brand. The online survey method makes things very easy because customers can attend this survey anywhere they like.

Customers will need internet support and a device to connect to the website. It will be wise to choose any standard browser like Chrome, Safari or Firefox to take the survey. But please use the latest version of any browser,

For any further survey details and to reach me, you are requested to post your doubts for suggestions in the form of comments below.


My receipt does not have any access code. Can I still take this survey?

Usually, the company provides the Purchase receipt with a survey code. But if your receipt does not have any server code, you must talk about this to the customer service helpline using 1-866-283-2239. Or, if it is possible, you can revisit the nearest store and clarify your doubts.

Some areas do not support taking surveys. The service in those areas is considered illegal due to many reasons. So if you live in such an area and try to take the survey, you will not have the survey code.

Has anyone won a $1,000 prize?

Please look out for the company’s announcement of the winners. You can participate; if you get lucky, I can see your name on the winners’ list.

What is the acceptable entry in a month?

Each month, the company validates only two entries.

Can I give the prize to someone else?

The price per the company’s policy and guidelines is not Transferable or substituted for anything else.

Are all the questions of the survey compulsory?

There is no option of skipping any question. So you have to answer that question based on your best ability.

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