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If there are any chicken lovers in the USA or other parts of the world, most likely they have been to Pollo Tropical® for its mouth-watering juicy chicken cuisine. Be it the Customizable Platters, “Create your own TropiChops® Bowls”, Sandwiches & Wraps or the Meals. It’s not just the addictive taste that makes them unique but also the special care that goes into keeping their chickens free of hormones and trans-fats. It’s a rare combination of healthy and tasty fast food, hence it has successfully created its fan base across the globe. Comments on Tripadvisor, Youtube, and other online platforms are almost all positive. Recently, Pollo Tropical® started a survey named Pollolistens. The name suggests that they care, that Pollo Tropical® listens to its customers and open to making changes that they want. The survey intends to get feedback and opinions from their customers and improve through the information that they receive from this survey. This allows customers to directly make suggestions and get the experience they want. Apart from this, customers who participate and complete this survey also get a Pollo Tropical® Coupon code which they can redeem at any of their outlets.

Customers can participate in this survey through this survey link:- https://www.pollolistens.com/. But before you jump in to participate in this survey there are few things you must know: This survey is only for their customers who have made a purchase and have a valid receipt.

Who can participate in the Pollolistens survey?

  • Anyone with a valid receipt which is not older than 2 days at the time of taking this survey.
  • Anyone who is 18 years or above.
  • As this is a country-specific survey. Only the Citizens of the USA can participate in this survey.

What do you need to participate in Pollolistens Survey

  • As this is an online survey you will need an internet connection and any device like a PC, Laptop or a Smartphone.
  • A receipt from any Pollo Tropical® restaurant outlet which is not older than 2 days. Any receipt older than 2 days may be deemed invalid.
  • Receipt code – There is a code on the Receipt that will be needed to start this survey when you are on their webpage.
  • Ability to read and understand English and Spanish language as the survey is only in these two languages. This survey is also named Pollo Tropical® Encuesta.
  • Age above 18 years. As the information or feedback is needed to improve their business and experience, mature advice is needed and anyone below 18 years is often considered as underage.
  • Before starting the survey, it is recommended to note down your complaints and feedback as there will be questions regarding that.
  • Opinions and Suggestions will also be needed as it will help them improve your experience in making it an ideal restaurant for you.

Who is not eligible for participating in this survey?

  • If you or a family member is an employee of Pollo Tropical® you are not eligible for this Pollolistens survey.
  • Employees of Sponsors or promotional agencies connected with Pollo Tropical® are not eligible for this survey.

How to Take Pollo Tropical Survey at PolloListens.com:

It’s an easy 10-minute survey where you will be asked to give few details about yourself and answer few simple questions about your experience while you were at the restaurant, also any suggestions or opinions you would like to share are welcome.
  • Click on the survey link: https://www.pollolistens.com/ or type this link in any web browser. It will open a webpage with the message Insert your receipt code below to continue with the survey with a blank box below.
  • You will see an option to choose a language. English or Spanish. Choose the one you are comfortable with.
  • Type in the 16 digit code from your receipt in the provided space.
  • Enter the 5 – digit passcode in the space provided for entering the passcode.
  • In this step, it will ask you to provide your details. Enter your details in the space provided. (Make sure your details are accurate as entering inaccurate details could become a hassle in you getting the reward which could be announced later.)
  • On this page, you will be asked to rate your experience with Pollo Tropical®. This is to determine your liking or disliking of the restaurant. The higher the stars you give, the more you like them.
  • Step 7 is the main part of the survey where you will be asked about your overall experience in the form of a questionnaire. Enter your answers honestly with any complaints, suggestions, opinions or feedback you deem fit. Be clear and specific with your answers as it will be easy to understand. You are expected to be very honest in your review as it will help them improve genuinely.
  • Upon successful completion survey, you will be provided with a Pollo Tropical® survey code. Note down that code on the receipt or any safe space.
  • You can redeem the discount you have earned using the code you were provided at the end of the survey.
Note: The code will remain valid for only up to 2 days of you taking the survey so make sure to redeem it within two days.

Pollo Tropical Survey Video Guide 2024

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Benefits and rewards from this survey:

The immediate reward you get is a discount coupon to treat the hunger pangs at your favorite food joint. You can use it not only to get their cuisine at discounted rates but even get a meal entirely free. Apart from these rewards, you also stand a chance to win other prizes that will be announced for those taking part in this survey. But it doesn’t stop there. By taking part in this survey you are helping create a better experience for yourself when you visit next time. Pollo Tropical® will carefully review all the opinions and suggestions they get from this surveyand implement the feedback to create a more satisfactory experience. Be it with the taste, ambiance or any other change you wish to see. You will have a greater chance of creating the changes that you wish to see. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. With this Pollo Tropical® survey, they will be able to improve on different aspects of their restaurant, be it the taste, hygiene, food or customer service. It will help them grow in a focused manner and create a satisfactory experience making you a happy customer. A happy and satisfied customer means better business. You as a customer will be able to help create this for your favorite restaurant all while savoring on their delicacy.


I am trying to enter the survey, but it’s not getting me through, what could be the issue?

  • First and foremost, a slow internet connection could be the reason for the website not functioning as it should. If you feel an internet connection is slow, refresh the webpage.
  • Make sure you are using the correct link to the survey. If you have manually typed in the link in the address bar. There are chances you might have misspelled it.
  • If you are on the webpage and it is not moving forward from the home page. You should check if you are entering the code correctly.
  • The code could be used only once, make sure the code was not used before.
  • The code could be used within 2 days of purchase. Check the date of purchase on the receipt. If the receipt is older than 2 days there are higher chances the receipt is invalid.

Can I participate in this “pollo listens survey” without purchasing anything from their restaurant?

No, Only people with receipt can take part in this survey. This is because only those customers who have visited or purchased from their outlets will be able to give proper feedback. This survey is aimed at improving the restaurant in all aspects and hence it is taking feedback from its customers. To take part in this survey purchase something to get the receipt and then use the code given on the receipt to participate in the survey.

Is this survey open in other countries? Will I be able to redeem the coupon in a different country.?

No, This survey is limited to the USA for now. So you will not be able to redeem the pollo tropical invite code in outlets across the globe. You will only be able to use the pollo tropical coupons code in the USA.

Why does this survey need personal details?

There are only general details like names and contact numbers that are taken to identify the winner of any prize and also to allot the discount coupon.

Official Twitter Account – pollotropical @pollotropical

About the Pollo Tropical® journey.

It was in 1988 Larry and Stuart, two brothers who started Pollo Tropical®. It happened out of passion for food when Larry started to read cookbooks on Latin American cuisine. This resulted in him experimenting on cuisine in his backyard, mainly focusing on getting the taste of marinated grilled chicken right. It went on to become their signature dish with its citrus-marinated, flame-grilled chicken. They also were careful to keep it fresh and hormones free. The other Caribbean- inspired dishes they included were fried yuca, sweet plantains, slow-cooked black beans, TropiChops® and authentic sauces that are served unlimited at their “sauce islands” inside the restaurant. Pollo Tropical® had humble beginnings, with its first store in Miami, Florida. By 1993 they opened 8 stores. It was a quick hit and opened in 19 other locations including Tampa, Atlanta, Chicago, and New York. It went on to become a multimillion-dollar company with about 160 outlets in different parts of South America, Puerto Rico, Carribean, North America, and 32 other international locations worldwide. The Pollo Tropical® has become like a community on its own. The highlight being the great taste with pleasing and friendly customer interaction by its employees. They also offer catering and drive-through services as additional convenient ways to enjoy life because as the tag line goes “Life’s better underthe palm”. Records: Pollo Tropical® set a Guinness world record for the largest bowl of black beans and rice at super bowl XXIX. Pollo Tropical® earned another Guinness world record in 2010 for creating and serving 2000 pounds of salsa during a pre-game Super Bowl party in Miami. The Pollo Tropical® cooks and serves more than 1.7 million pounds of yucca each year. Pollo Tropical® won the Nation’s Restaurant News “Hot Concepts” award twice; It also won the prestigious “Good to Great” award in its home region of South Florida.
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4 thoughts on “Pollo Tropical® Customer Survey at www.PolloListens.com”

  1. We just recently order something from Pollo Tropical and the food was cold and the rice look raw, they burnt the plantains and they took 1 one hour to bring the food.

  2. I went to Pollo Tropical at Commercial last 10/19/2021. I was pleased with my server, but what I found most disgusted was an employee serving customers with his pants falling off and there was no one to tell him to pull his pants. I had to turn the other employee and told the young man to pull his pants up. This was not how I used to see the employees look whenever to happen to go there. Later in the night someone from my household went to the store and the guy was still walking around in the store with under wear show. I think that was so disgusting. I think of sending the Health Department to take a look. It was pathetic.

  3. Each time I want to eat a meal to bring me back home, I went to Pollo Tropical. This time my visit at Store # 10258 was special, the staffs there were very courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful. The manager/supervisor (Ms. Martine) was very nice she took care of me and I will go back anytime.
    Great job ladies!

    • Up until recently, I have been going to Pollo Tropical, store #10205, on Gulf to Bay in Clearwater, FL about twice a week. It’s usually a long drive thru line no matter what the time or day. The food is always really good, but something terrible has happened to the service!
      I always order the same cuban sandwich combo, and have exact change ready for the window. The last tme I went on 4/21/2022 – the service was rushed, the price for the same combo went up over $4.00, from $11.76 to $15 and some change, and the combo price on the outside menu board had not changed, so what gives??? I asked did the prices go up recently? “Yup, they went up”. but they hadn’t changed on the board… I changed my order to just a sandwich, drove up to the window after waiting on the person in front of me for a while, paid and then waited and waited and waited. Finally my food bag was practically tossed out the window – “Here ya go” and then the window was slammed shut! No thank you, have a nice day, nothing…
      I won’t go back there anymore.
      The funny part is, that I pass 2-3 places where I can buy a good cuban sandwich, just to get to this Pollo Tropical store! I won’t go back anymore – service is slow and not friendly at all – so why would I go back?


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