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If you are a true-blue American fast food lover, you would have surely heard of SmashBurger. There are even higher chances you would have even sampled some of their signature dishes! For the uninitiated, SmashBurger is an American fast-food chain, founded in Denver, Colorado. 

Established only a few years ago, it is one of the fastest growing fast-food brands and already has an established international presence. You may have heard of the delicious smash burgers, tasty smash salads, and sandwiches, but have you heard of the smashburger survey?

SmashBurger organizes the smashburger survey, which is basically for obtaining feedback from its customers. Any customer can visit, answer basic questions, and stand a chance to win exciting prizes. 

The questions will be simple yet comprehensive and based only on your experience as a SmashBurger customer. The questions can range anywhere between the quality of the burgers and other fast food, hospitality, restaurant ambiance, customer service, etc. You only need to be honest, to participate in the survey. Once you participate in the survey, your name will automatically be entered in the sweepstakes contest!

If all this sounds like gobbledegook, here’s a simple explanation- participate in the survey conducted at Upon completion of the survey, your details will be entered into the sweepstakes contest- which is conducted exclusively by SmashBurger to award its customers. 

If you participate and win the monthly sweepstakes contest, you get to take home a whopping prize amount of $1500, or if you win the weekly sweepstakes contest, you get to take home $1000!  And even if you aren’t the lucky winner, you get a $1 discount on your next SmashBurger order, for having answered the survey!

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