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Take official Hollister Survey at www.tellhco.com to $10 Off Coupon in just a minute. Give you valuable feedback by the Hollister Guest Satisfaction Survey and participate in the reward program.

Did u ever shop at Hollister Co., commonly known to as the HCo.? Did anyone recognize that almost any suit, trousers, tops and any other garments you have seen are produced in 1922? Most of the clothing and accessories offered at tellhco.com Hollister’s stores end up coming with a label of the year 1922. Most of the consumers believe that the brand was established in the year 1922. But is that really the reality of the situation? Let’s check it out.


This clothing company was established by Mr. John M. Hollister and his son John Jr. They always enjoyed surfing and they built a successful surf shop in the early 1920s. However later in the 19th century, the brand is well known as the Hollister Co. John with the love for surfing included.

Basically, he was from Yale and completed his studied including graduation from there itself. After his studies, he shifted to the West Indies and purchased a rubber plantation. Later he fell in love with a woman and got married and blessed with a kid.

So John Jr. is the only kid we are talking about here, as he grew up and started gaining interest in surfing and from that, the father and son started a surfing store.

Well, what you think the story about this father and son is quite interesting right? But trust me it is a fake story the company used to tell to its employees.

But what is the need of making a fake story? Well, Just keep on reading more…

The Real Story of Hollister Co.

Hollister is a well-renowned lifestyle brand and launched its very first store in the year 2000. Yeah! you heard it right it’s not 1922…

The main reason for linking the digit 1922 is that the company thought 2000 is not very attractive to look at. So they started spreading their fake stories amongst its employees and customers. So we can say it’s just a fair technique to grab attention and popularity. The company tried these things to market themselves to make everyone stunned. So the real thing is that the brand Hollister Co. was founded on 27th July 2000 by Abercrombie & Fitch Co.


On its starting days, the store mostly sold casuals which are mainly focused on inspired clothing for teenagers. Afterward in 2008, Hollister Co. became one of the most trustworthy and likable brands between many youths in the USA.

The brand Hollister Co. had started its services from Columbus but now effectively managed to spread all across California, Kansas, New Jersey, Georgia, and Ohio. Currently, the manufacturer owns 578 retail outlets throughout the United States of America, Hong Kong, Shanghai, South Korea, Canada as well as the United Kingdom. This brand is very popular between teenagers and they love to shop from the outlets of Hollister Co.  The brand holds a good grip to become one of the favorite apparel brands in the country.

Did you really remember when you last visited a Hollister Co. store?

How was the overall experience?

Okay, now you can share your opinions and give your helpful tellhco.com feedback about the business of the brand. The company has introduced a well designed systematic customer satisfaction survey for its consumers known as “TellHCO Survey”. It is the official hollister receipt survey portal of Hollister Co. via which the brand collects the honest and real suggestions and feedbacks of the consumers. It helps them to improve their services and product quality and hospitality.

About TellHCO.com

Whether the experience is good or bad doesn’t matter as the company wants all your valuable suggestions in order to rectify and improve their services. Here in this portal, you can share your honest feedback with Hollister Co. at www.tellhco.com. In this survey being a customer, you will be asked to answer some simple questions related to Hollister Co. stores, its services, products and quality of experience offered at your last visit.

The main motive behind collecting all the consumer’s feedback and suggestions to identify the areas need to be worked out to improve the overall experience of stores. The Hollister Co. aims in retaining its old customers and as well as wants to attract more new customers to use their brand, for which they want loyal feedbacks from its consumers.

The questions asked in the customer satisfaction survey conducted by Hollister Co. covers areas like quality and availability of the products, customer hospitality, employee behavior and various other questions related to the visit. These simple questions help the brand to recognize the real need of the customers and implement them in their services and products.

Hollister Co. Customer Rating Based On Feedbacks and Services

Customer Service 4.2 out of 5.0
Cleanliness 4.3 out of 5.0
Product Quality 4.0 out of 5.0
Wait Time 4.0 out of 5.0
Overall Rating 4.1 out of 5.0

More About The TellHCO Survey

Hollister survey 10 off is one of the shortest survey Hollister programs ever conducted by any brand. Here the company expects more participants to join the survey and put all their honest feedbacks via answering some easy questions. Your important Hollister feedback tell hco would lead the business in enhancing the worst parts and offering and to provide the best buying experience during your next visit.

This feedback will not only get you an authority to enjoy an enhanced shopping experience at any Hollister Co. store but also offers you a discount coupon of Hollister $10 off.

Isn’t it just awesome? Hollister survey for $10 off discount coupon on your favorite apparel just by spending 10 free minutes on a simple questionnaire survey.

The TellHCO.COM Survey: Eligibility Criteria and Requirements

Just like all the other online surveys, here also you need to satisfy certain eligibility requirements for participating in the customer satisfaction survey. Any consumer who fails to satisfy any of the terms of eligibility requirements should not be allowed to participate in the survey. Before crawling to the official website of the survey make sure you qualify all the conditions mentioned below.

  • Those consumers seeking to join the TellHCO hollister questionnaire should be legal permanent residents of the United States of America.
  • Buyers are eligible to enter in the online hco survey if they were at least 18 years old or older or you can say 18 years is the Hollister minimum age criteria for the Hollister 10 off 50 surveys.

  • The TellHCO Hollister survey by Hollister Co. is a 100 percent online-based hco coupon for Hollister in store survey and can be done only after visiting its official website www.tellhco.com. In order to be eligible, the end-user should have a mobile phone, computer, tablet or PC with just a high-speed internet connection.
  • The questionnaire is subject to consumer involvement only. No worker of hco Hollister or member of the worker’s families can register the quiz as specifically excluded.

The TellHCO Survey Rules

There are several regulations which each contestant is required to know and obey during and even after the questionnaire has been completed. Remember that you identify most all the guidelines before you become a part of the TellHCO hollister questionnaire.

  • In order to join the poll, all applicants must have a valid invoice for the purchase from any of the Hollister branches throughout the United States.

  • Only one purchase invoice is accepted for a single entry.
  • Consumers could only reclaim their tell Hollister 10 off coupon price reduction voucher after making a $50 transaction.
  • The discount voucher is tradable within 30 days of completion of the questionnaire and would not be redeemable on the 31st day of completion of the Hollister customer survey.
  • The Hollister in store coupon can’t be linked or attached to any other tell Hollister survey coupon you have.
  • The discount tellhco.com coupon you redeemed can’t be exchanged as cash or sold to any third-party buyer.

How to Take Hollister Survey at www.TellHCO.com

Entering the Hollister Co. survey is not a tough task as it doesn’t come with any rocket science. Being a customer all you need to follow some simple steps to successfully accomplish your Hollister receipt survey. Well, at last, you will be benefited from a 10$ discount coupon on your favorite apparel brand Hollister Co.

1st Step: Need To Make A Purchase First

2nd Step: Visit The Official Website Of The tellhco Survey.

3rd Step: Enter All The Details Carefully And Correctly.

4th Step: Be Loyal While Answering All the Questions.

5th Step: Enter the tellhco.com survey code mentioned On Your Purchase Receipt

I guess you will love the shopping experience with Hollister Co. do remember not to miss the www.tellhco.com survey and win an additional benefit of $10 free Discount coupon with Hollister survey code.

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