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Take part in the Mellow Mushroom Survey and share your experience! Your feedback helps us improve our pizzas, service, and atmosphere to ensure every visit is enjoyable.

Whether you’re a regular or trying us for the first time, your opinion matters. Join us in shaping the future of Mellow Mushroom by participating in our quick survey. We value your input in making each visit memorable. Thank you for your time!

Step by Step to Take Survey at

Mellow Mushroom is the best place for all foodies to intensify their taste buds. It acknowledges the value of your candid reviews at to enhance the consistency and services for better performance.


By engaging the Mellow Mushroom services at their official website, you can win $5 Off! on your next purchase.

Mellow Mushroom Survey

After purchasing a product, you will get a receipt, and from there, you are considered eligible for joining the survey. It’s good news to take part in this type of surprising survey at from which you can win a food voucher, cash discount, and many other opportunities.

In just three to four minutes, you can complete the survey at and get a chance to win a surprising gift. The survey is a questionnaire round where you are asked some Mellow Mushroom service-related questions.

You can go to any of the Mellow Mushroom centers of Georgia. The survey process is online, and for joining the Mellow Mushroom Survey, you have to fulfill the condition, criteria, and essential documents.

From this article, you will get every single detail without jumping on any other site. Mellow Mushroom is looking for some valuable and genuine feedback to run an online survey.

As soon as you complete the survey, there will be a chance of redemption mellow mushroom coupon code. You can utilize that for every Mellow Mushroom survey during your next visit.

Anyways Mellow Mushroom fast food center wants to collect honest feedback from food-lovers for their customer service and food efficiency.

Utilizing this, they welcome their faithful and frequent customers to join the official website and definite in the customer satisfaction survey. You can protect your hard- earning money too at your next visit. Survey Details

TellMellow Survey
Mellow Mushroom
Prize$5 Off Coupon Code
Number of Prizes1 Prizes per entry period
Prize Limit1 Prize per household
Entry Limit1 time per person per entry period
Winners NotifiedImmediately

Rewards Of The Tell Mellow Survey

The Tell Mellow Survey

The main motive of this survey is to collect honest feedback from the foodies. How they like the customer service and food quality, this is the aim of running this survey. This is the main purpose; they invite their loyal and true guest to participate in the official survey of Mellow Mushroom.

After submitting the complete Tell Mellow survey successfully, you will achieve the chance of winning a fantastic reward like

  • Redemption of $5 Off on your next visit at any Mellow Mushroom Food Stall.
  • Discount voucher
  • Coupon prizes

The rules and regulation for the mellow mushroom survey

  • Basic knowledge of English.
  • You must be genuine citizenship of the USA.
  • You will get seven days to complete the survey after the purchase.
  •  There will be arranged 5 surveys only in a month.
  • You can’t share your rewards with anyone, and there is no cashback.
  • Must keep the purchase bill with you and the validation code to achieve the prize.
  • Only 18+ foodies can take participate in this www tellmellow com survey.
  • Any associates, staff, and employees of the company can’t participate in the mellow mushroom survey. 

Basic requirements for the mellow mushroom survey

The survey won’t take much time, follow some basic requirements, and share genuine feedback.

  • You must have an active email id.
  • You must have an individual purchase receipt of mellow Mushroom.
  • You need to have a mobile device, a laptop or a PC, and stable internet connectivity.

How to take Survey to get $5 Off

The whole procedure is relatively easy to run. Just read the following steps given below. You can efficiently complete the entire survey without any obstacles. You may also get a discount coupon of $5 by completing this survey. Please read the whole steps clearly and follow them to bring a pizza home.

  • Don’t forget to visit the official website of the Mellow Mushroom Feedback survey at
  • You will get 16 digits code in the restaurant bill. Just put that code as it is in the survey form.
16 digits code
  • Tap on the start button to continue the survey.
  • Begin to respond to the multiple-choice questions from the survey page, as shown in front of you.
  • Rate the customer service and your satisfaction level as per your recent visit experience to Mellow Mushroom.
  • Questions will be based on customer relations, food quality, employees’ nature, neatness, culture, etc.
  • Write down your documents like name, address and email-id, and visit date in the right field.
  • When you finished the survey, you will get a Mellow Mushroom $5 off discount Coupon Code. You can use that next month for another awarding survey.
Mellow Mushroom $5 off discount

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A Brief About the company: Mellow Mushroom

This Pizza Restaurant Chain is the pride of Atlanta, Georgia. The Mellow Mushroom is the brainchild of three students who set up this in 1974. This Pizzeria was so successful that the Spring Street region was filled with more outlets of Mellow Mushroom within a short period.

Soon, it became a popular choice among young stars and people. That’s the reason they expand their outlets across the US. At this moment, they have approx. 150 shops and most of them are running as a franchise.

The Mellow Mushroom is all about creativity. That’s the reason each and every store looks different, like promoting fun, loving, and enjoyable environment. If you speak about their quality, Mellow Mushroom always comes up with the best and fresh ingredients. Every item is cooked perfectly, that you will feel the pure taste of each ingredient. With each bite of pizza along with the sip of chilled craft beer, your taste buds will be enriched with freshness.


Take this survey for a chance to win a Mellow Mushroom Coupon Code and Promo Code! Mellow Mushroom is a beloved fast food spot for all ages. Your feedback on helps us strengthen our bond with thousands of customers. We value your opinions to ensure we provide the best service, so feel free to share any feedback, positive or negative.


Why should I take the Mellow Mushroom survey?
Ans: Your feedback helps Mellow Mushroom improve their services and menu offerings to better meet customer expectations. Plus, you might get a reward or discount for completing the survey!

How can I participate in the Mellow Mushroom survey?
Ans: Typically, you can find the survey invitation on your receipt from a recent visit to Mellow Mushroom. Visit the survey website provided and follow the instructions to complete the survey.

What kind of questions will be in the survey?
Ans: The survey usually includes questions about your overall satisfaction, food quality, service, cleanliness, and any specific feedback you may have about your visit.

Is my feedback anonymous?
Ans: Yes, your responses are usually anonymous unless you choose to provide your contact information for a reward or follow-up.

What do I get for completing the Mellow Mushroom survey?
Ans: Rewards may vary, but often include discounts or special offers on your next visit as a token of appreciation for your time and feedback.

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  2. Mellow Mushroom in Coralville, Iowa – 6/1/2020 experience when Covid-19 restaurants first opening back up: ordered an appetizer, one small greek salad – no green bell peppers (health reason) and a large Holy Shiitake pizza. We were the only customers at a table/booth – the only other customers were at the bar. After quite a while, I had flag down waiter to ask for the salad. It came WITH green bell peppers and large portions of brown rotten lettuce and in less than 60 seconds came our appetizer and then in less than another 120 seconds came our pizza. Service was horrible! A manager came by and asked about service. When given the feedback, made all sorts of excuses and offered $5 off ($2 less than the cost of the salad) along with a coupon for a future visit. A little while later another different manager came out and again made all sorts of different excuses. Bill came – $5 off and no coupon for future visit. Several years back we went to a Mellow Mushroom in Chatanooga, TN and it was wonderful and we begged them to open one in Iowa City/Coralville, Iowa. Now that we have one in Coralville, it appears we still have to drive 9 hours to Chatanooga in order to get any customer service. Sad.

  3. Had another great dining experience at the Mellow Mushroom in Rome, GA. The food was delicious and the service was great.

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