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Official website – Food Lion store is a chain of grocery stores for shopping in America. It is owned by Ahold Delhaize. This chain of stores initially started in 1975, and it now runs over more than 1,100 store locations across 10 different US States. food lion chain of stores provides all the items related to the grocery in the US.

Having current employment of 66,000 people, the company is happy to serve affordable grocery at reasonable rates to its customers with maintaining the high quality as well. The people who are committed and dedicated to hard work and customer satisfaction are warmly welcomed to join in as employees.

The customers of Food Lion are satisfied with shopping at these stores for their quality products, great customer services, along with their and sales and promotions. The Talktofoodlion store offers food lion survey to its loyal customers, which is only for those people who are frequent shoppers at the Food Lion grocery store.

Your genuine response is required by this organization to help them improve their service and terms for their regular customers. And the good news is that for completing the survey, you also get a chance to enter in Food Lion sweepstakes that can earn you rewards such as 1 of 10 $500 Food Lion gift card each month.

About TalktoFoodlion survey

Survey Sweepstakes Prize Free Sweepstakes Entry worth $500 Food Lion Gift Card
Sweepstakes Winners 10
Entry Limit 13 Entries Per Person
Prize Limit 1 Prize Per Person/Household
Survey Open for District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, Georgia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia

The survey includes series of questions related to only the terms and services of the Food Lion store, which hardly takes 10 minutes to complete. Your food lion survey response is valuable, and your suggestions, opinions, and complaints are a great source of help for improving the Food Lion customer experience.

For your negative experience, you can tell them with your response and highlight all the negative aspects and points that you felt during shopping with Don’t worry about not getting a chance to win a free prize; it has nothing to do with that.

Rules and Regulations

  • Age requirement: 18 years or above.
  • Limited 5 entries for each person
  • The taxes imposed are responsibility of lucky winner.
  • No purchase is compulsory and no survey participation is must.
  • Earned prize cannot be shared to another person.

To take the Food Lion survey, you are required with the following, before you can start with survey. Here are the requirements.

Food Lion Survey Requirements

  • The person who is taking the survey must have 18 years of age or older.
  • The person should be US resident.  The states from which a person can perform this survey are SC, Georgia, Kentucky, DC, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, and NC,.
  • Food Lion staff or any employee is not eligible to partake survey, and none of their family members too.
  • Prize is 1 limit for each Person.
  • The entry Limit is set to 13 Entries per Person.
  • Winners should be responsible for the taxes included.

Ways to Take Food Lion Survey at

There are 2 ways through which you can enter the Talk to Food Line survey. The methods are given below.

Steps to Take Talk to Food Lion Survey Online at survey

When you buy any food item from the Food Lion store when it the sweepstakes Sweepstakes Period, you will be given an invitation for the survey on your receipt of purchase, which you will have to complete within five days’ time, you can follow these steps for an online survey.

The detailed guidelines for taking talk to Food Lion survey is listed here. you can perform this survey with these simple steps below.

  • Select desired survey language that you prefer & Read the instructions given. Then click on the ‘>>’ icon to begin.
  • Enter the 16-digit PIN that is printed on your receipt, and then you can click on the >> option.
  • Select the time of your shopping and date on which you visited the food lion location.
  • It’s time to begin with your Survey, where you will answer the given questions related to the services that were offered.
  • From your last or recent visiting experience of shopping at Food Lion, remember whatever you can from their services and answer those survey questions honestly.
  • And after doing all this, you are requested to input your contact details, email ID, and personal contact number.
  • Then you just have to submit your Talktofoodlion Customer Survey

Get More Free Reward Prizes


Steps to Take Food Lion Survey Via Email

You can partake in the survey even if you haven’t completed your survey. You will need to write your email address, with your name, your mailing address, your date of birth, and your personal contact. These details should be mentioned on a 3×5 index card.

Then send the mail to given address:

Address: “Food Lion Customer Survey Sweepstakes,” P.O. Box 456, Newark, NY 14513.

TalktoFoodLion Survey Video Guide Sweepstakes

The talktofoodlion selects a total of 10 Prize Winners that are awarded per Entry Period. The lucky winners will get a $500.00 gift card from the Food Lion.

Food Lion Customer Service Number

You can contact food lion customer services for more info and details.

Call number: 1-800-210-9569

Food Lion Reference Link

  • Food Lion website:
  • Food Lion Talk to Food Lion Survey link is


This was all about the official Food Lion survey at The guide is incomplete in detail with requirements and survey steps to be performed that are clearly described for your ease.

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22 thoughts on “Food Lion Survey at”

  1. I love everything about Food Lion their services to people good prices on food and with the MVP card great to have and I’ll times

  2. I love Food Lion and the MVP savings are a bonus. Always a clean environment and employees are organized and very well trained.

  3. Food Lion has a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Prices, overall, are better than other nearby grocery stores. They have followed all the safety precautions ever since the COVID virus hit the U.S. over a year ago. They require masks. They thoroughly spray down every cart before a customer uses it. The employees are helpful and friendly and not only answer my questions when I can’t find a product……..they walk me over to its location. There is rarely a lineup at check out. They eagerly open a new lane if there are only one or two customers in another line. Prices. Quality of produce. Customer Service. All get an A+ from this 80+ gal!

    • I went for firts time, and i loved it , good food all frech, good price, so i am going every day..ahhh!! The bread is one of the best things, and the staff very nace, congratulations.

  4. Food lion has the best prices and customer service in RM NC. The fruits is so delicious and fresh veggies. I love shopping there.

  5. I love shopping at food lion because everything is so easy to find and the price of food are reasonable also the staff are very nice , food lion is my first choice of stores to go to

  6. I started shopping at Food Lion when I moved to Virginia in 2006.
    It has been a great experience.
    Two particular stores I frequent are located at 8201 Hull Street Rd (yes, street and road) & 8006 Buford Ct.
    Excellent customer service along with a clean, usually full stocked store.
    I travel for work & will always stop by a Food Lion during my travels for groceries or personal effects.

  7. I Love shopping at Food Lion in Clinton S.C.29325
    They have Good Prices and Good Deals.
    On Sunday May 9th I brought two pkgs of T-Bone steaks 4total they were nicely cut and very favorable. Thank-You Food Lion Butchers for nice quality meat

  8. I LOVE Foodlion always great deals. Friendly staff who are always willing to help. Staff will carry my food to my car if I need help. The store is always well stock, If you do not see your item on the shelf, a staff member will go and check if they have it in stock. Foodlion is clean, great meat, I could go on about this store! GREAT PLACE TO SHOP FOR FOOD!

  9. i enjoy shopping food line the meat and produce is always fresh and food line have a broad range to choose from all the time the floor workers is a always there to help me with all my needs, the check out is fast and they observe the 6 feet rule and masks is always a must to protect the workers and customers doing the time of the COVID-19 virus i will always shop food line and recommend Food lion to my family members and friends.

  10. I was so excited when I heard that Food Lion was coming back to Albany my excitement was short lived. It is nothing like the old food lion the quality is not there. It reminds me of the Harveys it replaced. The service is very low it is nothing like the old food lion. The cashier has to ring up and bag the groceries if the person is in a hurry they help bag the groceries. There are old people that shop at your store because that is mostly that live in the area. I have been in two of the stores in my area and have given up shopping in the store not because of the food but because of the services.

  11. Customer service was very poorly at this Food lion in Jedburg South Carolina
    The cashier would not ask for a card she would not talk to you check like she wouldn’t even there looks like she hated her job

  12. I always do my shopping at Food Lion. I have gotten to know some of the cashiers and they always are very friendly with me. My MVP card has truly saved me in groceries!!

  13. I love Food Lion because the store is very clean and the staff is very helpful. I’ve been shopping in our Food Lion in Glasgow, KY and had to have help to reach an item and any worker that you see will stop what they are doing and help. Also the produce always looks so beautiful. It’s arranged so nice and is marked clearly. As an older shopper it is important to us that we can see everything clearly and at Food Lion we can. I would like to mention that the cashiers are great. When I was checking out I was tying my bags so it would be easier for me and the young lady saw me doing that and she tied the ones she was bagging I really appreciated it.

  14. The people who work at our Food Lion on Plaza Drive in Prince George, VA, are extremely helpful. They take you where you need to go even though you just ask for directions. The meat department is especially helpful. I am a very difficult customer because I cannot eat beef, lamb, pork or chicken so I eat turkey necks every single day. I prefer the very big ones that come two to a package weighing appx 2 pounds. The meat department personnel dig through all their turkey necks to try to find the ones I want then if they have them they bring them out to me and put them one at a time in my bags. I am handicapped on a mobility scooter and cannot lift anything with any weight so I can not push a basket so must shop with plastic bags which I bring each time from my previous Food Lion shopping trips. Today I was forced to buy packages with 5 necks in each because that is all they had. I wanted 24 packs but they only had 8 so that is what I bought. several hours after shopping for turkey necks and frozen Wyman’s wild blueberries which they were out of, I went back to buy an electric plug for a USB cable. The employee gathering baskets in the parking lot told me where to find them. I went right to them and was in and out in about 5 minutes. I love our Food Lion. I hate covid because it causes them to run out of many things. They never ran out before covid came.

  15. There is a large pothole at the driveway of the Berea Food Lion. I am sur all your customers would be very happy to see it filled.


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