MyLifeAtKroger – Kroger Employee Benefits – Portal Guide [2024] Login and Advantages – Kroger is an international American retail company. The company came into existence in 1883. The company was started by Bernard Kroger at Cincinnati, OH. United States.

It is the second largest supermarket retailer after Walmart in the USA.

Kroger was so kind that he always supported all the employees working with either Kroger or any associated company. Kroger co still does not lack in fulfilling customer satisfaction.

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Further, it feels for the employees and makes all the things available to all its employees. The only thing the company cares is the convenience of the employees.

Kroger also ensures to provide the perfect environment for the employees, maintenance harmony between all co – workers. To make all the employees happy and satisfied they have a system to organize events to give them special recognition and benefits.

You can see that the whole staff of Kroger is extremely polite and honest with their work. It strives to provide the best service to the customers and tries to provide the maximum satisfaction out of it.

To avoid any complications and maintain the transparency among the employees, Kroger came up with an online portal, which is accessible by all its employees. The portal is

The main objective of designing this portal – Mylifeatkroger is to provide all the benefits and advantages to all the employees. But here one thing should be noted, that only those who are directly connected to Kroger can have access to the Mylifeatkroger portal.

Using Mylifeatkroger portal on its website at, you have to type in your username and password after visiting the above website or web portal.

You might be wondering what are such advantages employees get, so here it is, employees can check their payslips, they can check any travel facility, can make a request for extended vacations, can check the reward points and bonus they have earned.

So, please read through the complete article, in order to check the login procedure of Mylifeatkroger at

Advantages of Mylifeatkroger Login

If you have an online Mylifeatkroger account login then you are entitled to receive the below advantages.

  • Total rewards from Kroger
  • 401 K employee benefit
  • Reimbursement of tuition fees
  • Kroger employee rewards
  • Benefits after retirement
  • Career growth advantage
  • Child and family advantages
  • Parental leaves (paid and unpaid, check with HR)
  • Life insurance
  • Accidental and disability insurance
  • Eyes and dental insurance
  • Competitive salary
  • Vacations, holidays and paid leaves

So, these are the benefits of Mylifeatkroger , you get by working at  Kroger. I hope you are clear with the company information and what are the advantages of working in the second largest company of the USA. Let us now move towards knowing the login procedure of Mylifeatkroger on its official website, but before that you will need some credentials for Mylifeatkroger. 

Mylifeatkroger Login Requirements

You will require the following things for successfully login at Mylifeatkroger

  • Mylifeatkroger official website or web portal.
  • A valid user Id and accurate password of Mylifeatkroger
  • Internet browser
  • A device such as Laptop, smartphone, PC or tablet
  • Updated web browser

Mylifeatkroger Login for Currently Employees – Step by Step Guide

Kindly follow the below mentioned steps in order to successfully login into your account and check kroger employee benefits. 

click on current associates in mylifeatkroger portal

  • Tap on current associate login as shown in the above image.

login to mylifeatkroger as current employee

  • You will see an image as above, please type in your User ID and
  • In the next available box, type in your password.
  • Lastly tap on the I agree button to access your Mylifeatkroger online account.

Mylifeatkroger Login for Retiree or Spouse or Partner – Steps

Kindly follow  the steps mentioned in the below, if you are a retiree or partner of currently employed.

select retire or spouse option in mylifeatkroger login

  • Select the option shown in the image.

login as retire or spouse option in my life at kroger portal

  • Kindly type in your username.
  • Now, type in accurate password
  • Lastly click on the Login button and you can get access to your Mylifeatkroger account.

How to Register Account as Retire or Spouse on Mylifeatkroger Portal

select retire or spouse option in mylifeatkroger login

  • Choose the option as shown in the image

register account as retire or spouse option in portal

  • Kindly select the option – “register” as visible in the above image.
  • Now, enter the details of retiree or spouse as asked in the following page
  • Note: If you have to enter the birthday the format will be as per below example.

Example: Birthdate: 21 Feb 1969, then it will be written as 19690221. (YYYYMMDD) Format.

Mylifeatkroger Help and Support Desk

You can use the following information to contact the Mylifeatkroger.

  • Dial: 513.762.4000
  • Mail-Address: 1014-Vine St. Cincinnati, OH-45202-1100
  • Official Website:

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So, this was all I can share on Mylifeatkroger and its usage on its website []. I have also provided the contact details if you need any assistance, or else you can  leave a comment below for any kind of help from my side.

Kroger is a great company if you are considering a career change or planning to join it. With the help of this My Life Kroger portal, all the employees can have many great benefits. The KrogerBenefits com allows the employees to get many kroger perks for employees.

Thanks to all for reading my article. Please comment and let me know

FAQs of Mylifeatkroger

What is the easy way to kroger benefits login?

In case you want to use your kroger benefits login, you can download the official android app for login using this link – Download Link

Is Mylifeatkroger com login safe in terms of privacy protection?

After using your Mylifeatkroger login, you can easily login on the website without worrying about privacy. It is safer for all to login.

What is the ultimate purpose of the www Mylifeatkroger com?

You can access all the mykroger benefits using this portal. The ultimate purpose of this portal is you can access all your kroger benefits at one place like kroger employee discounts, kroger maternity leave and other kroger perks for employees.

Can I access My life kroger portal?

If you are an official employee of Kroger, then only you can access this portal.

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