How to Get Kroger Cedar Point Tickets & Passes at Discounted Prices in 2024

Kroger, one of the largest retailers in the United States, offers primary services to its customers, employees, and partners. For customers, the company has been providing Krogerfeedback survey, for associates, MyLifeatKroger, for employees, ExpressHR Kroger Employee Login, and Feed Kroger Login services. But now, the company offers an excellent chance to get Kroger Cedar Point Tickets. This article will show all the details about the Cedar Point Discount Ticket Deals.

Kroger Cedar Point Tickets are “discounted tickets” for use in different theme parks and water parks. These parks include King’s Island, Zoombezi Bay, and others. You can buy Cedar Point Tickets at any participating Kroger store if you are not much aware of them. There are many portals from where you can get Cedar Point Cheap Tickets, but it is better to visit your local Kroger store and see if they have participated in the ticket advertisement.

If you need to learn how to get discount Cedar Point Tickets, read the article to find out the details about tickets at discounted rates, availability of tickets, and who sells Cedar Point Tickets. Reading this article will resolve any doubts and confusion that you have. So let’s begin the article now.

What is Cedar Point?

what is cedar point

Cedar Point is an exciting amusement park in Ohio in the beautiful Sandusky town. The park has nearly 3 million visitors who have thrilling experiences at this popular amusement park. With the help of Discount Cedar Point Tickets, you can enjoy 16 roller coasters and 71 amazing rides. Enjoying these adrenaline-pumping rides with your family will create many memories that will last for years. To get Kroger Cedar Point Tickets, you must go to the company store and enquire about it. This is an opportunity for an unforgettable experience, and you don’t have to wait in lines at Cedar Point with the tickets or passes given by Kroger.

Cedar Point has captivating water attractions, mind-blowing roller coaster rides, live entertainment programs, and much more. So, can you buy Cedar Point tickets at the gate? – The short answer is yes, but they won’t be cheaper, and you may pay more when you can pay less price of Cedar Point Tickets.

The cost of Cedar Point Tickets will be lower if you get them from Kroger stores. Even online, you will get expensive except at some of the trusted ticket providers. Now you must be clear about what are the Kroger Cedar Point Tickets. Now let us understand where you can get them.

How to Get Discounted Cedar Point Tickets at Kroger?

get discounted cedar point tickets at kroger

Kroger offers Cedar Point Discounted Tickets to customers interested in going to the amusement park. You need to know which Kroger store is participating in the advertisement where you can get your tickets. These Cedar Point Ticket Deals by Kroger will assist you save a lot of money, especially if you are going with your family.

The Kroger Cedar Point Discount Tickets on the official website are available for different categories such as seasonal passes, water park, military, specials, groups, and Park tickets. The cost of Cedar Point Tickets or daily tickets is $49.99, the Summer pass at $23, and the Funday bundle at $74.99. So, how much do cedar point tickets cost at the gate? – The tickets will cost you above $80, but with Kroger stores near you, you can get them at $30 less.

Kroger also offers 6 customers a 2 days admission combo ticket for only $65. The Cedar Point Ticket Deals like these do not come often, so this is an excellent chance for you to avail of it. This combo ticket will help you cover Cedar Point and Kings Island at $65.

Regular Ticker Price

There are different types of Discount for Cedar Point Tickets at Kroger, and you may need to learn about all of them. So, read the table to know about them.

Type of Tickets For Adults For Child
Ticket for single-day admission $54.99 $45.00
Funday Bundle 2024 $84.99 $84.99
Funday Bundle Max 2024 $119.99 $119.99
Cedar point shores admission $49.99 $49.99
Summer Pass by Cedar Point $105.00 $105.00
Gold pass by Cedar Point $150.00 $150.00
Platinum pass by Cedar Point $240.00 $240.00
Pre-K Pass of 2024 NA $0.00

From the above table, you must be clear about how much cedar point tickets cost for adults and children. These Cedar Point Ticket Deals are available online, which are cheaper and available on multiple platforms, including Kroger stores. The price of Cedar Point Tickets at gates will be much higher than the online rates. So, to avoid paying extra, please choose the right source.

At the price of the gate rate, you can get a Funday Bundle which will cost you $84.99 on the internet. Instead of paying $85 at the gate, you can have more fun by getting this ticket. With Funday Bundle, you get to park your vehicle for one day and get all day eating, and that’s why you need to get these Cedar Point Cheap Tickets at Kroger stores.

Kroger Discount Tickets

Only some of the Kroger locations will offer you a discounted Cedar Point ticket or pass; you cannot check every Kroger store to see if they provide the tickets. Instead, you can open the official website of Cedar Point, i.e.,, and buy Cedar Point Tickets from there.

Discounted Seasonal Passes

Most of the season passes are available on the website of Cedar Point as well as at different stores, such as Summer Pass, Platinum Pass, Pre-K Pass, and Gold Pass. Out of all these, only Pre-K passes do not offer free parking for a day and unlimited park use.

You can buy these seasonal passes for as low as $105 to as high as $240. You can even pay the whole amount in additional payments. But that would depend entirely upon your choice.

Military Discount for Cedar Point Tickets

All military members can buy Cedar Point Tickets at $10 at a discount for ticket books online and at the entrance. The entry ticket for Cedar Point is available at $45, but you will only get six similar tickets at a discount rate for military members.

The cost of Cedar Point Tickets at the gate will be around $70. But it is you who has to decide where you want to buy. Online sources will save 25 dollars for each person who visits, But to avail of this offer, you need to show your US Military ID proof while purchasing the tickets.

Cedar Point Ticket Price for Group

There is a special discount offer by Cedar Point for a group having at least 15 to 99 members. The Cedar Point Discounted Tickets will be valid for one day or today, and for each adult, the online price is up to $45. For 2 days, it will cost $75 per person.

There is a special arrangement if you visit in a group where you can enjoy a water park while visiting Cedar Point.

Early Entry

Early Entry allows Cedar Point Resort guests, Platinum Pass holders, and Cedar Point Gold Passholders to enter the park one hour before the public opening time.

For example, if you arrive at 10 am, these guests can access the park until 9 am. To enter, you will need your Early Entry pass along with a park admission ticket.

The designated gates for Resort guests, Platinum Passholders, and Gold Passholders are located at Magnum XL 200 (near Cedar Point Shores) and the WindSeeker Gate (underneath Windseeker on the east side of the Cedar Point Boardwalk).

Enjoy the Bring-A-Friend Discount

Enjoy the Bring-A-Friend Discount at Cedar Point! As a Season Passholder, you can bring a guest for only $45, a fantastic deal.

Alternatively, you can purchase the ticket at the gate for $85. By buying online, you save $45. Remember, the Season Pass holder must accompany their guest, and the ticket cannot be used for advance entry.

Each person can purchase up to 6 tickets, but they are not valid for separate ticket-only events. Grab this offer and have a great time with your friends at Cedar Point!


Indulge in the ultimate relaxation with Cedar Point’s Cabanas! As a season pass holder, you can enjoy a standard-sized cabana for just $159, while it costs $189 for the general public. Upgrade to the premium bronze cabanas at the poolside for $259 per day, or opt for the silver cabana at $299.

For a truly luxurious experience, the gold cabana awaits you at the poolside, accommodating up to 16 guests, starting at a minimum price of $329 when booked online. Treat yourself to the epitome of comfort and luxury at Cedar Point’s Cabanas!

Parking Ticket

Please note that daily passes purchased at Kroger do not include parking, except for season passes which come with free parking privileges. Cedar Point offers two types of parking tickets for purchase:

  1. Single Day Parking: If you buy it online, a one-day parking ticket costs $25. Alternatively, an e-ticket for parking is available for $35.
  2. Preferred Parking: For those seeking convenience, preferred parking is available at an additional cost.

To save on parking charges, consider purchasing the Funday Bundle or any season pass that includes free parking. This way, you can enjoy your visit to Cedar Point without worrying about parking fees.

How to Find Kroger Stores Near Me

Finding a nearby Kroger store is easy as you have to use the internet and online tools to locate it. I have listed some options you can use to find Kroger stores near you.

  • Using the official store locator of Kroger at will help you locate the stores near you. You must enter your postal code, city name, state, and other details for this.
  • If you are using an Android phone, go to your Google Maps and search for Kroger stores. Turn on your GPS so you will find the nearest store.
  • For iPhone users, there is also an option in that system for Maps. You can use it to locate the nearest Kroger store.
  • Last but not least, you can use the Google search engine to type the stores based on your location and GPS data; Google will give you accurate results.

These are some ways you can locate Kroger store’s locations.

Contact Details

Suppose you need more clarity about Kroger Cedar Point Tickets or want to enquire or confirm directly with the company. In that case, I have provided you the customer service contact details, which you can use to reach out to the representatives and export of the company.

  • Kroger’s Official Website:
  • Customer Care Number: +1-800-576-4377 (+1-800-KRO-GERS)
  • Operating/Calling Hours: Monday to Friday from 7 AM to Midnight, From Saturday-Sunday, 7 AM to 9:30 PM.

You can dial the number mentioned above and use the official Kroger website to get proper solutions for clarification.


You must know what to do after learning about Cedar Point Tickets Kroger and why you should get them from Kroger stores. To save your money. Of all the options online, Kroger stores are the best ones to buy Cedar Point Tickets. You have a chance to save up to $30 per person. The Kroger stores offer Cedar Point Cheap Tickets, which gives you all fun and saves money. You can also get a Funday Bundle at a reduced amount online at the Cedar Point website or at Kroger stores.

After carefully reading this article, you must have no question about how to get discount cedar point tickets. But if you have any other questions, suggestions, or doubts related to this article, please share them in the form of comments using the below-given “comment box.”


What is the Funday Bundle Ceder Point Ticket Price in 2024?

Funday Bundle Cedar Point Discount Tickets cost you around $74.99 online. For confirmation, please check the link –

Who sells cedar point tickets other than Kroger stores?

Kroger Cedar Point Tickets are available at DrugMart, Costco, Giant Eagles, and AAA stores.

What are the online sources to find cheaper Cedar Point Discount Tickets?

You can go to Groupon, Undercover Tourist, Viator, etc., offering discounted tickets for Cedar Point.

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