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Kroger Feedback Survey

KrogerFeedback Survey 2022 Survey is an online survey held by Kroger supermarket store to hear their customer’s reviews and responses about their products and services. With the help of this Kroger Survey, the clients can connect with them online through this review and leave honest reviews about their progress and experience of shopping at the Kroger store.

The clients who are permitted to share their regarded input at for an opportunity to win gift vouchers, basic food item cards, in addition to cards, 50 fuel prizes, and discount coupons.

Still, in case that you have visited the store as of late, partake in the Kroger Survey by reading this blog in detail. This post will direct you to take the review effectively and win the Kroger Survey Sweepstakes prizes.

Krogerfeedback Survey Link Details

Official Name Kroger Survey
Survey Name Kroger Feedback Survey
Survey URL
Official URL
Survey Rules Survey Rules
Survey Prize Cash Prize or Gift Cards
Survey Method By Online
Receipt Valid 7 Days
Survey Limit 1 per person, per receipt
Coupon Valid and Limit 30 Days after survey completion, One coupon per visit
Survey Country United States

Kroger Customer Survey is an activity from the Kroger Organization to gathers real clients’ criticism. From the store is chiefly expected to gather valuable data from steadfast clients dependent on their most recent shopping experience.

Lets you win lucky 50 fuel points. Are you one of those to win the Kroger Feedback Contest? This is the right place for taking survey information. The main goal of the organization to improve their services.

You can enter the sweepstakes by completing the Survey, the reward that you get from wining the survey can be used for fuel points on retail. What the clients need to do is to follow the instructions in this blog for Kroger Feedback. You can access the official site; Each Client can take part in the study and present your input; you will get a Kroger survey fuel prizes and additionally Gift Vouchers.

Kroger Survey Sweepstakes Prize

  • Mega Prize: $5000 in the form of Kroger gift card
  • Small Reward: $100 in the form of Kroger gift card
  • 50 Fuel Points Bonus

krogerfeedback Survey Rules

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you want to win $100 to $ 5,000 of gift cards or 50 Fuel Points Bonus, then you must have to take care of some rules set by Kroger to take this online survey.

  • No buy is needed to partake in the Kroger Survey.
  • The review is open just for people of 50 states of the US
  • The Least Age prerequisite is 18 years.
  • You should keep a fundamental comprehension of English/Spanish.
  • The prize that you will get cannot be traded for money, all things considered.
  • Employees and their close of relatives from the Kroger Store are not permitted to partake and win the Kroger Sweepstakes Prizes.

Once a client meets all the previously mentioned rules of the survey, then you can join the Kroger Survey Sweepstakes and move to the survey site and win the Prizes.

If you want to be a lucky winner to get benefitted from $100 to $ 5,000 of gift vouchers, then you can check the below steps to take Kroger Customer Survey without any problem.

Take Official Kroger Survey at

When you have all the knowledge and understanding of the Kroger Guest Experience Survey, and you have also met the rules set by the Kroger store, then you can continue to follow the instructions below to perform the Kroger Customer Survey.

  • To start the client survey for the Kroger store, you need to visit the official site of Kroger at
  • As soon as you visit the Kroger site, you can choose the language which is comfortable and easy for your understanding.
  • Select language, and you see the given 6 Boxes to enter the voucher number imprinted on your KrogerFeedback receipt over yonder.
  • Copy that voucher code the slip. And insert it into the given section. You can simply enter that code to get start with krogerfeedback review.
  • Before the culmination of sweepstakes, check the retail location ID, KS, visited date, the season of visit, request, and the amount spent in case that you don’t have the substantial receipt.
  • Make sure that data is exact.
  • As it appears, there are numerous decisions of questions in the list getting some information about the nature of their items at the retail location, administration, and the conduct of the salesman.
  • Submit your response according to the given questions with your honest review and opinion for them by answer all inquiries painstakingly based their involvement in the Kroger store.
  • When you have sincerely presented positive or negative criticism by responding to the inquiries, click on “Submit.”
  • Kroger Customer Survey Feedback will be Submitted, and the approval/voucher is shown on your screen.

The vast majority of clients love shopping at Kroger. Since the shopping experience with Kroger is charming to the clients. The client support was fantastic on the whole terms of retail items. Subsequent to taking an interest in the study directed by the retailing organization, Clients can opportunity to acquire Kroger fuel Prizes by offered by KrogerFeedback.

As referenced above, user can take multiple survey by just visiting the stores. krogerfeedback, an easy-to-understand and solve survey that anyone can get to the authority site and start the review without any problem.

Krogerfeedback Survey Video Guide 2022

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Winners June 2022

  • Jim Fazalare – 160803 – Columbus
  • Susan S. – 110255 – Atlanta
  • Corrinne G. – 110391 – Atlanta
  • SHARION H. – 110443 – Atlanta
  • JAWANA W. – 110459 – Atlanta
  • marina g. – 110460 – Atlanta
  • david g. – 110483 – Atlanta
  • Kayla J. – 110638 – Atlanta
  • Virginia W. – 110641 – Atlanta
  • Tanya T. – 140364 – Cincinnati
  • Randy R. – 140431 – Cincinnati
  • Greg F. – 140448 – Cincinnati
  • Jerry F. – 140454 – Cincinnati
  • Judy E. – 140909 – Cincinnati
  • Walter H. – 140915 – Cincinnati
  • Ron R. – 140915 – Cincinnati
  • Jeffrey P. – 140921 – Cincinnati
  • Raymond B. – 140943 – Cincinnati
  • Eugene S. – 140944 – Cincinnati
  • Susan R. – 140945 – Cincinnati
  • Jean P. – 140984 – Cincinnati
  • Cynthia B. – 160522 – Columbus
  • Jennifer P. – 160525 – Columbus
  • Dan M. – 160824 – Columbus
  • connie c. – 160897 – Columbus
  • Philip P. – 180413 – Michigan
  • sid h. – 180450 – Michigan
  • Stephanie R. – 180635 – Michigan
  • Howard C. – 180691 – Michigan
  • Stacey H. – 180704 – Michigan
  • Kathy M. – 180706 – Michigan
  • Marcia J. – 180715 – Michigan
  • Denise G. – 180729 – Michigan
  • NORMAN C. – 180759 – Michigan
  • Rebecca S. – 210096 – Central
  • Renee W. – 210424 – Central
  • Cindy W. – 210842 – Central
  • Colin N. – 210928 – Central
  • Dixie D. – 210947 – Central
  • CHARLOTTE B. – 210972 – Central
  • Douglas S. – 210990 – Central
  • Shirley H. – 240687 – Louisville
  • KEVIN M. – 240714 – Louisville
  • Steven S. – 240729 – Louisville
  • judy G. – 240779 – Louisville
  • don d. – 240784 – Louisville
  • Lisa J. – 250398 – Delta
  • Deborah H. – 250468 – Delta
  • Mary W. – 250468 – Delta
  • Carrie A. – 250490 – Delta
  • Brianna K. – 250623 – Delta
  • Leon H. – 290334 – Mid-Atlantic
  • James G. – 290335 – Mid-Atlantic
  • Sharon K. – 290343 – Mid-Atlantic
  • Peggy B. – 290402 – Mid-Atlantic
  • Kari J. – 290537 – Mid-Atlantic
  • Rick W. – 290537 – Mid-Atlantic
  • Agnes E. – 290555 – Mid-Atlantic
  • Pamela B. – 290799 – Mid-Atlantic
  • Kathleen S. – 290813 – Mid-Atlantic
  • Oliver T. – 340190 – Houston
  • Yusuf M. – 350451 – Dallas
  • Jeanie S. – 350535 – Dallas
  • Anissa C. – 350545 – Dallas
  • Naomi R. – 350573 – Dallas
  • sheila s. – 350578 – Dallas
  • Sharon D. – 350594 – Dallas
  • Allison A. – 350893 – Dallas
  • lee d. – 5310525 – Roundy’s Chicago
  • Mary B. – 5340308 – Roundy’s Wisconsin
  • stan p. – 5340372 – Roundy’s Wisconsin
  • Sarah G. – 5340430 – Roundy’s Wisconsin
  • Danelle J. – 5340857 – Roundy’s Wisconsin
  • Kim Y. – 6150019 – Dillon Stores
  • Karen G. – 6150097 – Dillon Stores
  • Candace R. – 6150097 – Dillon Stores
  • Kate R. – 6200081 – King Soopers
  • Mary B. – 6200101 – King Soopers
  • Alicia R. – 6200104 – King Soopers
  • Sherry H. – 6600018 – Fry’s
  • Donna M. – 6600034 – Fry’s
  • Nancy D. – 6600036 – Fry’s
  • Ruben L. – 6600055 – Fry’s
  • Forrest W. – 6600058 – Fry’s
  • Dennis T. – 6600115 – Fry’s
  • Cory S. – 6600612 – Fry’s
  • Thomas C. – 6600628 – Fry’s
  • Andrea R. – 6600667 – Fry’s
  • Tyler T. – 7010005 – Fred Meyer
  • Rebecca P. – 7010025 – Fred Meyer
  • SCOTT O. – 7010093 – Fred Meyer
  • Kelly P. – 7010122 – Fred Meyer
  • joleen d. – 7010225 – Fred Meyer
  • Floyd B. – 7010325 – Fred Meyer
  • Madelyn M. – 7010605 – Fred Meyer
  • Donna B. – 7030160 – Ralph’s
  • Dennis M. – 7030727 – Ralph’s
  • Barron V. – 7060180 – Smith’s
  • Mary Ann R. – 7060349 – Smith’s
  • Angeline M. – 7060423 – Smith’s
  • Jo Ann H. – 7060432 – Smith’s

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Do you pay a tip at Kroger pick up?

Kroger doesn’t accept any tips from customers, unlike Instacart and other stores for shopping. You can keep your money to yourself and only pay for what you ordered.

Does Kroger charge a fee for cashback?

Yes, the customers of Kroger are charged with a fee when they choose cashback options during their checkout from the store. For any 99 cents or below, there is no charging fee on the customers, but any amount more than 99 cents is going to cost a fee that is charged to the customer.

How do you complain about Kroger pickup?

If users have any issues with the Kroger services or they find out a problem after receiving the order, then they are able to leave complaints, and they can also return any unacceptable items as well. They just have to go to your local store or contact them with the help of their customer support number at 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377). Or, in case they want to send a message, then they can mail them.

Does Kroger have a dress code?

Kroger has a dress code policy for the customers. When individuals want to work in one of the Kroger stores, they have to use that dress code. This policy is always mindful for such businesses in which hats or caps are part of the dress code at the job. Otherwise, some have company display logo printed on their shirts.

Can Kroger employees accept tips?

No, the employees of the Kroger store does not accept any tips from the customers. It’s part of their job policy.

How does Kroger pickup work?

Kroger pickup is simple and easy. You need to go to the mall from which you have to shop and find a perfect parking spot according to your time. Then use the Kroger app or website and let them know that you have arrived to make a call to their support number. The employees will bring the groceries right at your car and put them in the car for you.

How much can you tip my Kroger delivery?

Tips are basically an optional consideration as a choice to either give to the workers or not. It is usually separate from the delivery free charges. At default, the basic tip is about 5% for each option. This can be settled and changed during checkout for delivery.

How long does it take of the cashback from Kroger to show up?

It normally takes about 7 days after you have purchased the item. The cashback balance is made available for you at the cash out after 7 days.

How Can I Contact Kroger?

You can take the assistance of Kroger support team by contacting their support number. The number is 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377).

Does Kroger still give its 50 fuel points for surveys?

The invitations for 50 fuel points from Kroger are often found on the receipt. This offer can still be availed if you have the code printed on your purchase receipt.


This was all about Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey. For more details or inquiries, contact the official Kroger store or leave your input in the box given below.

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  1. I tried to redeme my fuel points, but could not get it on line. I call the kroger office a person hung up when I tried to explane, I called again and another person hung up also
    I can nto get in touch with any person. my card number is 428412689970

  2. I was in your Watertown, WI store today and the customer service was absolutely terrible. It has been getting worse every time I go in there. I am not looking for fuel points but when I go I am looking for people who care. And your store never cares. I purchased over 100.00 worth of food and asked for it in paper bags. And got all of my food in 3 bags. Your paper bags are terrible and the people bagging are no better. If they cant figure out a paper bag of that quality will not hold 17#’s per bag then you need to shut your doors. And when I went to talk to your service desk they did not care either that the bags broke and my food was now on the ground. It my cost me more but from now on I will shop at Piggly Wiggly where they actually care.

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